This Democrat Congressman made a sick “joke” that landed him in hot water

Maxine Waters has faced zero repercussions after her speech inciting radical leftists to harass members of the Trump administration.

So Democrats think they can get away with anything to gin up their leftist base.

And one Democrat made a sick “joke” about President Trump that could land him in hot water.

At a campaign event, Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings (FL-23) joked about President Trump dying.

You can see the joke from the video captured below – as long as YouTube doesn’t take it down.

Ever since President Trump’s election, Democrats’ rhetoric has become increasingly dangerous.

First it was Madonna joking about “blowing up the White House” in the so-called “Women’s March” protest.

Then it was 2020 Democrat frontrunner Kamala Harris “joking” on the Ellen Degeneres show about killing President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Attorney General Sessions.

Not to mention “comedienne” Kathy Griffin holding up a bloody severed head of President Trump.

Their goal is to dehumanize President Trump and his supporters.

It could be only a matter of time before some leftwing nut job acts on their words just like when a Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican Congressmen during a baseball practice.

That left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-TX) on gasping for life. Luckily he was able to recover thanks to some quick action from Capitol Police.

But Democrats have only gotten more violent since that tragic day and it could end badly.

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