This Democrat governor just asked for a stunning amount to sue Trump and protect illegals

Democrat governors consider themselves the spearhead of the anti-Trump “resistance.”

They would rather torpedo their states than see Trump succeed.

And one Democrat governor was caught red-handed trying to squirrel away huge taxpayer dollars to sue Trump.

Oregon is a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants.

The Democrat Governor, Kate Brown, just showed how much more she cares about illegals than her own citizens.

She proposed a state budget that included $2 million to sue the Trump administration and an additional $2 million for illegals.

Fox & Friends interviewed Morrow County, Oregon sheriff Kenneth Matlack:

Steve Doocy: The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, recently unveiled her budget proposal for the upcoming year. But you will not believe how she plans to use some of the money.

She wants to spend $4 million suing President Trump and defending illegal immigrants. Some are wondering, “couldn’t Oregon’s money be going to better uses?”

Doocy: What do you think of that?

Sheriff Matlack: The thing that is difficult, the dollars are tight. And that seems like an awful lot of money that could be used for other projects in Oregon – especially on that side of the state as it relates to the homeless population. We have a great drug problem, mental health problems. And there a lot of things that those dollars could be used for.”

Oregon has become a wasteland under Brown’s watch.

It’s being overrun by Antifa.

The Mayor of Portland directed the police department to sit on the sidelines while Antifa thugs had free reign of the city.

This is far from the first dustup Gov. Brown has had with the Trump administration.

As we previously reported, she went on a Twitter tirade when President Trump asked states to deploy the National Guard to the Southern Border.

Her latest proposal proves to the world that she is prioritizing illegals over Oregon citizens.

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