These radical leftists just went too far with their threat to Trump

It’s been less than a month since Maxine Waters called on her supporters to harass Trump administration officials.

Since that time Trump officials have been kicked out of restaurants and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has received credible death threats against his family.

Now, this radical leftist group has taken to the streets with a despicable threat on President Trump.

Portland, Oregon has become the epicenter of the anti-Trump “Resistance.”

A group called “Abolish ICE PDX” recently took to the streets for a ceremonial beheading of an effigy of President Trump.

Far Left Watch reports:

In response to viral images of border detention facilities that were taken during the Obama administration but falsely attributed to Trump, left wing groups of all stripes are now calling for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). One of the biggest organizations behind this nationwide campaign to Abolish ICE is the Democratic Socialists of America, a far-left political organization whose leadership openly endorses communism.

Since the launch of this campaign, far-left extremist groups have occupied and shut down public roadways, they have doxed and threatened ICE employees and their family members, and they have attacked a GOP Headquarters in Nebraska and vandalized it with “Abolish ICE” graffiti. Continuing this trend of violent rhetoric and actions, the “Abolish ICE PDX” group recently held a mock public execution in which they decapitated an effigy of President Donald Trump using a makeshift guillotine. As we have previously reported, this theme of wishing to publicly execute ideological opponents borrows from the French Revolution and is alarmingly prevalent in far-left circles.

Here is the four minute video of this mock execution:

This is not the first time anti-Trump protesters have called for decapitating President Trump.

“Comedienne” Kathy Griffin got in hot water after posing with a bloody decapitated effigy of President Trump.

Tensions will only get hotter the closer we get to the November Midterm Elections.

After President Trump won in 2016, Democrats threw a never-ending temper tantrum.

But if Democrats lose yet again, things could get downright dangerous for those of us who hold conservative views.

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