This damning video contains the confession Dr. Fauci does not want you to see

Dr. Anthony Fauci was the face of America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

That turned out to be a disaster.

And this damning video contains the confession Dr. Fauci does not want you to see.

In an interview on ABC with left-wing activist Jonathan Karl, Dr. Fauci tried to gaslight the public on his disastrous decision to close schools.

Studies show children suffered a generational loss of learning after Dr. Fauci and other public health tyrants shuttered schools during the COVID pandemic.

Fauci tried to avoid any admission that closing schools for COVID was a mistake.

“I don’t want to use the word mistake, Jon, because if I do, it gets taken out of the context that you’re asking me the question on,” Dr. Fauci said. “I would say that what we should realize and have realized – that there will be deleterious collateral consequences when you do something like that.”

“You shouldn’t discount that it does afflict children, so it isn’t without consequences,” Dr. Fauci continued, adding that “If you go back – and I ask anybody to go back – over the number of times I’ve said ‘we gotta do everything we can to keep the schools open,’ no one plays that clip.”

Dr. Fauci also claimed he had nothing to do with school closings.

“They always come back and say, ‘Fauci was responsible for closing schools.’ I had nothing to do [with it],” Dr. Fauci falsely claimed.

This was a flat out lie.

During the COVID pandemic, Dr. Fauci defended closing schools again and again in his incessant cable news appearances.

It’s all documented on video.

Closing schools and then forcing children to wear masks was abuse.

But Democrats – and Dr. Fauci – supported closing schools because it hurt Donald Trump politically.

Then COVID became a way of life in the Blue areas of the country where no restriction or mandate was too extreme.

Now that Joe Biden is in office, COVID lockdowns and mandates are a political embarrassment.

And Dr. Fauci is trying to make everyone forget that he was the one driving school closures.

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