This Democrat Congressman made a sick “joke” that landed him in hot water

Maxine Waters has faced zero repercussions after her speech inciting radical leftists to harass members of the Trump administration.

So Democrats think they can get away with anything to gin up their leftist base.

And one Democrat made a sick “joke” about President Trump that could land him in hot water.

At a campaign event, Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL-23) joked about President Trump dying.

You can see the joke from the video captured below – as long as YouTube doesn’t take it down.

Ever since President Trump’s election, Democrats’ rhetoric has become increasingly dangerous.

First it was Madonna joking about “blowing up the White House” in the so-called “Women’s March” protest.

Then it was 2020 Democrat frontrunner Kamala Harris “joking” on the Ellen Degeneres show about killing President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Attorney General Sessions.

Not to mention “comedienne” Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody severed head of President Trump.

Their goal is to dehumanize President Trump and his supporters.

It could be only a matter of time before some leftwing nut job acts on their words just like when a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican Congressmen during a baseball practice.

That left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-TX) on gasping for life. Luckily he was able to recover thanks to some quick action from Capitol Police.

But Democrats have only gotten more violent since that tragic day and it could end badly.


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56 Responses

  1. Lulu says:

    Ifremarks that r made about Pres Trump were made about obumer the people would be in jail or prison, what gives. I have not said this before so print it and what if I’ve said it before big deal. U make me furious sensoring me. STOP!!!!

  2. Lulu says:

    Ifremarks that r made about Pres Trump were made about obumer the people would be in jail or prison, what gives

  3. jjammin says:

    Kamala Harris is the DEM front runner for 2020?!? She’s just as bad as Hillary . . . but worse, she’s from California!!!

  4. gator1246 says:

    The joke is not the thing , it why he told it that matters . Hasting is showing his hate , take the same joke and put Obama ‘s name in it and see how many of them laugh . They would be crying racism . In case you do not know you can only be racist if you are a conservative and tell a joke like that .

  5. Mikey says:

    Since the wimps in Congress will take no action against one of their own it will be up to the voters of his district to fire him and send a message that this is not to be tolerated.

  6. Sandy says:

    This is exactly why voters are not walking away they are running away from Democrats.

  7. Lucena More says:

    Maxine Waters big mouth and despicable behavior is an embarrassment to our system.
    Too bad could be better for someone else.

  8. Lucena More says:

    Maxine Waters big mouth and despicable behavior is an embarrassment to our system. I can not understand why people allows her to mouth off like that. California elected a waccko!
    Too bad could be better for someone else.

  9. Joe says:

    Vote his ass out

  10. Joke? I thought a joke was to have a funny punch line. There was nothing funny about what he said. What he said suggested a warped mind and sick soul.

  11. john says:

    Knuckle dragging asshole should get a visit from the KKK

  12. Harold says:

    This is why they say that liberalism is a mental disorder, this just proves how true this is.

  13. Merridee says:

    When a person threatened to hard another person this is a felony, and all these nuts need to be arrest, not trial as we know from social media, news media, news papers they had done this, and they need to be an example of what happens when you threatened the President of the USA, a congressman, or judge, you should be put before a firing squad for several days not knowing which will be your last one, and see how you like being threated and tell them that today is your last day, and do it day after day for a number of days then BINGO it was the last day. They have no respect for our President, congressmen, or judges; and of course they don’t have any respect for themselves either, and they think they are above the law because they are a democrat, time to show them who is in charge, Mr President, haul them in and punish them. And if they follow through with rigging the November elections they should automatically LOSE and if caught receive the same treatment as these people are traitors and commit treason against the American people, and Constitutional of USA.

  14. Merridee says:

    Anyone that threatens our President, or a congressman or judge should be arrested, no trial as they are guilty because of their words, and then make them an example of what happens when you threaten our President, a congressman or judge, put them before a firing squad several days in a row not knowing if it is their last day or not, then one day they are shot. Let them feel what it is like to not know what day you will be shot for such stupid words, and in a couple of cases actions, like at the baseball game, or like mowing your lawn. such stupid behavior. GROW up Democrats your judgement day is coming sooner then you think., so get your life in order, for when you are before the greatest of all judges he will condemn you to hell, and that judge who gives justice to all is GOD himself.

  15. Statesman Patriot says:

    All libtards who talk about killing Trump should just kill themselves.
    As much as I hated Clinton and Obutthead, I never wished them any harm. I still respected the office.
    But if liberals stay on the path of more violence, I am willing to accommodate them in full defensive confrontation!

  16. Remember all the hell raised by Hillary Clinton when Trump said NRA fans may not take her anti gun remarks . All we keep seeing is different laws for different parties , where is the Justice Dep . when these people are making threats and encouraging fools to follow their commands ?

  17. Randall Hart says:

    It apears to be a racial hate crime and should be dealt in that manner.

  18. Taz says:

    I, along with all true Americans, am up with the vitriol being constantly spouted by the lunatic left. If anyone had said the things about Obama that they are spouting about President Trump they would have been promptly arrested or if Hillary had become president they would have been executed by her hit squad. It’s past time for them to get over loosing the election. I agree with others that have stated that the dumbasscrats are trying to divide the country and start a civil war. If this happens we will have to deal with the U.N. as well as the leftards. The U.N. would love the chance to get peace keeping troops onto U.S. soil. This would also further their aims of a global government; if the U.S. falls the rest of the world will fall in short order.

    This is just speculation and conjecture on my part but it fits the narrative the democrats have been pursuing for the past two decades. We as a nation need to wake up or the future will be bleak and the world we leave to our children and grandchildren will be very different form the world in which we grew up. And I don’t mean that in a nice way.

  19. Jan says:

    He should not be asked to resign, he should be investigated by the secret service. He should be on a watch list of people who have threatened the President.

    • von Potter says:

      Owing more than a million in back taxes, he should be in Prison..

    • TooLateNow says:

      This is not, I repeat: NOT a joke! To H*ll with in investigating. This is a Liberal, Radical, process that makes them feel good! What we have is a clear violation of U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 41 › § 871, “Making threats against the President of the United States”
      Put him in the Grey Bar Hotel and let him be a bunkmate for BUBA!

  20. Agnes Holloway says:

    This old ignorant coot looks like threatening our President. These dumb democrats and liberals thinks it is funny. They ain’t gonna think so funny when they are sitting behind bars. All they are doing is trying to start a war in this country. They might watch what they wish for they just might get it.

    • von Potter says:

      Seems to me that the Black politicians think they can say or do anything and get away with it………They are as bad as those white Calif. politicians that are the evil and corrupt idiots of the BAD LANDS……..

  21. Capn jack says:

    It takes so little to make a retarded Democrat laugh.

  22. Jay says:

    This guy is a perfect reason why we should have term limits! It seems that he is under the influence of Alzheimer’s disease!

  23. robert says:

    I am getting sick and tired of these ass hole Demos##ts getting away with there butt sucking jokes and filthy talking comments about our President. I think its about time the Republicans and Trump supporters start telling these bastards were to stick there bull crap and get the hell out of our country before something bad happens to them.

  24. John Craig says:

    Just another democratic imbecile that got elected because most of his constituents are poor black people sucking on the government tit and they think that this guy is helping them lead a better life. He is just keeping them down in the slave houses, where they will never be any more than what they are now, SLAVES TO THE GOVERNMENT!

  25. Linda says:

    Yes most definitely! They are insulting the American People and our intelligence as well as breaking our laws! Let them find a country that will let the bashing of the duly elected President continue without punishment! Just try to find one!
    You will probably be deported or shot! Leave opur beautiful country before you help ruin it!
    And to slam the duly elected President?! Or his child?! How utterly disgusting! Henry would be so ashamed of his kids, Peter and Jane Fonda.
    After everything Americans has given those two to have them bashing the President and his family, OUTRAGEOUS! They should be in prison along with anyone who threatens anyone in the White House. Maxine where R U?
    We legally voted for this President (without dead and illegal voters, Hillary!) and if you do not like it buck up and wait to try to out vote us!
    We are a democratic society and not everyone is going to like every result. Grow Up! Get over it! YOU are creating a Civil War among the citizen’s of the United States. STOP IT NOW. STOP the violence! Make America Strong again!!! OR LEAVE!
    You are supposed to be adults by the time you can make a wise decision and vote! Use your own brain and make a wise decision that you can live with and be responsible for. Don’t let all of the rhetoric clutter your intelligent conclusions. Think for yourself! Don’t let Waters or Hillary or the likes do your thinking for you.
    American is STRONG and GREAT! Regardless of what the selfish, deceitful spoiled have to say. They really only have half a brain anyway. They have proven that by letting people like Hilary, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine, Omarosa, Lizzy Warren and others into Politics! They are all gold digging liars looking for more money and attention while they live high on the hill with tax payers money paying their bills just as they have for years. This Civil War will not affect them! They have stock piled enough of our hard earned tax dollars and they will be fine. Oh and Maxine, well she has her Black Panthers and their pipes and bats to protect her and bloody anyone who disagrees!!!

  26. Ron says:

    Actually, I hope the Demorats keep this vitriol up! At last they are exposing themselves for the bigoted, hating low life trash they really are! At last the American people can see just who and what these scum balls are all about. They are everything they accuse conservatives and republicans of being, many times over.

  27. Joe says:

    I guess everyone has forgotten that judge Alcee Hastings was impeached and convicted by Senate for accepting bribes. But was allowed to hold office again and was elected to the House by a district in Florida.
    I guess accepting bribes is a plus flor Democrats.

  28. The only thing dying is the Democrat Party and we, the American voters, are going to put it out of its misery with our votes in the 2018 election with a BIG RED WAVE!!!!!!!

  29. It is fun to fantasize about a Demon-Crap being punished for wrong doing, but that’s all it is, a fantasy. In particularly if he/she has the right skin color. Used to be a federal offence to say things like killing the President but now that only applies to Republicans, Demon-Craps can say any thing.

  30. Karl says:

    No action taken to stop this crazy ig orantswith their presidential treat, will eventually bring a mayor disaster to our nation. There will be a civil war before you know it, and to late to stop it. And my personal opinion is that it will be good for the nation, because it will rid of the cancer that is affecting it. To much garbage, to much ignorance and to much corruption that HAVE TO STOP. PEOPLE THAT ARE LOOKING FORWARD FOR A FUTURE NEEDS TO ACT OR THERE WILL BE NO FUTURE FOR ANY SIDE.

  31. Nancy says:

    In that case I guess a blessing would be a whole bunch of stupid Demoncraps falling in after him and he walks to land on their heads while they drown.

  32. El Dee Bee says:

    Can you imagine how the MSM would react if ANYONE from the Republican side said anything even CLOSE to the traitorous comments that are coming from the Democrats on a daily basis ? It would be Front Page hysteria every day, whereas they don’t even mention the deadly slander coming from the radical Left continuously. Could you be more one-sided and biased ?

  33. Ken says:

    Who in the DOJ is going to anything about it . Sessions is like a democrat with his head up his a$$ and rosenstincky is part of the globalist deep state. So that leaves?

  34. Czerny says:

    People and comedians have always made jokes about presidents, but this is not a joke.

  35. Maryann Delisio says:

    This jerk is a disgrace. I’m tired of my President being abused by these Rats.

  36. Mike W says:

    Can you imagine the outrage if a white senator said something like that about Obama. Alcee Hastings like his colleague Maxine Waters have never been worth a s**t.

    • Rowdy says:

      with all these violent comments and actions by all the democraps and left wing liberal groups and violent activist. Know shows the American people why the democraps and left extremist are trying to take our guns away from us. They are terrified that we might use them to stand up against their stupidity and violence against our country, our people and against our constitution. I took an oath to defend the constitution, the people, and the freedoms of the United States of America from any form of terrorist, foreign and domestic. And the way I am seeing things taking place in the USA today, can only lead me to believe that the democraps and the extrem left are major terrorist out to tear apart this great nation and I am just waiting on the call to duty to defend against these terrorist activities.

      • Brian says:

        Yes sir the vast majority of us stand ready to expel these turds into the ocean but alas I don’t think the fish want them there either

    • catherine says:

      Can you imagine anyone saying anything about the MULATO?

    • I’d like to take two those two idiot and send them BACK to wilds of Africa, where they belong, those TWO, Hastings and Waters, those two, don’t belong ina civilized country, anywhere!

  37. Joseph Pontek Sr says:

    Rep. Steve Scalise is a Republican, but from LA, our good neighbor, not TX

  38. James P Hutchins says:

    Why hasn’t the Secret Service gone after the liberals who say horrible things like Death threats against the President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence lock up the scumbags that threaten the President and Vice President.

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