This Never-Trump Deep State agent was just exposed and what he says will frighten you

The New York Times ran a bombshell op-ed revealing senior members of the Trump administration are sabotaging the President’s agenda.

Members of the Deep State have already been exposed within the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Now, a new Deep State operative was just exposed and it opened up pandora’s box.

James O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, launched an investigation into the Deep State.

Project Veritas identified a member of the Deep State “Resistance”, Stuart Karaffa, working at the State Department.

Stuart Karaffa is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists.

Project Veritas reports:

Today, Project Veritas released the first installment in an undercover video investigation series unmasking the deep state. This video features a State Department employee, Stuart Karaffa, engaged in radical socialist political activity on the taxpayer’s dime, while advocating for resistance to official government policies. In addition to being a State Department employee Stuart Karaffa is also a ranking member of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (Metro DC DSA.)

Metro DC DSA is a socialist group that works to advance progressive causes in the metropolitan DC area.

Karaffa does not believe that he will be caught and punished by the appropriate authorities, saying, “Maybe someday I’ll go to board of elections jail, probably not.”

Karaffa does not seem to be concerned about disciplinary action from the State Department: “I have nothing to lose. It’s impossible to fire federal employees.” When asked if his supervisor at the State Department knows about his activism, Karaffa reveals that “nobody knows” about it.

Stuart Karaffa admitted on camera that he is actively undermining President Trump – all while being paid as a federal employee during business hours.

It is illegal for federal employees to engage in political activity on the tax payer’s dollar.

As Karaffa gloated, “I have nothing to lose. It’s impossible to fire federal employees.”

Karaffa is one of a growing number of Deep State agents embedded in the government whose identities are being revealed.

Mounting evidence is pointing to a web of organized “resisters” within the executive branch of government operating outside the law and against the President’s wishes.

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79 Responses

  1. Rico says:

    Thankfully Justice Kavanaugh has the overwhelming support of conservatives, but sadly minimal support from liberals. What a country!!! Based on what is know as fact, supported by a reported witness and the accused, this is a bogus claim, and I believe Prof. Ford is suffering from Capgras syndrome!

  2. Mott says:

    ABC=Star magazine, Although the Star might get more right….

  3. Mott says:

    Should, But we all know that nothing will happen to them until we vote their asses out of office!

  4. Lola Collins says:

    The thing is, it’s difficult to fire UNION WORKERS. That should be wrong for govenment workers to be immune. They know it, and get away with…….probably murder!

  5. Lola Collins says:

    LISTEN UP!!! How many times has it been said that COLLUSION is not a crime, when campaigns are involved. Ii is NOT ILLEGAL to talk to a RUSSIAN! GOOD GRIEF! COLLUSION IS NOT A CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The POLL was NBC/WSJ.

  6. Unfortunately Stuart Karaffa is just one of the many bureaucrats working within the system who are doing all they can to resist and obstruct. There are many in Washington who are keeping a low key profile, their heads down, and are doing a damn fine job of not outing themselves. Good luck hunting them all down.

  7. Roger says:

    Thanks. I also just saw that ABC news and the WSJ both are saying that Cohen has been talking to Mueller about the Russian Collusion (conspiracy) since he was involved in it. Both Cohen and Manafort are working with special counsel and could provide some real insight into just what collusion was going on with Trump and the Russians. We already knew that Don Jr. and Jared were involved in collusion at Trump Tower meeting.

  8. truthistruth says:

    I was mistaken when I thought the statute of limitations could apply for the alleged attempted rape, there is none in Maryland where the incidence is alleged to have taken place. All Dr. Ford would have to do is file a complaint and it would be investigated by state police.

    Negotiations are happening now with Dr. Ford and Sen. Grassley about terms in which she will testify.

    And the latest poll shows negative support for Judge K, with 4% more Americans saying he should not be confirmed than should be confirmed.

  9. Dr. J.D. says:

    why hasn’t Trump had him fired then, if this is the real person? Wait, are you too lazy to read your own post? How is any person a major person in the “Deep State” who has only been employed for two years? The guy has not been working long enough by your own post to do anything like that – -he might be joking around, being sarcastic and/or making fun of right-wing nuts, the the story does not pan out and make sense. So, D.A.N., thanks for showing what a complete JOKE this who thing is.

  10. Dr. JD says:

    We won’t admit it because it is not true. And, D.A.N., do you think they will support Trump and people like you that calls the first A.A. president a “Bozo” and who continuously badmouths Obama? And someone who stood up for white supremacists and KKK members in Charlottesville? Then you do NOT know African-Americans very well. Look at the polls, even the RNC polls, the minorities do NOT support Trump, and for good reason.

  11. The Jackwads in the article say you can’t fire a Government employee. All you have to do is let it leak that he has dirt on Hillary and is going to testify, she’ll take care of the problem.

  12. I am starting to believe that Sessions is a shill. His support for Donald Trumps candidacy and asking to be AG is part and parcel of the RINOs and Demon-Craps plan to undermine OUR President. He needs to be replaced ASAP, and replaced with a real AG.

  13. russell says:


  14. J says:

    I don’t trust Trey Gowdy (sp?). He sounds good, then caves when it counts. But Pres Trump has to find somebody, PLEASE!

  15. D.A.N. says:

    Eric and JD. Are you too lazy to dig up a little info? I did and found it in less than ten seconds. He is a management and program analyst at the State Department — since August 2016. Now crawl back under your bridge JD and take Eric with you.

  16. D.A.N. says:

    J.D., Trump in two years has done more for Blacks in his time in than Bozo did in his entire two terms. You lefties just won’t admit that. By the way, today was the 100th day that the stock market set a new record. And it was on the news tonight that since the new deals with Europe, the US nw sell 133% more soybeans and has kicked Brazil down to second place at 40 of the EU market.

  17. brenda says:

    Please email AU Attorney General –
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Ask they please abide by the UN articles 19 & 9 Human Rights Council 2016. And to defend Julian Assange.
    It’s so easy to help Julian this way!
    Numbers matter. Take action.
    Good Day Sir,
    Please take regard for and defend Julian Assange. He is in great need of medical attention. And as you know there are no charges against him. Yet he is undergoing very damaging solitary confinement. And you know as well, the United Nations Human Rights Council articles 9&19. Please see that the UK,US & Australia abide by the 2016 rulings.
    Thank you for your kind and deep consideration on this dire situation.

  18. T-bone says:

    But Trump cannot even find the author of the op-ed NYTimes editorial! I am not sure he could even clean our a closet, much less a swamp.

  19. Roger says:

    Do you know if Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the murder of JFK? Do you know that Yeti exists in deep California but is protected by the leftees?

  20. realism says:

    My Deep State source tells me they know you, N, and know your real email and where you live. I would keep quiet from now on!

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