This group of secret Trump voters could hand the President this key state

In 2016, the polls were wrong.

In 2020, the President and his campaign are warning that pollsters are missing the election again.

And that’s because this group of secret Trump voters could hand the President this key state.

One of the big debates in politics and polling is the existence of the “shy” Trump voters who refuse to tell pollsters, friends, and coworkers that they intend to support Donald Trump.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York visited a Trump rally in Butler County, Pennsylvania and found that in the most important state in the election, shy Trump voters most certainly existed.

One rally attendee told York that he was afraid to display his support for President Trump out of fear for his physical safety following a summer where Joe Biden voters burned American cities to the ground.

“There are a lot of people who are too afraid to put up a sign [for Trump],” the man told York, “I pulled the Trump magnet off my Jeep. Everybody took their signs down. People don’t want to be a target.”

York also quoted chairman of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County, Sam DeMarco, explaining how even registered Democrat elected in officials in Allegheny County keep their support for Trump secret.

“I’m an elected official,” DeMarco told York. “I have had at least a dozen Democratic elected officials tell me that they are voting for Trump. They say they don’t like where their party has gone, so far to the left, but as Democratic elected officials they can’t come out and say it.”

“Look at the unions,” DeMarco added. “When they endorse, they apply a lot of pressure on their guys to fall in line and support the candidate. That’s not happening now.” He mentioned a recent large oil and gas industry conference that included some local union leaders. “They said they’ve given up on trying to get their guys to vote Biden,” DeMarco recalled. “I can’t guess at the number, but if it’s in law enforcement, the building and trade unions, and oil and gas, these folks are voting Trump.”

Public pollsters say the “shy” Trump voter does not exist.

Other polling outfits like the Trafalgar Group – who try to tease out “shy” Trump voters say it’s real that Donald Trump is well positioned to win Pennsylvania again.

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