This Democrat governor just asked for a stunning amount to sue Trump and protect illegals

Democrat governors consider themselves the spearhead of the anti-Trump “resistance.”

They would rather torpedo their states than see Trump succeed.

And one Democrat governor was caught red-handed trying to squirrel away huge taxpayer dollars to sue Trump.

Oregon is a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

The Democrat Governor, Kate Brown, just showed how much more she cares about illegals than her own citizens.

She proposed a state budget that included $2 million to sue the Trump administration and an additional $2 million for illegals.

Fox & Friends interviewed Morrow County, Oregon sheriff Kenneth Matlack:

Steve Doocy: The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, recently unveiled her budget proposal for the upcoming year. But you will not believe how she plans to use some of the money.

She wants to spend $4 million suing President Trump and defending illegal immigrants. Some are wondering, “couldn’t Oregon’s money be going to better uses?”

Doocy: What do you think of that?

Sheriff Matlack: The thing that is difficult, the dollars are tight. And that seems like an awful lot of money that could be used for other projects in Oregon – especially on that side of the state as it relates to the homeless population. We have a great drug problem, mental health problems. And there a lot of things that those dollars could be used for.”

Oregon has become a wasteland under Brown’s watch.

It’s being overrun by Antifa.

The Mayor of Portland directed the police department to sit on the sidelines while Antifa thugs had free reign of the city.

This is far from the first dustup Gov. Brown has had with the Trump administration.

As we previously reported, she went on a Twitter tirade when President Trump asked states to deploy the National Guard to the Southern Border.

Her latest proposal proves to the world that she is prioritizing illegals over Oregon citizens.


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131 Responses

  1. Tim Thompson says:

    Oregon and Washington state had Californian’s who fled the state when it started to get tyrannical and subsequently moved north to ultimately ruin the total of the West Coast. No sanity, this little Miss Governor is just a typical Millennial who went into politics and the power went to her progressive liberal head. The West was always wild and pioneers had the spirit of freedom and liberty, somehow around 1965 things turned when California allowed a part time legislature to go full time, since then they have abused their power over and over again to kill our once Golden Stater.

  2. Philip Chapman says:

    since governors take oaths and that oath is protect Americans in there state would this move be a impeachable act??

  3. Better idea, charge all of these sanctuary areas run by criminal Democrat Party Mob officials with “RICO violations good for 10 years in prison’!!!!! These criminal Democrat Part Mob officials “created a criminal enterprise across our America to violate our immigration laws, and protect criminal illegal aliens so charge them with running a criminal enterprise for that is the definition of a RICO charge”!!Bet the Supreme Court will up hold it and then jail time for them all!!!!!

    • marleen davis says:

      Yes, I like it. I wonder what has happened in this “persons” life to make her so damn pissed off? She is either been rejected by men (I can see that) or she is gay and embarrassed by it. Either way, I don’t care. The fact that she is so mean, hateful and evil is what I care about. She needs to be ousted! Evil is not America!!!

  4. krystiques says:

    Portland and Seattle are becoming clones of San Francisco due to the politics and indoctrination of the liberal agenda. Two once beautiful cities are rapidly turning into mirror images of the cespool, known as San Francisco

  5. Philip simon says:

    Gov.Kate Brown. why don’t you worry about doing the job you were elected to by the taxpayers.

  6. Jim Wildrick Jr says:

    This faux governor should be prosecuted for breaking immigration laws.There are several federal laws that spell out just what the violations here that apply.She has no right to use taxpayer money to circumvent federal law.

    • J Alfred Lemire USNR (R) says:

      Agree, she should be in prison. There would be a laundry list of charges, I would arrest her an tell her to have her Lawyer meet her at Leavenworth.

    • Jan13 says:

      When are the citizens of Oregon going to recall this airhead?
      I hope there are level headed people living there. On second thought, maybe not since they seem ok with the lawlessness in Portland.

  7. Tom Stark says:

    If that’s not the way, why are so many conservatives behaving that way? your president is the most arrogant and STOOOOPID individual around today and he is oblivious to the fact. He thinks he’s smart and you fools believe him. Poor stoooipid MFs

    • Carole says:

      You’re a stupid dirt bag!

    • Barbara Darling says:

      Sounds to me like your the one thats NOT SMART!! The DEMOCRATS are the ones that is causing all this turmoil,chaos,unspeakable crimes and so forth! They LIE LIE LIE!!! So I hope you can pull your head out of the Demonrats butt and pay attention to whats really going on. God Bless America and Our President Donald Trump!!! Republican all the way!!! Trump 2020!!! From Oklahoma!!

    • bob jones says:

      you are a low life probably drawing welfare benefits while trump is a billionaire. why don’t you take these lazy dead beats lying around your streets pooping on the side walks into your home and do your duty i nstead of whining about trump. furthermore you support antifa which is the same version as storm troopers under hitler before world war 3.

    • marleen davis says:

      Just like a typical brainwashed liberat. Must be hurtful and nasty and mean, instead of stating your side and being civil. Why don’t you Tom, go get some history lessons in what is really happening in your Demoncratic Party and then you can pray that their end game doesn’t happen. You are so angry and all you can do is hate and be nasty.

    • Sue Jackson says:

      OOPS, somebody made a truthful comment and woke ‘Tommy’ the genius up. so what does he do? He attacks the POTUS when this conversation is about an irresponsible and extremely Liberal Governor of Oregon. Maybe he should look at some of the video available of the Antifa Thugs and drug addicts on the street in Portland. I would not go into Portland if someone offered me a million dollars to just do a drive through. Chances of surviving that are slim to none. Tom, would you go into Portland on the streets that have been taken over by the Antifa gangs? Why would any smart patriotic person want their governor to ask for $4 million to spend on bringing in what even she, the governor, referred to as “illegals”?

  8. ruth says:

    How do all these stupid people get elected –hope they can live on her dreams cause you arent getting MY Money — snowflakes have something missing and need an education — Brinng back the DRAFT maybe they would learn somethin

  9. Sue says:

    Kate Brown has spent more money on things The People definitely don’t want it should be illegal. Like all democrats, she’s banking on illegal votes. That’s why she’s always going to bat for them. It has nothing to do with her belief in their ‘human rights’. But it has everything to do with their votes. She’s a con and an a fraud. and if anyone ever bothered to check Oregon votes, they’d probably find a whole slew of illegal votes, dead people votes and absentee votes that were never sent by the actual person. Don’t give her a dime for her illegal minion voters. Let her sue Trump. She doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Do you know that “kate brown” is the sister of “jerry brown of CA.? Both are morally and philosophically corrupt! kate brown was not initially voted into office as Governor, she was appointed to fill the place of Gov. kitzhaber when he decided not to “run” anymore due to the corruption in the Governorship! The whole I-5 corridor, from Seattle down to Los Angeles, has been taken over by men/women that do not have integrity of character!!

      • Tom Stark says:

        You have the nerve to talk about moral and ethical corruption after you obviously voted for the single most corrupt, criminal SOB in the history of this nation. You subject me to the likes of Orange Julius and have the gall to bitch about anything. Rethink it Ellis, You’re on the losing side of this one. His lawyer was convicted today and your stooopid hero will be going as well and maybe if enough of his idiot followers get out of line maybe they can enjoy a stay in the federal facilities. Oh Happy Days!

        • Nettie says:

          You are a pitiful and ignorant little person.I know you’ve been brainwashed by the deranged left sooooo I’ll give you some slack.Its not your fault as weak minded people tend to get manipulated easily!!!!

        • Sgt. Mike says:

          Since you obviously are way smarter than Trump please feel free to run for POTUS and enlighten us with your brilliance. Sgt. Mike

        • marleen davis says:

          Would one of the monitors at Patriot pulse, please delete this “persons” rantings. He has nothing to say, only to abuse and rant and I am sure that most of us would like him banned. We do not need these brainwashed distractions.

        • Randall M says:

          So tell us , Tom. How much are you paid to be a sniveling troll. No one with a brain could want what you Lib’s want. If you think it will work out for you then move to Venezuela. Send us a post card. Tell us how it is working out for you. P. S. Enjoy the bread and cheese lines!

      • Munge says:

        I was wondering if they were related.

  10. Paul says:

    WTH Orogen!!! ???? Thanks for voting the Anti American bitch into office. How could any American put illegal immigrants before Americans. FYI that’s our tax money and I don’t want my tax money supporting a non-american illegal immigrant. BS. The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of.

    • Sue says:

      I’m not stupid enough to vote for her–and I don’t know one single person who did. Hmm. Makes you wonder WHO actually DID want her in office.

  11. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Yes those sanctuaries should be stripped of federal funding but Trump does not have the spine or the balls to charge those criminal federal judges who have stood in his way from the beginning.

    • marleen davis says:

      Oh yes he does and you have a nerve saying that about our President. Do you realize how much he has on his plate? The Obama Judges are everywhere! He will get it done, he can just do so much at a time. Geez, you try and do some of this but I’m sure Craig that you don’t have the spine to do any of it. Shame on you, only liberals say those kind of things about our President. Now apologize.

    • Randall M says:

      Craig M V. I understand your frustrations. Do you understand the system? Trump wants to move on these criminals, but because of our stupid laws, his hands are tied.

  12. norma says:

    Another stupid liberal woman. Women ruin everything they touch. That braindead look on her face explains it all.

  13. Joe says:

    Why am I not surprised coming from the left coast

  14. Jimmy N Wright says:

    Use your own money not public funds. This is typical of these leftist POS.

  15. CF says:

    Another angry, ugly woman. The face of the Dumocrat party! – a legion of Domestic Terrorists.

    • Bandit says:

      Call them what they are, they are DEMON-CRATS with emphasis on the demon , the party of demons have nothing but hate for the citizens of this nation they will do anything for the illegal invaders, well if that batty brown ( oh no not another moonbat) brown; must be either brother and sister or something. You can bet that thing is going to drive Oregon into the ground or eorse

  16. Who cares what the 9th circuit says. Stop all Federal funding to sanctuary states. Let these sh*t holes start to feel a little of the heat they’ve incurred.

  17. Gerry says:

    These so-called sanctuary states should not see 1cent of Federal money, not even emergency money for fires, earthquakes or hurricanes. The people of oregon are stupid enough to vote a POS like this into office then it is high time they start paying the price for their ignorance. cali-gay-fornia should not get a penny of emergency funding from the Federal gov’t for the fires. Sorry people — start voting out the anti-American scum you all put into office.

    • Bandit says:

      Not everyone here is like that, many of those that live in the state are conservatives, I have never voted for any liberal or any thing like them, the liberals are a blight on this country, as I say deport them along with the illegals.

    • Edie Faylor says:

      In Oregon, like many liberal states, the big cities votes determine the outcome of the elections. East of the mountains the majority of Oregonians are conservative, just as it true in Washington state.

      • Randall M says:

        You are right Edie. I lived in Sun River15 miles south of Behd) for two years and we were all a bunch of drinkin’, huntin’ working class good ole boys (and women). Couldn’t find a liberal for miles!

  18. Terry says:

    A Country without Borders seizes to Exist!!! Taxpayers should not be made to pay for illegals Legal representation, they wouldn’t need it if they were Law abiding Citizens!!! Lady you have bumped your head on the same rock the rest of the DEM’s have!!!! Take care of your drug ridden State first!

  19. Scotty says:

    How do people like this get elected? It’s not the ” government s ” money it’s YOURS!!!!

  20. Eric Granberg says:

    Trump prioritizes Billionaires over everyone else. And a wall is the same as a gun; it doesn’t function by itself.

    • JimBo says:

      yep, I’m for M 60 machine guns too. One about every 300 meters along the Border.

      • Tom Stark says:

        Of course Jimbo, that’s why God doesn’t love you and we know where you will end up. Shooting people without good reason, like they really threaten you, not just in your paranoid mind, is pretty much like the authortatian countries your leader seems to admire. Do you know what Communism is? I don’t think you have enough schooling to understand the difference between an economic system and a form of government; if you did you might sit down and STFU.

        • Nettie says:

          Tom Stark.You should be careful what you say on here.There is a lot of crazy Trump deranged idiots running around with loaded bodygaurds( LIBTARDS are too afraid to carry weapons).

        • Alan says:

          Tom Stark: Yes I know what communism is. It is a suppressive government that only favors the inner circle of the Communist party. Is everyone equal under communism? Yes only at the poverty level. The Communists are a bunch of liars. Everybody in Communist countries does not have the same income, house size, car or what ever they claim. The Communist inner circle gets 95% of the economy and everyone else has the remaining 1% spread among them. Stalin killed a 100M people; because, they threatened his power. Communism is nothing but a white washed dictatorship. Maybe you and your other ultra left liberals would be happier living in Cuba, Russia, China or Venezuela. Move out as soon as possible please.

    • jim says:

      Thank your displaying your ignorance of facts and reminding those of us who consider facts that you and your liberal ilk prefer lies that comport with your hate America ideology rather than the truth.

      • Tom Stark says:

        You are displaying yours’. You and your conservative (fascist) ideals make most free people sick. You make me sick and my stomach is pretty strong. You elected the absolute “King of the Liars” and have the nerve to point the finger at anyone else? Clean out your ears and then do some studying on American ideology. It is not what you stand for dumbass!

        • R.F. HORKA says:

          I don’t know you from adam but i bet you are a nerd, spent 10 years in college on your parent’s dime and are probably drawing a paycheck at some government job. (teacher, professor, tech campus, state employee, etc.. you have no common sense, depend on others, consider yourself a victim and love all victims(commie/crats, antifa, black lives matter, lgbt, illegal aliens, muslims, all other people who blame the world’s problems on the USA. karl marx and friedrich engels are considered the authors of communism which is a political theory that dictates how the government will control society, including the economic system, social system and the cultural system, sounds great and people like you embrace it. it has destroyed every nation that has embraced it, but i’m sure you and your lot are smarter than the others. co find another country don’t destroy ours!!!!!!!

    • bob jones says:

      more billionaires in liberal democratic party than republican party. starting with the richest man in the world jeff bozo. pretty soon your fearless leader barack obama will join them.

  21. Richard McClure says:

    Biggest reason the founding Fathers Didn’t use the word Women in the Constitution. Because they knew women are Run on Emotion and will Fail Logic if pressed to hard Just look at Senator Jeff Flake for an Example of Feminine Emotion over Logical Decision.

  22. Bob Higginbotham says:

    Brown truly has a fantastic state. Her major city is run by thugs and goons. She is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy but she wants to protect criminals( every illegal alien by their very nature are criminals) She seems to have forgotten she was elected by American citizens.

  23. Gail says:

    Well it’s apparent the brain capacity of a democrat has greatly diminished. They have gone from ignorant to brain dead to stupid in just a short while . Now let’s analyze this . Democrats all over the country want us to keep working our selves to death to keep up scum who will not stand for their own countries.! So why would we want them ? And lets not forget the diseases that are now going to kill thousands of Americans. While this dimwit expects all of America to protect her illegals and pay her to do it with our money as we don’t want them . All while people in Oregon are now paying a price for her moronic rules . Letting the terrorists Antifa carry AR15 ‘s on the streets of Portland to attack her citizens with . And her kind calls Trump vile names . And lets not forget the attacks on the same people who voted for Trump ,

    • Lyn says:

      Gail: Speaking of DIMWITS we Canadians have one. PM Trudeau has signed the UN agreement that allows Economic Migrants to come to CANADA at the TAXPAYERS expense. Then we have to provide a living for them health care and the list goes on. These people are just like the illegal migrants on the south border so say NO to this half WIT person Kate Brown and make sure you vote her out next time she is up for Governor.

  24. Greg says:

    The people of Oregon elected her. Just like the American people elected President Trump. While I am proud of our President it is up to the people of Oregon to take action and vote her out or impeach her by legal means. Using federal funds to punish a state is a dangerous path. If the liberals ever get in control they will destroy what is left of our Republic by doing so. Let’s not legitimize this route.

  25. Daniel Mount says:

    This Democratic Governor really is as stupid as she looks.

  26. Estell says:

    If these sanctuary states want to keep the illegals within their borders, then fine. But pay for them yourselves. It is not my responsibility to care for illegals.

  27. Mike H says:

    Not all of Oregon supports this nitwit. She got in probably from illegal voting. The government should step in and have this woman removed this is an insult to the American citizens.

  28. April says:

    What the F is wrong with these idiots? What part of illegal is not clear, are these
    Idiots even American, can they read English, do they know what the constitution
    is, are they able to comprehend what they read??? And who are they trying to suck this money from? The dumacraps are now just communist in the wrong country for pushing dictatorship over a population for the most part has more
    Intelligence then the entire dumbass party of corrupt Anti-Americans who have no interest or love for America and don’t belong in government, much less the
    Country they hate so much they illegally brought the ignorance of the Muslim communist with nothing intelligent to contribute, and the sick hatred of the countries the Muslim invasion has spread around the world and just look at the world today. Impressive if your a terrorist.

  29. James L Moore says:

    I just read that a large amount of people when called for jury duty here in California reply that they’re not citizens . I just got a notice to renew my Drivers License and to obtain a license that will allow me to clear TSA and board an airplane i have to provide the following. A 1099 tax form, a property tax bill and a valid passport. But to vote all these loons want is my word that I’m a citizen. This could all be solved by voter ID Laws.

  30. Tim Conger says:

    Another brainless liberal! It amazes me that voters are so stupid to vote these losers into office!

  31. Gailon Arthur Joy says:

    The country is loaded with LIBERAL FOOLS!!! Let’s hope they are all cocaine users!!!

  32. James L Moore says:

    Must be something about this left coast. Here in California we have Jerry Brown soon to be followed by Gavin Newsome who’s so far left he makes Jerry Brown look like a statesman.

  33. Sam Caizza says:

    I have reached out to my Republican Senator in Oregon expressing my concern and those of many Oregonians, but unfortunately the Dems have a super majority in both houses.

    She is also wants to raise taxes to pay for this kind of crap. I feel this is a misuse of taxpayer money to further political agendas. She absolutely should be investigated.

    • R M says:

      Oregon governor belongs in jail for misappropriation of state money..

    • Bob says:

      Why not organize and vote that super majority out of office!!!!!

      • Ladypyro1 says:

        I am also an Oregonian and have seen the mess that the commies have created. Most of the state is Republican, however the commies in Portland and Eugene out number us. Both are college towns and commie strong holds.
        You should see the extreme number of homeless in Portland and even in Salem. Here in Salem the homeless are restricted from being downtown area. The “governor” does want to see them. In Portland rents have increased dramatically because a state law passed stating every 3 months the landlords can increase the rent by however much they want and they have no cause evictions.
        I was in the SS office (to advise of my brother’s death) and was one of two English speaking people in the waiting, all the others about 40 only spoke Spanish. The guard had to be fluent in Spanish to direct in coming people. I have to wonder how many were illegals were there to get on the public dole and taking tax payers money. DMV isn’t any better and have personally seen illegals registering to vote.
        Illegal voting is occurring and that is what is screwing up the voting tallies.

  34. HRS says:

    This turtle looking bit(h is the governor of Oregon? Holy crap, no wonder that state is so messed up. I know a large amount of fruits and nuts from california moved up there, but even those morons wouldn’t let that idiot bit(h spend there money like that? IMPEACH THE TURTLE LOOKING BIT(H TODAY!!!!!!

  35. Ed says:

    I am a 23 year resident of Oregon. I left California because of the way it was ruled.
    I did not vote for kate brown. She was appointed Governor when Kitzhauver ()sp)
    resigned. (she was sec.of state). Kate won against Knute Buehler in the Nov. 6th
    election. What a mistake.

  36. Dewey says:

    This governor should be stripped of her governorship! Suggest these funds be used to get rid of her! There must be some standards for treason. She must be brainless too! I guess you can’t fix stupid!

  37. Doug says:

    Not only our federal tax money taken , but also send federal marshal to take her out in hand cuffs, this will set an example for the rest of theses people that don’t obey the immigration laws of the land !!!

  38. Jerry says:

    Psalm 37:1,2
    Do not fret because of those who are evil
    or be envious of those who do wrong;
    for like the grass they will soon wither,
    like green plants they will soon die away.

  39. Sergio Pastor says:

    This Gov is brainless AMERICAN……stupid snowflake to the core….stupid love our country FIRST I am a aaaaaaaaaa a LATINO DEMOCRAT!!! no on welfare ….VIVA TRUMP “BURRA”

  40. John Minnick says:

    Didn’t this whack job’s mama teach this loony leftie one important lesson?
    “Arrogant and stupid is not the way to go through life”?
    Apparently, this crackpot never got any of Mom’s memos, did she?

  41. FEDUP365 says:

    This STUPID F#cK!ng BITCH does not represent Oregon and she should be getting investigated over her Campaign finance thievery it was ALL CAUGHT ON VIDEO, and SHE should also be impeached. President Trumps next AG should have the BALLS to come to Oregon and ARREST this stupid bitch otherwise CUT ALL FUNDING to Oregon, while the new AG is at it please TAKE teddy wheeler too, the so called mayor of Portland.

  42. John T says:

    She is NUTS!!!!! Yep — you just can’t fix STUPID!!!! Katie –if you like Mexicans so much — move to Mexico!!!! How in GOD’s name do these people get elected to anything!!!!! Can we all say — ballot stuffing!!!!!! PATHETIC!!!!!

  43. Willie says:

    Where are these buffoons hatched at? What a spiral waste down the toilet is this country going

  44. Norman says:

    Does this IDIOT not realize she will be suing American citizens and Trump voters when she sues him? What a jerk!!!!

  45. Tony says:

    You’ll NEVER fix STUPID. These WAKO so called politicians are doomed to die STUPID!!

  46. Mikey says:

    Those Oregon citizens are the ones who hired her. You reap what you sow.

    • Lunchladie says:

      But the rest of the country is stuck with their moronic choice. These idiot politicians ARE breaking the law and their oath of office!

    • Sam Caizza says:

      Sorry!! I am an Oregon citizen. I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS SCUMBAG!! Portland & the Valley have too many Democrats for the rest of us to unseat these morons.

    • Mark says:

      The vast majority of Oregon residents are not Liberal Wackos. Unfortunately the I-5 corridor runs straight up the middle of California, Oregon and Washington. California liberalism has flowed straight up I-5 and infected every city and town along that highway. Just like it is flowing out through the I-80, I-40 and I-10 corridors. Fortunately conservatives have held on to Olympia, Salem, Carson City and Phoenix but if we don’t stop this insanity the entire West coast of this country will become just like California.

  47. Al Pambuena says:

    Too bad the American citizens that obey the everyday..and pay their taxes don’t get the same amount of care and attention as all these illegals…

  48. Stephen says:

    Wow, that’s funny..Portland used to be a nice city to it’s THUG CITY, with a useless police Dept..and here you’ve got a Gov. whos care more about Illegal’s than her own Citizens…..delusional, idiodic, Democrat, although that’s redundant…anybody that voted for that dipstick is a Moron and deserves to suffer the consequences, of crime and disease that she wants to give you…stupid, stupid, people

  49. Larry says:

    Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon has been a Crooked Bitch since she took office. She has no concern for the citizens and taxpayers of Oregon. She only cares about the Illegal Immigrants and the criminals in Oregon.

  50. don walters says:

    when i was in the service wee took an oath with our hand on the bible underrgod to protect the usa of all enemies both foreign and domestic well guess what the goverbor of oregon is a domestic enemy and should be tried for treason for not protecting we the people how by the eway elected her

  51. Lusakked says:

    Pull federal dollars from Oregon. Begin forensic auditing of this state for the last 5 years.

  52. Secora says:

    Oregon is to close to calico their stupidity is spreading next it will be Washington state and we will need a much longer wall.

    • FEDUP365 says:

      Yep, there’s more cali transplants living in Oregon than there are true Oregonians. A DAMN SHAME. Wish they would all pack up and go back to their hell hole the dumb asses created.

  53. Elizabeth Sullivan says:

    AMERICA, love it or leave it! Keep your darn hands off our tax dollars… We the people work too hard to line your pockets. You want to sue someone then use your own money… God knows you make a lot more than I…. President Trump is doing the best he can for American Citizens and is not getting any help from the Dems that USE to be FOR the working man…. at least that’s what I was always told by my parents! Man, they were WRONG!!! And so are you.

  54. Kara Wright says:

    We have no obligation to care for illegals of any kind. If they come to this country they better be ready to be out on their own if they don’t get picked up and jailed. This is not everybodies country if they weren’t born here they don’t belong here. The Govenor better keep using there money to take care of their legal residents. Your weren’t elected to support all the illegals.

  55. Joseph says:

    Look out NEVADA! This is the fore-warning of what is in store for you since you allowed a dumoRAT to be put in the governors office and in the US senate. Look for HIGHER AND MORE TAXES, AND TO TURN THIS GREAT STATE INTO A SANCTUARY STATE. ” BEWARE” you let them steal the election and put in known criminals.

  56. ray says:

    why not take care of america first and when that is completed then address the imigrants

  57. CrookedHillary says:

    Add Oregon to the list of states that doesnt get it. Vote for an idiot. Your money gets spent like an idiot. Portland itself has a drug ptoblem…that money could go to help people instead of fight an ego war.

  58. Bottom feeders like this are a scourge to our nation. Reprehensible sludge hypocrites ignore homeless veterans and displaced Native Americans = they are a disgrace to America and should be wearing the Mexican flag.

  59. Wiliam says:

    Sure IF and ONLY IF yiou herself supports their asses and all expences thereto for.
    But really No illegals need to be here, come legally go through the processes & then be welcomed.

  60. Barbara Cook says:

    If this Mayor cares more about the illegal immigrants in her county, then why doesn’t she take the money out of her bank account and pay for them.

    President Trump is doing everything that he promised during the 2016 election. He promised to build a BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL, stop all of these illegal immigrants coming into our country, stop all of the drugs from being brought to America, and he was going to withdrawal from some of former Obama’s worst trade deals and the climate change deal, and anything else that he could get rid of for every full-blooded American citizen in the United States of America.

    When Mayor’s care more about the illegal immigrants over their own American citizens, then, there is something very wrong with those folks.

    When the election is in 2020, we need to make sure that President Trump gets re-elected, because, if someone else gets into the White House, then, they will just turn-around and undo all of the promises candidate and now President Trump made during the election in 2016, and the promises that he is still doing his DAMNEST to keep that he promised every American citizen during that time and now.

    We need to make sure that there is some decent people in office to help President Trump to continue progressing his agenda along the way that he has been working to get done without any OBSTRUCTION from the corrupt and crooked Democrats, like Pelosi, Schumer, and all of the other corrupt and crooked Democrats.

    President Trump needs to continue with draining the swamp NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Der says:

    Excuse me but we need to build a border wall to keep the migrants immigrants out and keep their diseases out send them back to their own country I do not need to take away from United States United States has enough of its own to care for and the Democrats that don’t like it can go with them good riddance

  62. JAMES G. MOTHES says:

    You can spot a liberal Demorat anywhere. They to have their thong on way to far up their butt. But not tight enough that they can not insert their head!!! They have a permanent case of cranial anal insertion!!!!The Government should take these states to task by gutting their funds for any thing and every thing the tax payers of this country provide for them.

  63. BajaRon says:

    How do people like this get elected to public office? Could it be due to the left stuffing the ballot box on election day? Or could it be that a majority of Americans in Oregon (and other states) actually support the destruction of our nation?

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    • Mikey says:

      It’s the left stuffing the heads of their voters with anything but brains.

    • Michael says:

      Well, the voters of Oregon put this piece of work in office, so they’re getting what tbey deserve. And Oregon supports and enables Antifa? The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI declared Antifa to be “a domestic terrorist organization”. Recent Antifa chant: “NO BORDERS. NO WALL. NO USA AT ALL”. Remember, Open borders means NO borders. NO borders means NO country. THAT’s what Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats stand for? And the rest of the country isn’t rising up against them? What’s wrong with this picture?

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