This movie about Megyn Kelly could be the final nail in Fox News’ coffin

Fox News is under direct attack.

The Left knows if they can ruin Fox News before the 2020 election that Donald Trump’s re-election chances will plummet.

And this movie about Megyn Kelly could be the final nail in Fox News’ coffin.

Lionsgate is set to release “Bombshell” in December.

The film stars Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly.

Bombshell tells the story of how Carlson and Kelly’s accusations of sexual harassment brought down then-Fox News President Roger Ailes.

Breitbart reports:

Following closely on the heels of Showtime’s The Loudest Voice, Lionsgate released its first trailer for Bombshell, Hollywood’s latest take down of Fox News, focusing on the sexual harassment scandals that shook up the top-rated cable news station and led to the downfall of founder Roger Ailes.

Bombshell, whose coy trailer debuted on Wednesday, stars (an unrecognizable) Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson — two of the network’s star anchors who claimed that they were sexually harassed by Ailes (John Lithgow). Margot Robbie also stars as a fictional character.

Lionsgate will release the movie in December, a coveted spot for movies aiming to garner awards attention. The movie was directed by Jay Roach, who helmed HBO’s 2012 movie Game Change, an unflattering dramatization of Sarah Palin’s run for Vice President.

Bombshell comes with its own fraught backstory. The movie was initially set up at Megan Ellison’s Annapurna, which withdrew from the project shortly before filming began as the indie studio contended with financial difficulties stemming from a string of pricey flops.

The timing of Bombshell’s release is no accident.

Bombshell is part of a coordinated plot on the Left to bankrupt or destroy the reputation of Fox News before the 2020 election.

The Left wants to control the flow of information to the American people as well as the narrative surrounding the 2020 election.

And that cannot happen as long as Fox News is profitable.

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145 Responses

  1. Archangel III says:

    Yes!, Yes Steven and in just 2 and a half years as president, he is the reason the movie 2012 will come to life in 10 years… Even though he wasn’t even born yet, we now have evidence that it was President Donald J. Trump who actually started WWI and WWII! Trump was the one who killed 6,600,000 Jews during the Holocaust (OMG… WE BETTER STOP HIM BEFORE HE DOES IT AGAIN… GASP!!), and it was Trump who sent everyone to Vietnam in 1962… And have you yet heard Steven?… They are now putting together evidence that it was… Yes… Wait for it… President Donald J. Trump who piloted and crashed all 4 planes into the WTC the Pentagon, and Somerset County, Pa SIMULTANEOUSLY!! On 9/11/2001, and now lives on to create more EVIL, MAYHEM, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!! and MY GOD… If we’re not careful, “THE WORLD WILL SOON BE HIS!! ”
    Steven… I will not call you any names, or satisfy my deep desire to impose my superior political intellect upon you, nor will I discuss things like President Trump’s plot to activate the… OMEGA 13 that will destroy all matter in the universe … I just want you to once again, read the above sarcasm … This is exactly what you and ALL liberals sound like when we try to have a reasonable conversation with people like you. Nothing but one lie and false accusation after another with unrelenting hate speech towards us and the President, with evidence, proof, facts and the truth being like a foreign language and bare no relevance in your liberal playbook. Take another look and think about it. Are you really bringing this into the 2020 election???

  2. N Sullivan says:

    I rarely watch Fox anymore. OAN (ONE AMERICAN NEWS) is the way to go!! Direct TV has it.

  3. gerry says:

    screw you libtard, idiot!

  4. SandyT says:

    Yes, she got a good settlement, but she didn’t leave “her show” voluntarily. She couldn’t “cut it”, her show was a flop, so they let her go. Yes, they had to pay her because of the contract she had, but she screwed herself. No one had to do it to her. BTW, her name is spelled MEGYN. Easy to remember when you think ME- GYN (like a GYN doctor).

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