This Democrat is facing criminal charges that will leave you speechless

The big lie Democrats are telling Americans is that the riots taking place in cities across America are “largely peaceful protests.”

Democrats enabling this wave of violence just came back to bite them.

And now this Democrat is facing criminal charges that will leave you speechless.

On June 10, rioters destroyed a statue of a Confederate soldier in Portsmouth, Virginia.

During the destruction, protester Chris Greene was hit by the monument as the rioters tore it to the ground.

Greene ‘s wife recently announced he’s been in intensive therapy to relearn how to walk and talk, but two months after the incident he still can’t perform either function.
On the ambulance ride to the hospital Greene also flat lined twice.

Police have announced criminal charges against the rioters who tore down the statue and destroyed Chris Greene’s life.

Among those facing felony charges are Virginia Democrat State Senator Louise Lucas as well as the local NAACP chapter President.

Breitbart reported, “The destruction of the monument came during a protest on June 10 in Olde Towne and has led to felony charges of Conspiracy to Commit a Felony and Felony Injury to a Monument in Excess of $1,000 placed against state Sen. Louise Lucas (D), Portsmouth NAACP Chapter President James Boyd, school board member LaKeesha Atkinson, and other members of the NAACP.”

These riots were not protests and they were not peaceful.

They were violent demonstrations where elected Democrats ordered police to stand down and cheered as Democrat voters swarmed the streets with mayhem on their minds.

It was inevitable that innocent people would get hurt.

But unlike some jurisdictions that are refusing to arrest rioters or hold them accountable some of the prominent Democrats who enabled this violence are facing justice.

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