This Fox News host had a surprising prediction about President Trump

Large portions of Fox News have turned against President Trump.

It has upset many viewers.

And now this Fox News host had a surprising prediction about President Trump.

Fox and Friends is one of the few programs on Fox News that has not turned on Donald Trump.

In fact, co-host Ainsley Earhardt echoed Donald Trump’s prediction that unless Republicans curb mail-in ballots, no Republican will ever win a national election again.

Earhardt noted that Democrats leveraged the coronavirus pandemic to expand risky mail-in voting schemes in states across the country.

“A lot of voters are concerned about this election. They want to make sure it was fair. We want to make sure mail-in ballots — if they are used in the future, I know they had to be with Covid — but if they are in the future and Democrats have their way, it will happen,” Earhardt began.

Earhardt added that mail-in ballots open the door for Democrat voter fraud schemes that will make it impossible for Republicans to ever win the Presidency in the future.

“We want to make sure that dead people don’t get ballots. We want to make sure that poll watchers are allowed to observe from the right amount of distance. We just want to make sure the election is fair,” Earhardt added. “This is so important because I have heard it said time and time again if it’s not fair and if mail-in ballots are not reformed, and we use them in the future; then a Republican president will probably never happen again.”

Democrats want to expand mail-in ballots and allow votes that come in after Election Day to count.

This is how Democrats won states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

If Democrats take this scheme to all 50 states, it may rig every election going forward in their favor.

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