This Never-Trump RINO just revealed his plan to defeat Trump

Never Trumpers have been scheming to take down President Trump from day one.

They’ve refused to lift a finger to help his administration make America great again.

And now, one Never Trump RINO just revealed his plan to try and defeat Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

Former Massachusetts Governor, and RINO Never Trumper, Bill Weld plans to rely on Democrats to “cross over” and vote for him against Trump in the GOP primary.

Weld revealed his plan on C-SPAN.

Politico reports:

“I’ll be focusing on the 20 states that permit crossover voting. It’s not just Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, it’s 17 other states,“ Weld said in an interview with C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program, which is scheduled to air Friday. “And a lot of those states permit even a Democrat to take a Republican ballot and I’ve heard from Democrats that they’re going to come and vote in the Republican primary for one day so that they can vote for me against Mr. Trump. And then they’re going to go home and take a hot shower because they feel so unclean. But those are votes as well.”

“The geographic path in case you’re interested would be the six New England states and then down into the mid-Atlantic states where I’m a native, actually, of New York,” Weld said, ticking off New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware as three more states he saw as favorable to his candidacy.

“A Republican would probably have a terrible time in California in the general election against a Democrat. It’s quite a blue state. But in the primary against Mr. Trump, I think my politics lines up more closely with California politics than Mr. Trump does,” said Weld, who ran as Gary Johnson’s vice presidential nominee on Libertarian Party ticket in 2016.

The media will do everything it can to ensure his opposition to Donald Trump receives wall-to-wall coverage.

Especially in the states Weld ticked off where he’s relying on Democrat votes to secure him the GOP nomination.

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