This court decision is very bad news for Donald Trump

Federal courts are the left’s secret weapon against Donald Trump.

Barack Obama packed the judiciary with liberal activists who can be counted on to rule the Democrat Party’s way on any hot button issue.

And that’s why this court decision is very bad news for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump campaigned as a pro-life President.

In office, he’s tried to live up to that pledge.

To that end, his administration cut off Title X federal funds for clinics that provide abortion referrals.

But the left sued, and a District Court Judge in Oregon issued a nation-wide injunction blocking the Trump administration from implementing this procedure.

The Hill reports:

An Oregon federal judge on Monday issued a national injunction against the Trump administration’s measure cutting off federal funds for family planning clinics that offer abortions or referrals.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Michael McShane called the proposed rule “madness.”

“At worst, it is a ham-fisted approach to health policy that recklessly disregards the health outcomes of women, families, and communities. In the guise of ‘program integrity,’ the Gag Rule prevents doctors from behaving like informed professionals,” McShane wrote. “It prevents counselors from providing comprehensive counseling. It prevents low-income women from making an informed and independent medical decision.”

Federal funds have long been banned from covering abortions, but family planning clinics that offer the procedure receive federal grants under the Title X Family Planning Program.

In the Trump era, Obama judges have at the local district court level are taking it on themselves to set national policy.

A district court judge in Oregon only has jurisdiction over the cases in his specific district.

They have no authority over what goes on in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Trump supporters are wondering when the Supreme Court will take up a case about low level District Court judges setting the national agenda and put a stop to it.

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