This blatant lie in a Joe Biden campaign ad could be the beginning of the end for his campaign

As election day gets closer, more and more campaign ads are inundating Americans’ televisions.

And campaigns are willing to say anything in these ads to get votes.

But this blatant lie in a Joe Biden campaign ad could be the beginning of the end for his campaign.

When Halloween is near and it’s an election year, it’s nearly impossible to go through an entire commercial break without being hit with a political message in a battleground state.

And most of these campaign ads are far from trustworthy.

Lately, this has been especially true for Joe Biden’s campaign.

And many people are livid over one blatant lie Biden had in a recent ad.

Making its round in battleground states was an ad for Joe Biden featuring a struggling small business owner blaming President Trump for his business struggling.

There was only one problem.

The small struggling business owner was a rich “angel investor” who isn’t struggling financially.

According to Michigan’s NBC affiliate WDIV, in an interview back in 2018, the “struggling business owner,” Joe Malcoun, was an angel investor after receiving a massive inheritance from his father-in-law.

In the interview Malcoun claimed, “Usually you become a CEO and you make money, and then the money allows you to become an angel investor first. I happened to have different circumstances where I had money [first].”

And Malcoun even previously stated that the bar he owns was struggling because of a lack of communication, not because of President Trump.

Malcoun said during an interview that “there weren’t a lot of people showing up, which is frankly what we wanted and expected. Now that we tried it and saw it’s really hard to communicate what it means to have a really socially distanced and live music show, we decided it’s not really worth trying.”

Usually campaign ads aren’t so brazen when they lie.

But Joe Biden got caught in a big one with this ad in a critical time just a few days before the election.

After the embarrassment, the Biden campaign decided to pull the ad.

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