This graphic Black Lives Matter video could lead to the military being deployed

Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters are laying waste to cities across America.

Americans are wondering when the mayhem will end.

And now this graphic Black Lives Matter video could lead to the military being deployed.

The civil unrest sweeping across American cities is out of control in Portland.

For over two months, Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters terrorized the city.

President Trump has repeatedly demanded the National Guard deploy to the city and restore order.

Those calls will only grow louder after The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo posted a video of rioters dragging a man from his car and beating him bloody and unconscious on the streets of Portland.

This is no longer a “peaceful protest.”

What’s going on in Portland is a full-blown riot and insurrection.

It’s clear that the city’s pro-Antifa Mayor Ted Wheeler and Democrat Governor Kate Brown have lost all ability to control the city and maintain law and order.

President Trump pointed to the example of how Minnesota’s Democrat Governor called in the National Guard after days of looting and rioting in Minneapolis and order was restored within hours.

The National Guard could pull off a similar peace keeping mission in Portland.

And the video of rioters dragging drivers from cars and beating them senseless could force Oregon’s Democrat Governor to call in the guard and restore civil society to Portland.

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