This MSNBC talking head got slapped with the best reality check about COVID vaccines yet

The COVID regime just cannot help itself.

Politicians and corporate-controlled journalists are still fear-mongering about the pandemic.

And this MSNBC talking head got slapped with the best reality check about COVID vaccines yet.

The COVID regime is attempting to hold onto the power it seized at the height of the pandemic, but most people simply are not buying.

And the corporate-controlled press is lamenting the fact that people have moved on.

MSNBC’s Katty Kay found out the hard way that the media fear-mongering wasn’t working when her own children refused to get a COVID booster.

During a conversation with MSNBC contributor Dr. Zeke Emanuel, Kay claimed she was “shocked and appalled” when her children told her they didn’t believe they needed vaccine boosters.

“You would think that the country would respond by saying, ‘Okay, we’ll make sure we’re all up to date with our vaccines,’” Kay claimed. “But I had a strange conversation with my 22-year-old and my 16-year-old last night, and I said, ‘Okay, I booked you in for COVID updates, you’re both back for holidays, you’re going to get your boosters,’ and both of them said, ‘No, we don’t want to. We’ve had enough vaccines, and we don’t think we need them.’ I was sort of shocked and appalled.”

Kay found out the hard way that people are not believing the legacy media’s hysteria.

The Omicron variant effectively ended the pandemic.

On top of that, a presumably healthy 22-year-old and 16-year-old have almost zero risk of hospitalization or death from COVID.

Meanwhile, young people, particularly young males, have seen an uptick in myocarditis after getting the vaccine.

That’s why some countries have rolled back their vaccine mandates, including Australia, which went full totalitarian at the height of the pandemic.

“Is this the kind of response you’re seeing from young people at the moment, that they think this is over, and they don’t need any more vaccines?” Kay asked Emanuel.

“Yes, but I would say, you know, we keep thinking vaccines are going to prevent getting COVID,” Emanuel responded. “They don’t prevent getting COVID. What they prevent is serious illness, hospitalization and death… And young people think they’re invincible — and yes, they are at lower risk from COVID, but that’s not zero risk.”

This is the best the COVID regime can do without completely destroying all credibility.

The risk of death for young people is a rounding error without the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the long-term risks of the vaccine are still unknown.

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