This Democrat candidate is refusing to go away after she was defeated

Democrats failed to pull off any signature victories in key statewide races on election night.

But that hasn’t stopped them from throwing a temper tantrum.

And now this Democrat candidate is refusing to go away.

With 100% of precincts reporting, Democrat Stacey Abrams trails Republican Brian Kemp by 1.7% in the Georgia governor race.

Kemp has won 50.4% of the vote – enough to avoid a runoff.

But Abrams has refused to concede and now she’s getting her lawyers involved.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Democrat Stacey Abrams was trailing in her historic bid to become the nation’s first female African-American governor, but her campaign said Wednesday morning that voting problems as well as uncounted absentee and provisional ballots could force a runoff.

On a midmorning conference call, Ms. Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo said the campaign’s lawyers were checking with county election boards and considering litigation if necessary.

“All options are on the table,” Ms. Groh-Wargo said, adding that any resolution of the election could take weeks or longer.

In the days before the election Abrams brought in everyone from Oprah to Barack Obama and even Will Ferrell to campaign for her.

Georgia Democrats raked in a million dollar donation from George Soros.

But all that still wasn’t enough.

As we reported, Abrams sponsored legislation that would force law-abiding gun owners to turn in their guns.

She called for a ban on AR-15’s.

Ultimately Georgia voters did not elect her because of her radical stance on gun confiscation.

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220 Responses

  1. Avatar666 says:

    I stole this from someone else’s comment. Democrats motto is; “If you can’t beat them cheat them!”
    This Nov, if you don’t want to be working for BLM or Antifa you better get out and vote …..a straight

  2. Journee Angela says:


  3. cc says:

    If that were to happen, most of the politicians in Atlanta would be in jail!!!

  4. off2shopo says:

    All democrats feel like they are entitled to win. Losers are following Hillary’s lead and look who has joined in CNN’s Jim Acosta too!

  5. Katee says:

    Black suppression? Did you actually witness any of that or are you just spouting the party line used when things aren’t going you way?

  6. Katee says:

    In Florida we had this problem before and the police SHOULD HAVE BEEN at those polling places from the get-go! Isn’t it amazing that Hillary said if Trump lost he probably wouldn’t go away and would whine and snivel forever, but instead it is Hillary, now Abrams in georgia, and nelson and gillum in Florida. Democrats are so predictable, but need to give it a rest, people with more than one brain cell are sick and tired of the drama!

  7. Susan says:

    I think they should see exactly how much each of the Republicans won these races by in all of the suspected states where voter fraud was obviously committed they need to go through and validate each and every vote with lawyers from each party there! Georgia, Texas, Florida especially! And just see how many dead and how many illegals Voted and why there would be more votes than voters! Rigged completely rigged people have lost trust in these elections there must be a fair way to vote and fair election!!! And the people responsible for the fraud need jailed!

  8. Susan says:

    I think if this election would have been fair without Voter FRAUD just like in Texas and Florida and other states he would have won by ALOT more but this has been happening for a long time! She clearly lost and I think if each vote were VALIDATED she would find she lost by a lot! This is complete BS just like HIllary she cannot accept the results sad Dems motto if you can’t beat them cheat them! I hope it’s exposed!

  9. Randall M says:

    You are absolutely right. where is the out rage ? Win or lose, fraud is fraud and it has to stop! Voter fraud is rampant through out this country and it needs to have a lid put on it!

  10. Herb1949 says:

    I live in NV. I can guarantee that there are illegal aliens voting.

  11. Patricia Roach says:

    Why should she be any different from other democrat losers (read Hilary)

  12. Rob Theranter says:

    Here in GA we all this a Pig in a Poke!

  13. Rob Theranter says:

    I think she already made that number.

  14. Geri says:

    Many are requesting voter fraud investigations in many states, but I did not see one request that TX be taken to task,after videos were taken of TX polling stations’ workers stating that they DID allow many non-citizens to vote.
    Where is the outrage? Even though my candidate won, he probably would have won by a larger margin. However, voting protections for U.S. citizens is a paramount necessity!

  15. russell says:

    Bill just like hillary

  16. Bill says:

    Her know showing her true colors I’m glad she didn’t win by not being able to except defeat graciously instead throwing a temper tantrum like an entitled snowflake.

  17. Cherryboy says:

    I agree,Gerry and FEDUP365!

  18. Gerry says:

    cali-gay-fornia and New York are lost causes. There is more voter fraud and corruption than anyone can imagine. The elections in those 2 states are history in June, don’t even have to wait until election time.

  1. November 13, 2018

    […] we reported, Abrams is getting her lawyers […]

  2. November 13, 2018

    […] we reported, Abrams is getting her lawyers […]

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