This major sponsor just tore into the NFL

It’s no secret anthem protestors are hurting the NFL.

But now it appears the fallout is extending to NFL sponsors.

And the most recognizable NFL sponsor just placed the blame for their losses squarely on Roger Goodell’s shoulders.

“Papa John” Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s (the official pizza company of the NFL) is not happy over the continued anthem protests.

On a quarterly earnings call with investors, ABC reports Schnatter saying:

“The NFL has hurt us. We are disappointed the NFL and its leadership did not resolve this.”

Executives said the company has pulled much of its NFL television advertising and that the NFL has responded by giving the company additional future spots.
In revising sales estimates for the next quarter, Papa John’s president and chief operating officer Steve Ritchie said on the call that the NFL deal was the primary suspect behind the decline and that “we expect it to persist unless a solution is put in place.”

Forbes reports that stocks were down 11% and the net worth of John Schnatter dropped $70 million within hours of the company releasing its quarterly financial report.

Schnatter continued:

“This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago. Like many sponsors, we are in contact with the NFL and once the issue is resolved between the players and the owners, we are optimistic that the NFL’s best years are ahead. But good or bad, leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership.

“You need to look at exactly how the ratings are going backwards. Last year the ratings for the NFL went backwards because of the elections. This year the ratings are going backwards because of the controversy. And so, the controversy is polarizing the customer; polarizing the country.”

After eight straight weeks of anthem protests this year, carried on from Kaepernick’s initial protests during the 2016-2017 season, many fans have grown tired of it.

They don’t want to see politics mixed with sports.

And they certainly don’t want to see coddled millionaire atheletes kneeling during the national anthem, disrespecting our flag, our country, and our men and women in uniform.

Many expressed disappointment the NFL was unwilling to take a stand and force players to stand for the anthem.

So if declining TV ratings and game attendance isn’t enough to convince the NFL to act, what will it take?

Jesse Jackson is calling on players to escalate their political protests.

Should pro-football fans escalate their boycotts by refusing to support NFL sponsors?

We want to know what you think.

Please vote in our poll and share additional thoughts with us in the comments below!

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6 Responses

  1. Judy Farkas says:

    Imagine these ungratful disrespecful players who make millions of dollars from the America that 5hey just trashed.
    Fire them, let them leave our beloved America.Shame on them.

  2. Terry Griffith says:

    If the NFL or team owners don’t put a stop to this ignorance of disrespecting our country there will be no salaries for these idiots and they are taking the rest of the players down with them. There is more of these people killings one another than the problem with the police but they are not doing anything about that..If these kneelers were forced to ride with police or join the military they could find out what it’s like to put your life on the line daily instead of playing a game and complaining about what other people do that are attempting to save lives.

  3. Joann Skee says:

    Stopped watching dont miss now spend family time all the men who died for our freedom these players neeed thier ass kicked out

  4. cc says:

    Hey Roger Dodger – grow a pair and tell them to stand or you’re fired. Very simple. If I had promoted my personal agenda on COMPANY TIME, I would have been fired! Find out where these LOSERS went to school and let that school know they will be included in a list of LOSER UNIVERSITIES!

  5. Mr. Huseman says:

    At one time last year I witnessed an ” 8 ” year old foot ball team & coach take a knee, how AWFULL is this, and to think some of these youngsters may have a father in our military. Good God something has to be done, this is not our country.
    A one way ticket out of this country for Kapernick could easily be had.

  6. GERALD says:

    If you worked for any other company and didn’t do your job, your fired. There is lot more players out there. GET RID OF ALL THEM THAT KNEEL

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