This Never Trump Republican just made a big threat against President Trump

Draining the swamp has made President Trump highly unpopular with the establishment wing of the Republican Party.

Since these “Never Trumpers” failed to stop Trump in 2016, all they have done is sabotage Trump’s agenda.

Now, one Never Trump Republican just made a big threat against President Trump.

The former Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, was among Trump’s most outspoken critics during the 2016 Republican primaries.

Kasich ran as a “moderate” Republican and as the anti-Trump choice in the primary.

Now, he’s considering challenging President Trump in a primary.

He even recently held events in New Hampshire, the nation’s first primary state.

Fox News reports:

While no candidates have officially said they are running for the presidency yet, speculation is that the Democratic field looking to take on Trump in the general election will be deep…

On the Republican-side, the incumbent Trump might face a rare challenge from someone in his own party.

Outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich said on “This Week” on Sunday that he was not ruling out the possibility of taking on Trump.

“We need different leadership, there isn’t a question about it,” Kasich said. “I’m worried about our country in the long term.”

Kasich, a moderate Republican who made a run for the presidency in 2016, added that he did not know when he would make a decision whether or not to run.

“I’m not being coy,” he said. “I’m not doing this for a game, this is really serious for me.”

The mainstream media would love nothing more than to cover a member of Trump’s own party challenging him.

But John Kasich’s chances would be slim.

As his last acts as Governor, Kasich will veto a pro-life bill and strong gun rights bill in Ohio.

These two vetoes are a slap in the face to anyone who thinks of themself as pro-life or cherishes the Second Amendment.

Trump remains highly popular within the Republican Party, so any primary challenge would be a long shot.

But Kasich would no doubt get free publicity from the anti-Trump media and financial backing from never-Trump billionaires like George Soros.


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103 Responses

  1. The highest position for John Kasich is governor Nothing else!

  2. jim dandy says:

    kasich is nothing more than an arrogant blow hard.

  3. Ernest Lane says:

    I would look forward to a challenge by Kasich, and seeing him be _humiliated_ by President Trump. In 2016, Kasich got defeated. In 2020, he’ll hold himself up to ridicule.

    • Patrick Murphy says:

      Kasich makes a great Democrat. He blames the voters for being uninformed for Trump’s victory.. Considering he will be receiving backing from EL NATZI SOROS, I don’t think he will last long.

    • David Rose says:

      I would vote for Kasuck, not for dog catcher, but for to job of cleaning the dogs pens.

  4. Frank W Brown says:

    kasich, you were LAST out of 17 applicants, what makes you think we like you any better NOW?, Please just go AWAY LOSER!

  5. Ron Alford says:

    Biggest RINO of them all, equal to a Liberal Democrat, or worse if possible.

  6. Hey reality check! You need a reality check yourself. None of these allegations against Trump have been. proven. You are blowing hot air. We are TRUMP Supporters and we are going to take this country away from you sore losers!!!!!!!!!

  7. Freddy says:

    Just another democrat operative in the republican party.

  8. william Burrow says:

    John don’t even try, you will lose by 90 to 1. Trump has been great for all of us. You lost my wife when you said so many things bad about Trump. She was ready to vote for you 2 years ago but now no way. Trump needs a dog walker.

  9. N says:

    Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FOX NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  10. marcial ingal says:

    Kasich is a sick man…HIS EGO IS FULL OF MEMEMEMEME DUMB .ME!

  11. Eric Granberg says:

    NOBODY is trying to sabotage the few good ideas Trump has. However, the wall is a BAD idea. Picking fights with everybody except despots like Kim and Putin is a BAD idea. Scrapping hard won trade deals and nuclear agreements is a BAD idea. Lying about anything and everything is a BAD idea.

    • Says an Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.

    • trapperwv1 says:

      EG you are a very bad idea

    • Pamela says:

      Eric, THE WALL is the best idea to keep our country safe from these caravans filled with illegals that bring crime, drugs, diseases and whatever. We cannot as a country support these people and WHY would we want them in our country. What do they have to offer us besides increasing our Welfare System &Health care costs. We have to have a WALL to deter these Illegals from entering our country illegally. This is using common sense. They need to speak English, have some education and be able to support themselves being employable.

  12. Herb says:

    I’m from Ohio and he sure as hell would not get my vote. I voted for Trump and not him. (Kaysick) sic 😉

  13. Marc says:

    There are RINO’s and then there are RINO-POS’s; this governor Kasich belongs to the second kind.

  14. LenoraFaye says:

    I am from Ohio and he wouldn’t get my vote. I have been embarrassed by Kasick’s attitude toward our President. He is a classless individual and would never live up to the duties of President. He did very little for us in Ohio and is leaving none to soon.

  15. William says:

    KASICH could not wear President Trump’s SOCKS, much less any of his apparel. KASICH is a LOOSER and a WASTE of OXYGEN. I am SHOCKED he was ever elected.

  16. KIROJ says:

    He is just 100% proof of stupid moron DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!

  17. Ron says:

    There is no difference between this idiot and Schumer or Pelosi. Total waste of fresh air.

  18. Uzitiger says:

    KaseDick was a failure in Ohio and would be a bigger failure in Washington. We’re glad that he won’t be governor much longer. He talked tough when he first got elected but acted like a DemocRat when he got in office. Goodbye Johnny and good riddance to you.

  19. Nancy Smith says:

    I am not impressed with Kasich, he is a PIG, eats like a PIG, we dont need these Rhinos around. Trump is our President, thank GOD!!!

  20. dlmstl says:

    A mere blip on the radar screen. Kasich reminds me of Mario Cuomo, Howard Dean and Crazy Bern…..may seem a mile wide, but in reality is only an inch deep. MSM click bait.

  21. Greg says:

    I learned a lesson in 2015 2016 2017 2018 If you want to see the REAL person watch how they act in defeat and be thankful they LOST!
    MAGA and God bless President Trump!!!

    • Baylee says:

      BTW, this is off subject, but everybody needs to read the article on the UN Migration Pact plan. Remember the one that our Pres. Trump refused to sign in July. He was the only one who refused to sign this Plan, & got a lot of heat from not signing.
      In early November, both Poland & Australia backed out. Israel, Hungary & Austria are planning to follow suit. Switzerland is considering backing out.
      This agreement comes short of banning personally owned firearms.
      Get this: this pact bans voicing criticism of mass migration. Individuals can be jailed for saying anything negative about migration hordes.
      Television & radio stations could have their licenses revoked for having a guest who questions 3rd. World countries into becoming modern nations. This is that Globalist crap.
      Ms. Merkel can’t go too soon. It appears that a lot of European countries are following her lead.
      President trump needs to throw the UN out of NYC & the U.S.

  22. gary e bly says:

    Same gentleman that made pledge to honor and support the republican nominee …..guess his pledges don’t count for anything. How could you support anyone like that.

  23. Russell Darling says:

    This guy is a joke, he tried it once and lost, he will do it again.

    • Cliff says:

      You are sooo right, Ass hole is more like it !

    • Jerry says:

      All he wants to do is drain votes from Trump, so a democrat can win. I liked Kasich during the 2016 campaign. Then he showed his true colors, trying to undermine trump. He stated he would support whomever the republican nominee was. LIE. I will never vote for a phony Christian Pretender. Kasich has no respect! He is a known LIAR.

  24. Wonder if he too is a member of the Bilderberg Group, cashing in BIG time…..I know ohomo is…..America does NOT need “different or new” leadership, what we have is just FINE, but America needs to get RID of ALL the so-called “politicians” who made a CAREER for themselves in Washington, D.C. and THAT is a NO, NO…..NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NO more…..!!!! We the People have to send THEM packing, especially those who made a RETIREMENT home out of Washington for themselves, like feinstein 85 yrs of age, pelosi close to 80 yrs of age, waters an OLD, OLD HAG, and the list goes on and on and on….AND hillary, along with ohomo needs to see THAT PRISON from the IN-side……

    • Rowdy says:

      First move is to get ride of all these Democraps in Republican clothing. Then we need to push out the Democrap party along with all of their illegal backing and all of the globalist that want to become world dictators. Simply put we the people need to get involved and force all of our political systems to be cleaned up and law breakers put behind bars with loss of all assets and any and all freedoms. They are trying to do it to us so why can’t we do it to them first! They are the ones that have been breaking the laws for decades.

      • Marcia says:

        Exactly claiming hes a Republican is his first lie hes a moderate jusdt like the rest of the so called moderates claiming their Democrats , which are no longer a party, there a evil web of corruption while pleasing their black widow that wants “fun camps for adults” Well you can’t always get what you want, but she’ll get whast she needs! A fun trip to justice! Permanent fun cell at GITMO!

    • Dave churbuck says:

      Trump said, I will make America great Again ” IF ” You will help me.
      There for It follows that if you are not helping then you are the enemy,
      Those who tolerate the enemy are assisting the enemy and as such are also the enemy.
      This matter wil in the end be decided by blood , Theirs or Yours. Denile is a river.

  25. Tom says:

    No! No! No! If Kasich runs against Trump it would be terrible! It would mean ONE less vote Trump gets.

  26. Mike Blazek says:

    This is truly the case of “Never argue with an idiot, because those who are watching can’t tell the difference.”

  27. Navy PO2 says:

    Hey Kasich, move to Mars! You’ll fit right in!

    • reality check says:

      Your . . . .. . . .. . .. . . party . . . . . . . . . is . . . . . . . . . so . . . . . . . . . fractured! The American people have had enough of your radical cult thinking and have turned against you in 2018 and it will be even stronger in 2020. Thank you for Trump, he is doing more damage to the GOP than anything outsiders could do. Like Nixon did in 1973.

  28. RufusVonDufus says:

    As an Ohioan I can tell you that Kasich would not even win Ohio! He screwed all of us over to get his huge “rainy day” fund. He is a no account money man!

  29. Diggerr says:

    You’ve got two chances of beating President Trump. Slim and none and slim just left town.

  30. Richard Daugherty says:

    Soak your head in a urinal you Kasich!! Gargle while you’re at it you fool!!

    • CATHY says:

      LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jmichael270 says:

      ???? still laughing ????????

    • reality check says:

      comment is juvenile – – like a middle schooler. Better be careful before you throw away your moderates, Trump is wood chipping the GOP, with 60% disapproval currently, and the only way you have a future is to rebuild your party ASAP. Trump could be like Nixon and damage the hope of GOP leadership for decades to come.

      • HT says:

        What a joke you are, Apparently you don’t have real statistics, take for example 70% are now in favor of the job he is doing on the border, the open borders gang that would continually allow millions in for no reason whatsoever except to bankrupt the country. Simply put it would make all of us below average (poor) and that would include you!

      • Surly Curmudgen says:

        Yeh Right! Trump enjoys 94% continued support from those who voted for him in 2016. He now has 30% of Blacks supporting him with a like percent of Hispanics. You can kiss a Democrat win goodby come 2020.

      • Frank W Brown says:

        Hey, How’s Trump doing?

        Not a very complete list! But for starters…

        1) Selecting Neil Gorsuch For The Supreme Court. 
        2) Ending the fraudulent and disastrous climate agreement. 
        3) Killing The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal. 
        4) Actually cleaning up the VA instead of just talking about it. Over 850 incompetents fired already. 
        5) Decreasing illegal immigration by 54% 
        6) Restricting the immigration of people who hate us from predominantly anti American countries. 
        7) Canceling 876 obama era regulations. 
        8) Freezing all Federal Hiring Outside of the Military. 
        9) Approving The Dakota Access Pipeline And The Keystone Pipeline. 
        10) Ordered Federal Agencies To Cut Two Regulations For Every New One They Propose. 
        11) Putting Out An Executive Order Asking The DOJ And Homeland Security to Withhold “Federal Funds, Except As Mandated By Law” From Sanctuary Cities. 
        12) Canceling obama and clinton’s promise to bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian muslims to this country. 
        13) The start on the wall. 
        14) Reinstating The Mexico City Policy. 
        15) Giving little girls their restrooms back. 
        16) Stopping the transsexual madness and allowing the military to put its actual job above political correctness! 
        17) DESTROYING obama’s JV ISIS TEAM! 
        18) Putting the left’s/Fake New’s anti America, anti Constitution bias so clearly on display so that even the blind can see it. 
        19) Enabling America to become energy self sufficient by unleashing our own energy industry. 
        20) A soaring stock market and record employment. 
        21) Actually begin the dismantling of obamacare. 
        22) Shut down obama’s “Operation Choke Point” that was designed to infringe on American’s second amendment rights.
        23) Pardoned Sheriff Arpaio who was prosecuted for ENFORCING our border laws! 
        24) Federal jobs down 11,000 in six months!
        25) Halting visas for government officials of countries who will not accept their criminal illegals back.

        More To Come! You Can Count On It!

        Order in the courtroom here come de judge Kavanaugh, SWEET!!

        And he does it all for FREE! SWEETER YET!!

      • Fighterforfreedom says:

        Please provide your source for these statistics or it has to be assumed you are another lying loser libturd

  31. Nancy says:

    Kasich is about as popular as a dead rat. Advice for Kasich: Forget about it!

    • patrick says:

      Nancy we here in Ohio don’t even like this pain you know where. He has done nothing but screw Ohioans at every turn and we are so happy to see him go. Here he is nothing but a RINO idiot and a never should have been.

  32. Karen says:

    This country has to band together for the good of We the People. The divisiveness is leading us right where our enemies want us to go. This is not the first time in history that a country was defeated by its own people. Both the left and the right need to wake up, fess up and get back to being for us rather than their own egos, agenda and pocketbooks.

    • James Wilson says:

      The “never Trump” people really don’t care about the American people and our way of life. They are greedy bastards who just care about themselves, their supposed power, and mainly the money that WE, the taxpayers are giving them. Never Trump really means, “never the President, never this America”. They want the version of America that they can control, just like the Democrats. The rallying cry that we should use for the “never Trump” people should be “Never Back in Office, Support One America.

  33. Jerry Hampton says:

    Kasich did not fare well in the last presidential election. What makes him think this would be different? With his left leaning tendencies most Republicans and Conservatives would not vote for him. He would only be a distraction for a few voters but maybe enough to put a Democrat in office. If that happens, he should leave the U.S. Hopefully, someone as ignorant and hateful as he, Hillary, or Pocahantas will run and not be a threat to Trump’s second term.

  34. Don says:

    Kasich is no conservative. He’s a purebred jackass like all of them. I notice he spews his BS from behind a mike and ivory walls and NOT face to face where he can be held accountable. Thanks fro nothing Ohio.

  35. Rico says:

    This confirms you are a despicable RHINO!!!

    • George Dovey says:

      I think that he likes losing.

    • Cath says:

      EXACTLY – and all of these RINOS are getting REAL irritating -= like poison ivy – it’ll sneak up on you when you aren’t looking for it and WHAM – they bite you in the keester with a poison so strong it can put you in a coma…proof is that many RINO republicans ARE in a coma and can’t see they have the perfect doctor for what ails the country!

  36. Mork Jungle says:

    I used to like Kasich until he showed his true character. I would never vote for that sore loser. Ted Cruz smelled the roses and I respect him as a man. Kasich, no. He’s a whining sore loser. Im sure most view him that way. Kasich you have no chance.

  37. Robert Higginbotham says:

    If Kasich thinks he can run against Trump in the 2020 primary let him try. he is yesterday’s news and will do nothing but embarrass himself if he tries.

  38. Kenneth says:

    I wouldn’t vote for this stupid POS even if he was running for dog catcher. He’s another POS just like the demorats.

    • ee says:

      Kenneth posted: “I wouldn’t vote for this stupid POS even if he was running for dog catcher. He’s another POS just like the demorats.”

      hmmmm …., kenneth, i am officially mad at you! you posted this BEFORE i could!

  39. Merlin Wood says:

    the America hating slime is going down, communism is dead

  40. M says:

    John Kasich has complained criticized, moaned, groaned, you get it, he has alienated too many people and made himself look like a mean, angry, sour grapes Trump hater. Oh wait, that’s what he is. Forget it Governor Kasich, you are too grouchy,

  41. Chris says:

    Trump won’t be running for re-election, he’ll be running to stay out of jail. LOCK HIM UP!

    • Fr Tom Martin says:

      You first. Trump last to go

      • truthistruth says:

        Ones we know already: 1) clearly obstruction of justice – – several counts – – admitted he fired Comey for Russia Probe; 2). campaign law violations with Cohen who already plead guilty to those crimes “at the direction of the president,” 3) tax evasion with both foundation and payoffs to mistresses through his company; 4) conspiracy to defraud the 2016 election – – trump Tower meeting is one example; 5) possible money laundering of Russian mob money, 6) possibly violations of the emoluments clause; and 6+) all other violations discovered by Mueller and team in Russian probe.

    • John says:

      Chris: You are a COMPLETE IDIOT!
      Do you realize where you would be if the WICKED WITCH
      had won in 2016? I don’t think you would have liked that!

    • jerry van- holden says:

      Chris, I I think your mind is crossed… The obvious outcome is MAGA!

    • Nancy says:

      Chris… stupid are you? Trump is trying to make America great again after that phony Obama born in Kenya destroyed everything for 8 years. Wake up and notice what all Trump has accomplished in this short amount of time. What is your IQ? Open your eyes, open your narrow mind. President Trump is draining the swamp of dishonest, corrupt, horrible people. Take a look!

    • RufusVonDufus says:

      No hemorrhoids for you, Chris, cuzz you are a perfect axe hole. You get the drift I’m sure.

    • HT says:

      What a joke you are, Apparently you don’t have real statistics, take for example 70% are now in favor of the job he is doing on the border, the open borders gang that would continually allow millions in for no reason whatsoever except to bankrupt the country. Simply put it would make all of us below average (poor) and that would include you!

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      There is no evidence Trump has done anything wrong. If there was evidence it would have already been exposed by Mueller. Mueller must be getting kickbacks from the DNC and George Soros. to drag this investigation over two years…. The one’s need to be investigated is the DNC, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Podesta, Debbie Wasserman-Schwartz, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Kamala Harris, etc.

  42. Dave Mack says:

    Kasich is a pure rino who is a left leaning anti-gun nobody. He is one of the reasons that I am an independant voter. If kasich is a represenitive of the real repub. party, the repubs will be in more trouble than the last election showed them to be in right now. The only thing that people like him have done is divide the repub. party and make it look like a bunch of lazy do nothings. People like kasich, soon to be gone useless paul ryan, etc. should go away and put an end to their divisive BS ! Kasich will be just another unpopular self serving looser riding on his demo. donkey into the sunset when his term as gov. expires.

    • vicky Huss says:

      The ONLY, ‘Reason’, Kasich, is ‘thinking’, (AND, I, am being Generous, on the thinking part’, is that HE HATE’S Trump, for ‘Beating HIM! Kasich, is a “NOBODY, that desperately, Wishes, to ‘Be a Somebody” And the Prog. News, LOVES HIM! THAT, in itself, should tell everyone, that HE, is ‘NOT’, a Conservative!

      • PatrioTEA says:

        A McCain wannabe!

      • reality check says:

        The ONLY reason many of you have such disdain for Kasich, who seems to an outsider as a thoughtful and nice man, is that he is a moderate and you Trumpers are the RADICALS and CULT FOLLOWERS of Trump. As such you have only venom for other members of the GOP that are not radicals and actually commit the sin of “critical thinking” and daring not to drink the Kool Aid and to veer from cult thinking. The worst heretic to cultists, is the one that is not radical enough.

        • Jon Darmes says:

          He is the “ODIOUS John Kasich”, so named by G. Gordon Liddy after he lied to his constituents & supported the Brady Bill in the mid 1990’s. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  43. Truckman says:

    forget it kasich and run in 2024

    • McLeod Jim says:

      Forget it period! Kasich talked down to us in 2016. I’ll sit out the election if we we are dumb enough to make him our candidate,

  44. Karen says:

    TOO BAD !!! GET OVER IT. !!

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