This FBI investigation could destroy the Democrat Party

Democrats believe the 2018 elections are the first step in removing Donald Trump from office.

Those dreams were dashed.

That’s because one FBI investigation could destroy the Democrat Party in 2018.

Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum won the Democrat Party nomination for Governor in Florida.

Gillum won after Bernie Sanders endorsed him.

He will take on Congressman Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis won the GOP nomination after Donald Trump endorsed him.

The media painted the Gillum-DeSantis matchup as a preview of 2020.

Gillum supports the far-left platform the Democrats will run on.

He backs abolishing ICE, impeaching Trump, and government run health care.

DeSantis is a strong supporter of the Make America Great Again agenda.

The media believes if Gillum wins, it means swing voters have turned against the President.

But Gillum has one problem.

Tallahassee city officials are under FBI investigation for corruption.

And the scandal could bring down Gillum.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

Starting in 2015, FBI agents came to town posing as businessmen considering investments in the city of Tallahassee. The three men, who reportedly identified themselves as Mike Sweets, Mike Millerand Brian Butler, spent months cozying up to city officials and people close to them. The FBI investigation based in part on their undercover work has yielded several rounds of subpoenas — but no charges yet…

…One of the officials in the crosshairs of the FBI, lobbyist Adam Corey, was a longtime Gillum friend and ally until Gillum cut ties with him last year the Tallahassee Democrat has reported.

In 2013, the community redevelopment agency voted to give $1.3 million in taxpayer money to help a Corey-associated restaurant project, the Edison. Gillum voted with the rest of his fellow city commissioners — who sit on the CRA — to fund of project. At the time, Gillum’s vote raised eyebrows because of his close association with Corey. One year later, Corey served as the treasurer of Gillum’s mayoral campaign.

According to the Democrat, Corey became close with Miller, reportedly introducing Gillum to the undercover agent sometime in 2016. One of the reported meetings between Corey, Gillum and Miller at the Edison in May of that year became a point of controversy when the Democrat reported that Corey scheduled the meeting while on vacation with Gillum and another city lobbyist in Costa Rica. Gillum has maintained he did not discuss business in Costa Rica; the trip was merely a vacation with longtime friends, he has said. Gillum also said he paid for his entire portion of the getaway.


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56 Responses

  1. Dan Mac says:

    Martin Korab sucks the big one!

  2. Sheila Dorgeloh says:

    The only criminals I see are on the democrats side. Chinese hacked her server now fbi should get all info she thought she destroyed. Lol Trumpster 2020

  3. Rich Wynn says:

    The ‘LEFT’ is out of control and leaning way too far towards COMMUNISM ! They are hell bent on destroying AMERICA as we love it and know it ! Corruption in the Democratic party is running rampant in an attempt to destroy President Trump ! IMO.

    • JIM says:

      It would seem that the DEMOCRAPS are getting more desperate by the day!!! Their “LETTING” CROOKED HILLY out of the DEMOCRAPTIC PARTY is the only thing they have done that is in their favor, and that was reflective of positive “HINDSITE”!!!,,,,,FORGIVE THE CRAPPY NARRATIVE, I SOMETIMES GET CARRIED AWAY,,,HEH,HEH,HEH!

  4. Martin Korab says:

    A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism. GO TRUMP ! GO PENCE ! Sincerely, Martin Korab

  5. N says:

    ‪Expose, boycott and prosecute all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste ,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump! Vote Republican in November, no RINOs, please!‬

  6. MSPS says:

    They surely will!

  7. Mike Morrow says:

    The Republicans will win.

    • MSPS says:

      Ric B, Your comments indicate that you have poor critical thinking skills. One might think about taking some classes in money management, and finance. Besides, if there is truth to what you are saying, I would rather government money benefit the people versus the legislators who are getting filthy rich at the government trough-spies, foreign investments in China. You name it, they do it and think they have a right to all of it! Thankful for Trump. MAGA!

  8. pcman says:

    I can’t wait for it to happen. America will be better for it.

  9. Marlene says:

    I don’t know who will win,the democrats use voter fraud so much. I think I should volunteer to drive anyone in my area who needs a ride to the polling place. And I won’t ask who they are voting for. I will just hope it is DeSantis.

  10. Candice says:

    Tom, when did you lose your hearing? The President didn’t say any of the things you accused him of saying. I forgot for a second, you’re a democrat. Enough said.

  11. sherri says:

    if u don’t think this November election isn’t already fixed then something is wrong with ur thinking…..I an my hole family an a lot of my friends see how the pattern its going I hope not for AMERICAS sake

    • If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • TONY BELL says:

        Obama started the intelligence assessment as a means to cover with plausible deniability, and it is working apparently. You believe he did it for the appropriate reasons, I don’t however.

  12. NavVet67 says:

    This is just one reason why Sessions is stalling. When the long list of democrats get called out on the carpet for everything that has transpired over Obama’s watch…..boy the fireworks we will see. The donkey will be gone forever. It’ll be patriots verses commies

  13. Neal Christensen says:

    You can’t destroy the Democrat party any more than you can destroy cockroaches and rats.

    • Robert Ewing says:

      The FBI is facing quite a dilemma. Either the Dems will soon go down in flames, or they will. When the coming shooting war begins, I hope to distinguish the two in my gunsight. It would be a shame to not know the difference.

  14. W FLATT says:

    I have been a registered Democrat all my life and I am 87. I think the Democrat party has already destroyed itself and perhaps the republican party also, I now consider myself belonging to the American Party and my President is Donald Trump.

    • Carol Banewicz says:

      Amen . Love it.

      • MSPS says:

        Carol, I am glad you feel that way. I identify with conservative, because I am in everything. But would you mind just telling me a couple of reasons why you feel as you do about Trump? I am just curious to hear the real reasons people are walking away from the dims. But forgive me if this is a transgression please!

    • Robert Ewing says:

      I’m 80. I remember well when Texas was strongly Democrat. My entire family were solid Texas Democrats. My early hero was Harry S.Truman who had a sign in the Oval Office which read “The Buck Stops Here”.
      I often remember his favorite quote: “I you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. Despite the fact that he was not perfect, Give M Hell Harry
      was known for always ttrying to do what is right, regardless of what anyone else (Democrat or Republcan) said or thought.
      Does this remind us of anyone else we know today?
      Who else in government today does that describe?
      Is it not our President, Donald Trump.
      With the candidacy of Ronald Reagan, my family became solidly Republican, along with most others in Texas. Some of the Old-style Democrats were still around during the Kennedy years; but then, for the most part, they passed into history.
      We need the two-party system in America. Hopefully, the true Democratic Party will return; and we can flush all the criminals on both sides out of government for good. For now, however, we have the right man for the right time. Our Predident, Donald Trump.

      For now, however, we havw the right man for the right time

      • zee says:

        God Bless ya Robert E (80) – this site didn’t post my reply to You.
        > In short: the 50’s dems / jfk 60’s ‘dems’ ARE GONE & Will
        NEVER Come Back. AM Glad what ‘WE’ Had in the 50’s/60’s –
        wow – what a Life post WWll. & Remember All the ‘Big Band’ Music ???
        in the 40’s ___ ♥U.

  15. Ron says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath about any meaningful FBI (Funny Business Institute) investigations involving Demorats bearing any fruit! Remember Bengfhazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Hillary’s emails, and criminal acts within the FBI and DOI (Department Of Injustice)? Like any banana republic, we have a two tier system of justice. One for the politically connected, another for the rest of us.

    • Mary Jo Bankard says:

      You’re right, Ron. The FBI refuses to indict anyone in the democratic party. Hell, they won’t even bring them to trial.

    • Hydro says:

      One needs to remember which party was in charge during these activities – hopefully there is a new sheriff in town. We need to see what shakes out before condemning the current administration .

    • TONY BELL says:

      Remember many of the top officials at the DOJ and FBI have been replaced. Sessions, Hubor, and the IG are working quietly behind president Trump’s distractions to get the “ducks in a row” so to speak. Should be quit a show when all gets revealed.

  16. It could destroy THAT party….??? Well, aren’t THEY doing THIS to THEMSELVES….???? Besides ALL of the CRIMINAL stuff THEY do, just LISTEN to “WHAT THEY SAY”…..!!! Calling for “Blood in the streets”, attack Trump Supporters, wanting to ASSASSINATE a sitting President, LOWER TAXES – LOW-UN-employment is BAD, BONUSES are just CRUMBS because “these so-called politicians are being OVER-PAID – having SCHEMES to make themselves RICH and RICHER and RICHER, DON’T apply American LAWS to CRIMINAL RADICAL muslims or ILLEGALS/MIGRANTS = PROTECTING them like MS 13 MURDERERS, NOW Trump supporters/CONSERVATIVES are being CENSORED = their RIGHT to FREE SPEECH being SQUASHED, CHEATING in ELECTIONS, are LYING their A**ES off and on and on and on,….!!!

    • Ric B says:

      All of that is hyperbole, and mostly made up of propaganda by Fox Fake News or propaganda source. Trumpons don’t really have thoughtful policies of their own, they run on anti policies like anti-environment, anti-Obama, anti-democracy and reducing voter participation. Also the new tax bill will INCREASE the deficit by $1.5 TRILLION, a tax bill mostly going to the rich 1%, so they are anti-fiscally responsible.

      • Rodney Orr says:

        Oh yes you can!!!!!! Keep up the killing and soon there are no more!!!!! I know from experience, because I live in the country and was infested with rats nd mice!! I put out poison in the house and got myself alley cat and with in six (6) months, no more rats or mice, and even my neighbors have told me that they no longer have the problem!!!!! So it does work!!!!!

      • Hydro says:

        RicB – Don’t you ever get tired of spewing your Democratic garbage – you know nothing you listen to the talking heads and parrot their words. You never have anything positive to say about anything – your life must really be a sad one.

      • You need to pull your head out of Obamas ass and wake up . All the facts and numbers do not agree with you at all !

      • RONALD says:

        Ric, you’re in the dark and can’t seem to find the light of truth. Please buy a flashlight to find your way out of that hell hole you are in and join the real and great country we are in. Face it, you are miserable

      • Ric B
        What a stupid SOB
        Showing ur brain power

        • zee says:

          RicB, U ‘float ‘other’sites w/ impunity. In Dialogue, You need More Respect.
          Also when SHTF you may one of the 1st go. && then, your
          ‘help me – help me,will be Way too Late. Think re that, son.

      • MSPS says:

        Your comments indicate that you have poor critical thinking skills. One might think about taking some classes in money management, and finance. Besides, if there is truth to what you are saying, I would rather government money benefit the people versus the legislators who are getting filthy rich at the government trough-spies, foreign investments in China. You name it, they do it and think they have a right to all of it! Thankful for Trump. MAGA!

      • TONY BELL says:

        You have drank the cool aid Ric B, talking points from the MSM have invaded your thinking. Take a look around, soaring economy, low unemployment, strong security, respect in the world. These are facts that cannot be denied, no matter how much the liberal left or MSM would like to think them hyperbole, or rhetoric.

  17. Mike says:

    Another Democrat caught up in scandals so the first thing he does is whip out the race card. To try and get the focus off of his crimes and place blame on others.

    • I saw that this morning on the news . Its only been two days and this brother has already whipped out the race card . Boy , he is really going to get upset if they have debates , he pull his race card and his 9mm.

  18. Heywood Jablomia says:

    I am of the opinion that the Obama race card can only be played once. It has been played and played badly. I am of the belief that Knight of Malta Joe Biden was the actual President. Wheeling and dealing for his and himself. Ever notice that many of these Democrats are not Veterans? I’m not a Florida resident. I hope this latest Dem cardboard cutout goes down in flames. After eight years of the slavery guilt trip it is nice to have a President and a political party that want to MAGA.

  19. Merridee says:

    this Democrat candidate sounds like he might be mixed up in a scandal of sorts making promises and giving and receiving favors in order to get elected, I don’t trust him. I will be voting for the republican DeSanitis.

  20. Allie says:

    Take a good look at the state flag of Florida, that should tell you all you need to know.

  21. Hal Lemoyne says:

    This FBI investigation could destroy the Democrat Party

    I want to democrat party/lawmakers decimated by President TRUMP

    I really look forward to eliminating the whole damned democrat party

    they are illegally unUSofA to their rotten corrupt core!!!

  22. lionel ducote says:

    Who would vote democrat even he was the only choice, not I…….

  23. M says:

    This article makes the Dem candidate look like he is mixed up in some rotten stuff. I’m seeing and smelling smoke, a lot of smoke, expect to see big fire soon! FBI agents in Tallahasse several years, have subpoena, Gullum sure in
    close on all of this investigation. Does not look good. DeSantis should win even if DJT did not endorse. We’ll see, as POTUS says.

    • Tom says:

      This is a little campfire smoke, where as the smoke from the numerous corruption forest fires from Trump make this one look petty. Trump has already admitted Don Jr. guilty of conspiracy crimes by Trump Tower meeting n June 2016 to “get dirt on Hillary” – – which, if involved a foreign country, much less our #1 adversary, is CRIMINAL. Then Trump admitted he fired Comey “for the Russian probe: AND took the security clearance from Brennan “for the Russian probe” – -both obstructions of justice. If he fires Sessions and has already considered firing Mueller (stopped by McGahn), there are even more charges of obstruction of justice. Then Trump admitted co-conspiring with Cohen in a Fox interview, with two felony charges Cohen plead guilty to, so that would also involve campaign fraud but also, since false invoices were filed, tax fraud. Trump makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Lock him up!

      • Another liberal who has lost his mind, Tom you can’t be that stupid, well wait a minute, your a liberal dumocrap brainless boob. That makes you stupid and brain washed.

      • Tom
        You are so full of S _ _ _
        Obama was gay and you probably are also, act like it to

      • M says:

        Tom, BLAH–BLAH BLAH–BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! More Dem liberal talking points and wishful thinking!

      • TONY BELL says:

        Wow, you have been infected with TDS. None of what you has put fort here even comes close to convicting our president of wrong doing, yet you have tried and convicted him. You are the prime example of why so many are walking away from the democratic party. Letting emotion overrule intellect, reasoning, logic and common sense. Trump 2020!

  24. Dan R Daniel says:

    Of course this thing is under investigation,
    It’s a dumacrat!!

  25. Charles Slaven says:

    I really think the Republicans will win. We will just have to wait and see.

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