This Democrat Presidential candidate just crossed the line with what they said about President Trump

Democrats will stop at nothing to take down President Trump.

They’re now practically tripping over each other to be the first on the air to blame President Trump for anything bad that happens.

But what this Democrat Presidential candidate just said about President Trump crossed the line.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s campaign is floundering.

Despite initial success in early fundraising from donors who supported his 2018 Senate run, he’s failed to stand out from the crowd of radical Leftists running for president in 2020.

And after a recent attempted “reboot” of his campaign, Beto went on CNN to make an outlandish statement about President Trump.

RealClearPolitics reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke called President Trump a “sick man” for discussing the crowd size of his visit to the injured in El Paso several weeks ago after the town suffered a mass shooting at a Wal-Mart because he is “in large part to blame.”

Don Lemon teed off a question to O’Rouke about Trump bragging of crowd sizes at the hospitals he visited today in a Wednesday afternoon media briefing. Complaining about politicizing the event, O’Rourke said Wednesday night that “not a single patient” wanted to see the president.

“Going in the hospitals of victims [who] are injured in large part because President Trump by warning of invasions and predators and killers and laughing when somebody at one of his rallies said shoot them when referring to immigrants, was responsible for this. That just shows how depraved this president is.”

Calling the President “depraved” and “sick” is just one way Beto hopes to stand out in the crowded field of extremists running for president in the Democrat Party.

Many Americans feel Beto crossed the line blaming President Trump for the shooting.

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134 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    The whole Democratic party is 10000 times worse than Trump could be in a thousand lifetimes. They have lied, cheated, and produce a big fat 0 in real evidence against Trump be real.

  2. Linda M. says:

    KeKe67r; Thank you. You are correct. But for some reason he and his alter egos love to center me and my comments out. It just bothers me how really thick headed these Leftists can be….

  3. KeKe67r says:

    It’s just another troll, ignore it, Linda.
    El Paso happened because of the demoRATs. They hateful rhetoric is bringing the unhinged out of the woodwork.

  4. Linda M. says:

    Racists for Trump: Who are you telling go pee somewhere? Me or Jim P. ? Because when I saw your attack, if you look his comment it was meant for Spanky. Not you.So why are you always attacking someone that is defending me?? And what question didn’t I answer for you? Did I ever use a slur when referring to Obama? No. Did I ever make a personal remark about his wife or children? Again the answer is no. But you Leftists have had PLENTY to say about the first lady and their children.Are you policing them and correcting their disgusting behavior? No. And don’t you dare claim I never defended someone who is Muslim. You know damn well Colleen is one and I am proud to call her friend. And I have defended her against you and others.BUT, I also lost friends and relatives during 911, so I have a BIG problem with the radical Muslim fanatics that follow the Koran. And so should you…Don’t know any Buddists . And the atheists I have known personally ,have been very angry, hateful people. So I didn’t associate with them., if I didn’t have to.
    I am going to be brutally honest with you Rick. You project yourself to me as this champion for everyone. Taking offense of others comments that you consider offensive. But what have YOU written against the Conservatives posting on all these stories?? Including me. So , you take offense of other’s comments only if they are Conservatives posting them. But everyone else that are Leftists, that’s just fine whatever lies and hate they spew. Is that correct?
    If you can’t show me the same respect I have extended you after all this time. Then just pass over my comments and ignore them. But I also see you never replied to my questions to you in my previous posts to you .Why? Well, it’s alright Rick. I hope I have answered your questions. But somehow I feel you will find something take offense because of something I have written. But I can’t help that. We are two different people in different arenas of the political pool. We will never see eye to eye.Gotta go….

  5. Racists for Trump says:

    Sully, the disgraceful Irishman.

  6. Racists for Trump says:

    Go pee somewhere else and mind your own business, you know nothing about out correspondences for weeks. The criticism towards Obama hasn’t been just that, there are swears, insults, pure racist thoughts, comments and hatred shown. Making fun of his name and making disgusting remarks about his wife and children are worse than disgraceful. She didn’t answer the question and I have never seen her criticize anyone who used bitherism lies, Kenyan lies and vicious statements about Muslims either. The vast majority of people who are Muslims are good people as are most people who say they are Christian, or Buddists, or atheists.

  7. Linda M. says:

    Racists for Trump; I have to keep this short. The one point I want to make to you is, the one thing the Leftists confuse, and use this word quite frequently is the word racism. Just because someone voices the TRUTH about someone, REGARDLESS of their color and nationality , that is not racism. That’s called equal rights, and freedom of speech.So when people post hostility against Obama ( NOT all blacks) or others of color, they are basing their remarks on FACTS. Not color. I will always condemn anyone that posts hate against anyone that doesn’t deserve it. Do you??Besides attacking Conservatives that is. You found it amusing that Spanky attacked me, didn’t you? It matters not what that fool says. But that’s not the point.Do you correct others bad behavior? I do not monitor every post or read them. Every side gets very passionate about their positions. This I will agree. But, people that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Point in fact, you calling EVERYONE ( including me) poor white trash or in breeders. Is that appropriate ? No. Perhaps this will finally go through.And I will finish my thoughts later…

  8. Linda M. says:

    Racists for Trump; I have tried twice to leave you a response to your question to me. But it won’t post. I will try again later. I think it is important I do make one fact perfectly clear to you though..

  9. Jim P. says:

    Linda M. Well spoken! He’s just an ignorant fool.

  10. Racists for Trump says:

    Linda, that is a good reply, Spanky is not me, promise. don’t know who it is. I just have one question with comment. You see all the hatred towards Muslims, and all the hatred towards blacks and Obama, have you ever defended Muslims which include Colleen and from your experience you cite in Mississippi. Many of the writers on the sites write despicable things about Muslims and Obama and blacks, do you ever condemn these awful people who write nasty things. If not, when you do with regularity then I will applaud you.

  11. Linda M. says:

    Racists for Trump/ Spanky; I never get hysterical. But you certainly do. With your constant rants about Trump. Do I find your conduct and words funny? No. I find them tragic. Because I’m quite sure you are not a mean human being.Nor am I everywhere. But you and your alter egos are. On EVERY site and EVERY story. I would venture to say, there are at least two of you changing names to leave comments. Especially centering me out., most times.Especially since there are other people posting, that you don’t attack. This what I find quite amusing. But that’s alright Rick.One, two or whatever number it is,it is of no consequence to me. Once again I will say to you, people of importance and of intelligence know who I am and what I stand for. That’s what truly matters. What cultist, radical, Leftists say, matters not. As for bj. I do not know the woman personally. But I do know she(by the way) is very religious. Perhaps she gets frustrated at the hateful, incorrect things being posted. And she takes them personally. Why don’t you ask her yourself? if you really are interested. I’m finished now. Are you??

  12. Racists for Trump says:

    More than 1 person is replying to your words Linda M, you’re everywhere and you get so hysterical it is fun to see your reaction. You know deep down Trump is evil and stupid, he is talking today of nuking hurricanes, recently the cowardly draft dodger wants a Medal of Honor, has talked a few times about being on Mount Rushmore and winning the Nobel Peace Prize while being a traitor by being buddies with Putin and Kim and scamming the country with now trying to have the G-7 at his golf course. I know that you are a decent person but what is with bj, a man or woman, a religious fanatic or fake, a Russian or American, you have to admit bj is an erratic person that has to answer a reply of comment 3 or 4 times. Linda M, believe me about this, EVERY historian from right to left is apoplectic about Trump, he so horrible, crazy, evil and a total thief and liar, you know that is true,

  13. Linda M. says:

    Spanky; How many” different ” names have you used to post your vile name calling propaganda on this story alone?? You call me a coward?? YOU ,who ever you are, are the true coward!! And don’t you dare tell me to stop quoting the bible. You have probably never read it, let alone understand it’s meaning . I don’t worship Trump, you ignorant twit. I support him. I only worship GOD and Jesus.
    So Spanky, just like I posted to you once before, your mother should have spanked you more often. Maybe you wouldn’t have turned into the rude, cult worshiping Leftists you have become. Hypocrite!! You and all your alter egos try using your real name.
    Oh and by the way, I don’t tie up my reply buttons. I can’t help it if people of common sense and maturity respond to my comments in a positive manner. . Not like you do assuming another name just to give yourself a positive response……

  14. Patriot says:

    I’ve noticed how all retadicans cry foul with dems this dems that dems are stupid name calling idiots.
    Funny how that disgusting POS wife of that POS potus is trying to claim to be concerend about BULLYING in america when she is married to the biggest school yard bully to ever lead america too destruction.
    With his open endorsement of any and all communist leaders can you say WELCOME COMRADES CAUSE PUTIN JUST GOT HIS FOOT IN THE DOOR OF KENTUCKY.
    Thats where the reference to inbred hillbillies got its start.

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