This epic video proves the black community is turning on the Marxist BLM movement

The Marxist Black Lives Matter movement is destroying black communities across America.

So it shouldn’t be shocking to see many in that community rising up.

And this epic video proves the black community is turning on the Marxist BLM movement.

Black Lives Matter claims to fight for black Americans.

But their stated policies will hurt black communities more than anybody else, and their violent actions are largely harming these communities.

If police are defunded, it will be high-crime areas most harmed, while the liberal elites promoting the idea will be fine in their communities.

So more and more, videos of black Americans opposing the movement are coming out.

This latest video in particular showcases this perhaps better than any other.

Just a warning, the video includes violence.

There is little context as to what leads up the video, but it begins with a white police officer attempting to arrest a black man in a gas station parking lot.

The black man resists arrest, and begins violently attacking the officer.

After a short struggle, the criminal forces the officer to the ground, and begins to hit him.

But before he could get a good hit in, a group of other black men in the parking lot pushed the criminal off of the officer, and gave him a serious beatdown.

After about five men gave him that beat-down, which he is sure to be feeling for a while, one of the men held down the criminal and assisted the police officer in arresting him.

When a second officer came over, not knowing the situation, he began to push the good Samaritan away from the situation, until the first officer yelled out, “he’s cool,” to get him to stop.

You are unlikely to see this video on any Fake News Media outlet.

It doesn’t fit their narrative.

But if it was instead a group of white men helping the officer, it would get wall-to-wall coverage, painting the white men as evil racists, and the black criminal as a helpless victim of white supremacy.

Videos like this show that America is not as divided as the Fake News Media wants you to believe.

President Donald Trump is making major strides towards getting black Americans to walk away from the Democrat Party, who have now become the anti-police, anti-law and order party.

If Trump is able to win a sizable segment of the black vote, Joe Biden is doomed.

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