This Democrat candidate is refusing to go away after she was defeated

Democrats failed to pull off any signature victories in key statewide races on election night.

But that hasn’t stopped them from throwing a temper tantrum.

And now this Democrat candidate is refusing to go away.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Democrat Stacey Abrams trails Republican Brian Kemp by 1.7% in the Georgia governor race.

Kemp has won 50.4% of the vote – enough to avoid a runoff.

But Abrams has refused to concede and now she’s getting her lawyers involved.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Democrat Stacey Abrams was trailing in her historic bid to become the nation’s first female African-American governor, but her campaign said Wednesday morning that voting problems as well as uncounted absentee and provisional ballots could force a runoff.

On a midmorning conference call, Ms. Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo said the campaign’s lawyers were checking with county election boards and considering litigation if necessary.

“All options are on the table,” Ms. Groh-Wargo said, adding that any resolution of the election could take weeks or longer.

In the days before the election Abrams brought in everyone from Oprah to Barack Obama and even Will Ferrell to campaign for her.

Georgia Democrats raked in a million dollar donation from George Soros.

But all that still wasn’t enough.

As we reported, Abrams sponsored legislation that would force law-abiding gun owners to turn in their guns.

She called for a ban on AR-15’s.

Ultimately Georgia voters did not elect her because of her radical stance on gun confiscation.


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222 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I think they should see exactly how much each of the Republicans won these races by in all of the suspected states where voter fraud was obviously committed they need to go through and validate each and every vote with lawyers from each party there! Georgia, Texas, Florida especially! And just see how many dead and how many illegals Voted and why there would be more votes than voters! Rigged completely rigged people have lost trust in these elections there must be a fair way to vote and fair election!!! And the people responsible for the fraud need jailed!

    • Katee says:

      In Florida we had this problem before and the police SHOULD HAVE BEEN at those polling places from the get-go! Isn’t it amazing that Hillary said if Trump lost he probably wouldn’t go away and would whine and snivel forever, but instead it is Hillary, now Abrams in georgia, and nelson and gillum in Florida. Democrats are so predictable, but need to give it a rest, people with more than one brain cell are sick and tired of the drama!

    • cc says:

      If that were to happen, most of the politicians in Atlanta would be in jail!!!

    • Journee Angela says:


  2. Geri says:

    Many are requesting voter fraud investigations in many states, but I did not see one request that TX be taken to task,after videos were taken of TX polling stations’ workers stating that they DID allow many non-citizens to vote.
    Where is the outrage? Even though my candidate won, he probably would have won by a larger margin. However, voting protections for U.S. citizens is a paramount necessity!

  3. Bill says:

    Her know showing her true colors I’m glad she didn’t win by not being able to except defeat graciously instead throwing a temper tantrum like an entitled snowflake.

  4. Gerry says:

    Along with Florida they need to include Georgia,Arizona and Nevada in their investigations. I think they will find a whole lot of voter discrepencies.

  5. FEDUP365 says:

    Probably the only way she got that many votes was the clintons and voter fraud

  6. Raymond says:

    Just suck it up you Liberal Loser.You liberals are sure consistent with your losing cry baby ways..Just can not stand defeat.Some have to win,and some have to lose..You my dear lady are a loser.So why not just throw your hat in and admit defeat..I guess it is because you have these so called losers for your backing.. Oprah Winfrey who is a bigot,and racist.Obama who is a Racist loser,and other big time losers from Hollywood.With all of th backing that you got.You would think that you could have done better..You should try hanging with better friends.Instead of losers..And having the Black Panthers with their assault rifles in hand sure did not help your cause any either.Now you know Hillary feels as a loser

    • eric siverson says:

      Stacy did a fantastic job pulling almost 50 % of the vote in Georgia while there was a lot of black vote suppression . She pulled so many white votes . that she more than other election signals racism is about dead even in the deep south .

  7. This woman is nothing more than an oversize killary, she can’t take “we don’t want you” for an answer, too bad sweetheart but YOU LOST, HE WON.

  8. Ocasio is very dangerous radical woman She should get apartment in a jail

  9. BigJoe says:

    This is known as “The Hillary Syndrome”. Lose, but swear you didn’t; Lose but never give up; Lose and blame it on the Russians; Lose and try to change the election process; Lose and refuse to go away. This woman is showing signs of this incurable illness.

    • Marie says:

      So very immature! What an idiot you are!
      You LOST – suck it up, sweetcheeks!!

      • IRWIN ROMMEL says:

        Nothing “sweet” about those cheeks. That lard ass couldn’t get raped in GITMO. That “woman” is UUUUUGGGGLY

        • Jeanette says:

          This jack ass needs to go away. I agree 100% with the lard ass. She has less energy than Jeb Bush. Also has no brains because her brain is oozing out between her gapped teeth. Another low IQ black ass.

      • Audie Jordan says:

        She will have more Black Panthers on the street w/ assault weapons in plain view & get away w/ it. Wonder if her gun control platform has a special clause excluding Black Panthers, Antifa, all Black, & Hispanic Gangs.

        When extending poll hours in Spellman/ Moorehouse 3 hours did not make her a landslide winner, she should quit. I guess the students got tired of riding buses all over GA voting, w/o getting praises for doing it.

    • IRWIN ROMMEL says:

      No this is known as the COMMIE N SYNDROME. I looked the word up in Webster’s and there was her/its picture. Quite a few of those pictures.

  10. Gary says:

    This massively ugly elephantassed broom riding hag ( AND I AM BEING NICE) needs to quit politics and go bury herself in another pile of cow manure. She lost and doesn’t like it. So shut up go away and shake your elephant size ass somewhere on a deserted island with no food or nectaries and as you start dieiing from hunger dig a deep pit climb in and bury yourself well so the smell never gets out

  11. Ben says:

    they had 75 people with the same address hummmm sound like Obama all over again

  12. James Rust says:

    It was reported that Abrams was campaigning in North Georgia which is accessed by Interstate 285 a few weeks ago. She asked, “Is there a way for me to get to 285?’ A reply was, “You might try eating more salads.”

  13. Joseph S Hurley says:

    Hey Jim-did you go to school-it is AMERICA not amurica you lame brain!!!

  14. Ben says:

    What part of no don’t you understand

  15. Liberally Disgusted says:

    I keep wondering if she’s planning on winning a-la-Franken – she’s planning on “just happening” to find a few bags of “absentee” ballots in the trunk of someone’s car. She’s waiting for something to happen and, like Hillary, she sounds militant enough to have a “plan”. God bless this country when people of this ideology start winning.

  16. No class! No dignity! And no respect for the voter.

  17. jay says:

    Of course she is refusing to go away! What else could she possible do with her time other than steal, lie, cheat like her buddy BHO and so many others in her state have done…??? Oprah told her she would win, now what? Seriously, the election process in this country is a mystery to many, she is one of millions that is so unqualified for any job it is embarrassing to those of us actually doing the work.

  18. Gerry says:

    Who could not see this happening ???? Just like the witch clinton — this moron was led to believe because she was female and black — she couldn’t lose. And just like the witch clinton — SHE LOST and doesn’t know how to deal with it. I think in every election location where a demoTRASH candidate won — should be recounted and investigated for voter fraud. just like Arizona — why would voters vote for someone who actually smeared and lied to the Arizona people and they are saying it is too close to declare a winner ???????? The voters in Arizona are either very stupid or there is voter fraud going on.

  19. Bill Cash says:

    Frankly I was almost certain she WOULD WIN. And if they can twist it somehow it may still happen. I’m fed up and disgusted with this election process. We have months of early voting, then final voting on the required dates. BUT THEN it sometimes takes weeks before “we the voters” ARE TOLD who won. Ridiculous. The voting public can’t trust the process anymore. THese guys lie, cheat, and steal while telling the voter how great they are. And this “after the voting counting, Will Rogers said it all. “it’s not he who votes that decide. NO it’s he who counts the votes.

  20. Charles says:

    Maybe she’s going to write a sequel ti the Hildebeast’s book ‘What Happened’. She could call it ‘I Dunno, But It Also Happen To Me’.

    • Audie Jordan says:

      Good one. Atlanta is another liberal disaster area. She would just ruin the entire state.

      She needs to run for Secretary of State & find out the Secretary of State in GA does not have the authority to change a single vote, after she spends millions to get the job.

  21. Carole ANNE Quinn says:


  22. LSUGene says:

    A cow ate the ballots and the Democrats are going to go through the manure and piece those ballots back together. Better luck next time Stacie.

  23. Dorothy says:

    She has been around Hillary too long. Just be a decent person and concede. You’ve lost but you ran a good fight. This will be the 4th loss so maybe she needs to realize noone thinks shes fit for office.
    Go away now stacy abrams

    • vicky Huss says:


    • Bill says:

      Isn’t this just like a typical liberal; throwing a temper tantrum like some spoiled brat on the school yard ’cause she lost, something the liberals have been doing the last two years ’cause thet lost big time. Well life ain’t like Burger King, you can’t always have it your way. At least Georgia got a Republican governor. In california we’re stuck with fomer liberal San Francisco mayor gavin ‘ giveaway the store’ newsom. I shudder to think what the next 4 years will be like as this guy proposed giving ‘free’, that’s right FREE healthcare to illegals. i thought after hearing this,this would have sunk this thieving bastard but somehow the idiots here voted for him . Evidently they like paying some of the highest costs of living to live in the giant CRAPHOLE that’s become of San Francisco the once jewel of California i Somehow i just don’t get it. Why on earth would thinking hardworking taxpaying legal citizens of Califonia vote for higher taxes to pay for all the freebie’s doled out to these ‘boat people’, who’ve never paid into the tax pot yet are getting all kinds of public services: SNAP, food stamps, housing assistance, eduaction for their kids, and free healthcare all while the state’s infrastructure goes to hell and this once great state becomes one huge ineptly and incompetently run CESSPOOL. Is it something in the air or water here or have people here been smoking the wrong kind of weed? Surely a lot of people are wondering if voter fraud is responsible for this. What else can it be? Unbelievable.

      • Aimee Wilson says:

        It’s no surprise that voter fraud is rampant in California. Nobody in their right mind to raise taxes to feed and give free manna to illegals

      • Raymond says:

        This is why California residence are leaving California in groves.But the problem with that is.They are taking their liberal ways with them,and trying to change states like Idaho into another California.Why would they want to move away from a liberal state like California to a state like Idaho and make it a liberal state as well is beyond me..If they do not like the way that Californian is being governed.Then why would they wish to go to another state and do the same thing ?

    • Jack Gajda says:

      ‘Go away’. I like that idea Dorothy but, I’m thinking this 4th loss is to much for her to take???

    • Jim says:

      dorothy you piece of crap- the election isn’t over until the votes are counted. All the votes haven’t been counted and a crook is counting them- kemp. Your idea of amurica sucks.

      • Sarah says:

        Jim, you call Dorothy a “piece of Crap”?, you apparently have more self priority than another American Citizen who voices their opinion. What a shame, you could say things that would be more honest and polite but you threw it away. The trophy doesn’t go to “sore losers”, the trophy go to the one who plays by the rules.

    • Jim says:

      The election isn’t over until all the votes are counted you lamebrain doofus. There’s a fox in the henhouse doing the counting- kemp. repugnant amurica sucks- get out of my country.

      • M says:

        Jim, Please calm down , be respectful to people while you are insulting them! That doesn’t compute, does it?

      • E. says:

        Go suck eggs. We all know the ploy by now of claiming to find votes in the trunks of cars, under beds and probably in Grant’s tomb. I’m not going to be respectful to people who are dishonest to put it mildly unless they are one of two other things; stupid or crazy.

  24. truckman says:

    if it was like nelson and chist I could understand her doing this but with that much difference she should give up

  25. Chuck says:

    Fat, nasty bitch! the Dems thought they could throw 2 Negroes and a fake Mick Beaner at us in TX, GA & FL and we’d be white guilted into voting for them. Didn’t happen!!

  26. Bryce Thompson says:

    look at the high waste, and pollution our cars are producing, a 200 mpg Porge vapor carburetor sitting in the patient office collecting dust, liquid gas does not burn, Volkswagen has a 264 mpg diesel not coming here, boycott the oil company owned auto company’s, spread the word.
    The only thing that will bring us out of this depression is free energy, hydrogen from water, have this as your debate, you can make all the hydrogen, as you drive from a tank of water, you know our space shuttles,are powered by hydrogen / oxygen made from water, tell every one not buy a new car / truck, to boycott the auto company’s, when they can’t sell their pieces of junk low mileage vehicles, they will have to bring out water to hydrogen powered vehicles, and kits to change the vehicles now that we have, just think what our world would be like with free energy. Do you want your world back? spread the word boycott the auto company’s that are destroying our world. the inventor of the water to hydrogen auto was murdered by our Democrat Government, get mad get real mad of the Democrats. Also audit all the Senator’s and representatives, they have wasted, and stole our money, make them repay all, and tax them. Do these 2 things, and the Demo rats will be finished, don’t do this and the civil war, will escalate, and the economy will collapse, get this out all over the USA. this is the only thing that will bring the economy around.put this out , and spread the word to boycott the auto company’s don’t buy a new car/ or truck. do this Trump, and we will have our dreams back again.

    • ronald Hatt says:

      Good Comments……..”Good luck”, trying to “rally” people to do anything……..They must suffer greatly, before getting serious, about many problems!….

      Look what has happened to the “electorate”… The Libtardation, of half of America…….Slick perverted Willie…{2} terms……2 terms for Bath House Barry, & then the Librocrat party tried to “hang”, Hillary on us…….& after our whole country “knows” what she did……no one wants to put her in jail? Just how much more can the “sane” people take, from the Demoncrats, before they have had “ENOUGH”!

    • Peggy Sue says:

      The military is testing a Chevy truck ( heavy duty built for military). It runs off hydrogen, article said they can also use the water it produces.

    • Terry L Earl says:

      What a load of crap. You are mislead. What you suggest is not true first of all, and auto boycotts would crash the economy.

      BTW, Destroy the Democrat party and this nation would be well.

  27. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Democrats, and leftists of all stripes, MUST HANG.

  28. Here we go again Clinton Two, when will these Democraps learn to accept defeat gracefully. They have to fight even when they loose. It is just wrong, I wish they would start to show some intelligence, instead of yelling and fighting, when the game is over.

  29. gary johnson says:

    its a stall, thats how ellison won in minnesota his first time. he was 3 hundred and some votes behind and guess what happen, they found a box with 500 votes for him in a closet under a towel. just wait and see they are going to find votes under cars, behind trees, where ever. this is what the dems do, they will lie and cheat any way they can

  30. walter siebert says:

    Democrats are parasites to the Republican taxpayers, if Democrats take over this country will have to hit rock bottom and it will take decades to rebuild if it’s possible. !!!!

  31. milvetJim says:

    To many comments to read this all so I suspect this one may not be read. Most I agree with so saying, Georgia believe this. From a Florida Republican to you Georgia Republicans, we are in deep poop! Where are all the Republican, and I would like to say Democrats, who have the God given ability to THINK. People used to think of what is best for the U.S.A. and not themselves. Kennedy said it best, “Think not what your country can do for you but, what can you do for your country.” Seems like now the vote comes from the welfare check and not from knowledge and research. When a big fat black female can take nearly 50% of the votes on her platform, (same for Florida), folks we are in trouble, the Republicans need to go hard core and call it like it is, for sure a hard thing to do when you are preaching to those with their hands out and the low lifes that do not believe in God but instead believe in killing unborn babies and calling themselves Christians, queers who call themselves Christians (LGBT, etc). We may ALL be born equal but, as soon as we clear the birth canal, society takes over and the Bible is never opened. Our jobs are good and more of them and getting better, I have more money to take home and I am going to vote Democrat, NOT! God help us all, not just Georgia and Florida.

    • Rick says:

      Well you got read . And I think kennedy arraigned his own assinasion that is why the video was not shown .and it is of the people by the people FOR the people . Not government . I did for my country when it was the law . What have you done

    • Leeroy Smith says:

      If the Republican Party does not learn from this election it never will. I am tired of supporting a bunch of ring wimps. I can not and will not ever vote democrat. If the republicans do not start fighting democrats instead of one another I will stay home in 2020. You republicans had better get behind the president or you will get your ass kicked in 2020. I know that I am not the only one that feels this way.

    • Bill says:

      Good luck Georgia with this fat back liberal! i live in California and after 4 years of liberal jerry ‘the clown’ brown this once great state has become one huge ineptly fiscally bankrupt CRAPHOLE. You’d think the thinking legal taxpaying citizens here have had enouth of the high taxes and declining quality of living and ‘socialaism’ foisted on us by ‘fart’ faced feinstein, ‘nasty ‘nancy ‘pogliosi et al. Someties I winder is it the air or water or have people been smoking the wrong kind of weed? Good luck Georgia, you’ll need it with the liberals running things!

  32. Peter says:

    This is how democrats react when they lose an election. Oprah should have stayed away and Obama too.

  33. Grizz Mann says:

    Can’t win an election? Go to the courts. Be sure to bring your Black Panther body guards, with their AR15’s ( the rifles you want to ban).

  34. david says:

    If this nut job got 49% of the vote Georgia is in trouble………

    • Shelba J. Holmes says:

      You bet we are and it scares me just about out of my mind. She cannot run her own personal life and she wants to run this state? Her arrogance is only exceeded by her ignorance.

    • russell says:

      david you are so right

    • Inkpad says:

      See and those armed black panthers packing Ar15s at the voting offices didn’t listen they were backing the wrong candidate they only see color and didn’t listen to me she wants to disarm America you boys would look even sillier in your lil I’m a bad ass outfits packing water pistols lmao be the black kittens. Purr purrrr

    • Jacqueline Prentiss says:

      They thought she was obama in drag form

  35. M says:

    Do young Democrats, any of them, understand that “no” means no? Are they being taught that no is not to be accepted until it changes into yes as part of their liberal higher education being taught in even southern schools
    and universities?
    Somebody on Fox reminded us all that the Republicans lost the house yesterday and their was not one riot, property destroyed, cars burned, etc. Now, wasn’t that amazing, different and wonderful!
    People, learn how to lose gracefully, like ladies and gentlemen, it’s really not the end of your life!
    Oh, and we will be holding what we have and win back the house and re-elect DJT in 2020, right fellow

  36. Ginger says:

    Typical Democrats. Won’t accept the fact that they lost. Nelson demanding a recount after losing to Scott. So now Abrams is calling on her attorney to find how she could still win. Acting like crybabies when they don’t get their way. Sore losers!

    • Jacqueline Prentiss says:

      Sore losers aka Democrats. Cause I’m African-American…go get Soros..he paid big $$$ she has to pay him back. Somebunny is in trouble????????

  37. Charles says:

    Democrats are sore losers and snowflakes. She thinks that if she throws a big enough tantrum they will give her the election just to shut her up. It didn’t work for Al Gore and his hanging chad nor for the Hildebeast.

  38. John says:

    Typical jig-a-boo!

    • Charles says:

      Please knock off the racist BS. Her problem is not race, but her political party. Democrats are sore losers and snowflakes. She thinks that if she throws a big enough tantrum they will give her the election just to shut her up. It didn’t work for Al Gore and his hanging chad nor for the Hildebeast.

      • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

        That is correct. She needs to stop acting like Hilary. Hell Hilary lost big time and she still hasn’t gotten over it. This Lady needs to understand that if you didn’t win, you didn’t win. If it came down to a hundred votes maybe a recount. Otherwise you lost.

  39. dlmstl says:

    I am sure she was counting on that new found celebrity status as a vehicle to get on the speaking circuit to pay off her decades old student loans and a ton of credit card debt she owes. Don’t know the benefits for one term governor’s, but that’s more than likely substantial, too. Probably lifetime, taxpayer funded health coverage and a pathway to cushy six figure, influence peddling, do nothing positions. Now she’s going to have to hustle to find a job. Maybe The O has something or Barry and Moochie will ride to the rescue.

  40. merridee says:

    apparently we have another poor loser that is a democrat and can’t accept she was defeated. what is wrong with her wasting more money to recheck voting ballots etc. CRAZY

  41. Ted says:

    I guess that any degree of dignity would have been much to much to ask of this one….

  42. donald says:

    She’ tasted fame and thought she deserved to win. Now you just a negro woman from the south, too bad those non citizens she told to vote for her, didn’t

  43. Debra says:

    Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. If you do loose, show some grace and class and accept it.

    • She should have had those armed Black Panthers at every polling place. Oh wait—she wants to ban guns,except from the ones who are her body guards…

    • Jeanni says:

      She is showing grace and class just like crooked Hillary does and how Obama does. All ex-presidents did not disrupt the new incoming president with uncalled for remarks or campaign against them until Obama, and they did not go to other countries to talk with the head of that country after they were out of office like Obama and Kerry do which is against the law and is treasonous as far as I am concerned. These liberal democrats have no class or grace, their mantra is win at any cost no matter what! Lie, cheat, steal, that is all they know, they couldn’t win an honest election and they know it, that is why they want open borders so the illegals will vote for democrats so that they can have free health care, free education for their kids, free welfare, and take lower paying jobs from our people which keeps our wages lower in order for us to compete for these jobs. Who do you see in construction jobs now? I just had a metal building put up on my property and all the workers were mexican. A lot of landscape companies have mexican workers, these are all jobs our people could be doing. All our public schools are now being run by liberal democrats including colleges and universities so they can indoctrinate your kids in to becoming liberal democrats, this started in the 60’s when my kids were in school.

      • Jack Gajda says:

        Jeanni, I couldn’t have said it any better…

      • Patricia Money says:

        Because it was close and there was problems with voting. Count the votes to make sure. Governor was shady.

      • M says:

        Jeanni, One and a half years ago we had a lot of hail damage in my city. Part of my damage was roof replacement. The company I used sent an entire crew of mexicans to replace my roof. Not one of the six to eight man crew spoke English so I could not communicate with them at all. They had to call their supervisor to come from another job if they needed to ask or tell me something. There is not a doubt in my mind the whole crew was illegals. Said all that to say, it’s not just low wage jobs being taken from Americans, roofers are paid a good labor wage.

  44. Bert says:

    You suggested hard work was in your bones, if you are such a hard worker how did you get to be 150lbs, overweight? You lost get over it! You are abusing your position and doing harm to other good honest hard working Black Americans. The spot light is on you now due to your big mouth!
    Go get a job and pay off your loans that we the American People provided to you!

  45. Den R Zampieri says:


  46. RufusVonDufuss says:

    She looks like she ate the whole state of Georgia!

  47. truthistruth says:

    Because the whole election in Georgia was RIGGED and controlled by her opponent Kemp who held 53,000 applications in his desk to not certify (70% of minorities) and then another have million people off voter rolls previously (a larger proportion were minorities also). This is election fraud and meddling, and Kemp should have resigned his position instead of running the very election where he was a candidate.

  48. Kenneth Boyd says:

    Typical ni–er !

  49. steve says:

    how long before she say’s because she is black and she was cheated because everyone want’s her

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      Another example of a Democrat not getting their way and threatening lawsuit to get it done. I agree with Steve, the next thing will be it is because “she is black and female.”

    • Lunchladie says:

      It must be a predisposition to being Democrat. Shoot it’s been 2 years and Hillary still hasn’t gone away. Even after Hillary made it a point to ask Trump about accepting the election results. And now everyone is screaming to get rid of the Electoral college but if we did that our elections would be determined by just a very few states.

  50. bagster53 says:

    maybe orca windbag will stay home next time , next week she will be crying racism , show me a n word that can control their mouth , like always we owe them , but really i don’t owe them $hit i never owned a slave , did you

    • Bobby Stephens says:

      blacks owned slaves as well and it was over 150 years ago. Why do we keep at this and why not try to move forward. We should learn from our history and not try to CHANGE it to fit a particular agenda. Let’s try to be civil and come together as Americans regardless of our past history. I don’t know any slaves and I’m sure most Americans white or black can say the same thing. I don’t think there are any 200-year-old people walking around to dispute that fact.

      • Lynda says:

        A black man owned over 200 slaves in Charleston, SC in1865. If history were taught today in schools maybe some kids would know that. Take the PC out of schools.

  51. arschloch says:

    Another battle axe rises to the surface ala Hillary.

  52. omegatalon says:

    Thought it was another story about Hillary Clinton.. Abrams needs to think approach her defeat the same way that Hillary did and make business out of it; Abrams should write a book about how her opponent colluded with the Russians and tricked the citizens of Georgia into not voting for her.

    • Doug says:

      Well it looks like she is going to cry or be passed off. But you know what they say it’s better to be passed off than passed on.

  53. JJ says:

    This woman is one disgusting hypocrite. Yeah, it’s okay if her buddies in the Black Panthers carry automatic weapons, but don’t let ANYONE ELSE (regardless or your skin color) carry even a damned WATER PISTOL!!! Does the woman have ANY IDEA about how many lives will be lost at the hands of the Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and the loonies on the Left when someone tries to DISARM THEM? Gun Control sounds nice and sweet BUT IT IS UNREALISTIC AT BEST!!!

  54. HRS says:

    Maybe Obummer or Oprah will give her a job, she looks big enough for a security position???

  55. Jim says:

    Is her middle name hillary? SAhe won’t go away either. Here in Nevada we had a very bad night. Apparenly the dems all won Clark County and lost every other county yet still won. Something is VETY fishy. The dem governor didn’t even campaign and yet he won.

  56. Just Bill says:

    There is a whole lot to go away.

  57. I didn’t see if she is demanding a recount, but if she does and the results are the same, she should be required to pay the cost of a recount. I also wonder if all the votes were by U.S.A. citizens. That seems to be an issue in a lot of states. There is video evidence that a lot of non citizens voted in Texas elections this election. There needs to be changes made in our election laws and enforcement of such.

  58. Tom says:

    The Dems tried to ‘fix’ that race but it wasn’t enough and the candidate is shocked. Her Party knew about the intended ‘fix’, the “celebrities ‘ knew about the ‘fix’ but sometimes morality wins and the immoral people are the ‘shocked’ ones.

  59. Terry L Earl says:

    Bring in a forklift and haul that ^$%#& off!!!!!

  60. Melody says:

    Another crybaby Damocrat. For criminies sake get over it, change your dirty diaper and go home.

  61. Tim Thompson says:

    She was one of the Democrats that I personally hoped would not win. She is a racist a bigot and frankly if the Black Panthers supported her, we as Patriotic Americans could not. She owed money big time in back taxes and debt, she would have been easily bought by anyone for money. She should just sit down and be quiet, she’ll not gain anything except more debt so whoever decides to be her lawyer she can’t pay you regardless.

  62. Taz says:

    The democrats allegedly attempted to hack the voting machines during early voting. Then Abrams went from a 300k to a 100k deficit at the ballot box in less than 90 minutes. It sure seems like there is some voter fraud on the part of the dems.

    Only the cities where there is a concentration of liberals voted for Abrams. The rest of the state voted for Kemp. The brainwashed liberals who can’t think rationally and rely on the MSM for their opinions will be the downfall of this nation.

    Conservatives need to quit sitting on their wallets and start contributing to the campaigns of Republicans seeking office. It is the only way to counteract the influx of money from liberal billionaires whose goal is to subjugate the entire nation. I have spoken to far too many supposed Republicans who won’t monetarily support a candidate they vocally support and then gripe because the candidate can’t match the spending of the liberal opposing them. Well if you can’t fathom that the only place the money for a successful campaign can originate is with the voters supporting that candidate, you are part of the problem.

    Then there are the people who can’t be bothered to vote at all. Such as my mother whose preacher has convinced her that she will be contributing to the process of sending whomever she votes for to hell. You see if you allow a person to become an elected official by the action of voting for them then you are just turning an honest person into a criminal.

    This post may seem a little disjointed; but in my defense, I was up most of the night following election results. To end this rant, Abrams is a communist and should be sent back to Mississippi from whence she came.

    • Hugh Turner says:

      Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus and Athens. Your mom preacher should not be opening his mouth on politics. She was a crim inal before the election

      There were at least 5 cases in Lamar county where people had to vote provisional because they ” had voted absentee” when they did not.
      If campaign finance laws were changed to allow only local money be spent on local elections to include pac some of this BS would stop.

      George Soros got zero return on investment yesterday.

  63. Rick says:

    Is there any excuse a black won’t use when they don’t get their way. The victim card or race card won’t work when your Black Panthers were carrying AR 15s. Admit you are a communist loser and go be a maid.

    • Taz says:

      If white males who are members of a militia organization had done the same thing they would be residing at the county jail. But blacks did this during the 2016 elections and again this election cycle and nothing is done. It’s time to start arresting them and if they resist… well they are armed so the cops have every right to assume they will start shooting.

  64. Terry says:

    Bunch of cry babies those Democrats, Hilary taught them well!!!

  65. danny isch says:

    Abrams is nothing but low life lying Communist/Marxist democrat !!

  66. Tom Atoes says:

    …this ugly, obese, racist thug-ess will soon start hurling the race card; 200,000 ‘un-counted’ ballots will magically appear, her brown-shirts – armed to the teeth – will begin ‘patrolling’ the streets and intimidating the election officials,, and within 2 months she will be declared the winner…so all white Georgians had better re-locate ’cause this woman is every bit as hate-filled and demented as winnie mandella…perhaps even more so.

  67. Mary Carter says:

    She can join Hillary in the next election as Vice President with Hillary as President.
    If that doesn’t scare you nothing will.

    • D.A.N. says:

      That doesn’t scare me. I’d like to see it. It would be the end of the Democrat Party. And just two days before the election, arrest both of them for their criminal acts.

  68. Wayne says:

    Typical democrat…didn’t win, now they want the lawyers involved. No hanging chads in this episode…get over it. Who knows, maybe Oprah will give you a new car. Sad that “We the people” have to wade through all this BS!!

  69. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    I am a resident of Georgia and I am shocked and dismayed that so many of the people in my state voted for this pathetic woman. She has proven that she cannot run her own personal life and she wants to run the state of Georgia? Kemp will be the ultimate victor here but true to the nature of the left she is desperate and will hang in until forced to move on. I am so grateful that I am not going to have to find another state to live in !!

    • David Rose says:

      I am from Tennessee and we just elected a Republican Governor, too. That’s baby steps toward taking our Country back. God bless Georgia and God bless Tennessee. MAGA

    • Susan says:

      I think if this election would have been fair without Voter FRAUD just like in Texas and Florida and other states he would have won by ALOT more but this has been happening for a long time! She clearly lost and I think if each vote were VALIDATED she would find she lost by a lot! This is complete BS just like HIllary she cannot accept the results sad Dems motto if you can’t beat them cheat them! I hope it’s exposed!

  70. Wendell Fountain says:

    This is one of the most egregious examples of voter fraud in history. Kemp was ahead for most of the evening by double digits. Then, it was a three-point difference, and now the number is within the democrat range of theft. If she hangs in there, the democrats will steal this election.

    • Bill says:

      Gee Wendell, i beg to differ with you! In California, after 4 years of jerry ‘the clown’ brown you’d think the people here woud have had ebough of the liberals and all their taxpayer funded ‘freebie’ doled out to ‘boat people’, bums and illegals along with the demise of this great affordable and prosperous state that ‘s now a huge unaffordable CTAPHOLE. But no, the idiots here evidently haven’t had enough BS and higher taxes elacted gavin ‘giveaway the store’ newsom, the former San Francisco mayor who declared it a ‘sanctuary city’ lettin’ it go to hell while he trotted off to Sacramento to be jerry ‘the clown’ brown’s flnkee aka lieutenant governor. If this wasn’t or isn’t fraud, i don’t know what is? How many thinking and hard working legal California voters would vote for this bastard who will definitely reise taxes to keep the ‘freebie’ gravy train going is beyond me while the taxpayers end up with ZIPPO, ZERO, AILCH, SQUAT, NOTHING & BUPKUS?

  71. Rick says:

    Thanks George Soros for spending all that money for nothing and a big thanks to oprah and obama…..

    • Paula Bois Brady says:

      Out of state interference should be against the law. We need election reform. I have a birth certificate, drivers license, nurses licence, DD214 served my country proudly. Now I want to have a legitimate voter registration card. We’ve got plenty of honest veterans, disabled or retired who would be happy to donate their time and talent to get the job done. Where do I/We sign up?

  72. Liz says:

    Typical democrat. No wondering people with any smidgeon of common sense have no use for the Democratic Party.

  73. mrp says:

    She won’t go away because she’s still in a state of shock that she lost knowing that Black Panthers kept white voters away just as they did in 2018 and Eric Holder overlooked it. Not to mention that she was aware of the fact aht illegals were voting. That’s why she can’t believe she lost.

  74. Jack Gajda says:

    Why can’t the cry baby Dim’s just accept that they didn’t win and go on with their lives and what’s next another “What Happened” book tour??? Grow-up…

  75. Ronald Clark says:

    Now she has to deal with all her buddies that she promised state jobs and contracts to and she don’t want to deal with those money hungry bastards

  76. willowa says:

    Speaking of math deficient (re: Ocasio-Cortez), he has over 50% of the vote, so she could win how?

    • Jack Gajda says:

      I was thinking the same thing, willowa. I mean even if they count absentee ballots it’s not going to make 50.4% drop to below 50.4%…

    • Hugh says:

      If any votes show up to drop him below 50% Runoff. Less than 1% differance automatic recount.

      • Jack Gajda says:

        Hugh, I thought Kemp has 50.4% of registered voters and if I’m correct there is no way for him to lose? Correct me if I’m wrong, please…

  77. PHIL TRIMMER says:

    As a matter of fact, they should e used to get her the hell out……..

  78. Randall M says:

    Even with all of the PROVEN voter fraud, she sill lost. Imagine how bad her loss would have been if there was no fraud. That’s why she refuses to concede. She cheated. She was supposed to win. Tuff luck for you, Sweetie. Accept it!

    • Jack Gajda says:

      Randall, you’re right. Look at Hillary, she cheated and it didn’t work and cried around the world about it for over a year…

  79. Renee says:

    You’d think her name was Hillary….

  80. James P Hutchins says:

    abrams is a pathetic liberal clown puppet who lost.

  81. Mork Jungle says:

    Miss Piggy,
    Time to go. You want to he the black Hildebeast?

  82. Gregg Ricker says:

    Just another liberal who does not want to follow the rules, this happens every time they lose!!! They hate to admit that they are losers!!!!! Go howl at the moon

  83. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Should AR-15 rifles be banned?? NO

    Hey stacey abrams, be gone you sore losing liberal bitch!!!

  84. James says:

    Go away Hillary Jr.

  85. FedUp says:

    They just can’t admit they lost when they took measures to ensure their win. There are several very interesting & disturbing videos out there by Project Veritas showing several poll workers actually encouraging voter fraud to the pretend Democrat voters.

  86. Vincent says:


  87. Hugh Turner says:

    Even if thru some mircale this bucked tooth cow becomes governor, she will be ineffective . Her demo buddies lost their ass. The Republicans still control both chambers. She carried Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus abd Athens. That one threw me for a minute then it hit me UGA and the young people that dont know history.

  88. Jeffrey A Sampson says:

    She needs to be an adult and accept she has lost. Stacy you can run again your life isn’t over if you don’t lose excess weight and take good care of yourself which includes mind,body and soul with that in mind God has other work he wants you to be doing. I wish you well run again but change your stance on gun control your not getting elected with your current control wants we will NOT ever turn our weapons in regardless of our political wishes

  89. Audie Jordan says:

    Guess she should have had more Black Panthers on patrol.

    • Polly Ester says:

      Yeah, especially since she wants to ban guns from law-abiding citizens so she can give them to her body guards also known as the black panthers. I purposely did not capitalize the bp because they are so little

  1. November 13, 2018

    […] we reported, Abrams is getting her lawyers […]

  2. November 13, 2018

    […] we reported, Abrams is getting her lawyers […]

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