This eyebrow-raising video showed an animal doing something disgusting to Joe Biden

Joe Biden cannot catch a break.

Even in supposedly carefully scripted environments, Biden still comes out looking like an embarrassment.

And this eyebrow-raising video showed an animal doing something disgusting to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden traveled to Iowa for an event to try and right his struggling Presidency.

The latest inflation report showed prices surging 8.5%, the biggest jump since 1981.

During a speech intended to gaslight the public into blaming Vladimir Putin for inflation and rising gas prices, a white glob of goo – that looked like bird poop – landed on Joe Biden’s left shoulder.

The RNC Research Twitter account highlighted the moment.

On Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy had some fun with the moment in an exchange with his son and White House Correspondent Peter Doocy.

“When the President started off talking about blaming the Putin price hike, a bird pooped on him,” Steve Doocy began before asking Peter Doocy, “at what point did he realize that that had happened?”
Doocy mocked Biden before noting that the White House communications staff claimed – without citing any evidence – that it was corn that landed on Biden’s shoulder.

“Hopefully, before he puts that jacket on again,” Doocy stated. “For the record, they claim it was not from a bird but rather it was from corn as they were out in Iowa.”

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tried to mock the RNC on social media, claiming they were east coast elitists who never visited Middle America.

“If you guys knew your way around a corn silo at all, you’d know it was corn,” Bedingfield posted on social media.

Peter Doocy – however – was not buying the White House spin.

Doocy told Fox viewers that even though he covered politics in Iowa for a couple of years and attended many events in corn silos, he never saw a glob of white goo land on a politician before.

“But, I was the Iowa guy in the state for a couple of years. I have been to some events in corn silos, and I have never seen that happen.”

Doocy closed his report by referring to the incident as “birdpoopgate,” noting the White House’s baseless claim that it was really corn that landed on Joe Biden’s shoulder.

“They say here at the White House, the communications professionals here who are tasked with responding to birdpoopgate,” Doocy said before adding, “they say it was corn.”

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