This Never-Trump RINO just revealed his plan to defeat Trump

Never Trumpers have been scheming to take down President Trump from day one.

They’ve refused to lift a finger to help his administration make America great again.

And now, one Never Trump RINO just revealed his plan to try and defeat Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

Former Massachusetts Governor, and RINO Never Trumper, Bill Weld plans to rely on Democrats to “cross over” and vote for him against Trump in the GOP primary.

Weld revealed his plan on C-SPAN.

Politico reports:

“I’ll be focusing on the 20 states that permit crossover voting. It’s not just Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, it’s 17 other states,“ Weld said in an interview with C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program, which is scheduled to air Friday. “And a lot of those states permit even a Democrat to take a Republican ballot and I’ve heard from Democrats that they’re going to come and vote in the Republican primary for one day so that they can vote for me against Mr. Trump. And then they’re going to go home and take a hot shower because they feel so unclean. But those are votes as well.”

“The geographic path in case you’re interested would be the six New England states and then down into the mid-Atlantic states where I’m a native, actually, of New York,” Weld said, ticking off New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware as three more states he saw as favorable to his candidacy.

“A Republican would probably have a terrible time in California in the general election against a Democrat. It’s quite a blue state. But in the primary against Mr. Trump, I think my politics lines up more closely with California politics than Mr. Trump does,” said Weld, who ran as Gary Johnson’s vice presidential nominee on Libertarian Party ticket in 2016.

The media will do everything it can to ensure his opposition to Donald Trump receives wall-to-wall coverage.

Especially in the states Weld ticked off where he’s relying on Democrat votes to secure him the GOP nomination.


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68 Responses

  1. Attention all dino and rino congressionals: YOU MUST ALL BE ACCOMPAMIED BY AN ADULT WHEN CONGRESS IS IN SESSION!

  2. Common sense says:

    Weld is just another ,low life brain dead liberal scum bag loser. Trump will eat his lunch . Massachusetts is so far to the left that the Governor needs to give free pot to everyone in that crazy messed up state so they can think clearly.

    • RC says:

      Common sense, though I thoroughly agree with you it isn’t just Mass. It’s all of New England. It’s a real shame since there’s so much history there.

  3. Mary says:


  4. Craig Murphy says:

    Is Bill off the sauce?

  5. Sarah says:

    If Democrats wanted a “RINO” they would not have voted for Trump in 2016. The same for the republicans, they did have 16 to choose from.

    I support the candidate that has the “right stuff” to do good for America, and President Trump has thus far proved his words with actions. I also love that our President has backbone and “tweets” before the media can report their version! Love it!

  6. Jr007 says:

    When I see the stuff that Trump has to go thru all this BS like Establishment Deep State Swamp and walk with the Spirit Of TRUTH – I’m not saying that Trump is perfect. All this remind me of Jesus Christ when he walk with the Spirit Of TRUTH on this earth all the BS he had to deal with. We all need to pray to destroy this Evil Anti-GOD government.

  7. George says:

    How can a guy be so stupid??? Weld is that guy….more stupid than an idiot.

  8. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Buffalo Billy Weld should be allowed to run for assistant dog catcher as he’d probably loose.

  9. Severa says:

    My entire family plans to vote for President Trump period. He has done a great job of saving America. I don’t care what the Demon crats say. They have no grounds nor proof of what they accuse him of after the Mueller report. They are all a bunch of liars making up a bunch of negative lies and the media included. They all look so bad they are pathetic. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all of them. They show no respect for the Oval office occupied by President Trump.

    Congress has several people that do not belong. Some that are not even American born. They have no business in our government and no business attacking our president from within our government. They are the ones who need to be impeached. America should not allow these people in our government and the posts they have. Our government has NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION AND THESE PEOPLE CAN PASS IT ON TO THEIR TERRORISTS ORGANIZATIONS. I do not know what has happened to America and the Media but they are not for America the country in which we all live in and we were born in. Something has to done to stop this mess.


  10. NOBODY says:


    • Joe the Plumber says:

      Go off a cliff on that wheelchair, with your violent talk you need to make the country safer. You are talking Civil War like a fool.

  11. Joe the Plumber says:

    We need to get rid of the mobster in the White House, a criminal in countless ways.

    • Ibis says:

      Do you want to count us the top 3 ways @Joe the Plumber? Easy to just throw accusations out there, let’s see your proof! Top 3 ways of your countless examples of how Trump is a mobster or a criminal – waiting ….

    • Glenn says:

      Joe, go check your plumbing. There is a problem somewhere in there.

    • Tim Woolsey says:

      This so called person is not even real-just a so-called bot to try and get you worked up for the ratings of this feed. Don’t buy into it.

  12. Who does this Weld think he is anyway? I’ve never heard of him, and think he sounds like a disillusioned Creep. He doesn’t seem to have any reasons for doing this other than having the, “Hate Trump”mentality. What a sad pitiful piece of crap!

  13. love USA says:

    United we stand. Divided we fall .God bless America.

  14. Gus says:

    His balls are bigger than his brain!

    • Bill says:

      Having balls and brains is a good thing. What pees the Progressives off is that they can”t buy President Trump off, since he doesn’t need their dirty money!

  15. Roberta King says:

    Can cross over voting be outlawed any time SOON?

  16. Helga says:

    Don’t make us laugh! You are a moron if you think we would ever vote for someone like you!

  17. Mitchell Loebel says:

    How could anything go wrong with this former Mayor from lib Massachusetts … born in lib NYC?

    • Bill says:

      Ever notice how crap seems to accumulate on the coast lines? Out here in “fly over country” where I live, common sense is a lot more common than it is along the coast lines. What really scares the crap out of a Progressive is when they elect to drive through “fly over country” rather than fly; not being able to see what they are breathing simply scares the crap out of them!

  18. Pathfinder0100 says:

    He’s just another McCain isn’t he?

    • Herman Van Wervan says:

      I watch Fox, I used to watch cnn. I found it depressing. Always so negative. You have to have rocks for brains not to see the truth.

  19. Pathfinder0100 says:

    One thing I am sure of:: The Republicans that stayed home and did NOT vote, which let the Demos re-take the House had better get off their sit-downs and vote in 2020. We will definatly NOT like it if they take back the power. They have very plainly stated their goal and left NO doubt as to what they plan for America. Also our President Trump will be unable to accomplish ANYTHING!! We are going to have to content with their voter fraud! (Illegals voting, “lost” votes suddenly being found. Well, you get the picture.

  20. Big Ed says:

    One thing Weld does is prove beyond a doubt that he is as crooked as any Democrat I’ve ever seen. Pond scum is the closest I can come to defining him.

  21. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I always thought that Weld was a good guy and now I think of that Democrat in a Republican’s clothing is a traitor to his party and the American People and should be Sloppy Joe Bite me’ s running mate for president which would be a perfect looser’s combination.

  22. slidenglide says:

    Who is he? I’ve never heard of him. Now I know he’s a trader. He wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell. For that matter, none of these wannabees do.

  23. Sue Rich says:

    Who wants a man in the White House who would turn against his own President and against the people who want him?

  24. Michial Lawrence says:

    I don’t think he has much of a chance against President Trump. People just don’t like to vote for a traitor. If he is depending on democrats voting for him, that means he and the cross over voters are traitors to their own respective parties.

  25. Frank says:

    an other scumbag voting against President Trump

    • Ben says:

      He does NOT have a chance of doing so !! What has he done ??? LOOK at what Mr Trump has done with so meany agents him

  26. White Beard says:

    Wow. How can we expect to win when the republican party ITSELF is so divided and the independents are so strongly anti-Trump? I am afraid that this issue with abortion has really awoken American females, who are also anti-Trump. Now they see themselves as “victims” and the upturning of what they call “women’s rights”, they will be voting and convincing many of their young fellow women that men, like Trump and Alabama yahoos, are trying to “control them.”

    One thing to remember, that in some states, I don’t know which ones, independents have a right to vote in the primaries – – and they get to choose which one they want. That could lead to an anti-Trump strong vote against our president.

    • wd says:

      The Republican stance against abortion is what will guarantee Republican victories at all levels of government

    • canam884 says:

      When people bring their “religious rights” into play they are just begging for trouble. The abortion committee is made up of just three people, the Mother, the Father, the Doctor and THEIR religious leanings. The government has no right to base ANY legislation on religious leanings. When the Muslims and others use their religion as political power, all Christians complain. Before you ask, I do not believe in organized religion, but believe very much in divine power. Take a look at most of these religious leaders, rich and faithless. President Trump, I respect you and I will vote for you, but I am telling you that you have made a big mistake, abortion legislation is none of your business, but abortion safety is.

      • Pathfinder0100 says:

        canam884 and is it ok with you the killing of “LIVE” babies and selling their body parts? That is what has stirred up the hornets nest!! Distrubing turtle nests and injuring or killing bald eagles carries a fine and jail time! But it’s ok to kill babies!! What in hell has happened to one half of our citizens?? ( I must add our women!!)

    • Ibis says:

      @White Beard not all females are into 3rd wave feminazism nor believe that the slaughter of innocents is their bodily right – even when the infant is newborn out of the womb. How can that possibly involve the rights of a female body when this new independent little life is living and thriving on it’s own? And you notice that all these woman with their supposed God-given rights to choose for their own bodies apparently have a God who never heard of choosing birth control if you don’t want pregnancy! Many American woman are Trumpettes and will vote for him in 2020. As a USAF WAF I think on my own and I know that the firecracker businessman president is very good for business of a thriving USA economy and that’s all I need to know really.

  27. Robert powell says:

    evidently patriot pulse did not like what i said about this rino-communist jackass. all he dose is resist anything that trump tries to get done . the never trumpers are a disgrace to the republican party , JUST A DO-NOTHING,USELESS SEAT FILLER TAKING UP A SEAT THAT A REAL REPUBLICAN SHOULD HAVE..

    • Jack says:

      I think ‘REAL’ Republicans went extinct when the “Super Stable Genius”
      from NY State moved his White Trash brood into the White House!

    • Bill says:

      These people, Progressives, are RINOs. This is what President Trump is trying to get rid of when he says “drain the swamp/” The word “Politics” derives from Polly, meaning many, and tics meaning blood suckers. Maybe President Trump should eat more garlic, which is supposed to repel tics. The Progressives have sprayed his tent with the fleas of a thousand camels, and maybe these fleas won’t like garlic either. At any rate, President Trump has done an admirable job of running the country in spite of all the obstruction and harassment of the Progressives. Drain the damned swamp, and build the damned wall!!!!!

  28. Jean says:

    He needs to get a life. It would be nice if they became a real Republican and started voting for the policies and things that people truly want. Weld could make it very simple and just vote for and back the TRUMP POLICIES.

  29. Charles says:

    A disgusting plan. Democrats voting in the GOP primary. Shame on him. A failure as a governor and now trying to be fa failure as Pres with Democrat help. With 23 Democrats on the ballot every Democrat needs to vote there.

  30. Rodzzz says:

    Who is this guy? Never heard of him.

  31. Bob Cantwell says:

    What is disappointing is that the “deep state” dwellers in both parties are simply blind to all that President Trump has brought to this country. A restoration of pride in our country, its history, and its value proposition which is to celebrate and encourage individual greatness which leads to stronger families, communities, and country. His plain speaking and love for God and Country is inspiring to most conservative Americans.
    The manufactured anger based on nothing substantial except for a few rough edges misses that fact that President Trump is dedicated to American strength and resolve and the possibility that each individual has the potential for personal greatness. We can do better but not with guys like Weld, Bush, or Romney. Cowards and globalists are not who we need leading this country.

  32. Babbo says:

    Rino Weld shoud just get his sorry butt over to the Democratic party; he is a lousy traitor and wants to hurt our great President and his economic sucessess. He should be frog marched out of the Republican party and over to the arms of Pelosi, AOC, Schumer and all the rest of that bunch. Good riddance.

  33. Cowgirl Diva says:

    A RINO from NEW YORK…!!?? Not a chance in HADES…!! HAHAHA..!! Might as well be “do nothing” Bill de Blasio (BTW..not his real name)…!! HAHAHHA..!!

    • White Beard says:

      Trump is from New York and people said the same thing about him. California, Texas and a few other big electoral vote states could sway the nomination. What would we do if this guy actually won the nomination over Trump?

  34. Just another piece of $hit political moron.

  35. Old Pioneer says:

    Weld is an old fart who doesn’t have a clue except in his feeble mind with what’s left of it…..

  36. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Does Bill Weld stand a chance at defeating President Trump in the primary??


  37. Timothy Toroian says:

    Treat him like the poachers treat Rhinos in Africa, cut his horns off. What kind of platform is this jerk running on, the defeat Trump platform and no plan for what to do if he wins?

  38. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It’s very sad to say that you have the right to remove any politician from office, simply because you don’t like that person.

  39. StWayne says:

    What all these candidates for President do is divide the democratic vote. While our system is the best in the word, it’s not perfect. But of this, you can be sure: when it comes to run for office it acts like “Roundup.” But then it kills all those weeds that show up for their coronation. And that, you gotta love!

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