This bureaucrat stepped in it big time when she disrespected our military

Recent national anthem protests by NFL players have emboldened America-haters.

Now government bureaucrats are resorting to every trick in the book to force patriotic Americans to give up their pride – or else.

But what this city inspector just did to one Florida business crossed a line.

Jaguar Power Sports in Jacksonville, FL has a rooftop display complete with two United States flags, flags representing each branch of the military, as well as a Jacksonville Jaguars flag.

This week, city inspector Melinda Power waltzed into the store and issued a written citation because she said the military flags flying on the roof were in violation of city code.

To top it off, the city inspector got into a fight with a customer who was a military veteran.

Jaguar Power Sports posted this video to its Facebook Page shortly after the events transpired:

***The original video has been pulled, but Jaguar Power Sports recently recorded this update:

Surveillance footage showed Melinda Power wagging her finger at the customer as she hurried out of the store.

Jacksonville is a heavily military town with the third largest military presence in the country.

After facing immediate backlash from citizens, Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry was forced to issue an apology on Twitter.

Melinda Power and her supervisor have since been placed on leave pending a review of her actions.

The city code was changed so that Jaguar Power Sports can keep the military flags flying.

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78 Responses

  1. Tom E. Gunn says:

    First impulses might be to fire the ignorant broad. But should a career be destroyed over a single incident? Personally, think a little public humiliation would be adequate, afte r a “prayer session” with her superiors discussing the error of her ways. I would require her to appear in front of the business, and make a public apology to the owner, after the local news was notified of course. Following he infamous “slapping” incident, General Patton was ordered to make personal apologies to his entire command. By God, if it was suitable for George S. Patton, it’s sure as hell suitable for her!

  2. ERIC MILLER says:

    My first impression on leaving the Air Force and returning to civilian life was “Is this what we were fighting for?” I bet many ex-military types can relate to that. She would not have any rights or freedom had the military not defended them. Fly those flags!

  3. Jesse says:

    She should not be on leave she should be suspended without pay till the matter is settled. She acted like some of those from San Diego where even with a massive number of bases in the Area they still acted like they hated the Military except one day a year. They loved the money but not the service members. In fact they took one of the places Sailors and Marines loved to go on the weekends they had off and put in a shopping mall that had only a couple of shops Military people could afford and they made us feel unwelcome even in those stores. I ticked them off because I was smart and an avid reader and a bookstore was one of the few places we sailors could afford to buy from. So they should fire this twit and ship her to San Diego where she would fit right in.

  4. Olaf says:

    Her actions look like an assault to me…

  5. Betty H. says:

    Agents of big brother on the move. Read the book “1984”.

  6. Wayne says:

    Send her to Afghanistan!

  7. Barry says:

    I served in the Army for over 8 years defending everybody’s rights , I don’t like her views, but she has a right to them, right up until they start to violate mine. Then ” Its On”. Damn her, she can always move to a country more to her liking.

  8. Ted says:

    Yea, probably so and OT and medical time out for stress because she was attacked by the citizens.

  9. Ted says:

    Tin horn petty bureaucrats give petty crooks a bad name. The bureaucrats have the resources of the government to back them and protect them. The petty crook doesn’t have the muscle so they go to jail. This is just one of the reasons people don’t trust their government at any level.

  10. george shores says:

    she was probably placed on leave,( with pay!)

  11. Original Anna says:

    I say yes because she seemed to be intent on getting rid of the flags even though she was following orders, she acted as if she wanted to follow orders to get rid of the flags. Those who made the rules against flying flags especially our American flag should be fired too. I for one am getting tired of these people telling the rest of us that our monuments and flags etc. etc. need to be destroyed especially since they didn’t put what they wanted up to a vote including majority rule of the rest of us. Who the heck do they think they are. It has always been majority rule in this country. We vote on anything and everything which these bullies seem to be against voting and the results of voting.

  12. John Campbell says:

    Spot on! Little mediocrities who think they have power. It’s about time ordinary decent hard working folk who respect their country and kin seriously kick back against this type of abuse.

  13. Irish says:

    Thanks for your service. Any of us who have served knows that we serve even for the dumbasses. God bless you.

  14. Irish says:

    Too many community organizers and not enough American patriots. It’s what happens when any government has far reaching control over “we the people”. Our forefathers told us of these days we now live in. It’s no longer “we the people”. It’s all about the federal behemoth. It has an insatiable appetite. She is but a grain of sand in the totality of what we are facing today. I pray for this President every day. All are out to take him down and it is only in prayer do we slay this dragon. Satan is busy at work. We cannot rest. Prayer is our strength and all of us need to pray and encourage others do the same.

  15. Irish says:

    God will take care of her. As He will do with all of us. Anyone who has served this country knows its God, country and family which makes it all worth while even when idiots like this show up. Sacrifice is a word the left has a tough time with. Sacrifice means selflessness. It’s not in a left wing playbook.

  16. Jake says:

    No I want leave! I’ll fight and die, I will not run, I will not hide, I took an oath to defend my country and my constitution. I will fight alone if need be, I really don’t care if I die as long as I take a few with me. Then I know that I went with pride and love of country, you do what you want.

  17. Irish says:

    This is all tied in with the never Trump movement. He has shown to love God and our country and the left can never put the 2 together. Love God and country. They are the problem.

  18. Irish says:

    Three words these leftists just can’t handle. God Bless America.

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