This compromising photo just showed why Joe Biden is going to resign

An increasing number of Democrats are openly talking about why Joe Biden should not run for re-election in 2024.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And this compromising photo just showed why Joe Biden is going to resign.

If Joe Biden runs for re-election, he will be 86-years old at the end of his second term.

Polls already show that Americans think Joe Biden is too old and senile at the age of 79 to carry out his duties as Commander-in-Chief.

A Harvard-Harris poll showed 53 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is mentally incompetent to serve as President.

Now there is photographic evidence that Joe Biden is mentally incompetent.

A photographer snapped a picture of Joe Biden at a White House event holding a card listing step-by-step instructions for what he was supposed to do during the meeting.

Joe Biden’s handlers provided him with the type of instructions one would give a young child, such as telling him to take his seat, thank everyone, and leave when the event was over.

The card even capitalized the word “you” to remind Biden that he was the President.

Biden’s instruction card read:

YOU take YOUR seat

YOU give brief comments (two minutes).

YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question

YOU thank participants.

YOU depart.

Americans were horrified at the fact that Joe Biden would not know to sit down or say hello without written instructions.

Former Trump White House aide Stephen Miller said it was time for Congress and the cabinet to discuss using the 25th Amendment to remove Joe Biden from office.

“There need to be emergency hearings next year on the 25th amendment,” Miller wrote on social media.

Talk show host Clay Travis compared the corporate-controlled media hysteria falsely claiming Donald Trump had dementia to how the press routinely ignores instances like Joe Biden needing a cue card to remind him that he is President as an example of one of the biggest media double standards in history.

“They spent four years putting doctors on air discussing the 25th amendment for Trump with a scintilla of the evidence indicating Joe Biden’s mental faculties. Who wrote this note card and what are they hiding if this note is necessary? I’d like to see them testify under oath,” Travis wrote.

But even Democrats are starting to admit Joe Biden’s age is an issue.

And if the Party eventually does pressure Joe Biden to step aside in 2024, pictures like the one of him holding a notecard reminding him to sit down and say hello to others will be a big reason why.

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