This jaw-dropping new poll made every Democrat realize something about a red wave

The public is beginning to turn its attention toward the 2022 midterm election.

That is bad news for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

And this jaw-dropping new poll made every Democrat realize something about a red wave.

CNBC’s latest poll predictably showed Joe Biden’s approval rating in the toilet at 41 percent.

But that was not the most interesting number in the poll.

CNBC found that Republicans led Democrats by 10 points in the mock generic ballot about which party Americans want to see in control of Congress.

And more ominously for Democrats, the top three issues to voters were immigration, inflation, and crime.

Democrat Mayors allowed murderers and criminals to overrun their streets.

Philadelphia saw over 500 murders in 2021.

There were over 700 murders in Chicago.

Joe Biden opened the border to a record 1.7 million illegal aliens attempting to invade the country.

And the latest inflation report showed prices surging 6.8 percent, the largest year-over-year increase in 39 years.

Joe Biden failed on every issue important to the voters because his policies made inflation, immigration, and crime crises worse.

In midterm elections, voters tend to punish the party in power.

But historically, Republicans never hold a lead on the generic ballot this early.

And when Republicans lead on the generic ballot the lead is rarely ever as large as 10 points.

These poll numbers – combined with Joe Biden’s failures – have Democrats looking at 1994 or 2010-style defeats square in the face.

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