This Democrat warned Sean Hannity about the scary thing leftists plan for America

Not every Democrat is on board with the radical socialist agenda.

Some are sounding the alarm about how insane the Left is going.

And this Democrat warned Sean Hannity about the scary thing leftists plan for America.

Former 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard turned into a critic of her Party’s excesses.

Before leaving Congress, Gabbard sponsored legislation to ban biological males from competing in girls’ sports.

Gabbard also regularly calls out cancel culture.

And in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Gabbard warned about the pro-censorship position in the Democrat Party.

Gabbard spoke about how she swore to defend the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution as a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

“[I] think that’s what is personally so troubling to me about these threats and attacks on our freedoms that are rooted in our Constitution, that are rooted in our identity as Americans,” Gabbard stated. “Freedom needs to mean something to us all. For me, I took an oath as a soldier and as a member of Congress to uphold and defend our Constitution. And so, when I talk about the defense of free speech, whether I agree with what you’re saying or not, that’s something I have committed to giving my life to doing.”

Gabbard warned that if political parties and large corporations are allowed to police the political discourse online, then America is no longer a free country and the nation will descend into autocracy.

“Each of us as Americans have to understand and our own responsibility to stand up and protect that freedom in our own way and reject this censorship, and just remind people what this is all about and how — if we allow these threats to continue and this censorship to continue, the power elite to spread their own controlling propaganda, we will lose who we are as a country,” Gabbard added. “We will no longer have this democratic republic. We will have a dictatorship that is controlling what people are allowed to hear, what we’re allowed to see, and what we’re allowed to say, and we will be America no longer.”

After Donald Trump won in 2016, the establishment vowed to never allow anything like that to happen again.

Democrats figured if they could control the flow of information and force Americans to only read news that aligned with the Left’s talking points and narratives, then no conservative outsider could ever win again.

By controlling the flow of information to the American people, Democrats hope to rig elections.

And that’s why Tulsi Gabbard warned censorship leads to dictatorship.

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