This court decision is very bad news for Donald Trump

Federal courts are the left’s secret weapon against Donald Trump.

Barack Obama packed the judiciary with liberal activists who can be counted on to rule the Democrat Party’s way on any hot button issue.

And that’s why this court decision is very bad news for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump campaigned as a pro-life President.

In office, he’s tried to live up to that pledge.

To that end, his administration cut off Title X federal funds for clinics that provide abortion referrals.

But the left sued, and a District Court Judge in Oregon issued a nation-wide injunction blocking the Trump administration from implementing this procedure.

The Hill reports:

An Oregon federal judge on Monday issued a national injunction against the Trump administration’s measure cutting off federal funds for family planning clinics that offer abortions or referrals.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane called the proposed rule “madness.”

“At worst, it is a ham-fisted approach to health policy that recklessly disregards the health outcomes of women, families, and communities. In the guise of ‘program integrity,’ the Gag Rule prevents doctors from behaving like informed professionals,” McShane wrote. “It prevents counselors from providing comprehensive counseling. It prevents low-income women from making an informed and independent medical decision.”

Federal funds have long been banned from covering abortions, but family planning clinics that offer the procedure receive federal grants under the Title X Family Planning Program.

In the Trump era, Obama judges have at the local district court level are taking it on themselves to set national policy.

A district court judge in Oregon only has jurisdiction over the cases in his specific district.

They have no authority over what goes on in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Trump supporters are wondering when the Supreme Court will take up a case about low level District Court judges setting the national agenda and put a stop to it.


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74 Responses

  1. Dan Fore says:

    The reason most student bills are unpaid is the money is given to the borrowing students. They blow the money and most do not complete their education. Then they cry because they have to pay their debt! A student should be be paid one dime when they borrow. It should be paid to the school if they are in attendance and in good standing. Only money should be disbursed when they are in school semester by semester.

  2. Dan Fore says:

    The reason most student bills are unpaid as the money is given to the borrowing student. They blow the money and most do not complete their education. Then they cry because they have to pay their debt! A student should be be paid one dime when they borrow. It should be paid to the school if they are in attendance and in good standing. Only money should be disbursed when they are in school semester by semester.

  3. DonRS says:

    As the DOJ is purge to come of the Obama sycophants, under AJ Barr, there is hope that the appeals of the outrageous, unconstitutional rulings of “minor league” Federal judges will be more rapidly OVERTURNED! Obama so horribly POISONED our judicial system, it will take time, but is seems clear Barr is JUST the MAN TO DO THE JOB. NO MORE SQUISHES like Jeff Sessions!

  4. Vickie Ross says:

    Satan should have a field day with the Dems when judgement day comes. Murder of innocent babies is wrong. Federal dollars shouldn’t be going to fund abortions at any level.

    • True. Each person should be responsible for their reckless behaviors. I, revere my tax dollars used to satisfy abortions because someone could not control thamself. That is junk.

  5. Buddy H. says:

    Once again Obama seems to have given America an unsolicited prostate examination! Way to go fools!

  6. John J says:

    Why should MY money go to support baby execution, take a very small portion to teach pigs to keep their legs closed

  7. Jose says:

    Democrats propaganda it’s ok for women to kill their
    babies at full terms. Sure, they expect to put the tab on every citizen ( our tax dollars ) pay the bill through the disguise of Family planning and we all know the money are push to pay for abortions. Killing babies is better
    than protecting animal like cats which the House in
    Congress passed few months ago. This all disgusting.
    Democrats also favor, criminal s to vote, lower the voting age , allowing the Portugal the driver license after they cross illigally. These people also will be on
    welfare with full medical coverage. Just like Europe all
    The migrants are on welfare. Sweden has 80% of their Somalis are on welfare. I’m very resentful on this . I came to this country and work very hard like everyone. Why
    Are we allowing the new generation of immigrants who turns politicians, got there degrees for free because the government give them free tuition because they fall
    under ” minority ” . They turn against the country that
    help them, ungrateful teaching their children to hate America and hate white people. New Rep. In Congress wants prostitution legal. Media ( Vogue magazine )
    endorse the sick profession, in all angle our nation
    are getting distorted to a third world banana republic
    by the Democrat politicians. 2020 election is the only one that will change. MAGA!!!! ????,

  8. Marv says:

    The dems. completely lost it 2+ yrs. ago. Now full term abortions. There NUTS. NO ONE in there right mind would agree to any of that.

    • Stella says:

      I am against Full Term Abortions. Killing is Murder of an Unborn. In fact all abortions are the murder of the innocents.

  9. Bonnie Holloway says:

    Bad and digusting. Now full term abortion. The Democratic party has fallen off the clift .Extremisim.

    • The Real M says:

      Bonnie Holloway, I know. I absolutely cannot even think about aborting a full term baby. The sweet little baby is a gift from God and to murder it is a horrible sinful disgusting act. I am sorry for the ones who will stand before God to be judged for having done this. Most Dems are atheist so they don’t believe in God, I pity them for what is waiting for them. I guess when you convince yourself there is no hereafter there is only now, you can pretty much justify anything the flesh tells you it is okay to do. I don’t understand how people come to be like that and I am glad I don’t.

  10. Bonnie Holloway says:

    Unfortunately as bad as it definitely
    Democrats will not give up

  11. Betty says:

    d trump AKA CRAZY donald, has been nothing but Bad News for America & it’s people the day that INSANE IDIOT & PISS-ASS PIG was elected president!

    • Joe Mccann says:

      Your an Idiot

    • Marvin W says:

      Trump has been very GOOD NEWS for America, Betty. The LOWEST unemployment rate for both Hispanics and Blacks in 50 years! What’s bad about that? What’s bad about getting the steel industry back up and running? What’s bad about becoming energy independent? Where have you been? We didn’t call Obama a “P…A…Pig” when he was in office. We may not have liked him and his admitted love affair with communism (read his book Dreams From My Father for this information.) We didn’t like his economic policies that put more people on welfare than any other President and we didn’t like that he borrowed MORE MONEY than ANY OTHER President before him COMBINED! And where did all that money go? We didn’t see very much of it spent on our economy. But we didn’t call him names. That’s not how a democracy runs, Betty.

    • Phil G. says:

      You looking in the mirror? ????

    • jacobo mandelblum says:

      I refuse to have my hard earned TAXED money used for everybody to be SCREWING AROUND getting pregnant and then we taxpayers having to foot the bill of your irresponsibility.
      JUST AS GOD DAMNED SIMPLE AS THAT…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • R. Verkruysse says:

      What do you have as examples for your rant? I don’t like him as a person either, all he has done is tried to level the boat that the extreme left, which has gone totally overboard since he was elected, ex-presidents administration pushed us as a nation.

    • Tommy says:

      You should’ve been aborted, I support birth control for liberal family planning. More preventive liberal birth control equals a win for Americans. Less liberal leftists, the better the world.

    • Floyd says:

      Way to go huh whore kill all them babies right you people are disgusting and if I spelt anything wrong or my grommets not correct get o very it. Sincerely yours Betty the tramp

  12. Shelly says:

    I am against abortion as birth control. California processes a lot of them. Why? From what I was told, welfare only pays for 3 months of birth control post abortion, God forbid they protect themselves with condoms which you can usually get free at the health department.

    • Marvin W says:

      I agree. Abortion is not for birth control. A woman DOES have a choice…as in when she first jumps in the sack with any guy coming down the street and she CHOOSES to not take precautions at that point! There’s her “choice”

  13. Brenda says:

    No taxpayer money for abortions!
    Like it or not that is a selective procedure!
    Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for a person that selects an abortion!
    Put the issue up for a vote! Put it on the ballot.
    Absolutely this is wasting my money fore someone else’s choice in a medical procedure!
    Are we going to have to pay if somebody wants a cosmetic procedure? It to is selective.
    People choose to have an abortion. They should have to pay for it period!
    This abortion issue has gotten way out of control. When a healthy baby can be born alive then the decision is made for the live abortion. That has crossed the line to murder! No different if the parents smothered it at home. Its alive healthy it has the right to live. Adoption not abortion!
    Adoption not Abortion!
    For decades my hard earned money has gone to this evilness.
    People simply need to be responsible adults and make the choice before they lay down. They need to be accountable for their choices.
    I choose to no longer pay for abortions. The system has been prove its abusive on several levels.
    This needs to stop.
    If two people can not be accountable for their actions they will repeat it over and over again!
    Its insane to ask taxpayer to continue to pay for someone else’s selective procedure
    If that’s the case can l get a face lift and have taxpayers pay for it? There is no different.
    Some women have multiple abortions and we are footing the bill because she can’t keep her nasty legs closed!
    This is wrong!
    Babies have rights!
    Illegal babies have more rights than American babies. At least the illegals give birth to their babies!
    Executive Order to stop abortions except under strict guidelines.
    Adoption not Abortion!
    MAGA 2020 and beyond!
    Stack our court rooms with conservative judges! Judges that rule accordingly to the laws of the land!

  14. George says:

    Sex is a wonderful and sacred act, God created us man and woman so we could join and give each other pleasure and grow in love. The world has perverted sex and turned it into something dirty and selfish, sex on TV like Friends and other so-called comedy shows, trivializes sex making it something meaningless. These shows never show the ugliness of the abortion clinics, aborted fetuses and broken hearts of young women grieving their dead offspring they will never hold. How far have we gone down this rabbit hole and how much more is God going to tolerate from us before He judges this nation?

  15. 1PatriotForever says:

    Flesh eating cannibals are the Moloch LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE – DEMOCRATS – Hell is too good for them

  16. The Real M says:

    True Story, so help me! I worked with a young lady at one time who told me she had FIVE abortions. She had abortions because her boyfriend would not use protection of any kind. I ask her, so you use abortions for birth control? She said YES! I was finished with that conversation!

    I have also heard true stories about the depression and guilt some young women suffer after an abortion. Some become alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes, and some suicide. These women probably were not Christian but, what else other than a still small voice inside could cause this deep sense of guilt and loss?

    These politicians, judges, etc. who have played a part in making abortion possible will have a heavy price to pay with all the death on their hands. There are so many people involved in abortion services, it is sad……..

    Planned Parenthood should not be funded with taxpayer money. We should not be forces to fund this murderous organization!

    • FIREBALL XR5 says:

      My x sister in law had 3 abortions from dating the same man for years. This was a long time before I had met her.

      Then years later she married a guy because she got knocked up. A few years fast foward shes pregnant again but the school teacher husband who is also a Democrat ” won’t go through another baby” so she gets her 4th and final abortion.

      The first 3 abortions were because he was married and a prominent lawyer in her town no kidding.

      I always brought that up whenever she tried to give me a hard time.
      She still goes to catholic church every Sunday with her husband..

  17. Lady Di says:

    could not agree more. Disgusting

  18. John says:

    The last I heard, the job and obligation of a judge is to uphold and enforce law and rule according to law. This judge, in this instance, has failed in his obligation by violating the U.S. Constitution itself. Starting with article 1, section1 : All legislative powers herein GRANTED… (emphasis mine), and continuing on, one finds that nowhere, in the Constitution, is the federal government granted any power to spend any money or pass any law or regulation concerning medicine and doctors. Those powers are restricted, by the Constitution, to state and local governments and the people. The only exception I can see is in article 1, section 8, granting the federal government the power to raise and support a military. To me, this can legally be considered to grant the power to have military and veterans hospitals. The only other power I think is granted to the federal about the field of medicine is the power to grant patents and copyrights who discover new tools, medications, and techniques. I am also sarcastic and very NOT impressed with people who think(?) that people are not people, “just a mass of tissue” until after they’re born, while California Condors are California Condors while still microscopic embryos inside the eggs and are strictly protected.

    • Marvin W says:

      Well said, John. I especially like the condors reference. Funny how the law bends this way and that depending on the topic.

    • Phil G. says:

      I thought it was to interpret the law or laws according to the Constitution? Not make it? Or decide to enforce something they decide they like instead?

  19. Mama says:

    NOOO Federal Funds for ABORTION.
    Period. Not my $ nor Yours.

  20. master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

    I agree with you. They are all stupid commy s that lie cheat steel think they way a above the people of this great country.We are not the dumb ass’s they are trators.Term limits need now with no retirement funds or insurance paid by the people tax payers. SEMPER FI USMC

  21. Sharon Jenkins says:

    Why should taxpayers funds be used for abortions? If one wishes to have an abortion that is their choice, however using taxpayers funds to fund abortions the taxpayers have no choice…..

    • Phil G. says:

      It’s like using your own tax dollars against yourself! Like what Bill Clinton and Al Gore did to for illegal Unconstitutional anti-gun confiscation against law abiding gun owners! Funneling money’s from tax collections sales from Sports , Camping , Fishing , Gun , etc.. They both should have been Impeached just for that! Many like me did not support the confiscation of our own Gun’s? It was forced on us! Illegal as hell! As a matter of fact! This practice has been going on for years! You ever wondered why money that was raised for school’s and roads. Disappeared? No roads and why schools were still begging for money for books etc? They funnel those mony’s Tom those entities to other thing’s? You or we didn’t vote for! Get a clue? Every year or four years the Schools always beg for more money for everything ? You ever ask yourself why? They use the teacher’s and parent’s to protest and beg! Every time? So where is that damn money going? Despite what they ask for? I don’t vote for that crap anymore. Why? It doesn’t go where it is supposed to? Someone needs to get a patiition signed with a hundred thousand signatures to change this kind of crap! So that those money ‘s go to exactly what they were raised and intended for in the first place! Do I get an Amen? When and if this happens? I’ll agree to vote on money for those causes.

  22. Larry says:

    This judge McShane is a crooked Liberal democrat that only supports the crooked Democrats. He does not uphold the law

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.

    • Sissybrat says:

      Good ole Oregon 2nd most liberal state in the country. I live here and a proud Republican. We are not the minority its cities like Portland and Eugene U of O that control our state and the devil herself Governor Kate Brown. It is like we have no say just like Californians and New Yorkers.

    • Phil G. says:

      Then if yhat’s yrue? He should be removed for incompetence and dereliction of his fiduciary duties he was elected or chosen to perform. He must be removed and replaced with someone with integrity and morals. God is Good.

  23. Ray Richards says:

    Abortion is premeditated murder – – – Human Life begins at conception and science has proven this FACT!

    • Ronsch says:

      All fertile women who are having sex, often produce fertilized cells that fail to implant thus not making her pregnant. In fact that happens much more often than pregnancy. There are about 2 billion fertile women on the planet. Most of those who are having sex are producing fertilized cells that come out in their menstrual fluids. That means there are probably 100 million fertilized cells dying in menstruation every month. A hundred million dying every month by the act of your God.

      Over the existence of the human race there are trillions of fertilized cells that have ceased to exist. Where are those trillions? If they have souls, where are they? That’s vastly more than people who have actually lived.

      • The Real M says:

        Ronsch, So what is your point? We are not supposed to understand everything, that is God’s job. You have no proof and no way of knowing if any of the fertilized eggs in question ever had life, perhaps they were imperfect and unable to be alive at all, only God knows that. If they were ever a living human, they have a soul, this I know. Can’t give you chapter and verse but, Jesus said He knew us when we were in our mother’s womb. Do you realize what that means? God knows a child in the womb (not a fetus but, a living baby), abortion is premediated murder as Ray Richards stated in his comment.

    • The Real M says:

      Ray Richards, No truer words were ever spoken! Thank you.

  24. Valerie says:

    Abortions should only be funded by charitable donations (not Clinton’s foundation). 500,00 activists marched in DC day after President Trump ‘s inauguration ,they should donate $1000.00 per person per year. That would stop pro life people from being a part of the murdering babies.

  25. Julie says:

    I so agree. They need to put a diaper on, put a pacifier in the mouth handcuffs on a bunch of them. Move on and get back to work

  26. Onnik says:

    This Judge is a left Liberal Obama PIG, and it is becoming Plenty Obvious What this IDIOT Barak Obama Appointees & what this Judges are up to by taking everything in Stride Against Our President. Time for this Filthy Worms, and Humanoid Judges to be Evicted from their Benches, and Locked Up along with Obama, Holder, Leach-Linch, and the rest of the Deep State Players. Time for the Country to Erupt into Civil Disobedience & if need be Civil war Against the DEEP STATE, and Clean UP the DEEP STATE.

  27. Tim Gatto says:

    In reading articles for and against of both sides of the isle and having been a democrat most of my life ,,that these congress and senate leaders know they are lying and that most of us know it and still go on and on about Trump when they have evidence that Obama and Clinton are the complicit in spying and colluding with foreign powers they are despicable traitors from Pelosi and Feinstein to Shiff Nadler and Schumer they are Hippocrates and deserve no support

    • Julie says:

      I so agree. They need to put a diaper on, put a pacifier in the mouth handcuffs on a bunch of them. Move on and get back to work

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      I agree with you. They are all stupid commy s that lie cheat steel think they way a above the people of this great country.We are not the dumb ass’s they are trators.Term limits need now with no retirement funds or insurance paid by the people tax payers. SEMPER FI USMC

    • The Real M says:

      Tim Gatto, A bipartisan Democrat, fair and balanced, and speaking the truth. Thank you Tim. You sound like a Republican, come on now, #WalkAway to the Republican party. You are obviously engaged and informed as to what is really going on in D.C.

  28. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This reminds me of the ethnic cleansing that goes on in a few countries around the world. Maybe we should have Democrat”cleansing” here.

  29. Donald O. Gorum says:

    I, a Christian, do not believe that anyone can legislate morals BUT I also believe that TAXPAYERS should not be made for someone else’s immorality! MURDER!

    • Jack Swanson says:

      Don, I also am a christian. And I agree that they cannot legislate moral values. But for decades they have legislated AWAY moral values. Abortion is murder of an unborn person. No matter what the circumstances are. There is always another option then abortion. And we have the responsibility to use those options. Not just take a life just because it is easier at the time. Our legislators and judges have the blood on their hands and will pay the price in the end.
      And tax payers should not be responsible for their bad decisions and rulings.

      • John Doe says:

        So, Jack, you are in favor of forcing someone who is raped and becomes pregnant to have the baby?

        • Charles says:

          SO is 30 million children who were killed since Roe-v-Wade isn’t enough for you? How many more need to be killed before you say that is enough? Answer me damn it !!! How much more innocent blood will we support?

        • The Real M says:

          John Doe, So, John, you want to go to hell for premediated murder of an unborn human child?

        • Linda H says:

          John Doe, It is better to have the baby and give it to someone else than kill the baby and go to h_ ll for murder.

        • Marvin W says:

          John Doe: I would accept abortion for a raped woman but these pregnancies talked about here are NOT because of rape, they are just an inconvenience abortion because the woman was too lazy to require that her guy use a condom. If he refuses, then it’s simple lady, no condom equals no sex. Besides, sex is not supposed to be a recreation parlor game played with as many men as a woman can get into the sack!

  30. Denis says:

    There are 20 X more Federally Funded and Federally Qualified Health Care Centers in the USA. If my math serves me correctly, 20 X MORE is 2,000.00% MORE. These Health Care Centers do much more for women [and men and children – too] than does Planned Parenthood EXCEPT that these Health Care Centers DO NOT MURDER BABIES and DO NOT SELL BUTCHERED BABY PARTS TO THIRD PARTIES. So why do we need the BARBARIC BABY BUTCHERS CALLED PLANNED PARENTHOOD??? What kind of a GODLESS; GUTLESS and GULLIBLE country do we now call the USA?

  31. Timothy Toroian says:

    Let the left talk more about baby killing and see what happens.

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