This former Fox News host claimed the network presented one danger to America

Fox News has a lot of critics on the Left.

Some of those critics even reside inside Fox News.

And this former Fox News host claimed the network presented one danger to America.

Fox News recently fired politics editor and decision desk member Chris Stirewalt.

Stirewalt and his defenders claim Fox only fired Stirewalt due to backlash over Fox calling Arizona for Joe Biden with around 70 percent of the vote counted.

But this ignores the fact that Fox News Channel’s decision desk had a disastrous night on other fronts.

Early in the night, Fox called that the Democrats would pad their majority in the House of Representatives by flipping between 5 and 15 Republican held seats.

As it turned out Republicans won 15 seats, but Fox made this call with much of the mountain and pacific west still voting so it could have depressed GOP turnout and cost Republicans even more gains.

Instead of owning up to his failures, Stirewalt appeared on Mediaite’s “The Interview” podcast where he deflected blame from the decision desk’s shoddy election night podcast to instead point the finger of guilt at Fox News and its business model.

“Cable news is a dangerous profit model,” Stirewalt stated. “It has danger in it for all of us, because if you aren’t willing to tell people what they don’t want to hear, then you’re not going to be the news.”

Left-wing critics at CNN and The New York Times have also echoed this criticism of Fox News.

But telling Trump supporters they are wrong is not the same thing as reporting the news.

That assumes the liberal worldview and interpretations of facts constitute an “objective truth.”

And as much as Stirewalt and other liberals in the activist press wish that were so, it just is not reality.

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