This jaw-dropping new poll shows a surprising blue state is now in play

In the final week of the Presidential campaign, the picture of the race is starting to come into focus.

And all is breaking loose.

Now this jaw-dropping new poll shows a surprising blue state is now in play.

Democrats easily won the state of Nevada in Barack Obama’s two victorious campaigns.

In 2016, Nevada was surprisingly close.

But with the pandemic and the Fake News Media smearing President Trump as a racist, all the experts thought Nevada’s large Hispanic population would render Trump toxic and allow the Democrats to easily carry Nevada.

However, poll after poll shows Donald Trump running stronger with Hispanics than in 2016 – some on the campaign believe the President could carry up to 40 percent of the Hispanic vote – and Nevada is no different.

Now a brand new poll by Axios/Survey Monkey shows President Trump and Biden in a statistical dead heat.

Breitbart reports:

Nevada poll shows President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee, virtually tied among likely voters in the state.

The poll, conducted by Axios and the software company Tableau between September 24 and October 24, found that if the general election were held today, former Vice President Joe Biden would carry Nevada narrowly. In a head-to-head matchup, Biden only garners the support of 50 percent of likely voters, compared to 49 percent for Trump.

The Trump campaign believes that Nevada along with Minnesota and New Hampshire represents the best chance for the President to turn a blue state red this November.

Polls show the race tightening in Minnesota and the President held a campaign rally in New Hampshire over the weekend.

Now this new poll out of Nevada confirms that the President’s team’s suspicions about the Silver State were correct.

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