This jaw-dropping new poll will change everything you think about 2020

Joe Biden has led Donald Trump in the polls for months.

That’s led to many of the so-called “experts” to write off Donald Trump’s chances.

But now this jaw-dropping new poll will change everything you think about 2020.

Back in June, a fake news CNN poll showed Joe Biden leading Donald Trump 55-to-41 and the pundits proclaimed the only question left was the size of Biden’s landslide win.

But fast forward two months and the race has undergone a massive shift.

And CNN’s own polling showed a 10 point move toward Trump in their latest poll.

The Daily Caller reports, “The poll, released Sunday night, gave former Vice President Joe Biden (50) a four-point lead over President Donald Trump (46) if the election were to be held today. Additionally, Trump has apparently closed the gap in consequential swing states, where he trails Biden by just one point.”

The swing towards Trump was powered in large part by non-white voters moving away from Biden.

CNN’s new poll found a 21 point shift in non-white voters from their June survey.

This poll is a bright red light flashing danger sign for Democrats.

Donald Trump does not need to win the popular vote to earn a second term.

Because of how Democrat voters are clustered in big cities, the Democrat nominee can run up massive margins in New York, Illinois, and California to win the popular vote.

But this inefficient distribution of voters hurts Democrats in the Electoral College.

Donald Trump picked this lock in 2016 and won a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton.

And CNN’s brand new poll shows the President is well within range of pulling off another Electoral College win in 2020.

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