This CNN reporter’s threat against Sarah Huckabee Sanders will leave you red with rage

It’s no secret CNN hates Donald Trump.

The fake news network runs an endless parade of hosts, guests, and so-called “reporters” on the air to pump out a steady stream of anti-Trump propaganda.

But this CNN reporter’s threat against Sarah Huckabee Sanders will leave you red with rage.

Fake news CNN – seeing its credibility shattered after spending two years promoting a hoax about Russian collusion – latched onto a line from the Mueller Report about how Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Mueller’s prosecutors that her line about countless FBI agents telling her they wanted James Comey fired was a “slip of the tongue.”

On “Out Front with Erin Burnett,” CNN contributor April Ryan made graphic comments about Sanders deserving to be fired, claiming she should have her “head lopped off.”

Breitbart reports on the exchange:

ERIN BURNETT: [Press Secretary Sarah] Sanders told the Special Counsel, April, that countless, that “countless members of the FBI” was a “slip of the tongue,” and then she said “her statement in a separate press interview where she said rank-and-file FBI agents lost confidence in Comey”? She said, oh, that was just “a comment made ‘in the heat of the moment’ and it was not founded on anything.” Okay. So does she have credibility left?

APRIL RYAN: Not only does she not have credibility, she lied. She out and out lied. And the people, the American people can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the President’s mouthpiece-spokesperson from the people’s house. Therefore, she should be let go. She should be fired, end of story.

When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start and start lopping the heads off. It fires me Thursday or fire me Good Friday. She needs to go.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee – Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ father – reacted with fatherly outrage and said the White House should yank Ryan’s credentials.

Other Americans don’t think that is going far enough.

They believe CNN should fire April Ryan.

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70 Responses

  1. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Demoncraps can get away with practically anything and get a free pass as they got the media and Hollywood backing them up. Now if she was a Republican she’d be fired and blacklisted for life.

  2. Cnn=commie news network

  3. Eagle109 says:

    Obama’s first spokesman would stand right there and tell a lie about something that had been broadcast differently on the worldwide newscast. I guess with the Democrats we expect Lying, so it is overlooked, but with the Republicans you rarely see it, so when it does happen, it’s a real crime. I guess it doesn’t help Sara that most of the reporters are Liberal.

  4. Ernst says:

    In addition to evil and nasty, that “head lopped off”sounds like criminal threat. April Ryan is a despicable, trashy individual.

  5. E ~ 4 Ed says:

    I think they are officially DONE now, the numbers where at 3.75 million when the BS slinging started to 650,000 in some small tick when it had 3,750 And as of to days Denver ( also of the lies media, I call it all the yellow provi’da fish wrap … ponder that 3,100,000. in 17 actual months because the first 10 weeks was used to only get the Jack Ass Party all in goose step, after all, they don’t report NEWS they read the prompter & hell you can in some very long time have 1000 monkeys with 1000 Remington typewriters and maybe just a sliver of maybe they might type War & Peace but first you;ve got to give them some fresh fruits for them want to do
    it for some more fruits … B,T,W. the name of a few male gorillas is called Congress it’s spelled Con~U~In~To~Griefs … … … . ..

  6. T.C. says:

    Every one knows that, CNN is the total scum of the earth. Filled with dirt balls, deuce bags , etc. Just like MSNBC, The View, etc.

  7. Gregory Sullivan says:

    CNN’S days are numbered as I think that in less that 5 years that it will go bankrupt and leave the airwaves for good. And if that’s the case, good riddance.

  8. spunky says:

    Typical of the hood rat – the fat black lady on porch yelling bad words to the family 6 houses down – only missing was head bobbing and hand on hip

  9. Ron says:

    CNN Anderson Cooper is a FAG , Lying Liberal Media that is falling in the toilet ! fake News CNN

  10. Kevin Henderson says:

    Anybody at CNN calling someone else a liar is the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended). The only time CNN doesn’t lie is when they’re off the air.

  11. Ellen says:

    CNN and credibility is an oxymoron

  12. Bill roar!! Everyone has had a slip of the tongue!!

  13. N says:

    Swamp News, MSM=Fake News (CNN,FOX,MSNBC.etc)The Pravda Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  14. PUINSHER says:


  15. woody says:

    Its funny when they make their own bed let them lie and let them defend their own actions and let it fall where it may . I have hreid her tell many untruths .What go’s around comes around ,so you all don’t have to say a word !

  16. Chris Berg says:

    Yes, fire April Ryan because she is an ugly, vicious, lying , nasty RACIST NEGRO ( we are allowed to say that N word, right, because it was MLK’s favorite word… how can it be a bad word?

  17. Laurel says:

    Vincent, you are almost right about AR the ugliest of the uglies. Would haveLost her job long ago but would have had her head lopped off according to her own recommendations

  18. Tee says:

    April Ryan is a disgrace to her Race & Journalism! She is so uneducated, ignorant, fraudulent and wanting nothing but attention! I think she and Candace Owens should have a debate. Candace would wipe the floor with her!

  19. Gene says:

    Please let’s not put a Lady that stands in front of the world everyday and puts up(with a smile I might add) these wanta be reporters. And a person who can’t report news, but tries to make the news, this person along with those clowns on Clinton news network, should try out for a job they could maybe do. Like watching the world pass them by.

  20. David Kostos says:

    CNN , April Ryan Jim Acosta and many more are the enemy of the people…period

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