This bombshell will have Bill Clinton sweating bullets about a massive sex scandal

If Bill Clinton thought he could walk away from his worst scandal ever, he was sorely mistaken.

In fact, things just took and turn for the worse.

And that’s because this bombshell will have Bill Clinton sweating bullets about a massive sex scandal.

After Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and subsequent alleged suicide, former President Clinton scrambled to downplay his relationship with Epstein.

Clinton claimed he never knew Epstein all that well and that he infrequently traveled aboard his private jet.

But flight logs show Clinton flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” 26 times, as opposed to the four times Clinton claimed.

And now another bombshell dropped proving Epstein’s relationship with Clinton was far closer than Clinton claimed.

Hanging in Epstein’s house is a portrait of the former President where Clinton’s head is superimposed on the body of a woman wearing high heels and a blue dress.

The Daily Mail reports:

Jeffrey Epstein had a bizarre portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress hanging in his Manhattan mansion, DailyMailTV can reveal.

The picture depicting the former president apparently lounging on a chair in the Oval Office, wearing red heels and posing suggestively in a blue dress redolent of Monica Lewinsky was in a room off the stairway of the Upper East Side townhouse.

The dress is also strikingly similar to one worn by Hillary Clinton at the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors.

The original painting is called ‘Parsing Bill’ and is by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid, although it is unclear if Epstein had bought the canvas or had a print mounted. Ryan-Kleid exhibited for her degree show when she graduated with an MFA in 2012 from the New York Academy of Art.

This is just the latest strange detail about Epstein’s life that has many Americans asking questions.

And Bill Clinton needs to come up with some good answers.


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67 Responses

  1. Eva12 says:

    Vickie, suggest additional research, related to your 1st two sentences.

  2. Mike Hunt says:

    So Babs slurped up Hillbilly’s DNA! LOLOL!! The CLIToon Foundation sure screwed the Haitians!

  3. James C Green says:

    They both should be in prison. Bill for child rape. And Hillary for treason in the Benghazi debacle. Let the charges begin. We the people demand it!

  4. JJ Johnson-Smith says:

    Clinton isn’t worried at ALL! Why WOULD he be? He and Hillary are Teflon, they have never paid for their numerous crimes and they never will. The number of times Willy flew with Epstein means nothing, ONE trip is too many. Americans should be flooding their Congress members’ offices demanding justice and charges against the Clintons and most of Willy’s administration, Eric Holder especially.

  5. Jack Handy says:

    BTW. Vasu, JEFFREY EPSTEIN was a Major ‘donor’
    IN MORE WAYS THAN 1 To Clinton Foundation/
    Clinton Global Initiative.
    > DO You ‘Understand’ ??? 0r ARE YOU
    That ‘DENSE’.

  6. Jack Handy says:

    Hey Vasu, TAKE TIME To LIST ALL of
    in Less Than 3 YRS !!!
    > Do You Have’Intestinal Fortitude? To MAKE
    A V. LENGTHY LIST. > What you ‘list’ Above
    PALES The Current POTUS.

  7. zee says:

    oh God, help us. Thnx Sandy T.

  8. Shelba says:

    Had a friend that was a state trooper, he was also on Clintons personal bodyguard detail when he was Gov of Ark, the tales he told of Clintons actions with women would make you understand that Clinton was not above using any illegal action to get what he wanted from the women he targeted, when ask why didn’t the trooper right a book to expose Clintons criminal action his friend told he had too many years invested in being a trooper, he couldn’t afford to be fired at his age, plus he would probably be blacklisted , he was too close to retirement and would lose his retirement, when he was asked if he voted for Clinton as president his answer was a very emphatic Hell NO

  9. DSC says:

    As much as I find Bill Clinton a PIG this picture looks fake. Look at the hands and how his head looks on the body. But I’m sure he had sex with under age girls because he is s PIG!

  10. Isaac says:

    Nothing the Clintons do or say surprises me anymore. The only thing that outrageous me is the fact that the Clintons aren’t behind bars in some hell holed where they belong. The fact that they have money and most likely dirty money is no excuse for them to be walking the streets free as a bird.

  11. Vicki says:

    What blinds some to actually swallow this sort of BS is mind-numbing,. I guess she has nothing to do all day except embrace deception and generate hate for anyone not demrat. Wonder if he actually believed this crap??? LOL!!!!

  12. Raffa says:

    The democrats are the up dated big brother real gestopo.

  13. Vasu Murti says:

    Democratic donor and actress Barbra Streisand writes on the occasion of Bill Clinton’s 73rd birthday:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

    Thinking back, it’s amazing to remember all the things you’ve accomplished.

    You put us on the path to prosperity with record economic growth. 22 million jobs were created during your administration.

    You inherited a budget deficit and transformed it into a surplus of $236 billion dollars by the end of your second term. You led the way on fiscal responsibility.

    You enacted sensible gun control legislation that banned assault weapons…a ban that the Republican-led Congress would later allow to expire.

    You brokered a peace agreement in Bosnia, a ceasefire in Northern Ireland, and even brought us breathtakingly close to an Israeli-Palestinian accord. When Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn, you were behind them with your arms outstretched, as if to gather both men into an embrace.

    That is your gift…you bring people together and help them find common ground.

    You did it again when you forged philanthropic partnerships with George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, and former political rivals became dear friends.

    You have a huge heart and a phenomenal mind. We’ve all seen you take a complicated subject and explain it in such a clear, concise way that we’re suddenly able to understand it.

    You left the White House, but you never left us. You kept reaching out to people in need, through the Clinton Foundation, which has been such a force for good in the world.

    Thank you!

  14. Richard Parker says:

    Once a pervert always a pervert. Killery is just as bad as he is. Rich and stupid the worst kind of person. Will be glad when all this crap hits them in the face. And all the other sorry lowlifes that has anything to do with this partial destruction of our country. I hope all involved will have to pay back all the millions that has been spent on this game of dishonesty. If you vote for Democrats you might as well go to prison with them. That means that you paid them to do harm to the United States of America. And that’s a fact. You bunch of Dumbasses.

  15. Mark N. says:

    The picture was painted by an art student in NY as part of her masters thesis. Bill Clinton did NOT pose for it. It was then sold at an auction at the end of the school year. It was painted seven years ago, and she did not know who purchased it. Epstein was known for having unusual tastes in art. Read today’s news.

    The REAL issue is the number of trips he took on the Lolita Express, that he was the recipient of large donations from Epstein, and that he visited the island. That’s where the dirt is, if it is to be found.

  16. SandyT says:

    A woman he had an affair with when he was governor of Arkansas has a new book out and in it, she says that one night at her house, he put on her black nightgown and was dancing around the room while playing his saxophone. I was just thinking that those legs in the blue dress certainly didn’t look like women’s legs! It wouldn’t surprise me, if Billy Jeff hadn’t posed for that painting, if only by having a photo taken, and the artist copying the photo. The book also says that Bill told her many times that Hillary didn’t like sex, but she did with other women. Also, that Bill was a very mediocre lover…

  17. Nb says:

    Bc they are JUST THAT….. stupid, ignorant & uninformed

  18. Nb says:

    Bc they are JUST THAT….. stupid, ignorant & uninformed

  19. leeann says:

    Bubba is a better looking lady then his Hillary, but then even a goat is better looking then Hillary.

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