This bombshell just proved the Deep State is real and it’s worse than we thought

Any doubt of the existence of the “Deep State” has been dismantled.

They have been working around the clock to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

And a bombshell just dropped that showed the American people how deep this conspiracy goes.

President Trump first warned of the Deep State’s existence during the 2016 campaign.

Once elected, members of the FBI and Department of Justice were discovered actively sabotaging the Trump Presidency by leaking information to the press.

The Mueller witch hunt was set up as a fishing expedition to dig up any dirt they could find on Trump and mire his administration in controversy. It has failed to do so thus far.

Now, The (failing) New York Times released an op-ed written by a “resistance” mole embedded in the White House.

The New York Times reports:

The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

I would know. I am one of them.

To be clear, ours is not the popular “resistance” of the left. We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.

But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.

That is why many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.

This unelected bureaucrat is so drunk on his own power, that he believes only he knows what’s best for the America.

But the bad news for him is the American people elected Donald Trump.

This White House mole is trying to sabotage Trump’s agenda (and the reasons why Americans voted for him).

He despises Trump’s border wall. He is clearly a globalist that hates the fact that President Trump is sticking up for American trade interests.

The author even makes a ridiculous claim that President Trump is fond of dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung-Un rather than our traditional long-time allies.

President Trump responded by calling this anonymous author, “Gutless.”

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson said he believes he is close to confirming the identity of the author.

We will keep you updated on any new developments in this story.


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83 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    I think this was a fake story put out there by the failing NY Times. I won’t believe it is a person working within the Trump Administration unless that person is exposed and shown to be part of the Trump Administration. Until that time, I will only believe that this story was created by the NY Times for publicity.

  2. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Berry Obamarx, his minions and his handlers must HANG.

  3. Kara Wright says:

    I believe the op-ed was either done by a Sessions operative or a Mueller operative. It makes sense to me but I believe it will come out just as DEEP THROAT did it just took years but who cares. Our President will still achieve his goals.

  4. John King says:

    Mr. President Trump,

    Please disregard this op-ed as it most likely IS NOT a real bit of information from within your administration! If you desire to do anything about it, please keep it covert . . . we all know the Swamp needs to be drained, but I suggest doing it in such a way as to cut the federal budget!

    It’s time to eliminate superfluous 3 or 4-letter agencies like the B.A.T.F. (…a job the FBI could do…) , like the D.O.E. (…education belongs in the hands of each State, not the Federal Government…) , or the D.O.D. (…what does the Department of Defense do that the Pentagon could and should be doing…) , and oh so many other agencies!!!

    Because we are led to believe that this op-ed is not from someone working in the White House, it would be prudent to eliminate the leak (…if there is one…) by eliminating certain agencies and thus you would be draining the swamp at the same time!

  5. W FLATT says:

    This great bombshell may be the biggest scam on earth put up by the paper, this may not be a person in the White House, but a new person thinking they are above the law. I it is, I hope they are nailed to a cross.

  6. James Marek says:

    The “anonymous” op-ed will remain that way since it’s fake…made up by the deep state and media.

    • eric siverson says:

      Do you know I’am praying for the two most Christian countries in the world to collude and do Christian things for the betterment of the entire world . insidentaly these two countries have the strongest militaries in the world too so nobody could stop them from doing what Jesus commanded us to do .

    • steel magnolia says:

      ‘One ‘ of the ‘Chairs’ at NYT to Allow this 0p-ed post, IS Totally
      > WH better WTF. Pronto..
      > See steel magnolia post below. ie bottom 1/2

  7. Mott says:

    You know, If you don’t “like” him or what he is doing, MOVE! We don’t need your kind here, You are almost as bad as ISIS, So do us all a favor and just leave. Oh and take Killery with you!

  8. scooch says:

    Uh-0h M. this site is ruined. by you know who.
    May say good bye soon. No more time, for this
    type of discourse.

  9. Ernst says:

    The author is John Brennan.

    • steel magnolia says:

      When i read the op-ed, i laughed & thought, this looks like a student in college somewhere.
      Some sentence structure/volcabulary was v. amateur. Anyway here is some info, posted
      in short. There is a succession of tweets, you can look up yourself.

      The treason piece was submitted as part of a college essay by a USC student on September 5th. It did not originate within the white house. The MSM figured it sounded good so they published it to sow discord within the Trump administration, and attempt to get Trump to self-destruct the white house.

      @mightycassandra then posted the following, including the college essay it originated from
      “Or duped by a USC student, which is my theory. I ran the “essay” through . It popped as a 100% match to a USC student essay, turned in w/out citation-making it an original essay-sept 5-overachiever! Archived & submitted to the repository w/in minutes of NYT

      • eric says:

        This needs to be brought to every bodies attention Neither me nor do I believe Trump will be very upset about this students opinion . I have two very well educated but still very stupid brother inlaws that hold this same opinion . I still love both of them so I have no problem forgiving a college student .

        • steel magnolia says:

          Thank you eric. Yes, INDEED, ATTENTION to this NOW, & Already
          a few days Past. The bottom paragraph IS Crucial . Needs vetting by
          WH. SS. ie >>> the website Listed.<<‘Chair’ of NYT To ALLOW publication <<< IS QUALIFIED for SEDITION /ENDANGERING NATIONAL SECURITY from WITHIN. this 'Particular event Could Notbe More 0bvious. eom.

  10. Jackie Mendosa says:

    Got a real “YUK” today from one of POTUS’s tweets. It respectfully read: “Yes, I “tuned in” to Obama’s speech. I fell asleep.” Funny, I thought, that’s exactly the way I feel — that the problem with Obama’s speeches is that he never SAYS ANYTHING! If Obama had 24 non-stop hours to speak, it would be like being trapped in a damp, clammy classroom in the heat of summer – with no air conditioning – listening to the teacher drone on, and on, and ON about the principles of……NOTHING! Making speeches is only ONE of his many problems.
    yawn (*sic)

  11. Jackie Mendosa says:

    I’m a journalist, and I don’t believe for one moment that there IS some “anonymous” saboteur in the White House who wrote this recent “op-ed” about the Trump Administration ! I say this because I’ve read every single, solitary, horrible, sickening, deranged “email” from every single, solitary Leftist organization begging for money & making evil everything and everybody under the sun other than themselves—-and I feel I can now say with absolute impunity that these people are really SICK and thoroughly EVIL. They live in a topsy-turvy world—-good is bad, white is black, top is bottom, and so forth about EVERYTHING under the sun. What I REALLY, REALLY believe is that this “op-ed” is a TOTAL SETUP – to try to ruffle POTUS and to serve as yet another “diversionary tactic” to disrupt people’s attention away from everything GREAT that POTUS has done and continues to do every single day for this country. #MAGA #MAGA #MAGA !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Chastran says:

    The deep state is receiving its marching orders from the Barry Soetoro residence in Washington, DC, from where Obama and Valerie Jarrett are dispatching orders on a daily basis to take down the Trump presidency. It needs to be raided, taken down, dismantled, and the perpetrators arrested for sedition.

    • Bob says:

      You are probably correct about Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama or whatever his real name is) being behind the Washington Swamp conglomerate trying to take down our President. I believe this unknown individual who wrote this opt ed is either Jeff Sessions (who is angry at President Trump for twitting against him all the time) , Mitch McConnell (who hates the wall, loves open borders and gets lots of money from George Soros), or Paul Ryan (because he all held on to his job instead of resigning and allowing someone more effective to do the job properly, plus he is for Amnesty, open borders and also got lots of money from George Soros; he hates the wall and has done everything in his power to not fund it for the last 3 years).

  13. N says:

    The anonymous Op-Ed is all BS orchestrated by the Nazi Commie Demoncrat Liberal party trying to create discord amongst our patriots! Fabricated by the swamp news! Don’t be fooled! Just a bunch a treasonous rats!

  14. Paul says:

    I think that the President still has Obama plants in the White House. What else does he hang around Washington for. This has been one problem all alone since he became President President. He needs to pull all personnel records and examine those which could be the snitch.

  15. shs says:

    This is America, and Treason is serious business against the Country…whoever it is should be charged and have to face a firing squad…no trial or fall derall, simply he hates Americans, he should be given leave of all of us that love our country…

    • James A Langham says:

      Drumpf is the Traitor because his complicity in the Russian interference in our elections. He’s the one who should be lined up in front of a “Wall,” facing a firing squad

      • Barbie says:

        Where’s the evidence Trump hater???

        • Bob says:

          I agree Barbie, all the left wing liberals keep telling us our president was involved in Russian Collusion (which really is not a crime), but after two long years, the swamp dwellers have not found any Russian Collusion; except with the Hillary Clinton campaign. They need to look at the Podesta brothers because they were heavily involved with Russia.

      • Marlene says:

        Too bad that the Muleturd hasn’t found one shred of collusion between Trump and Russia. Between Hillary,Obama, and even Mueller himself there is ample proof of collusion with Russia and other foreign agents. Mueller has to ignore their crimes or risk exposing himself as being a traitor too.

      • M says:

        James A Langham, You, you, you, never mind, there are no words to express what a stupid comment yours is!

      • JoAnn says:

        Get a life, you don’t have a clue🇺🇸

      • Chastran says:

        Idiot! Barry Soetoro was president when the Russian interference was discovered and he did absolutely nothing to stop it because he believed that HilLIARy Rotten would benefit from it…

      • James:
        What in the hell is wrong with you ?
        You must be dating Rachel Maddow.
        Name one thing the President has done that has not benefitted America and Americans. You can’t think of any because your mind is closed.

      • John King says:



        WE FOUND HIM!!!

        THE NAME IS . . . . . JAMES A LANGHAM!!!

        HE’S RIGHT HERE . . . RIGHT HERE ! ! !

  16. K says:

    President Donald J Trump is a GREAT PRESIDENT, far better than the prior joke of an administration, the most corrupt too. Our President poses a true threat to those who oppose him, that’s exactly why they are lying about the Pres.. If he were the idiot they desperately try to shove down our throats, they would be silent until the next election. They know in his 8 years in charge, he can and will upset their little Apple carts full of corruption & dirty $. The Dems have no message & their policies are Anti-American, all they have is to try & degrade our GREAT PRESIDENT! Their animus towards the Pres., it cements my support for him & his agenda.

    • Bill says:

      One addendum. The last administration wasn’t a joke. It was a prison sentence!

    • Bob says:

      K, Old liar (Bath House Barry) was on the campaign trail today telling more lies about the Trump Administration. Actually, everything negative he said about President Trump and the Republicans was exactly what his Administration and the Democrats did for 8 years. If you want to know what the Democrats are up to just listen to what they are accusing the Republicans of doing.

  17. el Dorko says:

    The dilemma, the only one, is to be found in the minds of very sick left wing lunatics. Consider: Maxine, Pelosi, and the new crop of pinkos we now see emerging in the DEM’s ranks. There is no dilemma in the mind or life of Donald Trump. He is doing exactly what those who voted him in want him to do, and actually he could do even more and we’d be happier. Trump is a patriot and the left is sick as hell. We are better now than we were under that snack and traitor Barry-O than the left could even grasp. The left is beyond the reach of reason. Way beyond.

    • Ric B says:

      It must be comfy in that little fantasy world you have created. Let’s look in – – oh-h-h-h–hh, right, Trump’s White House is pure Nirvana, bliss and he has not lost one person because they are all loyal to Trump. Everyone who had left the White House has written books that says Trump is so intellectually gifted, and just never loses his temper, always works long hours to read over all his materials and is so humble, he never takes credit and is always praising the work of others. While more than 6 of his senior staff have already plead guilty or been convicted, it has nothing to do with Donnie, who stand up for us to Putin and tells him to quit his attacks on the USA or we will retaliate heavily in return. Disney might like to borrow this fantasy to make their next cartoon.

      • David says:

        think you’ll ever get tired of being WRONG….it’s more than clear that our whole nation is becoming way better since Trump took office…

      • Laurel says:

        Ric, everyone who dislikes Trump tells the truth, right?If it is on TV or in the papers, you can believe it, right?Facts are never deleted or twisted…right? Obama was a citizen and a lover of America,….right?


      • Marlene says:

        Nice little delusional world you have going there Ric B. You are devoid of facts, just like any useful idiot on the left. Obama financed organizations with terrorist ties, and did so knowingly. Obama spent over a trillion dollars a year, what did he spend it on? Even his lavish vacations didn’t add up to more than a few billion, so where did it go? Even the treasury department has been unable to account for it all. Tell me exactly what that Muslim POS did for America.

        • Sharon says:

          You nailed that right in the head girl! Thumbs up! Obama was a damn traitor to our country and gave millions of our tax money to the very people that will try to destroy us one day and he helped them get that that point! Obama is a Muslim and he has been going to South Africa sturung up the blacks over there and they are doing genizied to the whites, burning down thier homes, their crops and taking their lands! And no one is reporting this but two news stations! Obama also placed terrioist in every town and city in our country preparing and training to take us down one day ,the FBI knows if them but can’t do a damn thing because they are training on private property! Once a gun grab is down by the libersls it will go down and we will not be able to fight back! Obama’s plan and he’s a damn sick SOB and these stupid liberals worship him!

      • Ric B
        You are a total idiot. You don’t have the guts to read ART OF THE DEAL by Donald J. Trump. If you did, you might learn more of how great our President Trump truly is.

    • Barbie says:

      el Dorko, you are so right!

  18. Dr. J.D. says:

    This article is more than a little confused and illogical. First, whomever wrote the op-ed piece was picked by Trump and is still retained by Trump – – so how can it be a “Deep State” person? Second, this person should be discovered soon, and if the “Deep State” is so smart, they would have taken much better precaution rather than this dumb stunt. Third, most of what was in the op-ed was covered in the Woodward book (which even Fox’s Howard Kurtz said Woodward does not make stuff up) and show a consistency with a president who is erratic, continually changes his mind, is known as a moron or an idiot and not mentally gifted, and with a very foul disposition who runs a chaotic White House. Fourth, if the “Deep State” was anything like what you conspiracy advocates believe, you would not be able to do much to it and it would have all the names of people who spoke up against it.

    • el Dorko says:

      It seems you are illogical. Really.

    • M says:

      Well, well, well, Diane with multiple personality disorder is her as Dr. J.D. today. As usual, she has all the answers (like no way Jose). Funny how you know more than the experts and one thing is for sure, if a person would do something like this article without courage to use their own name, why would anyone believe one word in this nasty thing? The majority of this is common knowledge and the rest of it is questionable to say the least. So, catch you later Dr. Diane,. 🙂 I hope you are being treated for your multiple personality disorder.

  19. Patrick says:

    no to me gutless and undemocratic is when you yes man in places so they can be a lacky to undermine all of this country’s way of life for your own self centered goals of greed and power. this is why trump wont sit down with mueller unless there are stipulations saying they can’tb talk about obstruction of justice and why he thinks he can give himself a pardon to cover his crimes. and saying they have proof of mueller’s wrong doing then why hasn’t congress shut him down, then since trump believes he can why hasn’t he ? i believe we are hearing just what one side wants use to hear in order to control what we do in november and there is only one way to prove me wrong on this, and so everyone knows until this is answered we can’t prove it wrong but we can prove trump has lied to this country nonstop so how do you want to believe in what is apparent of or want to be a lacky with delusions as far as i can tell

  20. Bruce House says:

    I hope they find who this person is. Then they need to prosecute them for submersion and a soft coupe otherwise treason! That is considered a death penalty!

  21. Mike W says:

    I wonder how much of “OUR” $20,000,000,000,000 deficit ended up right back in the “deep state” the SWAMPS” pockets? They are extremely greedy and don’t want the gravy train to stop – so they have to get rid of President Trump.

    • Patricia says:

      Mike W. Absolutely correct. I Believed this all along. WE THE PEOPLE need to stand by Trump and make sure we get all our believers in this administration GET OUT AND VOTE. KEEP THE RED GOING.

  22. Lisa says:

    I think it’s Rosenstein

    • Gloria says:

      Lisa – You hit the nail on the head – of Rosenstein. HE IS ONE OF THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE in the administration – He is the one who is committing TREASON and should be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law. I believe also Attorney General Sessions should have resigned long time ago for not doing his job or is it something more ? We eventually will find out about all this corruption – Hope and pray it is soon.

    • Gloria says:

      You hit the nail on the head – of Rosenstein. HE IS ONE OF THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE in the administration – He is the one who is committing TREASON and should be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law. I believe also Attorney General Sessions should have resigned long time ago for not doing his job or is it something more ? We eventually will find out about all this corruption – Hope and pray it is soon.

  23. LT says:

    It is a disgrace and totally repulsive that something like this would even be printed. The Deep State is real and it’s sick, demented and they need to be stopped! The President needs support of not only the people in his cabinet, but the American people. I hope and pray that this person is exposed and they should be thrown in jail! Enough of these treasonous people!

  24. William Koch III says:

    No. Won,t be found out because am not really sure that the Paper didn’t do the article on their own & use the unknown source as an excuse. Bill Koch

  25. Alan says:

    If there is any connection to the Oval Office, it was probably recently fired Ms. Omarrozza. This is something I would expect from a disgruntled employee to let off steam.

    • Denise says:

      …or Mr. Comey. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Reince Priebus either. Could it be an opt-ed from the late Senator McCain to be released after his death?

  26. david says:

    We Trumpsters MUST NOT let this happen;; vote conservative in November; take your friends and family

  27. Linda Dunnam says:


  28. Diane says:

    The boldness and brazen nature of this Op Ed suggests NO ONE is concerned about consequences for their actions! I want this person – when found – to be charged with TREASON!

  29. Richard C says:

    Malena Trump is right when she stated in part, that the media has turned to Unknown sources as news worth information, where as it is not verified nor truthful in all probability”. Also the news media looses its credibility when they print these articles and that that is just about all the news spreads anymore, unidentified sources are what the news reports these days.

    • Patrick says:

      thank you richard that is my exact point we are being told what they want use to believe in order to control the people to follow them even if there wrong.we need to stop listening to it because its i believe pretty much is all lies because who has been found to be leading this deep state obama or clinton then why have they not been brought in if they have so much proof.


  31. Val Wallace says:

    If they did remove classified material from the desk of the President of the United States to keep him from accomplishing his objectives, this is sedition and if found the traitor should be placed in front of a firing squad and shot, or publicly hanged until dead.

  32. Bill says:

    I think that the NYT is making up the op-ed. However if it turns out to be an insider I hope they leave the White House without any protection from law enforcement or Secret Servivce. They probably won’t make it to their car with all limbs still attached. No mercy for traitors!

    • Jeanne Stotler says:

      This was my first thought, NYT doing it to sell papers, we all know their readership is down. IF it is someone in house, they need to be outed and never be able to hold a Gov’t. job again.

  33. John King says:

    I am completely satisfied with the idea that this op-ed is a complete fabrication by those at the New York Times.

    By calling the information released as an op-ed “…written by a ‘resistance’ mole embedded in the White House…” , it gives the New York Times a free hand to write just about anything they want to come up with. Making the information appear to be from an ‘insider’, who has a direct connection to the Oval Office, lends a semblance of credibility to the story . . . which is actually just another example of ‘Fake News’! It seems like CNN has infiltrated the New York Times . . . setting up their typical mentality against all things Trump (…as if it wasn’t there already…) !

  34. Bill says:

    It’s probably a dipstick holdover from the Obozo Administration who would be a globalist, a Wall hater, a narcissist, a gutless coward and traitor.
    The NY Slime should be made to prove the story as coming from within the Administration by exposing that persons name. Otherwise, the Slime should be prosecuted for fraud, innuendo, and endangering the lives of the American people.

  35. Steff says:

    I am torn between choosing Rosenstein, Sessions, or a nonexistent person. Regardless of whether a real person exists as a mole or it is a myth, the person(s) responsible need to be found and brought to justice.

  36. Doris Lauter says:

    How can they complain when Trump has brought us a better economy, jobs, lower taxes, etc.? Nobody in the past did it. They just want to take over and have open borders. Find the traiitor.

    • Bender says:

      Economy crashed in 2008 because of Bush. Obama turned it around and has been growing ever since. Cadet bone spurs comes in and now manufacturing facilities are closing or moving and we have to give farmers welfare checks because of his trade war. The tax cuts for the rich are exploding the deficit and making CEO’s rich with stock buy backs very little relief for American workers. Next they will try gut social security and Medicare. If you think that helps real Americans you are delusional. The unindicted co-conspirator lost the popular vote he does not represent most Americans.

      • yeehaww says:

        obozzo did what?????????? You are the worst JACKALOPE that ever was. go back into your ice hole and stay there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • M says:

        Bender, Oh me, oh my! You are another Dem lib writing a fiction novel. It is not even good fiction and anyone with the intelligence of a “pansy shaped snowflake” knows better than what is in your comment. Instead of making yourself look really really bad, you should be telling people how wonderful your party is and see how many (or few) believe you.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Typical response from “M” — when faced with economic facts or realities, just says you have fake information, but presents NONE of his own. He has already admitted in a prior posting he does not know that much about these things, but loves to spout out that others don’t also. But I want to respond mostly to your last point. The Democratic party believes that ALL Americans were created with inalienable rights, and that women and men and ethnic minorities all deserve fair treatment under the law. We believe in WOMEN’S right to choose and not for males in GOP to dictate how women must decide. Over 70% of Americans support Roe v. Wade, while Kavanaugh does not. And as far believe in those ideas, approximately only 35-40% support the ideas of Trump and approximately 55% do not (see

          • M says:

            Diane/Dr. J.D., You lie, I have never said I don’t know much about this subject. We are into what my area of career expertise. You may be mentally ill but you have not lost your well known capacity to lie. Get a grip, you creep!

          • M says:

            Diane/Dr. J.D., I forgot to bring out that you are still relying exclusively on biased, adjusted, edited, liberal polls made in Dem areas so no surprise in the numbers.
            Also, your level of comprehension is still atrocious and is so low it is staggering! There is absolutely nothing in Brett Kavnaugh’s rulings or anything he said that would lead anyone (even you) to believe he would vote to overturn Roe VS Wade! You are promoting the same scare tactics those Dem showboaters on the hearing committee are pushing! They have tried everything they can think of to trip him up to catch him in a lie or appear incompetent. They have failed miserably. He is a wonderful person, superior jurist and will be a wonderful SCOTUS judge that both political parties should be extremely proud of. Diane, you are an unbelievable mental and human failure!

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