This damning picture of cocaine in the White House has Joe Biden sitting on the edge

Photo by Matt A.J. Johnson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

It was one of the worst scandals of Joe Bidne’s rogue administration.

The latest development is sure to enrage you.

And this damning picture of cocaine in the White House has Joe Biden sitting on the edge.

Over the summer law enforcement discovered a bag of cocaine inside the White House.

Agents discovered the cocaine just hours after Hunter Biden had been in the residence.

And yet the Secret Service claimed there was no surveillance camera footage of an area of the most secure building on planet earth nor could they find any trace of fingerprints on the bag containing the drugs.

After about a week of a half-hearted investigation, the Secret Service announced it gave up.

“There was no surveillance video footage found that provided investigative leads or any other means for investigators to identify who may have deposited the found substance in this area,” a statement read. “Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered. At this time, the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.”

But the Daily Mail finally published the photos of the cocaine in the White House.

The pictures showed the stunning lapses in security that should terrify every American.

These pictures backed up assertions by Tennessee conservative Congressman Phil Burchett after a briefing on the matter saying that according to the Secret Service security was so lax that someone could sneak a banned substance into the White House.

Burchett expressed concern that terrorists could smuggle biological weapons into the White House and create a national security crisis.

“Somebody walks into the White House, the most secure building in the United States of America – in the world, actually – and can place something in a locker. What if it was a biological entity? What if it was something that had an emergent that would, you know, would mature over a few days and it could – you know, it’s just a lot of questions,” Burchett told CNN.

Almost no one believes the Secret Service was so asleep on the job that someone could sneak dangerous substances into the White House.

The more likely explanation – many believe – is that everyone knows who brought the cocaine into the building but that the truth is too embarrassing.

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