This major sponsor just tore into the NFL

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3 Responses

  1. cc says:

    Hey Roger Dodger – grow a pair and tell them to stand or you’re fired. Very simple. If I had promoted my personal agenda on COMPANY TIME, I would have been fired! Find out where these LOSERS went to school and let that school know they will be included in a list of LOSER UNIVERSITIES!

  2. Mr. Huseman says:

    At one time last year I witnessed an ” 8 ” year old foot ball team & coach take a knee, how AWFULL is this, and to think some of these youngsters may have a father in our military. Good God something has to be done, this is not our country.
    A one way ticket out of this country for Kapernick could easily be had.

  3. GERALD says:

    If you worked for any other company and didn’t do your job, your fired. There is lot more players out there. GET RID OF ALL THEM THAT KNEEL

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