This movie about Megyn Kelly could be the final nail in Fox News’ coffin

Fox News is under direct attack.

The Left knows if they can ruin Fox News before the 2020 election that Donald Trump’s re-election chances will plummet.

And this movie about Megyn Kelly could be the final nail in Fox News’ coffin.

Lionsgate is set to release “Bombshell” in December.

The film stars Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly.

Bombshell tells the story of how Carlson and Kelly’s accusations of sexual harassment brought down then-Fox News President Roger Ailes.

Breitbart reports:

Following closely on the heels of Showtime’s The Loudest Voice, Lionsgate released its first trailer for Bombshell, Hollywood’s latest take down of Fox News, focusing on the sexual harassment scandals that shook up the top-rated cable news station and led to the downfall of founder Roger Ailes.

Bombshell, whose coy trailer debuted on Wednesday, stars (an unrecognizable) Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson — two of the network’s star anchors who claimed that they were sexually harassed by Ailes (John Lithgow). Margot Robbie also stars as a fictional character.

Lionsgate will release the movie in December, a coveted spot for movies aiming to garner awards attention. The movie was directed by Jay Roach, who helmed HBO’s 2012 movie Game Change, an unflattering dramatization of Sarah Palin’s run for Vice President.

Bombshell comes with its own fraught backstory. The movie was initially set up at Megan Ellison’s Annapurna, which withdrew from the project shortly before filming began as the indie studio contended with financial difficulties stemming from a string of pricey flops.

The timing of Bombshell’s release is no accident.

Bombshell is part of a coordinated plot on the Left to bankrupt or destroy the reputation of Fox News before the 2020 election.

The Left wants to control the flow of information to the American people as well as the narrative surrounding the 2020 election.

And that cannot happen as long as Fox News is profitable.


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145 Responses

  1. Mohammed, Mohammed... says:

    Meagan has ulterior motives….Like Hate….She ruined herself.

  2. Steven Drews-Sternfeld says:

    No Epstein didn’t commit suicide it was Trump who killed him and his allies.. Trump is an evil liar and must be stopped or his kids will be the government in the future

    • David Swann says:

      Get help – you’ve had too much of the liberal poison kool aid.

    • M.Parr says:

      you are a sick puppy to think such outragouss thoughts. Get a life and learn true facts. Perhaps you don’t have much grey mater between your ears

    • gerry says:

      screw you libtard, idiot!

    • Archangel III says:

      Yes!, Yes Steven and in just 2 and a half years as president, he is the reason the movie 2012 will come to life in 10 years… Even though he wasn’t even born yet, we now have evidence that it was President Donald J. Trump who actually started WWI and WWII! Trump was the one who killed 6,600,000 Jews during the Holocaust (OMG… WE BETTER STOP HIM BEFORE HE DOES IT AGAIN… GASP!!), and it was Trump who sent everyone to Vietnam in 1962… And have you yet heard Steven?… They are now putting together evidence that it was… Yes… Wait for it… President Donald J. Trump who piloted and crashed all 4 planes into the WTC the Pentagon, and Somerset County, Pa SIMULTANEOUSLY!! On 9/11/2001, and now lives on to create more EVIL, MAYHEM, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!! and MY GOD… If we’re not careful, “THE WORLD WILL SOON BE HIS!! ”
      Steven… I will not call you any names, or satisfy my deep desire to impose my superior political intellect upon you, nor will I discuss things like President Trump’s plot to activate the… OMEGA 13 that will destroy all matter in the universe … I just want you to once again, read the above sarcasm … This is exactly what you and ALL liberals sound like when we try to have a reasonable conversation with people like you. Nothing but one lie and false accusation after another with unrelenting hate speech towards us and the President, with evidence, proof, facts and the truth being like a foreign language and bare no relevance in your liberal playbook. Take another look and think about it. Are you really bringing this into the 2020 election???

  3. A S K says:

    The real movie is Harvey Weinstein and Epstein. This is a good cover up that really no one is interested in. Well I’m going to watch the Trump
    Rally now! That’s timely! TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020

  4. e m pula says:

    I feel the way FOX has moved to the left more and more with Journalist like Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith, Leland and some others will do it them selves and the help of left wing opinionists like Juan Williams and Brezil it only a matter of time, the movie will just be more liberal garbage will not make any difference.

    • It will be watched by the Left. who on the Right would watch this CRAP. I will agree that FOX is getting more and more left, and after 20/20 I will be paying to watch AON. All the left wing talking heads on FOX make me sick. Your list of names was good, but , you left off Arthel Nevell, Leland Vitter, Jessica Tarleck, to name a few more, and there are more. We need a REAL Conservative News outlet.

  5. ROBERT K ISHAM says:

    The movie will probably be a flop but the Lib press/media will probably give it “a best ever, ever” award, sort of like Obama getting a Nobel Prize (undeserved). I can see all the Lib “hit men and hit gals” bubbling over with praise for the movie. Fox still has some great superstars but they need to dump Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, and Richard the moron, and it is time to ditch the “fair and balanced” and call it “the honest truth, nothing but the truth”. Harris Faulkner is a superstar, humble, smart, articulate and I think she is one of the brightest bulbs in the News Biz.

  6. RONALD HATT says:

    What?…. Hollywood, going to make a movie, & they are going, to tell the truth? With Hollywood stars, being paid? { We all know how “Conervative”, these Hollywood-ites are…..{ eh/}….How “Moral they are”….:O}}} How “Honest”…:O}}}….How ethical…:O}}} Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, { so many scum/cruds}…..We all know how “faithful, & honest Hollywoodites are”…..married for life to each other……? { GIMME A BREAK}!

  7. walt Schumacher says:

    Many months ago I turned off Fox News when Juan Williams was apart of the panel etc. Then also Donna Braziel, and the professor from Chicago University Goldsby? – I thought I was the only one just turning off these Democrats who twist everything even when something is very simply black and white. Now I HAVE ADDED THE BALD HEADED GUY WHO USED TO BE WITH THE DNC . And watch elections too If its close the dems will bring a woman out of the woodwork at just the right time to make sexual allegations against the republican. My dad voted the straight democratic ticket every vote of his life. I voted for a few democrats in my early voting years but I’ll NEVER EVER vote for a democrat again the rest of my life. Forgive me those past errors when I voted for a democrat.

  8. john todd says:

    Hope it alienates more Conservatives and Hollywood’s Box-office receipts fall farther.
    If Fox wants more allies, they must FIRE, Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Mary Ann Marsh, Judge Napolitano, Jessica Tarnov, Geraldo, retire Neil Cavoto, replace him with Charles Pyane.

    • Dennis Clements says:

      John you hit the nail on the head, good job! I would add a few more names to the list to make it a clean sweep of Trump haters off Fox. The ones I would include are: Richard Fowler, Richard Goodstein, Austin Goolsby, Antwan Seawright, Leo Terrell, Chris Hahn and Zak Petkansas to name a few.

    • Shell says:

      …perhaps start with the two brothers who took over the network and don’t stop with them but kick Chris Wallace to the street with Donna Brazil.

    • Yolanda Martinez says:

      Definitely Juan Williams; I realize he is just a token but he is also an idiot.

      There are many brilliant Americans of African descent Fox could have on their network. One being Thomas Sowell.
      Yolanda MartinezWeis

    • Genya says:

      Yes yes and YES!!!!!!

    • Daniel says:

      Agree with everything except Geraldo. He’s been pretty reasonable lately. And Neil Cavuto really seems to be on a mission to smear Trump at any opportunity. His interview with Mattis was pathetic. Payne would be a good replacement for him.

    • Jan says:

      John have made some mighty good suggestions here. However, I can listen to the other side when a few of them speak. I wish Neil Cavuto would go first !!!

  9. Harry Katz says:

    The movie will have no effect. The left will be the ones to go see it and they aren’t going for Trump (except his jugular) anyway. The right won’t waste their money and won’t be influenced by the movie. . All in all, it will be an expensive wash which coincidentally is what the media and Hollywood so desperately need.
    Bombshell doesn’t sound interesting at all and the trailer plays like a bomb.

  10. Donald Duck says:

    Poor wittle babies got ur poor wittle little tini babi feelins hurt need a hug from mommy go home cry to mommy bullies bein mean to tini wittle little babies wha wha wha

  11. Robert says:

    True Trump Supporters will never be swayed by lies and crap from the Left. We will support Trump come Hell or High Water. There certainly is not a single Democrat who could run this country except to run it into the ground which is their true desire. Ask yourself honestly. What Democrat could even be President. IMO, not a single one.

    • Shell says:

      It would be revolutionary, astonishing, and miraculous if we had a ‘CABLE STATION” we could call “TRUMP CABLEVISION where we could actually get the “facts and truth”(re: Biden) reported by real journalist who ask real questions the legal American citizens want answers with factual related NEWS and events.

      • The Real M says:

        Shell, Well that answer is a resounding YES! We don’t ask for much just truth, proof, facts and justice administered fair and balanced. That is certainly not too much to ask! Can I get a AMEN?

  12. David SALERNO says:

    Will Hollyweird destroy Fox? No……………Fox is destroying Fox. Saw it coming when they hired that cheater Donna Brazille.

    • Johnwfolsom says:

      Fox is destroying Fox by hiring Paul Ryan, Donna Brazille , Smith. Trying to get rid of. judge Janine Tucker, and Ingram. Oann will be there , so will Oresident Trump!

    • Ai Wilson says:

      Agree! What is FOX thinking? Are they out of their mind? Brazille is downright liar, dishonest and nothing that comes out from her frothing mouth is true. Is FOX desperate to look for someone other than Brazille? I do not even watch any show with her face on screen.

  13. Mama says:

    oh lordy. i couldn’t Even Read the Entire ‘blog’
    re megyn. All i know IS: she ‘cooked her Goose’
    in the !1st Pres. Debate. ALL ‘Downhill’ From there.
    >She has sufficient ‘financial Advisors’.
    > She NEEDS to Take Care of her Children. &&&
    hopefully, Not ‘brainwashing 0r ‘indoctrinating’ them.
    But that would Be a ‘difficult Task’ for her. What re ‘hubby’ ???

  14. mzaz says:

    With John Lithgow in it I sure won’t be watching. The dems have tried every dirty trick to bring down DJT. I’m not sure many republicans will be watching, if any. My sis aleeady said NOPE too.

  15. Will says:

    I would not care if they took all those news stations off the air. After seeing what the democrats have become . I vow to never vote for another democrat again as long as I live ,,and I urge every one else to do the same , our country is at stake here !!!! walk away

    • Carabec says:

      One word in the Title says it all, it will BOMB! I saw the Traiker….it’s miscast and awful!

    • The Real M says:

      Will, Thank you!
      #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need good conservative Republicans.

      • Madame0 says:

        You mean the Retardican party!!

        • The Real M says:

          Madame0, Oooooo, another iddy biddy snowflake toddler trying to made us mean old Republican conservatives all angry and bothered calling us names. Far better than you have tried and failed so, what now?
          What is a Madame zero? Are you a direct descendant of Madam Curie? If your ultra liberal education did not teach history to you, let me be the first to inform you, Madam Curie’s job killed her, literally. just saying………..
          Do you know what a retardican is? Look it up, the definition or practically 99% are admirable traits that you and your kind should strive to achieve! The part that is not correct states retardicans hardly ever vote. How crazy is that, the Republicans are going to turn out in mass force to vote as never seen before in 2020!
          Oh what does a baby snowflake like you care anyway, you are way too young to vote and wouldn’t anyway……………. 🙂

        • Jan says:

          Madame0 If you think the Republican party should be called the Retardican party! I have a better suggestion: The Democrat party should be called the party of’ Democrap Asses’!!! After all, that’s the animal with which they identify!

        • Clyde says:

          Madame O pucker up and insert. Thats about your worth.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Yet the many years that our federal judiciary have been corrupt and treasonous and the administration and faculty of so much of our education system people who are completely psychotic become of age to vote each year all convinced we will soon live in a society where no one will never need to toil to survive again because the Communist party tells them so.

    • Joan Orfanakos says:

      Will in my circle family, friends, parents were always democrats. No more!!!!!
      They are now hated. There’s no doubt that they are behind ruining FOX. Anyone that supports Trump is their target. However they together with Killary and the past resident of the oval office have destroyed themselves and showed their true colors finally. If our forefathers were alive they would all be swinging from a tree. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They now have a worst enemy millions of their own!!!! Did it to themselves they OWN IT!

    • Lan Ho Huynh says:

      Totally agree with you!

  16. Mic J Palazzolo says:

    Who gives a fat rat’s ass about those two malcontents from FOX News.
    So what…

  17. kevin roberts says:

    Fox News is not going anywhere, 17 years at number 1, It’s the only thing people have that comes anywhere close to honest news

    • James Howard says:

      The new real news is OAN, One America News Network.
      Liz Wheeler is a commenter & her book TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards, is a real & essential classic for conservatives.

      • VN says:

        James, we are like you, we watch mostly OAN. Some times we watch the 5 on Fox, but when ever the asshole juan Williams or the B brazille starts to talk, we switch to OAN.

  18. Patricia Overbey says:

    Although I believe Fox is loosing ground on the Conservative side I do not think it will happen before 2020 election. I would switch to Ona or Newsmax except even with a request our cable company does not have either one [how convenient is that? ] Trump 2020.

  19. Mama says:

    Fox doesn’t need Any help from (megyn) etc.
    They Already wrecked ‘themselves’ WHEN
    ‘the kids’ took over. Truth.

  20. N Michelena says:

    Un believable how low the left can get !

  21. Carlson and Kelly, clearly couldn’t cut it in the real world, where are they now, just a couple of $2.00 Hookers walking the streets.

    • Karen Sutton says:

      Didn’t you see the millions Meaghan got when she left her morning show? She doesn’t have to walk the streets!!!

      • SandyT says:

        Yes, she got a good settlement, but she didn’t leave “her show” voluntarily. She couldn’t “cut it”, her show was a flop, so they let her go. Yes, they had to pay her because of the contract she had, but she screwed herself. No one had to do it to her. BTW, her name is spelled MEGYN. Easy to remember when you think ME- GYN (like a GYN doctor).

  22. Brady Miller says:

    Air head!

  23. H Lee says:

    Trump voters proved how much of the nation relied upon the major news stations back in 2015. The media was ignored. I got a poll request every day on the internet, and I ignored them all, just like most of the Trump supporters. This article is just throwing at the wall to see what sticks.

  24. TFL says:

    I’m not going to watch the movie, and I’m not going to stop watching FOX

    • RA SHAW says:

      Amen to that TFL.. Trump the best man for the job. And he will be still be in the white house when the smoke clears in 2020..

  25. Emil Geverd says:

    I really feel very badly for America. I was born 6 years before the US was ropped into WWII. Back then, Americans were Americans who loved America. Representatives respresented the people who elected them and they were people who loved America, the people who defenced the world from Japan and Germany. Back then American Demoocrats were primarily the workers (my Dad was a worker and a union leader who worked at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia). Most of the teachers and bosses were American Republicans. Note that they were all Americans. We all loved our country. We were proud of our militaary men, appreciated their sacrifices and supported them fully. As kids we collected old newspapers and scrap metal . . . anything to help America defend American and the World. Even more important, our politicians were truly representatives . . . either as a Sentator or Represntative. They were there to help defend America by fully supporting our Country and our Military. They were truly our representatives . . . not egomanics more interested in getting their faces on TV and becoming rich rather than representing us and helping to build America. When was the last time that you even saw your representative in person? Maybe it’s time to simply put everyones name in the barrel and pick names at random to be our representatives for one term. That would certainly provide better representation of our will than we are getting from the primadonnas we have to choose between in current elections.

    • David SALERNO says:

      I couldn’t agree more. They should only be allowed to serve ONE term, we should be free to elect the “common man” or woman instead of career politicians or lawyers and MOST importantly they should NEVER, under any circumstance, be allowed to accept ANY outside money.

      • Chilidog1947 says:

        I believe one of the biggest problems with elected offices is that they are in it for their entire lives. That should NOT be allowed ANYMORE! Two terms may be too many! They get into office and the public just keeps putting them back into office until death do they part! What’s with that? It’s not like there aren’t a zillion other people who would be qualified to take their place. I think the law needs to be changed to only one term of two years, then back into the general population and get a job!

    • chief1937 says:

      Those were the days before we took God out of everything America stands for and we are now reaping the consequences with disaster on it’s way.

      • bornagain says:

        Totally true, America has all but become GODLESS. It is written that in the last days, there will be a grand number turning from God and what better way to prove prophecy is being fulfilled than to watch the daily news. When I was little we feared Russia taking over and making us communist. I never feared our own government doing it, but that is where we are headed with all these liberal democrats that are only working to get rid of our president and not working on what they were elected to do for their constituents. Trump; with God’s guidance, pulled back that curtain and exposed the evil in our government. Only God has the power to make sure they all pay no matter how far up the ladder it goes or how rich they are that buy their way out of crime. There have been treasonous acts committed in America and treason carries the death penalty.

      • Roberta Brazil says:

        You are so right! It is really sad that even the Catholic Pope is a lefty. He needs to take care of the abuse scandal instead of getting into America ‘s business!

        • The Real M says:

          Roberta Brazil, The way the Pope is injecting himself into the left wing of American politics, he must have been promised a very high globalist position by the NWO. The Pope cannot take care of his own problems must less help Americans. If he was what he ought to be, he would publicly condemn priests who molest children and see that the ones who have are punished to the fullest extent of the law, instead of protecting them by omission of the truth about them and refusing to speak of this travesty against the most innocents in society. I would love to be able to post the Pope needs to be about God’s work but alas, I fear he is not a godly Pope! I am not Catholic so I am not deeply educated in the subject however, I do know no other Pope has tried to inject themselves into America’s politics until this one. Needless to say, he has very little credibility to influence anybody in America!
          I have never expressed my opinion about this Pope but, feel it is the right thing for me to do at this time, for whatever it is worth.

    • Orrie says:

      It will never happen!!!

    • Hank Naizer says:

      Emil, I’m of your generation – I was 6 when Pearl Harbor was demolished. Definitely term limits has to be Constitutionally adopted. Ol Joe who is running for President has been in Congress for over 40 years – Pelosi and Schumer are so outdated and they are not the only ones.

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      Amen you are so right a true AMERICAN. I am a little younger then you how ever it breaks my heart to see the non allegiance to our Beloved America. No patriotism not taught in schools etc we were . School started with prayer & the pledge to our FLAG aka OLD GLORY. GOD BLESS AMERICA> TRUMP 2020. At least ,I firmly believe with all my heart Trump has faith in God & he loves America & the American people he represents,

    • James Howard says:

      Then you should like this one:

      It Was A Overthrow By the Brits. (Sic, spelled exactly that way)… YouTube channel: American Intelligence Media.

  26. Carol Johnson says:

    I tuned out Hollywood several years ago………they have no chance I will ever pay any attention to the liberal west coast, or any democrat in our government. And may I add, I am highly insulted to have muslims IN our congress….more scared of them than I am of anyone in Hollywood.

    • James Howard says:

      Truly. Hijab in Congress signifies muslim-Islamic Dominance of our country. No head coverings of any kind have EVER been allowed in congress.

      Get to know what narcissist-psychopathy is & how it bears such an uncanny similarity to regressives, other commie-leftists, SPLC & Jihadists::
      YouTube channels:
      Michele Lee Nieves.
      Narc ology unscripted (David).
      Surviving Narcissism (Carter)
      Conservative channels are being blocked, demonitized, unlisted, deplatformed, so you need the exact channel name to see it:
      Stefan Molyneux.
      Amazing Polly.
      Bill Whittle.
      American Intelligence Media.
      Golden State Times.
      One America News Network (and Liz Wheelers book: TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple The Lefts House of Cards)
      The John Birch Society.
      Jesse Lee Peterson.
      The Glazov Gang.
      Apostate Prophet.
      Jihad Watch.
      Liberty Doll.
      Black Out Media.

  27. Chester Field says:

    Well, Well , now so they made a movie of Carson and Kelley. Now as I sit here I say to myself, Self who and the hell cares about either of them that they would pay to see about them in a movie. Now I don’t condone sexual harassment anywhere but I don’t need to pay money to see a movie about one when their story was all over the news when they complained and walked off with their money. What killed Kelley was her EGO. So the Demo’s want this to stop Trump from winning the 2020 election they are dumber than a coal bucket.

  28. Jeanne says:

    Fox News needs to get rid of two more liberals – Shepard Smith and Brett Baer. I agree they are trying to show that they are fair and balanced by having way too many liberal democrats on and that is a BIG MISTAKE. They all make me SICK.

  29. David SALERNO says:

    Headline “Movie about Megyn Kelly will take down Fox” ……………………big long article and NOWHERE in the article do they explain how a movie about a couple of over rated, over paid female news people is going to “take down” Fox. Personally, i do not watch Fox any more because they have been taken over by liberals but i don’t see how any movie is going to “take down” Fox. On the contrary, it will probably have the opposite effect.

    • Mic J Palazzolo says:

      Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Ingrams, Dobs, and Piro are holding the line.
      If not for this, FOX News would be history for me as well.

  30. Thought Kelly was great…..she got caught up in media “HYPE” and it proved her downfall…….real shame……..I don’t open doors for “ladies” anymore for fear of a sexual harassment claim……..even stopped using “thank you and please” thinking these words could be misinterpreted!!!!! America in super deep “excrement” because of libs!!!

    • James Howard says:


      Get to know what narcissist-psychopathy is & how it bears such an uncanny similarity to regressives, other commie-leftists, SPLC & Jihadists::
      YouTube channels:
      Michele Lee Nieves.
      Narc ology unscripted (David).
      Surviving Narcissism (Carter)
      Conservative channels are being blocked, demonitized, unlisted, deplatformed, so you need the exact channel name to see it:
      Stefan Molyneux.
      Amazing Polly.
      Bill Whittle.
      American Intelligence Media.
      Golden State Times.
      One America News Network (and Liz Wheelers book: TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple The Lefts House of Cards)
      The John Birch Society.
      Jesse Lee Peterson.
      The Glazov Gang.
      Apostate Prophet.
      Jihad Watch.
      Liberty Doll.
      Black Out Media.

  31. John Damian says:

    Kelly was the most over-rated personality onTV. Her obnoxiousness did not make up for her lack of talent. Carlson was a joke, no substance/talent all. While no one should have to put up with harassment in the workplace, these two are irrelevant and will not be missed! If the Left thinks a movie about them will damage FOX, they will be sadly mistaken. The bigger question is who will watch it.

  32. Mike Lee says:

    So now the deranged thinking on the Liberal Left is to destroy Fox News before the 2020 election so Trump won’t be re-elected and supposedly Megyn Kelly will be the final nail in the coffin for Fox News. I certainly can’t speak for all Republican Conservatives but as for me you Lunatics have me shaking in my boots! God Bless Trump, God Bless America, Trump in 2020

    • James Emile Hay says:

      It Is More Like The The american People Has Had Their Fill Of The Lunatic Left And Stooges Like Megan Kelly Et al All Who Are The Ones Who Are Facing Complete And Utter Destruction . But You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It Because The Writing Has Been On The Wall For Some Time Now. This Hateful Anti-American Trash That Litters Our Government And Their Moronic Minions Of The Main Stream Media Are In For Another More Biting Rude Awakening Than When Trump Overcame Them Attempt To Corrupt An Presidential Election And Frame An Legitimately Elected Donald.J. Trump President Of This Still Great Country. The Vast Majority Recognizes President Trump As An Godsend To Our Country That Was Deliberately Damaged By The Democrats And Their Malignant And Grossly Inept Leader Obama. Because Of Trump America Is Striving Again And No Longer The World’s Doormat. God Bless America!

      • Paul says:

        James could not have said it any clearer or Better! Kudos to You, James, and Trump will Benefit from the Lefts mental Illness. There is NO other way to explain their anti American Anti Trump Bashing except for their own Greed and Power. This is How it Always ends for corrupt individuals at the Top of any Govt. or Organization, from within and this time its the Deep State (Mostly Liberals). Bunch of self centered egotistical Elitists. NOW I want to see Justice served for every one of them and there is a Boat Load! Bunch of Liberal Pigs trying to dismantle America and the Constitution!!! America is now on to all of the Deep State and The History Books will reflect the Truth about each of them and ignore the Lying Fake News!! LOVE IT!!!

  33. Sandra says:


  34. Mike Lee says:

    When people can disrespectfully kneel before our Flag during the playing of the National Anthem and be praised and defended by the Liberal media for their right to protest I as an American may not agree with the method these individuals choose to go about their protesting but I realize they have their freedom to do this. Having said this people who are pleased with this President have the freedom to wear Maga hats or anything else supporting this President. Americans have the same right to agree or disagree with the people who support Trump. Trump in 2020

  35. Keren says:

    The pendulum swings both ways. I’m tired of this double standard….
    Kamala Harris slept her way to the top with a married man, and openly flaunted it in front of his wife.
    Kamala Harris covered up the gender harassment of her employees who sexually harrassed by her aid, Larry Wallace. He got off with no real punishment and Harris paid the hush money to quell the press…..
    Listen folks, the women in politics are just as ruthless…
    They will lie, cheat and do anything for power, Look at Hillary, Warren, all of them.
    This is why I hate when career politicians pretend to know whats best based on their experience which is ALWAYS dark and ugly, full of favors and greasing palms.
    This whole scandal being re-enacted by Theron and Kidman is not going to fair well.
    The public is saturated.
    Real news is not on MSM anyway.
    Watch Cspan and OAN and call it a day.

    • James Howard says:

      …the women in politics are just as ruthless… indeed. Evil favors no gender? Or does it.
      American Intelligence Media:
      It Was A Overthrow by the Brits.
      The Queen & her SUBJECTS bow or die.

      Get to know what narcissist-psychopathy is & how it bears such an uncanny similarity to regressives, other commie-leftists, SPLC & Jihadists::
      YouTube channels:
      Michele Lee Nieves.
      Narc ology unscripted (David).
      Surviving Narcissism (Carter)
      Conservative channels are being blocked, demonitized, unlisted, deplatformed, so you need the exact channel name to see it:
      Stefan Molyneux.
      Amazing Polly.
      Bill Whittle.
      American Intelligence Media.
      Golden State Times.
      One America News Network (and Liz Wheelers book: TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple The Lefts House of Cards)
      The John Birch Society.
      Jesse Lee Peterson.
      The Glazov Gang.
      Apostate Prophet.
      Jihad Watch.
      Liberty Doll.
      Black Out Media.

  36. Anthony Manzo says:

    Sexual Harassment at Fox News Oh my god what else is new ???????????? I guess all the other places of business’s are lily white !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  37. Jonathan Conover says:

    Hope the female cast members are shown at least semi naked!!

  38. Charles says:

    Truthfully, if I didn’t see Megan Kelly’s name printed in an article or her name mentioned, I wouldn’t know she existed. She’s yesterday’s news and has NO relevance.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Same with Bill O’Reilly, Yesterday’ s news with no relevance. Old Pinhead Bill was an ass pincher and nipple twister himself .

  39. Wicked Woman says:

    So hard to believe anything coming from the Lefties. The Lefties will do anything and everything in their power to get what they want when they want it; and what they want, is to bring down Donald J. Trump. I believe this too will fail…..just like every other lie and tactic they have used. Like who gives a sweet crap about a movie about Carlson’s and Kelly’s claims about sexual harassment. I wonder why they did not do something at the time of the incident but waited until now… attempt to damage our President is quite telling! We are not stupid!

  40. Jim says:

    Just to mention, everyone also knows that Roger Ailes was also a leftist of great degree. Not only will they be placing themselves as the harassed, they will also be condemning the left for their despicable acts of sexual harassment. Their so called “rape culture” is theirs and theirs alone!
    Good luck leftists in your attempt to cover up the truth. NOT!

  41. rosann medlar says:

    Carlson and Kelly should keep there dirty laundry to themselves, when Roger went after them why didn’t they quit, no they were too greedy and liked their paycheck

    • JoPaul says:

      They have no reason to quit the law is very specific, they had the power but were afraid to use it. Same truth about the MeToo movement, all of Hollywood female/males and children were being abused and were aware of the rapes and sexual harassment by the powerful hollywood moguls, but everyone kept silent for many years and did nothing until one woman came forward and it became a cause for all.

      • Bill says:

        Megan Kelly had the opportunity to achieve greatness in the field of journalism. She had looks, she spoke well, and she seemed genuinely pleasant when I first started watching her. Then she let her ego overcome any good sense she might have and became a legend in her own mind. She forgot the old adage that you gotta dance with the one who brung you and sold out to a major news organization jillions of dollars and proceeded to make an ass of herself again. Everything she tried was a failure because she continued to believe she was the story, not the news she was supposed to be reporting.

        Why anyone would want to watch a movie about either of those two escapes me.

  42. Cowgirl Diva says:

    A movie about Megan Kelly….!!!?? Who cares…!!

    I’m sure that will be a box office smash…!! NOT….!!! Knowing how egoistical she is, I’m sure she funded the whole thing herself..!!! Meh…!!! UGH..!!!

    • Cici says:

      I know of no one who would waste their money to see this trash…as one said, Kelly and Carlson is old news and no one is interested.

  43. Bob Buchanan says:

    They are wasting their money. Showtimes movie was going to be the big take down & that didn’t happen. Lets not forget Megan had no audience when she went to NBC because no one followed her. What make them think this movie will change anything.

  44. Sherryl says:

    Those of us who like the Fox Network endured kelly until the next program. I don’t know anyone who will care a whit about this “bombshell” show.

    • Linda says:

      Why would anyone waste money to go see a movie about the (beyond arrogant) Kelly and Carlisle the beauty queen who is living in the past. Neither one of them were Conservatives so who cares. I wish Fox would quit giving air time to the Dem candidates. We will see enough after the Primary.

  45. FrankC says:

    FNC is committing suicide by going increasingly Liberal. Hollywood can skip the movie and just let Fox k1ll itself.

  46. Frank J. Stangel,J.D. says:

    Let’s remember the reality…the alleged “victims” could have simply, morally said NO to Roger or anyone else who worked at FOX(R) NEWS who wanted sex…they didn’t because they wanted fame and money. They should have kept their “legs crossed” instead of open…but then…that’s how and where the money goes for services rendered. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      That is more than a little disgusting and judgmental and shows a complete LACK of understanding of the victims of sexual harassment. The key in the power, not that they wanted fame and money. It is no wonder that only one in three females supports Trump – — your outdated and anti-women views are alienating the largest segment of the voting public. In addition, Frank, I have seem some of the nastiest insults about women on this site, using such things as the “B, C” and other words talking about females. The attack on women has been continual by Trump. Don’t just argue from the male point of view, understand what women FEEL – – don’t tell them not to feel it.

      As a professional who has studied and taught this often, please be aware of the legions of women who have been sexually harassed or even assaulted by males, and face the difficulty of what are they going to do. Colleges are frequent areas of sexual assault, and the males often get away with it while females are driven from campus. I won’t even mention drunken Fraternities that prey upon innocent females.

      • Brenda says:

        Dr JD. Don’t know where you get your numbers about only 1 in 3 women support President Trump but I believe you are a little prejudice. As a 69 year old retired Army officer (female), over 3/4s of the women I know support President Trump & ignore the crap liberals say about him. He is no worse than most men in what they say & do concerning women & a heck of a lot better than most liberal Democrats (Clinton, Kennedys, Epstein, & numerous others who have diffico keeping “it” in their pants & the use & abuse of women).

      • The Real M says:

        JD, You are such a puke! You believe your own hype, I guess………………………
        I could tell you stories but, they would be wasted on you and most Dems who buy into all this “poor little helpless women” stuff. Strong minded women should be able to take care of themselves unless they are physically overpowered or a weapon is used. If a woman is fragile and dependent, that is a problem that can be remedied by counseling, etc. Keeping a job is no excuse, there are other jobs, no job or anything else takes the place of your self respect. A woman of average intelligence should realize she doesn’t have to put up with BS, it is not worth it, period!
        Why am I even bothering to address your comment? I’m done……………….

        • zee says:

          uh, remember when jd admitted he taught (in some rink dink college) a course 0n
          “How to Lie w/ Statistics.”
          > He is also a ‘gun-owner’ & Needs Testing.

          • The Real M says:

            Hey zee, “howz” it going? Oh yeah I remember all about this JD dude-et. These trolls who think they are so superior are such a joke, I can’t forget them………..
            I’m spending too much time in combat on these sites and need to back off some. It uses time in my life I need to be doing other things.
            Hang tuff tiger!

        • James Howard says:

          Women are equal to men in all things – but the demon rats can remember one lie to the next.

      • James Howard says:

        How many puss is did Hillary grab?

        All around the mulberry bush
        D’monkey chased Dweezel
        D’monkey thought it was all in fun
        POP! Goes Dweezel.

        Get to know what narcissist-psychopathy is & how it bears such an uncanny similarity to regressives, other commie-leftists, SPLC & Jihadists::
        YouTube channels:
        Michele Lee Nieves.
        Narc ology unscripted (David).
        Surviving Narcissism (Carter)
        Conservative channels are being blocked, demonitized, unlisted, deplatformed, so you need the exact channel name to see it:
        Stefan Molyneux.
        Amazing Polly.
        Bill Whittle.
        American Intelligence Media.
        Golden State Times.
        One America News Network (and Liz Wheelers book: TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple The Lefts House of Cards)
        The John Birch Society.
        Jesse Lee Peterson.
        The Glazov Gang.
        Apostate Prophet.
        Jihad Watch.
        Liberty Doll.
        Black Out Media.

      • James Howard says:

        Dr. JD. STUFF IT. Doctor means nothing except for LIAR anymore & you & your kind will be the last to see it. Doctors have always been the leading liars & destroyers of mental & pysical health. It’s an Iatrogenic thing & far far worse than most people realize.

        • The Real M says:

          James Howard, If only it was a Dr…………more like a liberal troll attempting to “turn” some good conservatives with its “title”…………Dr.??? faux doctor…..

  47. Gerald Ladd says:

    FOX is number one. CNN, and MSLSD can’t get anyone to watch their crap now.

  48. jack often says:

    if it was not for fox news Obama would have turned America into muslinville! thank the LORD for the truth on fox news!

  49. Michael says:

    When her money runs out she’ll be back dancing around a pole where she belongs.

  50. Blue says:

    Bombshell will Bomb!

  51. Jeff Simmons says:

    Kelly had a great show at her latter time with the Kelly file but than when whatever network it was offered her tons of money her overgrown ego jumped to somewhere that she didn’t fit and they want viewers who appreciated her so she made a fool of herself but at least she walked off with a ton of money

  52. James Howard says:

    Childishness is the hallmark of the left & of natcissists.

    One trait of a sane person is flexibility of mind & heart. Mental-emotional ridgidity is a trait of mental illness.

    What the Left, criminals, mentally ill & Islam all have in common, & makes them actual allies:

    Narcissism has been an epidemic on the Left from the start. If you are involved with a narcissist it will destroy you (PTSD) unless you know all the sneaky tricks & lies & how to deal wIth them, if you are forced to, as in politics.

    YouTube has –

    Narc ology unscripted,

    Michele Lee Nieves, (esp. Leaving A Narcissist: Biggest & Most Common Mistake),

    Surviving Narcissism,

    Why You Are Lonely. Stefan Molyneux,

    Alice in Wonderland & Thru The Looking Glass, Lewis Carol.

    JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How He Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.

    TIPPING POINTS: How to Topple the Lefts House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (news & commentary, OAN Network.)

    MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.


    See also: Bill Warner,

  53. Tink says:

    Megan is a liar…she is just mad because she is too ugly to be on f&f anymore!!! What ? Now a book you loser???

  54. Robert Morrow says:

    a movie about Megan Kelly??? Who cares??? I sure do not, but then there is very few movies that I would spend my money on or waste my time watching. How about a movie that shows the left Liberal and their acting like spoiled rotten mentally 9 to 10 years olds and the only thing they can come up with is calling people so called hurt names which even they do not understand.

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