This liberal comedian’s prediction about the future is devastating news for Democrats

Joe Biden is a historically unpopular President.

The Democrat Party is flying off the rails by embracing woke ideology.

But this liberal comedian’s prediction about the future is devastating news for Democrats.

Liberal comedian Bill Maher appeared on Adam Carolla’s podcast, where he warned Democrats that the Party is completely out of touch with regular people and that insanity on the Left threatened to turn state’s like California Red.

Maher described lunatic regulations that required 11 people to show up to his house to turn on electricity from solar panels.

Maher described the extensive costs he incurred to follow government rules as making no sense whatsoever.

“I have a picture of eleven people at my house that finally showed. Eleven people. To turn on a lightbulb, basically, I had to build a shed to house the thing. I had to build its own home. Which could probably house the homeless, people could probably live in that shed,” Maher stated.

Maher described how the government wants people to use solar panels to fight so-called “climate change,” but then imposes so many rules and regulations it makes it nearly impossible for individuals to comply.

“All the regulations that, I mean, I don’t know if it’s Orwellian, or Kafka-esque, or both of them, but it’s just strange. Very strange. The hoops you had to jump through to do something that the state was advising you to do. Solar power was something- I thought I was being a good citizen trying to hook up,” Maher added.

Corolla began reading off the litany of regulations he encountered when trying to install solar panels, revealing that he eventually gave up and said “f*ck it.”

Maher responded that “‘f*ck it’ is what so many people say about so many things out here [in California]. Eventually what they are going to say is ‘then f*ck it to the Democratic Party’. This is an achilles heel to this Party that they have to come to terms with. I mean, they couldn’t build a railroad, they tried, from L.A. to San Francisco. Same thing with the housing- the homeless thing.”

Maher told Corolla Democrats should worry about residents in California getting fed up with the endless sea of taxes and regulations that do nothing to solve any problems but increasingly makes their lives difficult switching and voting Republican for a change.

“There are just too many people with their hands out. There are too many people who are unnecessary in this equation. This is kind of beyond politics and it will get hung on, deservedly so, the Democrats.”

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