This gun-grabber made an announcement that every Trump supporter should be worried about

Democrats believe they have 2020 in the bag.

So they’re trotting out the most radical members of their party to challenge Trump for the White House.

Now one notorious gun-grabber just made a big announcement that every Trump supporter should be worried about.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has fueled speculation that she is running for President for months.

She finally announced her candidacy on Stephen Colbert’s late night talk show.

CNN reports:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand entered the 2020 presidential race on Tuesday, telling Stephen Colbert that she was forming an exploratory committee just days before she heads to the critical state of Iowa…

Shortly after taping the show, Gillibrand officially filed with the Federal Election Commission and released her first campaign video, which highlighted her work on the 9/11 health bill, women’s rights and fighting President Donald Trump.

Gillibrand, who was elected for her second full term in the Senate in 2018, rose to national prominence in recent years as a forceful proponent of the #MeToo movement and fierce critic of Trump. People close to Gillibrand have indicated the senator will run a campaign centered on gender issues, something she has championed in the House and Senate.

Gillibrand’s campaign announcement has turned into a dud.

She has over 1.3 million Twitter followers but got crickets when she ran an ad on her account.

Not even the mainstream media seems to be giving her that much attention.

But conservatives should still be concerned because two of her top issues are gun control and abolishing I.C.E.

Despite having an uphill fight to win the Democratic nomination, she could try to play kingmaker by endorsing another candidate after initial primaries.

Or she could even be tapped to be a Vice Presidential running mate.

And if that happens all bets are off.

We will continue to keep you updated on the developments in the 2020 race.


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57 Responses

  1. Km says:

    Don’t ever give up your guns. The reason our forefathers put the right for us to bear arms into law was for us to protect ourselves from our enemies both foreign and domestic and that includes a government that has turned against it’s people. We will need every gun we can get our hands on when the muslims take over the country.

  2. Joseph M. says:

    I would love to see this dingbat get to run against Trump.. She would be defeated in the blink of an eye!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  3. Don says:

    Many great commnts. Yes, she’s just another bimbo who thinks she’s intelligent.

  4. Valli Neal-davis says:

    I bet she has a gun(s) for protection just like the Obamas,Clinton’s Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the dirty democrats including their walls to keep the invaders out.

  5. Patricia. Overbey says:

    Not on your life will she get my support & keep your hands off my gun. God bless the U.S.A & God bless President. Trump.

  6. CC says:

    Until she was appointed to the US Senate as NY’s junior senator, she kept a rifle under her bed!! (Yes, she had children then.) Yes, it seemed as though she had to ask Chuckie how to vote on various legislation/issues.
    I do know that she snookered her constituents in upstate NY, i.e., sold them one thing, then did & does another!

  7. Roadrunner says:

    I believe no dems and few repubs on 2A. Even the new AG, whom I will never support. We have no integrity in government, and now, it seems, lying is the new Obama-era normal.

  8. Scott Massie says:

    Most Democrats want to keep their guns and ICE in place. That loony will not get support from very many Democrats

  9. Steven Kaspar says:

    Their is a better chance of being attacked by Martians then this Commie blond bimbo gun grabbing scumbag gettin elected!besides does anybody remember we have a Constitution and any of these gun grabbing liberals need to remember they take a oath to protect and uphold the Constitution or face the rath of Patriots!

  10. Nunyer Binnis says:

    It’s ALL BS.

  11. rich z says:

    All should remember, She WAS Pro-gun UNTIL ELECTED. Just another LYING DEMORAT.

  12. Navy PO2 says:

    She is unfit to serve. Next?

  13. Jerry says:

    If you look up stupid in the dictionary,her picture will be next to it.

  14. L.F. says:

    We have God, United States Constitution, Guess whatbsince your Party is so Evil, Guess what you are “Declaring War “ On Law Abiding Citizens/ Gun Owners. Do you really what a Revolution? Cause we will Overcome, Adapt & Improvise. You are not a Leftist but a Leftist/ Globalist. You do not even know what intells. You will become a Slave your selfish. Their is no Utopia. #Trump2020, #U.S.Constition, #LawOrder

  15. Proud vet says:

    Not to worry it will come out about her backing Democrats that are rapist so let her go and flapper jars like all the rest of the useful idiots in the Democrat party

  16. TeresaV says:

    Not only branded guilty but they were screaming we believe her before she was seen, and opened her mouth with clearly rehearsed lies no shrewd of any vanilla of proof even her friends wouldn’t lie for her…
    Everyone saying she’s got no reason to lie WHAT she had over 80,00 in a go find me..Paid for Purgery. When is HER trial ???

  17. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Does anyone remember the saying, ” fear the politician who fears your gun”?

  18. Jim says:

    I voted NO; however, I don’t believe it matters. POTUS Trump will make chorizo out of the DEMONKRATIK nominee!!!

    • Patricia says:

      The democrats acutually think 2020 will be theirs! 😂😂😂 No it won’t! They’re banking on being successful in cheating their way in the WH but we are now wise to their cheating antics and they won’t be able to get away with it so easily like in the midterms!

  19. Carl says:

    What’s going on here is just pure Globalism. Saudi Arabia and G.Soros are funding this whole movement and they hand picked Obama, paid his Harvard tuition and groomed him to change “America Fundamentally “. They are so corrupt that they designed their narrative to destroy America. How? If you take a hard look you will see that the Obama administration shut down the Space Program , dismantled the military by taking the top military personnel out of way so it wouldn’t impede their agenda, made a sham of the adept of Justice with people like Holder and Lynch to make sure that damage wasn’t controlled and the list goes on and all the high powered members from organizations like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. so you see where this is going but they ran into a buzz saw when Donald Trump was elected and the left’s fair haired Killary with her tail between her legs went ballistic and said Trump stone the election. Wrong, the only people who work at stealing elections are the democrats. The 2018 Mid. Terms as of a report on 1/16/19 found that the democrats were able to change results to the tune of almost 4 million votes and that’s how they took control of the House. Solution, take them all out.

  20. As a paper weight. If she sits on your stack of papers they will all be stained by vile secretions from her “ties” with Slick Willie. Yeeeeecccchhhh! Stench.

    • TeresaV says:

      The Capital toilets are backing up and the excrement is rising from these liberal freaks… Half of them only plan on running for President…The only good news of we can keep it honest stop the FRAUD votes Trump will be a clear landslide.


    She is another democratic idiot from NY.

    • Pat says:

      Another Hilary. Probably lives on the same street as Hilary and Soros.

    • TeresaV says:

      You gotta admire the shear gall to get in for a office and then three weeks later say I am going to waste at least the next year taking my generous check, my ability to flood your mailboxes with my desire to be a bowel obstructionist on the movement Trump has gotten this nation finally moving again in the right direction….If only we could fire them for taking a job they have no intention of doing… This is what illegal voting gets you we need to go back to full checks before vote, dye on a finger so they can only do it once and scrub the rolls of the voting dead, absentee + in person, and none of This BE I just moved here from across town I am here to vote… I pointed out one guy had a white clean i voted sticker on the back of his ID he ripped it off ON That’s a OLD ONE…Horse apples !!!

  22. Marlon says:


    • mspidge says:

      She couldn’t find her azz with both hands in a snow storm, she’s worse than a joke, all 40 that they will be parading around are worse than jokes, not one of ’em are worth the powder to blow ’em to hell with.

  23. Chuck says:

    Gilly looks like your typical unfulfilled liberal woman who’s never had a real man mount her and pound her clam into pudding, LOL! Neither she, Harris, Fakeahontas or any other deep blue state gash can win a presidential election. These gals think the entire nation is as liberal as their over taxed, over regulated, white flight states. Trump will destroy her in the debates, especially when he points out that her beloved MeToo bull$h1t mostly outed Dems!

  24. Capn Jack says:

    Gillibrand was one of Bill Clinton’s favorites. In fact that’s how she managed to get into position to run for her first office.

  25. ronald fischer says:

    The only thing she will grab is between my legs doesn’t she know that the SS Democrats lost the war in the 1860s that were slave owners and still are till this day.Now the SS Democrat Nazi Party wants other Civil War that WE THE PEOPLE welcome and once again they would lose and this time they will finley be gone for good.So let them bring it on thay are nothing but Traitors of our country and should change their parties name to the SS Democrat Nazi Party that fits them to a tea .

    • TeresaV says:

      Not only branded guilty but they were screaming we believe her before she was seen, and opened her mouth with clearly rehearsed lies no shrewd of any vanilla of proof even her friends wouldn’t lie for her…
      Everyone saying she’s got no reason to lie WHAT she had over 80,00 in a go find me..Paid for Purgery. When is HER trial ???

  26. Jan13 says:

    Her remark during the Kavanaugh circus killed her chances, that he had to prove his innocence over the false allegations. Since when in this country is someone guilty until proven innocent ? Unfortunately she does fit right in with the current ideology in NYS, along with Cuomo, deBlasio, her puppet master Schumer.

    • Yes Schumer is her Puppet master. I.find it comical that all these people talking about running against Our President are a joke.. None of them even have a chance at this. . #UnitedWeStand #MAGA #AmericaFirst #BuildOurWallNow

  27. Jim Jones says:

    She has a better chance of get a ride to a cemetery, than winning an election.

  28. Pete says:

    Too funny! Everbody knows that ALL the serious Presidential candidates make their announcement on the Steven Colbert show. The only people wayching it were in the audience and they were being held at gun point… Wait! Knife point…

  29. Norman Abernathy says:

    I voted to have her run in 2020 because I think she would be a sure loser, probably set a record at getting the fewest votes.

  30. Gerald Ladd says:

    LMAO…she’s got to get in line. Half of the DemonRAT party is running for president.

  31. Buddy says:

    You really want to turn your guns over to people who think it’s their right to slaughter
    babies for body parts to make a profit? Really?

  32. TC says:

    When she announced her run for potus she was talking about how a stray bullet killed a young girl and of course she is pushing more gun control,well its a lucky thing that girl didn’t encounter a stray MS13 Honduran and raped her and skinned her entire family with a dull machete.

  33. Fawn Sheets says:

    She’s the one who said “trump is bad, Weinstein good” and now she wants to get us all killed. No thanks whitey

  34. Buddy says:

    They are afraid that all of their unaccountable crimes will finally piss off enough Americans that they will end up like Gadafi with a cattle prod shoved up their a–. Tyrants all end up with the same fate.

  35. Lee Harant says:

    A disarmed population is a controlled population. Thats the ultimate goal of the leftists.

  36. Carol says:

    Taking guns from good people is ridiculous. So they only want people with bad intentions to have guns? Wow!

    Surely shows they don’t care if people die.

  37. FRANK says:


  38. ruth says:

    just another windbag getting the hot air out — how many more creeps are going to run for 2020 president –so far they are all windbags

  39. Terry says:

    My Dad always supported the NRA, because he said they would try to take our gun’s, and he always said you’ll get my Gun’s when you pry them out of my cold DEAD hand’s.

  40. MEDIC RN says:

    This gas bag has zip. Huge waffel. Say anything, do anything for attention, votes.
    Who doesn’t already know that about Gillibrand?

  41. Dennis Sumner says:

    Clinton and Bloomberg had an illegitimate child and call it Kirstin!

  42. Roadrunner says:

    Attractive physically, but no brain cells. Large, attractive paper weight.

  43. DSC says:

    Someone needs to tell this person that having our guns are our right. And it isn’t going to happen.

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