This British Royal Family sex scandal has one strange connection to Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton has found himself caught up on some of the ugliest sex scandals of all time.

Now Americans are shaking their heads on disbelief.

And that’s because this British Royal Family sex scandal has one strange connection to Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is one of many famous individuals with an ugly connection to the deceased accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Clinton traveled on multiple occasions with Epstein and the full details of their relationship went to grave with Epstein when authorities found Epstein dead in a Manhattan jail cell.

Another world renowned celebrity under the microscope after Epstein’s death was British Royal family member Prince Andrew.

Like Clinton, Prince Andrew also socialized with Epstein.

But after Epstein’s arrest, Virginia Roberts Giuffre stepped forward to allege that Epstein forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 when Giuffre was just 17-years-old.

At the time, United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman reported that despite Prince Andrew’s claims of full cooperation, the Prince refused to sit for an interview.

“Ordinarily, our office doesn’t comment on whether an individual cooperates or doesn’t cooperate with our investigation. However, in Prince Andrew’s case, he publicly offered . . . to cooperate with law enforcement investigating the crimes committed by Jeffrey Epstein and his co-conspirators,” Berman told the press this past January.

Prince Andrew’s initial refusal to cooperate turned in to a flat out “no.”

“Contrary to Prince Andrew’s very public offer to cooperate with our investigation into Epstein’s co-conspirators, an offer that was conveyed via press release, Prince Andrew has now completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation and our office is considering its options,” Berman told the press.

Prince Andrew has also announced that he was stepping away from his duties as a member of the Royal Family.

But that will not stop concerned citizens from asking questions about Prince Andrew and other famous people’s – like Bill Clinton – relationship with Epstein and their knowledge of his crimes involving young girls.

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19 Responses

  1. E.W.Smith says:

    Who started covid-19 in all the other countries of the world?

  2. John says:

    cover up

  3. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Rolf Schulte, would you vote to impeach Biden if he won the presidency?
    After all, he is on camera bragging about bribing the Ukraine just like you’re accusing Trump of doing.
    Would you vote to impeach Biden? I didn’t think so.
    Because you’re a lying hypocrite like most people in your party.

  4. Carbine Williams says:

    Hopefully the Corona Virus will take out all of the Democrats quickly and painfully so that our Republic gets back to normal

  5. Rolf Schulte says:

    shameful Mueller investigation ? What was shameful was Bill Barr’s cover-up of the facts – we still haven’t seen the unredacted version… and the way Devin Nunes, Radcliffe, Doug Collins, Gaetz and Jim Jordan behaved, not to speak of all Republican senators’ caving in to the Dear Leader in the impeachment hearings !

  6. Wouldn’t that be a great pair? Think about it Biden with Hillary Cliton as his running mate? What a match! Maybe better to see them both in handcuffs!

  7. Donald Pemberton says:

    GOD’s judgement is already upon the Clinton’s, Biden’s, all Democrat’ a few…and remember this…GOD speaking to Abram: “I will bless those who bless you(ISRAEL), and whoever curseth you, I will curse them and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you”!…the year 2021 will be a “draining of the SWAMP”, and GOD will use President Trump to do the deed! Genesis 12: 1-3

  8. Terry B says:

    robert yes we all know who. good call,

  9. Nr says:

    Biden needs serious psychological care! He should retire and smell people hairs in privacy! Nobody will be the wiser, or for that matter care! Do us a favor, and give up the quest to become president you are not fit to do so! Because, you’ll only be a puppet of the demoncratic liberal commie godless party of Satan!! Trump 2020 and beyond! Greatest President Ever!

  10. Terry B says:

    Tim you are right, 2016 Hillary had the fix in and still lost fair and square to Trump, because we all came in and Voted.

  11. The girl said it happened and the Prince said he would cooperate with the investigation until the only other witness mysteriously turned up dead with a lot of unusual circumstances involved. Now it’s she said he said and the only other witness left who could have struck a deal can’t talk.

  12. Terry B says:

    Hillary would be president quickly, Virus will get him and she would get his position and then the country is screwed , Vote I did already, Trump, all the way.

  13. terry says:

    fluffy pillow, you are 100% correct Clinton’s are out and should be in prison, I haven’t heard the outcome of Hillarys court appearance,, she had Obama to cover for her last time and Comey,

  14. Hedy says:

    Liar, Liar, his pants are on fire.

  15. A S K says:

    Fluffy pillow five: I have no idea this is a real agenda. However, many plans designs and assignments of disrupting our government have been planned, they have all been exposed and brought from darkness to light. They just keep getting found out. Awesome.

  16. Annabel says:

    Fluffy PillowFive: I just love you however, I can assure you that Billy Clinton and his whatever will never been seen in the White House ever again….they are death to this country. There is sooo much more on them to reveal and THEY know it but most of all WE KNOW IT!.

  17. Tim Beach says:

    Ive said the same thing. The Dumbocrats will wait untill the convention and announce Killary as the VP running mate and if they somehow win Senile ass Joe will catch a serious case of Arkasas virus or have an accident then Killary will be the President which is what her and Piglosi wanted in 2016.

  18. Jim says:

    Hey, Billy is a democrat and they are exempt to be charged regardless of their crime but,

    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  19. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Don’t worry because Bill Clinton will be back in the white house next year.
    The democrats have already eluded to the fact they mean to get Trump out of office by ANY means necessary which means they will engage in massive voter fraud to steal the election, assuring Biden the win. Biden will of course select Hillary for VP, and that’s how Slick Willy will get back in the white house.

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