This major Republican sealed their fate by betraying Trump on an impeachment double cross

Donald Trump is in big trouble.

Just as he heads into the end game of the impeachment witch hunt, the President is facing trouble within his own party.

And now this major Republican sealed their fate by betraying Trump on an impeachment double cross.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp owes his career to Donald Trump.

Trump endorsed Kemp in the Republican primary when Kemp was a long shot candidate and then Kemp only won the general election because of President Trump’s furious campaigning.

But Kemp has no sense of loyalty.

With Georgia RINO Senator Johnny Isaaskson retiring, Kemp is set to replace him with Never-Trump Mitt Romney loyalist and women’s professional basketball team owner Kelly Loeffler.

Kemp defied President Trump who urged him to appoint conservative Congressman Doug Collins to the seat.

The President’s allies were furious with Kemp’s betrayal and some even called for Kemp to face a pro-Trump primary challenge when he runs for re-election in 2022.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz – who is one of President Trump’s strongest supporters – went so far as to call the decision to appoint Loeffler Kemp’s ‘political funeral.’

Loeffler donated $750,000 to Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign.

But in 2016 Loeffler basically tried to elect Hillary Clinton by sitting on her hands and refusing to donate to President Trump’s campaign.

Loeffler only made a contribution to Trump’s 2020 campaign when it became clear she was Kemp’s choice and her Never-Trump background could invite a challenge in the November “jungle primary” where the top two finishers regardless of party advance to a runoff if no one candidate clears 50 percent of the vote.

Kemp is also installing a Mitt Romney-style RINO clone in the Senate just as the chamber will face an impeachment trial.

Loeffler’s Never-Trump past makes her a prime target to vote to convict the President on the Democrats partisan articles of impeachment.

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77 Responses

  1. Royce Tuckness says:

    Anyone who is a friend with Romney is an enemy of the country.

  2. Sondland is another one voicing his “opinions” – as were ALL the so-called “witnesses”. And President Trump wasn’t basing his release of the funds on what Schiff was doing. He was waiting until he had confidence that Zelensky was really going to go after Ukraine corruption. Schiff waited to announce the “whistleblower” complaint until he knew the money was being released – not the other way around. President Trump didn’t testify because doing so would have given legitimacy to the Dems unconstitutional impeachment attempt. Plus, he has done NOTHING impeachable & owes us no explanation for doing what he is authorized by the Constitution to do. You are a complete leftist moron to believe anything else.

  3. S.L. says:

    Kemp may have been a Democrat plant never a Republican. The Democrates have played dirty tricks so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kemp helped them set Trump up for this impeachment. Makes sense to me.

  4. tinker68 says:

    Amen, saw your comment on another site today, I also commented to you there but now seeing you here, again, disparaging the President with known untruths, I wonder,

  5. Eli says:

    We have team against team in a political battle. Repeating the Conservative Firing Line of 2018, that “Adam Schiff was once financially funded by George Soros, to win his congressional seat. Schiff was also awarded the “Toll Fellowship” by the Council of State governments, a non profit, which monitors federal government activities and financed by Soros Open Society Foundation.” The Washington Examiner states, “Sean Misko worked with a group funded by Burisma Ukraine Co before joining Schiff’s staff” according to Briebart and the Washington Examiner. This group went to the Ukraine in August 12 days after the Whistleblower’s complaint. This is a bias and conflict of interest by the Democrats and any anti Trump opponent. Biden’s corruption concerning Ukraine involvement and mislaid “bail out” funds” to the Cayman Islands have been ignored.

  6. Tim Shepperson says:

    I didn’t like the looks and trust this character when he first ran for the office. Now I know why. He’s a self serving dreg and needs to be replaced. He may rue the day he made this decision.

  7. Hogan says:

    He should get on his Magic Carpet and fly back to India.

  8. Vicki S says:

    You’ve definitely overdosed on Democrat BS. Not one thing you said is factual, but keep listening to CNN & remain in the dark.

  9. Leon says:

    Been watching pruge! Maybe tic-toc?!

  10. Leon says:

    Kemp,a prime example of a cowardly rhino pu saaay!!

  11. Larry says:

    Governor Kemp is a backstabbing asshole

  12. Tom says:

    Let me point out 1. quid pro quo is not illegal it is used everyday and has been used by the US and other countries for years 2. Asking the Ukraine to investigate someone is not illegal and is covered under a treaty we have with them signed by no other than Former President Bill Clinton! It gives us the right to ask for an investigation of any one in the Ukraine or doing Business in the Ukraine it also gives them the right to do the same here.

  13. Tom says:

    Say it is not so Uncle Touchy Feely Joe was getting money from the Ukraine! Wouldn’t you love to see him trying to answer questions about collecting money to lobby for Ukraine while being VP? Also about getting the person fired who was investigating the company his son had a cushy job with that the only reason he had the job was because you were the VP of the US?

  14. Save babies says:

    If Trump get impeached Americans will make sure they will have hell to pay. All traitors should be punished the way traitors need to be punished.

  15. Chenz says:

    Sharon our Republican congress has
    Done a good job exposing the
    COMMUNIST puppet show!
    I want our Senate. To stand up
    To this long on going conspiracy.
    So much obstruction , I think
    Trump Should get a re-do, of his
    Term, that would make Adom,
    and. Nancy’s eyes pop!Ha Ha!
    I hope the Senate pulls the curtain
    back and expose king
    Puppet master , Obama!!

  16. TOM says:

    And I command you to release the RABID DOGS AND ATTACK ONE OF OUR OWN.
    God bless you TRUMPZILLA!

  17. Linda Troutman says:

    Makes me think good ol boy Kemp did fix the election!! Reminds me of the other turncoats I have been used by!!…and the ones I voted for! Trump wasted his time, effort and words on you!!!

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