This email is the smoking gun that could bring down Robert Mueller for good

The FBI and Robert Mueller could not believe who exposed the truth about their witch hunt against Donald Trump.

They never expected the betrayal to come from within.

And this email just surfaced that could be the smoking gun that brings Robert Mueller for good.

The Russian collusion narrative kicked into high gear when CNN reported that then-FBI Director James Comey briefed President Trump on the allegations contained in the Steele dossier that the Russians held compromising information on him.

The dossier formed one piece of the foundation of the FBI’s Russian investigation that eventually turned into the Mueller probe.

But within days the story unraveled when Buzzfeed published the Steele dossier in its entirety and Americans could see that the document was nothing more than a collection of fake news.

CNN’s Jake Tapper – who broke the story about the dossier’s briefing after it was leaked to him by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – was furious that Buzzfeed inadvertently exposed the dossier for the fake news that it was.

The Daily Caller reports:

After BuzzFeed published the infamous Steele dossier, CNN anchor Jake Tapper lit into BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith for the decision, calling it “irresponsible” and “uncollegial,” according to emails released Friday.

“I think your move makes the story less serious and credible[.] I think you damaged its impact,” Tapper wrote to Smith on Jan. 10, 2017, just after BuzzFeed published the dossierin full on its website.

The emails were released in response to a federal judge’s order to unseal documents from a lawsuit against BuzzFeed, which was sued in February 2017 by a Russian businessman who was accused in the dossier of being a Russian agent.

Lawyers for the Russian, Aleksej Gubarev, picked out the Tapper-Smith exchange in hopes of showing BuzzFeed failed to do its due diligence before publishing the dossier, which was funded by Democrats and compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

CNN’s Tapper was furious.

And for good reason.

As long as the truth about the dossier remained in the shadows – Deep State figures could anonymously leak cherry-picked sections of the dossier to friendly media outlets like CNN.

CNN could then fill in the gaps with sensationalized reporting to make it seem like there was evidence of treasonous Russian collusion.

But once Buzzfeed published the document in whole – the ugly truth about what would become the Mueller investigation became clear.

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