This federal court just handed a decision that took Nancy Pelosi completely by surprise

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have used federal courts to thwart Donald Trump’s agenda.

Every time the President tries to put new policies in motion, liberal activists run to the nearest Obama-appointed judge to win a nationwide injunction.

And now, this federal court just handed down a decision that took Nancy Pelosi completely by surprise.

Recently, the Trump administration enacted a policy forcing some illegal aliens that want to seek asylum in the United States to remain in Mexico while their claim is adjudicated.

The administration put this plan into place to cut back on the “catch and release” policy that allowed over one million illegal aliens to remain in the United States last year.

Democrats sued in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – the most left-wing court in the nation – expecting another easy victory.

It did not turn out that way.

A three judge panel allowed the policy to take effect on the grounds that the administration was likely to win on the merits.

Politico reports:

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that the Trump administration may, for now, require certain non-Mexican asylum seekers to wait in Mexico pending resolution of their cases.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit cited different reasons for permitting the “remain in Mexico” initiative to move forward after a lower court blocked it last month. The appeals court allowed the policy to continue only on a temporary basis, while the court considers broader issues in the case.

The ruling represents a victory for President Donald Trump, whose immigration policies have faced constant legal challenges. A federal judge in late November halted a separate Trump attempt to bar migrants from seeking asylum if they cross the border between ports of entry.

Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain, an appointee of former President Ronald Reagan, authored the 11-page opinion and wrote that the administration was likely to succeed on legal challenges to the policy under federal immigration and regulatory law.

The southern border is in crisis mode.

In March, Customs and Border Patrol stopped over 100,000 illegal aliens from entering the country.

But Democrats show no appetite for changing the laws to actually put a stop to this invasion because they welcome open borders and a flood of illegal aliens in to the country.

That’s why this victory was so important.

Trump’s only chance to stem the tide of illegal aliens is to take executive action, but he needs the courts to stop interfering in this effort.

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