This Never-Trump politician made a questionable decision that landed him in a world of hurt

Republican establishment politicians hate Trump.

These RINOs will stop at nothing to take down the President.

But one Never-Trump politician sent out a fundraising pitch that he could regret.

John Kasich recently joined CNN as a contributor.

It’s no surprise since the Never-Trumper has been spewing Fake News since the 2016 election.

But Kasich’s PAC (Kasich for America) raised eyebrows when they sent out a fundraising email asking for donations while supporting his new role at CNN.

Kasich PAC’s email stated:

Friend – We wanted to reach out to make sure you saw the news that Gov. John Kasich begins a new role this week as a regular contributor on CNN.

Friend – We are excited about what this means for Gov. Kasich and his growing ability to weigh-in on the issues that Americans care about.

We expect to see him continue calling on Washington to end the non-stop politicking and actually do something to offer real solutions to America’s challenges.

What’s our ask today?

It’s simple. With more interviews comes more things to share and grow Gov. Kasich’s message and audience.

We need to hit our monthly fundraising goals to ensure that we can fund these items. Can you help us make an impact right now?

It is unclear from the email what Kasich for America intends to do with the funds.

But Kasich has openly speculated a primary challenge – or an independent candidacy – to Trump in 2020.

And his new role at CNN gives him a paid platform to attack Trump.

But as Renewed Right reported, critics questioned the ethics of CNN’s decision.

The fundraising pitch sent out by Kasich for America confirms suspicions.

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