This bombshell arrest has Democrats breaking out in panic mode about 2024

Democrats know they got away with one in 2020.

But their luck may have just run out.

And this bombshell arrest has Democrats breaking out in panic mode about 2024.

Prosecutors in the state of Arizona are seeking a one-year prison sentence for school board member Guillermina Fuentes for illegally ballot harvesting during the 2020 election.

The Washington Times reports:

Prosecutors are seeking a one-year prison sentence for a school board member in southern Arizona for illegally collecting four early ballots during the 2020 primary election…

…Authorities say Fuentes and Juarez participated in “ballot harvesting.” That’s a practice once used by both political parties to boost turnout but was made illegal by a 2016 state law that barred anyone but a family member or caregiver from returning early ballots for another person. It’s the only case filed so far by the state attorney general under the law, which the U.S. Supreme Court upheld last year.

Authorities say Fuentes, a former San Luis mayor, ran a sophisticated operation using her status in Democratic politics in the Arizona border city to persuade voters to let her gather and, in some cases, fill out their ballots. But the crime she admitted in court last month does not involve filling out ballots or any broader efforts.

Democrats expanding ballot harvesting and mail-in balloting under the guise of COVID safety was central to defeating Donald Trump.

This ballot harvesting scheme was not sufficient to overturn the results in Arizona, which Joe Biden narrowly carried by 10,000 votes.

But it shows there was fraud in the election, and that the media lied by claiming this was the safest and most secure election in American history.

Ballot harvesting and mail-in voting schemes are risky.

A 2005 report by the U.S. government warned that mail-in voting presented a big risk for fraud.

The fraud isn’t that someone is just filling out hundreds of ballots and turning them in.

The fraud comes from legal ballots collected illegally and submitted illegally.

This case in Arizona highlights the dangers of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Republicans filibustered an attempt by Democrats to mandate universal mail-in voting and ballot harvesting in every state.

And it shows why conservatives are right to push for election integrity measures that promote in-person voting, limit mail-in voting to only legitimate absentee voters, and ban ballot harvesting.

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