This Democrat candidate is refusing to go away after she was defeated

Democrats failed to pull off any signature victories in key statewide races on election night.

But that hasn’t stopped them from throwing a temper tantrum.

And now this Democrat candidate is refusing to go away.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Democrat Stacey Abrams trails Republican Brian Kemp by 1.7% in the Georgia governor race.

Kemp has won 50.4% of the vote – enough to avoid a runoff.

But Abrams has refused to concede and now she’s getting her lawyers involved.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Democrat Stacey Abrams was trailing in her historic bid to become the nation’s first female African-American governor, but her campaign said Wednesday morning that voting problems as well as uncounted absentee and provisional ballots could force a runoff.

On a midmorning conference call, Ms. Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo said the campaign’s lawyers were checking with county election boards and considering litigation if necessary.

“All options are on the table,” Ms. Groh-Wargo said, adding that any resolution of the election could take weeks or longer.

In the days before the election Abrams brought in everyone from Oprah to Barack Obama and even Will Ferrell to campaign for her.

Georgia Democrats raked in a million dollar donation from George Soros.

But all that still wasn’t enough.

As we reported, Abrams sponsored legislation that would force law-abiding gun owners to turn in their guns.

She called for a ban on AR-15’s.

Ultimately Georgia voters did not elect her because of her radical stance on gun confiscation.

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220 Responses

  1. Gerry says:

    Along with Florida they need to include Georgia,Arizona and Nevada in their investigations. I think they will find a whole lot of voter discrepencies.

  2. Debra Tanner says:

    Sounds like “Hillary”… as the saying goes….. “HELP.. I’ve fallen and CAN’T SHUT UP”… LOL

  3. Randall M says:

    Absolutely. Also Florida, Arizona, Nevada and especially California!

  4. Jack Gajda says:

    Raymond, their liberals, how smart can they be???

  5. Terry L Earl says:

    What a load of crap. You are mislead. What you suggest is not true first of all, and auto boycotts would crash the economy.

    BTW, Destroy the Democrat party and this nation would be well.

  6. Terry L Earl says:

    Shut up stupid!!!!!

  7. FEDUP365 says:

    Probably the only way she got that many votes was the clintons and voter fraud

  8. eric siverson says:

    Stacy did a fantastic job pulling almost 50 % of the vote in Georgia while there was a lot of black vote suppression . She pulled so many white votes . that she more than other election signals racism is about dead even in the deep south .

  9. Raymond says:

    Just suck it up you Liberal Loser.You liberals are sure consistent with your losing cry baby ways..Just can not stand defeat.Some have to win,and some have to lose..You my dear lady are a loser.So why not just throw your hat in and admit defeat..I guess it is because you have these so called losers for your backing.. Oprah Winfrey who is a bigot,and racist.Obama who is a Racist loser,and other big time losers from Hollywood.With all of th backing that you got.You would think that you could have done better..You should try hanging with better friends.Instead of losers..And having the Black Panthers with their assault rifles in hand sure did not help your cause any either.Now you know Hillary feels as a loser

  10. Raymond says:

    This is why California residence are leaving California in groves.But the problem with that is.They are taking their liberal ways with them,and trying to change states like Idaho into another California.Why would they want to move away from a liberal state like California to a state like Idaho and make it a liberal state as well is beyond me..If they do not like the way that Californian is being governed.Then why would they wish to go to another state and do the same thing ?

  11. This woman is nothing more than an oversize killary, she can’t take “we don’t want you” for an answer, too bad sweetheart but YOU LOST, HE WON.

  12. Ocasio is very dangerous radical woman She should get apartment in a jail

  13. Jeanette says:

    This jack ass needs to go away. I agree 100% with the lard ass. She has less energy than Jeb Bush. Also has no brains because her brain is oozing out between her gapped teeth. Another low IQ black ass.

  14. Journee Angela says:

    Exactly! Bravo. I am tired of white shaming. Blacks didnt win. But lile antifa they will terrorize the winner

  15. Audie Jordan says:

    Good one. Atlanta is another liberal disaster area. She would just ruin the entire state.

    She needs to run for Secretary of State & find out the Secretary of State in GA does not have the authority to change a single vote, after she spends millions to get the job.

  16. Audie Jordan says:

    She will have more Black Panthers on the street w/ assault weapons in plain view & get away w/ it. Wonder if her gun control platform has a special clause excluding Black Panthers, Antifa, all Black, & Hispanic Gangs.

    When extending poll hours in Spellman/ Moorehouse 3 hours did not make her a landslide winner, she should quit. I guess the students got tired of riding buses all over GA voting, w/o getting praises for doing it.

  17. IRWIN ROMMEL says:

    Nothing “sweet” about those cheeks. That lard ass couldn’t get raped in GITMO. That “woman” is UUUUUGGGGLY

  18. IRWIN ROMMEL says:

    No this is known as the COMMIE N SYNDROME. I looked the word up in Webster’s and there was her/its picture. Quite a few of those pictures.

  19. Marie says:

    So very immature! What an idiot you are!
    You LOST – suck it up, sweetcheeks!!

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