This CNN analyst cheered Mexico’s new socialist president when he attacked Trump

Mexico has elected a new leftist President.

President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has called mass migration into the United States a “human right.”

Now this CNN analyst use the Mexican election to attack President Trump and the border wall.

CNN’s Ana Navarro has a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome. She claims to be a Republican, but she loves nothing more than attacking President Trump.

She recently praised the socialist candidate who wants to abolish ICE, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won a Democratic Congressional Primary in New York.

Now she took to Twitter to gloat after a socialist won in Mexico.

Mexico’s new President is vowing to escalate the fight against Donald Trump on the border

Fox News report:

A left-wing populist who has railed against President Trump’s immigration policies in no uncertain terms was set to become Mexico’s president in his third try for the office, according to exit polls released Sunday night.

One exit poll, conducted by Consulta Mitofsky for broadcaster Televisa, showed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with a 16 to 26 percent lead over his nearest rival, conservative Ricardo Anaya. Jose Antonio Meade of the ruling centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was said to be in third. He conceded defeat in a televised speech soon after the exit poll came out.

Other exit polls projected that Lopez Obrador’s left-wing Morena party would win governorships in the states of Chiapas, Morelos, Tabasco and Veracruz, as well as the race for head of government in Mexico City.

When then candidate Donald Trump campaigned for President in 2016, he promised to build a wall along our southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

Since he was elected, President Trump has doubled down on our border security and deporting as many illegal immigrants as possible. A zero-tolerance policy has been enacted.

Construction has even begun on prototypes for the wall.

President Trump plans to make Mexico pay for construction of the wall by renegotiating our unfair trade agreements.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to fight back against Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the border.

He’s threatened to reduce securing his own southern border and allow illegal immigrants to flow in and out of the country with ease.

It shows the sad state of affairs in Mexico that the president is actively encouraging his own people to flee to America.


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79 Responses

  1. Grampa says:

    well the straws they grasp get smaller and smaller

  2. W FLATT says:


  3. W FLATT says:


  4. Stan Lee says:

    The reaction of the CNN person caused me to reflect how I’d look to both my left and right, when I was a soldier. I just needed that assurance that the people who depended upon me and I them, were in accord with me when “the chips were down.” The character who had been affected by CNN’s disloyalty would not have been dependable. He would have been loyal to an agenda that could serve none of us.

  5. Don says:

    IT’S NOW, OR EVEN PAST TIME, TO SHUT DOWN CNN, (C)OMMUNIST (N)EGATIVE(ANTI-AMERICAN) NUTTURDS! They are partly/largely what is causing problems in our country along with those Libtard Congress Left-wingers, the CLINTON CARTAL, George Soros, and the other Left-Wing Media Libtards.

  6. The thinking of this a-Hole is about as fuzzy as a polar bear.

  7. Ron Peterson says:

    The FAR-LEFT will cry for FORGIVENESS on NOVEMBER 5 th, 2018 when the REPUBLICANS RETAKE the HOUSE AND SENATE for the next 2 YEARS and PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP RETAKES the PRESIDENTS position in the WHITE HOUSE in 2020…

  8. JohnGaltTexas says:

    So Mexico wants to invade the US.
    Lets see how that all works out for them.

    • zee says:

      missing point. Already Happened. w/ Both Previous Administrations
      > the ‘buzz’ re 0brador IS: putting a ‘Clamp’ on NWO/ ( like DJT).
      >Prev MX leadership, Totally in ‘bed’ w/ Cartels. buzz Is, 0brador
      Knows ‘theArt of the Deal’ . capish. > 0brador = Good! for Mex/USA.

  9. JohnGaltTexas says:

    Navarro is no republican, she is a lying leftist scat-eating cockroach.

  10. trapperwv1 says:

    The new pres elect in Mexico can say whatever he wants up until December when he takes office , when that happens encouraging his citizens to cross illegally will be a government sanctioned invasion that could be met with military force. He better be careful what he wishes for , no president in his right mind would encourage the good and working people of their country to leave.

  11. If it’s an inherent right for people to immigrate to the US, then why does he not want that same immigration process to apply to Mexico? Big talk from a little man with few policies. Mexico happily applies the old adage, ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say’. After all there’s no impact on their society or economy.

  12. The hate mongers will cheer for anyone that attacks President Trump.

  13. stadalberts says:

    Real Americans DO NOT care about the Crappy News Network at all!

  14. Mott D Dorn says:

    They ALL lie when it comes to “News”! The only thing they want are “Ratings” I take ANYTHING they say with a salt shaker of salt!

  15. beelpee says:

    Hello little communist pukes. ICE will not, repeat, will NOT be abolished, modified or changed in any way to please your sick desires, so shut-the-_______- up and go hug your therapy squirrel.

  16. zee says:

    From what i understand, US media lying re /presenting false info re Obrador.
    > MEX pplThink/Elected a ‘DJT’ for MEX AGAINST NWQ ESTABLISHMENT.
    > Foreign news Much diff than a lot of ‘trash US msm crap.

  17. Timothy Toroian says:

    Leftist whore! Move there, enjoy the pleasant, accommodating society. Tijuana, maybe? Nice, easy going vacation spot.

    • Jer says:

      It is not only Tijuana, but , those cities that were populated with “Norte American’s” that have been devastated. Acapulco, Mexico City , and so many more. The illegal immigration activity is old news. Been happening since the 1800’s. Of course the lame stream media cares nought for accuracy , nor history.

  18. Time for trump get our military people in Mexico and arrest that phony president that is sending his people to America without entering USA legally.

  19. Bill says:

    Ana Navarro I wish someone would take this bitch out or force her to live and work in Mexico

  20. William J Vital says:

    I would guess that he will welcome all the aliens in Mexico. If he won’t, he should stop them at the southern Mexican boarder and turn them around heading south.

  21. N says:

    If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished (RINOs too)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  22. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I guess the New President of Mexico will start allowing illegals that enter Mexico to stay. He should also welcome MS13. Nancy P thinks they should have human rights and treated with dignity and respect.

  23. Joseph says:

    Ana Navarro is a racist pig! She wants to push the illegal alien issue on Americans and the idiot Democrats and MSM are trying to swing it as well. She lies! Children are not pulled from their parents loving arms by the Trump admin. They are separated from the adults they are with those adults are arrested for crimes. No country imprisons children when the adults they accompany are jailed. Liberals need to get a brain and learn the difference.

    • JohnGaltTexas says:

      “Liberals need to get a brain and learn the difference”.
      They are nowhere near equipped for that.

  24. Bill Johannson says:

    If they decide that its in their best interest to “invade” like their new douchebag in charge is encouraging them to do, maybe we can finish the Mexican problem once and for all by just annexing their sh**hole country. Build 1 big centralized prison in the middle of the worst part (yeah, I know the whole place is a s**thole, but I’m sure there is a shi**ole inside the s**thole that is worse than the rest of the sh**hole). Dig a 200′ wide sewage mote around the place and 15 rows of razer wire around it. 500,000 capacity. Round up all the cartel members to start the prison population. And the best part, use cheap mexican labor to build the place. They would not be subject to our wage or labor laws for the first 10 years or until they can start acting like civilized humans. And could not vote until the end of 10 years. Must compete U.S. citizenship classes and training. I figure the requirements wont stop here but it would be a good start.

  25. Jan13 says:

    Dump NAFTA, and every illegal sent back will mean $1,000,000. less in aid , then Mexico will be paying for the border wall.

  26. T Munson 15 says:

    as long as people trusts the coprophagy news Network, they will continue 2 deliver it by the shovel full

  27. dENISE says:

    Ana, CNN and the New president of Mexico you can all go to hell. We will fight even harder to build OUR WALL. IT IS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT TO COME TO AMERICA ILLEGALLY. Mr. new president you mean nothing to us and we will fight you every inch of the way. Wer are tired off illegals who think they can break OUR LAWS. Mr. New president of Mexico can people come and break your laws??? Is it o.k.??? I bet not. F you Mexico president. We are toughewr than you and we will fight you.

    • ben says:

      The Mexican economy and the “peso” are going to take a “nose dive” in the next 6-months. Manuel Lopez Obrador is a big mouth and doesn’ know how to iimprove the economy nor anything else. President Trump is going to challenge him on every issue and Mexico is going to come “begging” to help Mexico get their economy and country back on track. Foreign investors and investments are going to wait , to see how efffecive the new government is going to be, before investores invest in Mexico.

  28. T, says:

    Cnn news is nothing but a Mexican whore house

  29. Steven Jones says:

    Civil War is just around the corner !!! We the people, that love our country and abide and believe in our laws must stand up against those who do not. We must not take what is going on today, At All !!!!

  30. Chuck says:

    All he is looking at is the money sent back monthly form the USA to Mexico in 2014 it was over 26 BILLION and now estimated to be over 50 BILLION a year Hell yes he wants them to come here and keep Mexico green with american dollars

  31. Mike says:

    F*** Mexico. They are invading our country. It is war. Get the military out there. Build the wall. Tax dollar going back to Mexico to build the wall. They need us more than we need them. They need to go through proper channels to come to the USA like any other immigrate. We need to pressure the countries south of the USA to make changes for their people wellfare like we pressure other countries across the ocean

  32. Rivahmitch says:

    Build the wall.Militarize the border ans shoot anyone northbound except at official entry points. At official entry points, let no non-citizens in.

  33. harold g. morgan says:

    instead of oranges lob the illeagels

  34. FBEYES says:

    If the New Mexican front man assists in eligal migration into our country just declare a state of war. Seize a 50 mile wide corridor along the entire length of the southern border. Evacuate towns and force them south ( Casualties of war). Initiate Shoot to kill orders in this no mans land . Enforce it. Tell Mexico that this environment will continue until our wall is built and they have paid for it as well as the cost of having to have gone to these measures. Lastly, take something permanent as the price Mexico must pay for causing this crisis. Gold and a lot of it.

  35. Bill says:

    There President during his campaigning stated that he will push for the all Mexicans to leave there homes and flood to America. Now with today’s statement to open there southern border so outsiders can come and go as they please. His get rich quick might be the Mexicans abandoned homes with be sold to those coming in the southern border with the cartels help.

  36. Mike says:

    I support President Trump but building a wall is just plain stupid. There are better ways to deal with illegal immigration, and there are also better uses for the money that it would cost. For example, we have a lot of ex-servicemen that could use a job patrolling the borders.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      There’s NO practicalwayto sufficiently man that border with human deterrents! It’s HUNDREDS of miles of wilderness terrain, open deserts, range land, mountains, all utterly inhospitable to a largescale human presence! We MUST have a wall, with human patrols along it to stop the “runners'” trucks as well as caravans of human Invaders.

    • jerry says:

      I live less than a mile from the Rio Grande. I guarantee the people I see running this way from the border could not get over the wall. I would wager a guess it would be 95% effective. We take the money back from Mueller we can start work on the wall.

      • True Believer says:

        Yes, Jerry have been down there many times and crossed into Mexico from various parts in Arizona and Texas. A wall will not only be effective on keeping them out but also the drugs. Kinda hard to throw drugs over a wall that is 30 ft high. They the guards on our side could really have a hay day of getting all of the drugs. The cartels would have to think of something different. Mexico doesn’t want to stop anything because they get rewarded big time.


  38. Michael says:

    Forget the wall we need infrastructure! I live in a rural area and the roads are pathetic. If you could see, or better yet drive on then you would think you were in one of Trumps third world countries. Instead of a wall start prosecuting and fining the citizens and corporations that are hiring the illegal aliens to save a buck instead of hiring U.S. citizens. This will also boost the economy by hiring lawyers to defend the violators. A win win for America!!

    • DRLJR says:

      We need to do both. Though “Progressives” will claim we can’t.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      The roads in your area are your LOCAL, COUNTY, & STATE gov’t’s problem to deal with, not the Feds’. Complain to them; or better yet, GET INVOLVED, and learn how all that actually works! Attend your local gov’t meetings, it’s a really opener , and education!

  39. Richard M Crooks says:


    • Farnco says:

      Get some help, Chicken Lips!
      You DEMIs won’t even admit this is the best economy in the last 100 years!

      NO WONDER he keeps gaining in popularity!
      YOU guys are committing Political Suicide!!!!!

      Look at todays polls after you Idiots are screaming to eradicate ICE!!!

      MS13 will be very happy and they will visit your homes, Chicken Lips!!!

      DICTATOR???? Live in a country with a dictator and than talk!!!!!

    • John says:

      Sorry, one liar was voted out of office in November 2016, and the second biggest liar lost that election. Grammar ol’ Richard, grammar. People have eaten it up, and the reason they have,”ATE,” it up is because they can afford to eat now that Trump got them a tax break, instead of the democrats tax HIKE!

    • Kevin says:

      Richard, learn grammar please, its no not know. I guess you really don’t know what a dictator is and how has he lied and scammed America? I think you are just a parrot and have no thught of your own.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Excuse me, Trump is only enforcing the extant LAWS; that’s his JOB, as POTUS ( a job O refused to do unless he LIKEDa particular law, and then selectively enforced them ). Don’t like the situation CHANGE the laws , and tell YOUR Congress critters to stop emotingand dividing , and work for ALL Americans, for a change!

    • Dave Arch says:

      You need to go back to school and take some spelling lessons typical Democrat garbage.

  40. Mike H says:

    I say build the wall. And take everything out of Mexico that’s American. Shut our trade down completely. Now let’s see what direction they go. The Cartel is going to run the president because it runs the rest of their country.

    • Rodger Shull says:

      yes sure, SHUT DOWN MEXICO. pull all USA businesses out, stop all trade, stop all fereral foreign aid, and ship all illegals back. an clean out the prisons, with illegals serving time, send some rapest and murders back. and the rest of the trash. flood them back with their own people. An this new president is controlled by the cartels . He is their obama ,corrput criminal and illegal and blood on his hands.

    • Farnco says:

      I have relatives in Culiacan and they tell me this NEW guy better be very careful !!
      Mexico’s retirement package for Politicians can be dangerous!
      During these elections some got murdered before the results were even tabulated!!!!


    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Also halt the flow of money sent there by people here illegally or legally, that comprises 1/5 of Mexico’s national economy!

  41. DRLJR says:

    Why is anyone surprised? “Progressives” support the invasion and destruction of countries to impose their dictatorship. And the Communist have controlled Mexico since the 1920. We can see what that has created. Instead of fixing their problems Mexico wants its citizens to invade the US and leach off of us. But that is what “Progressives” have always done – leach of the people who are productive.

  42. Wills says:

    “President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has called mass migration into the United States a “human right.” I’d call it an enemy invasion of a sovereign country. If El Presidente Jalapeno wants to start a war with the US…he will not like the outcome. He has no right to our land…

    • DRLJR says:

      Which is why we need a real wall and the Army on the southern border to repel these invaders. What I favor is a dual wall system with each wall 100 feet high and 100 feet apart, with a 300 foot trench between them.

      • John says:

        Nah. just two 20 foot walls 20 feet apart and fill the intervening 20 feet with alligators, with enough water for the alligators to swim in.

        • DRLJR says:

          The gator’s won’t eat all of the illegal aliens. The wall needs to be high enough to stop people from crossing. But putting gators in the middle is not a bad idea. 🙂

      • Pamela says:

        I totally agree with you . WE NEED THE WALL BUILT AND THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT. We can’t afford to support all of these illegal aliens & children entering our country. We don’t work everyday to support other people. We have enough of our own that are already on Social Services. We would be a 3rd world country in no time, but that is what the DEMORATS want. Good GOD!!!

      • Rodger Shull says:

        and electrified , what a shock coming to AMERICA

    • Farnco says:

      They are laughing at us!
      They know the coyotes are getting rich and the drugs are coming into our country!

      Take a survey and learn what happens when you violate other countries’ borders!
      Mexico will incarcerate you for (3) years for the first offense.
      (10) years for the second . I can’t imagine what they do after the Third offense!

      You knuvle-heads want to abolish ICE!
      MS13 WILL BE VERY HAPPY!!!!!!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Didn’t work so well the last time, and back in 1848, we were pretty equally armed, and trained, but THEY had the supply line advantage by far! None of those factors is true now!

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