These high school students are being smeared for this patriotic act at a basketball game

By now, red-blooded Americans are used to being attacked by the Fake News national media.

But now local newspapers are setting their sights on Trump supporters.

And the one detail the media tried to bury changed everything.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is painting high school students as “racist” for bringing a pro-Trump banner and wearing patriotic clothing to a high school basketball game.

Jordan High School hosted Roosevelt High School for a basketball game this week.

At the game, Jordan students unfurled a “Trump 2020” banner, several American flags, and students dressed in red, white, and blue.

The Roosevelt High School coach called foul because his school is predominately black.

But what was buried deep within the hit piece was the fact that the Roosevelt coach kept his team in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem.

The Roosevelt basketball team has been staying in the locker room for the national anthem all season.

They’re taking a page out of Colin Kaepernick’s playbook.

And the astute Jordan High fans called them out for it.

The Star Tribune reports:

The boys basketball coach for Minneapolis Roosevelt High School questioned on Wednesday why young fans at his team’s road game in Jordan prominently displayed a flag promoting the re-election of President Donald Trump during Tuesday night’s contest.

“I coach a predominantly black inner city high school team,” Walker wrote on his Facebook posting. “We go out to a rural area in Jordan, MN and this is there. Please explain how and why this is appropriate at a high school basketball game?”

Walker included a slew of hashtag phrases, among them #critical questioning, #blackandproud and #blackmenmatter. Walker, who is black, also is the director of his district’s Office of Black Male Student Achievement.

Kahn also pointed out, and the superintendent confirmed, that the Roosevelt team remained in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem before tipoff.

The Roosevelt team has been carrying out this action at both home and away games, and “the Jordan team was made aware of that practice before the game,” Minneapolis schools spokesman Dirk Tedmon said.

This was nothing more than a counter-protest of the opposing team’s national anthem protest.

But the media has to inject racism into everything.

Do you believe Jordan High School students are racist for wearing patriotic clothing to a high school basketball game?

Vote in our poll and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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107 Responses

  1. Rickey Caldwell says:

    Way to go adult coach. Make sure your black Title One students think there is a difference for the next generations to come. We have to keep that race inequality moving forward as to not let it die down. If the race card becomes obsolete then where is their excuse for failure. We don’t want affirmative action to go away, those boys might have to make the same ACT/SAT scores as everyone else to enter college. Blacks don’t want equality, don’t lie. You want special exceptions. I can tell you one thing for sure that everybody can take to our grave for the next 50-75 years. In 2008 I lived in a pretty tight community. We never really thought about race as much because you had to work to live in my community and EVERYONE worked. Along came Obama and wouldn’t you know that his rhetoric put a cloud over our community that we will never be the same. People have moved lives changed, attitudes changed. Blacks, Whites, Latino’s Arabs all want to blame their failures on someone else. Just so happens it only counts for a few colors.

  2. Jesse says:

    The MORON MEDIA is the RACIST entity in this story as is the Coach of the Roosevelt. The Democraps are the real Racists in America.

  3. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Blacks, Mexicans and Japanese are the racistest (!) people on the planet.

  4. The lefties don’t like it when they’re beat at their own game. Good for the kids for taking the media left to task. I applaud their tenacity and strength of character.

  5. Loren Clobes says:

    It is not the color of a persons skin, but the content of their character.
    God created ALL of us in his own image.

    Let us come together as SISTERS and BROTHERS in CHRIST.

  6. ralpheye says:

    Why is it that only caucasian people are racists. ANY PEOPLE PROUD OF THEIR OWN RACE WOULD BE RACISTS. So a racist is a proud person. Does this mean that all the black people are not proud of their race, and does this mean that other people of other races or either racist or not proud of their race????

    • David says:

      Well I guess you have to be proud as long as you have something to be proud of . All too many blacks, not ALL blacks now mind you, but all too many in my opinion are the ones that are racists, not the white population nearly as much . How come if there is a crime that went down, Its televised and 98% of the time its a black that has done the crime? I guess I wouldn’t be very proud of my race either if that were true about my race . You have to have something to be proud of first . Change your attitudes and we can all get along a lot better . Why make things harder for yourselves and others . Look to the Lord for forgivness of your sins

  7. Don says:

    Walker needs to grow up or get out, period, and take his whining with him.

  8. Robert Higginbotham says:

    It sounds like the Roosevelt coach needs a lesson in what it means to be an American. By keeping his team in the locker room during the anthem he sets a terrible example for his team. He should probably be replaced by someone that is pro America. He complains that the actions of the other school are not appropriate but his are even less so by teaching the wrong lesson to his team.

  9. Mike says:

    Please keep race baiting trash out of our schools. #BLACK GUNS MATTER, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  10. Ernst says:

    It is the actions of the anti-American Black team that should be castigated. This was a political protest, not a racial issue.

  11. Twykes says:

    I would have to say that in this case
    The predominantly black team is the
    Racist team. Sorry guys but whites
    Are not the only racists and you just
    Proved it.

  12. William J Vital says:

    They’re in America. If they don’t like it they should go back to the country they want to be in. Of course they couldn’t pull that crap in another country without going to jail or getting thrown out.

    • Craig Michael Vandertie says:

      Well if it was an African nation with a predominantly Negro population there would be no possible way they could refer to the politicians as being racist, actually I retract that claim, if the government supports the opinions and/or actions of any white government politician who themself agrees with Donald’s actions they will be categorized as being racist themself.

  13. Wumingren says:

    Maybe the audiences supporting teams opposed to Roosevelt should chant for Roosevelt players to take the floor for the National Anthem. Maybe people should fill the bleachers to chant, even if their school is not playing Roosevelt. The wider community could turn the tide.

    Also, the Roosevelt coach showed his disdain for “country folk” when he made a special reference to racism from the “rubes and deplorables” living in “fly-over” country. We really do have an “us v. them” paradigm between inner city Leftists and anyone living in out-state Minnesota.

  14. Tony says:

    MSM, white libs and nonwhites have used the word racists to a point it is irrelevant. This episode is about Patriotic Americans vs non-Patriotic Americans. As a retired educator and coach the RHS coach is a disgrace to the profession. He is to busy causing a divide and trying to be cool to his students. He should be teaching young black males to be responsible adults. The message he is sending is all to typical for blacks males. Nothing you do is your fault. Blame everyone else for your failures never look in the mirror.

  15. joanne nie says:

    I’m sick of people saying students and athletes have choices. We all have choices. If you are a student the school has policies. If you are a student at this school, you will partake in the pledge . Or go elsewhere. Also in sport, Playing is a privelege. If you are on the team you WILL partake in the pledge. Otherwise you will not play. Its that simple

  16. Proud pf students that respect their flag and country. Shame on this couch that disrespects them. He does not deserve a job guiding young people as he is leading them down a racist path that futher divides this country, likely leading to another war

    • Ezra Adamson says:

      Hit the nail on the head. He should be American first and black second (maybe even last). He is stirring racial hatred and the Star Tribune is part of the problem.

  17. krymosn says:

    What message is Coach Walker sending to his players and students in his school by refusing to allow his players to be present during the playing of the National Anthem? Why is The National Anthem considered biased against one demographic while favoring another by Liberals? It was written in remembrance of freedom and resolve by the Colonists in their fight to rid themselves of British rule. In answer as to why liberals hate this song, I say it is because liberals hate our government, without regard to the fact that the same government they hate is the one allowing them to think freely and without persecution.

    • norman says:

      Amen. Not making his students be present during the National Anthem means the coach is racist and teaching his students hatred for their own country. He needs to go.

  18. Scotty says:

    President Trump ‘s policies help ALL AMERICANS! Except maybe the commies.

  19. David Anthony Lelli says:

    Actually, President Trump is the great white hope for the black community. Unlike Obama who betrayed them.

    • Wumingren says:

      Blacks do not understand. In their eagerness to reject all things “white,” for example, they reject Christianity and embrace Islam. Christianity was the catalyst that ended slavery in America. Islam, on the other hand, sponsored the very slavery that took American Blacks’ ancestors from their African villages. Stockholm Syndrome or just ignorance gone to seed?

    • Drew Winzer says:

      Idiotic sratememrs!!!

  20. Wanda kirkpatrick says:

    This coach needs to go! God Bless these students!

  21. Gary says:

    The coach that keeps his students in the locker room durning our national anthem needs to go. And I mean out the door to the street aqndbe banned from ever teaching or being around students of any kind. HE IS THE RACIST DENE DUMB IGNORANT ASSWIPE that causes all of the problems.
    If he kneels in front of me and being a vet I will kick his girlie balls up to his mouth and when he turns around I will spit in his face and say that my freedom of speech . To spit in a ASSWIPES FACE. Its idiots like him that cause the racial tensions we have


      “Office of Black Male Student Achievement”. So does the school also have an Office of Asia Female Achievement? Sounds rather racist to me, but I forget, only white men can be racist.

      • Wumingren says:

        Asians are given the shlt end of the stick. Asians are being unfairly blocked from acceptance at most colleges and universities. They are smart, dedicated, hard working students, but their test scores are ignored. American colleges aren’t looking for the brightest; they’re looking for the darkest skin. Asians are not white, but they are not dark enough to pass the diversity protocols of Leftist administrators.

        My wife and two teenaged daughters are Chinese, and we are preparing applications for college. I told them to avoid answering the race questions. They have my English last name, so they shouldn’t automatically end up on the “diversity” scrap pile.

        Our daughters have Straight As (they are each carrying 3.9 GPAs) and are doing a lot of volunteer work in our community. They also both have jobs. They are dedicated to success, and it is immoral for colleges to discriminate against them.

        • Drew Winzer says:

          Good for U, I commend U. However,
          .. this doesn’t even shake the Dust of RACISM in this Country!!!
          Have U ever participated in anything having to do with Racial Equality & INJUSTICES? I suppose not an d until then,… talk about what U know not just your Opinions!!

          • Col C. Perry says:

            Drew Winzer, I believe Wumingren has every right to voice his opinion. I agree with him. I’ve worked with orientals and they were all very smart and hard working individuals. This is coming from a Vietnam Veteran that believe they have every right to be considered for a college that they have put in an application to.. After all they are American citizens because they came to the US legally.

  22. john j says:

    If that Black coach doesn’t like it here in America I will gladly buy him a ticket in steerage on the first leaky ship with rotten wooden lifeboats to Africa.

    • Texas Belle says:

      Amen. I am so tired of hearing about blacks who dis the flag, the anthem. and this country. If they think it would be better in another country, then head for the door.

  23. Ronsch says:

    I’m curious, do the Jordon High School students bring out this demonstration at each of their games, or did they single out the game with Roosevelt for this? If the latter, no questionably racist.

    • Bhonest says:

      Are any other teams staying in the locker rooms for the national anthem?

    • Greg says:

      Is it raceist or patriotic vs. non patriotic? Boycotting our national anthem is offensive to patriotic Americans. I don’t have a problem calling them out on that,reguardless of race. It seems to be ,not an action ,but a reaction to the boycott . Racism ,as unfortunate as it is,is a two way street.

    • Wrenchman says:

      Ignorant post!

    • Texas Belle says:

      It is not racist to show the flag and honor the national anthem. If the blacks are going to stay in the locker room to avoid showing patriotism they are the racists.

    • Canyon Country Vet says:

      Whether or not they chose this game to display the flag and banner does not make it racists. I believe they did it to show how unpatriotic and stupid it is to allow a coach who is suppose to mold young minds and is instead spewing hate and racism that will forever prolong the need for racism to end. To that end the coach could have been the bigger person and allow those that wanted to take part while the playing of the anthem but instead continued to spew his own brand of racism to such young men who will grow up to be men who hate. Sad so sad. That coach should not be allowed to continue to coach. By the way I am an Hispanic man who served in the Army and I believe in the freedoms that my fellow servicemen bravely fought and died for. And I mean the servicemen long before me. I mean the men who died in the Revolutionary War and other wars that have allowed me to be free and have these freedoms that a lot of young people tke for granted today. Ive said my peace. God Bless America and God Bless You All.

  24. Viet Vet says:

    The Minneapolis Tribune has been a left wing rag for as long as I can remember. They can take their communism and shove it up their ass!

    • Wumingren says:

      I’ve lived in Minneapolis since 1990, and I quickly turned away from the Strib (contraction of Star Tribune). They always endorse only Democrats and they publish only Leftists’ Letters to the Editor. I have often written to the Editor, but my conservative missives have never appeared in print. The Strib and all local the TV broadcasters are in the Leftist bag. Hvnz3

  25. Viet Vet says:

    This black coach is obviously indicating he’d rather be in Africa. People should oblige him.

  26. Rivahmitch says:

    Walker should take his little pickaninies back home and stay there.

  27. Tony Befort says:

    Coach sadly you are teaching young people to be racists under the guise other people are. If you kept up with current events you would learn that many black clergy after meeting with the President stated they feel he is the most pro black President in their lifetime. He also has signed executive orders to benefit blacks, Hispanics and Women. Many blacks have come to realize that Democrats have held them down for years and only make promises to them for their votes. Many are advising others to get off the Democratic plantation. These young men showed some ride in their country and should be commended for it. Administrators that allow him to reject the Anthem and our country should act to either educate him or replace him as he is teaching racism.

    • Savage Jane says:

      Thank you. I believe what you wrote is so. I am worried that young rope are being taught racism by this type of behavior
      By coach. He has issues and is pass to students!

  28. john furlong says:

    This site has no respect for my 1 ST. and 2 ND amendment rights, they only post what THEY like, not what people really say!

  29. Riverview says:

    As a veteran every time I read about crap like this I’m more ready to puke. I could’ve died for that flag and song and way too many have died. So you have a choice, coach Brainless, if you don’t like this country it’s time to pack your bags and GET OUT.

  30. Arlene says:

    Those who point a finger at others should remember when you point a finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you. God Bless the students of Jordon High.

  31. 32eagle says:

    this black coach is showing his own team how not to act by disrespecting them as USA citizens-each of them has a right to show patriotism-it is not just a white thing-all USA citizens have rights-he is also showing unsportsman like behavior-should one of his players play professional sports and act like this the kid would get fined or suspended and just because you’re black does not mean you have to hate Trump and disrespect the flag-this is not Nazi Germany-perhaps some players even like Trump?

  32. Linda says:

    You are so Right! The trouble with are young people, are so disrespectful! It isn’t a black or white , thing! School should be slapped ! What are they teaching , here!?

  33. Al says:

    This is nothing more than brainwashing. What did you say this coaches name was, Hitler? If the flag is to good for him, he might want to just find nancy pelosi and fly (commercial) out of America forever.

    • jm says:

      Does this coach NOT know how the jobless rate is at an all time LOW for Blacks?? Does he NOT know about the inner city programs for minorities??? Does he NOT know about the NEW First Step act???

    • jm says:

      Does this coach NOT know how the jobless rate is at an all time LOW for Blacks?? Does he NOT know about the inner city programs for minorities??? Does he NOT know about the NEW First Step act???
      Guess not

  34. Bob Knapp says:

    Clearly demonstrates the old truism: When looneyeffin liberals get into positions of authority, strange stuff happens.

  35. William says:

    As always white Americans are criticized for standing up for this country and blacks who hide and do not pay respect to our flag and country are considered more acceptable. The lame assed media will always push the racist b.s. and left wing stupidity.

    • Di says:

      could not agree more. Seems they like to be antagonistic and do this on purpose to make more unnecessary news. We are all God’s children and we need to be one. What difference does it make what color you are. We all belled the same color. R E S P E C T for each other is what counts. Be civil and polite to everyone. Yes some probably do not deserve it and cause friction but don’t give in to that.

  36. Bob says:

    One very important thing I didn’t stress in my last remark and need to add. Personal politics and ideas don’t belong in school either nor does the teaching of discrimination and/or racism. Instead they should be teaching citizenship, patriotism and respect for their country, the flag and the men & women in our Armed Forces that fight for and protect these rights that they all enjoy especially the ones that gave their lives so we could all live free.

    • D Ross says:

      you got the one 150% correct. Respect has gone out the window for sure. Be proud of your country and proud to be an American which is by far the best country around. Look at other countries and what they do and don’t do for their people Some are really brutal. Try living elsewhere where things are not so great as the U.S. of America.

    • Linda says:

      You are so Right! The trouble with are young people, are so disrespectful! It isn’t a black or white , thing! School should be slapped ! What are they teaching , here!?

  37. Charles says:

    Astonishing, stunning, and appalling what we have allowed our country to descend into. All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to stand aside and simply watch it happen. And yes, I try every day – dispassionately and without rancor – to oppose this crap whenever it presents itself.

  38. Tart says:

    Our country can never heal with people like this coach and Colin Pumpernickle telling our youth what to believe

  39. Mamaisabear says:

    Let’s help our PRESIDENT clean up the swamp. Let’s voice our opinions, get on the talk radio stations, write a letter to the editor, write to the coaches who support his behavior, they need to fire these idiots who commit this atrocity in public. If they don’t appreciate the country they live in then they shouldn’t be being paid MILLIONS to play ball or any other athletic function. That goes for the coaches too. Stop watching or attending the games where these ingrates play. Let’s make a stand for our beautiful country, remember “America the beautiful”? Can you live with this sport in your life, what is more important to you? Sports or your country? The same country that our soldiers are dying for these idiots are being totally disrespectful.

    • Amen. I couldn’t have said it better. If they don’t like the United States of America, one has free will, just renounce your citizenship and go live in some other Country period. Call your Congressional representatives and tell them politely to Build the Wall and fully fund it. Also call your U.S. Senators and tell them the same. They do listen or do they? Find out!

  40. Mikey says:

    Just more evidence of the left’s hypocrisy.

  41. Bob says:

    First & foremost the Roosevelt coach should be fired immediately along with whoever is his supervisor/school administrators who allowed this practice to go on. These protests don’t belong in school sports, college sports, professional sports or any other. Politics don’t belong in sports, period. Furthermore coaches, teachers, administrators such as this are the people poisoning the minds of our younger generation and are the ones behind the radical liberal left pushing their ideas & beliefs on the younger generation. This is totally unacceptable and must be stopped immediately. Obviously parents need to start becoming more involved with the schools their children are attending and hold the administrators accountable for what is being taught. Personal politics and ideas don’t belong in school either nor does the teaching of discrimination and/or racism

  42. Mamaisabear says:

    I agree wih the comments above. It is about time “We the People,” stood up to these idiots and DEMAND that they respect the flag and our National Anthem. This should be a prerequisite for being allowed to play on a team, high school, college, or pro ball. If they don’t respect our country then get out or comply. What would happen if we went over to another country refused to honor their flag? This lack pf respect all started when they took prayer out of schools (1963). I can send you the stats from that year on, crime has risen, the number of drop- outs has risen and so on and so on. We have dropped the ball by not making our voices heard. Our government starts each session with a prayer, what is the oath when their sworn in? Several government buildings in DC have the Ten Commandments on their front doors, yet we cannot post the same in our schools. Listen the key word is “PUBLIC” schools.

  43. Phyllis says:

    Fire him immediately and all those who hired him and agree with him. Clean up their Swamp! This is racist to the full extent!

  44. MSPS says:

    Walker is just another lib looking to make notoriety for himslef by using one of the universal buzz words common in black language particularly, bitch, ho, fu@k, yo and racist. One would think for a school teacher or representative he could use something a little more original. Were I a betting manI would say that some black communities are short on dictionaries, theasaurus’ and teachers who speak english. I am sure this is not true, and there are many good teachers trying to educate the see young people but role models like Walker who is using his players to stage a protest for Kaepernick diminishes what the kids are taught in school.
    Kaepernick is a rebellious trouble maker to begin with and these boys do not need to be taught to emulate his behavior. I wonder if their folks know about this? But to use these young men to make a protest or a statement for himself isn’t racist, it is egregious! And he deliberatly drew attention to himself by calling the Jordan kids racist. I guess he couldn’t think of another word, it is the only one he knows sure to draw attention.
    I believe the Jordan athletes were doing something entirely different, exercising free will, respecting the commander of our country, first ammendment etc.
    I admit I am a racist and proud of it, I hate fish, don’t like bugs, wish criminals would go away and haave a particular disdain for those who use the word racist every time they take a breath, belch, fart, eat, and so forth. I also hate the word fu$k, bitch, ho, and so forth. I am a racist of the first order and I especially dislike people who point their fingers at others in blame when they themselves are involved in manipulating kids they are responsible for!

  45. janet says:

    The fact they have a dept. of black students kind of says it all! Are there any depts. of white students; Chinese students; Italian students; German students, et al? This whole thing gets creepier by the day..

  46. Marlon Zmuda says:

    FIRE THAT RACIST COACH……..nuf said

  47. david says:

    Minnesota AKA ‘little muslim Somalia’.

  48. Estell says:

    There’s a big difference between being patriotic and being racist. It’s high time the left figured it out.

    • janet says:

      The fact they have a dept. of black students kind of says it all! Are there any depts. of white students; Chinese students; Italian students; German students, et al? This whole thing gets creepier by the day..

  49. n. wilson oliver says:

    It saddens any patriotic American, of ANY nationality, race, color, or creed, who COMPOSES this nation of (legal) immigrants to discover that a display of disrespect of our nation is considered “respectful” while a display of pride and respect for what these immigrants and their children and their children have embraced as among the greatest of freedoms, the freedom of expression and peaceful protest, disrespectful AND RACIST!

    We are being driven off a precipice by blind, ignorant, and worst suicidal drivers of our media, our entertainment, our academic indoctrinaire, and far too many of our Leftist politicians. We must DETOUR before it is too late!

    • Wumingren says:

      Leftist Americans view public displays of patriotism as descending from nationalism. Nationalism is decried because that is deemed descendant from imperialism. In their blindness, Leftists fail to realize that nationalism and imperialism are the hallmarks of the cultures they adore: Russia and China, from whom they gladly spout Marxist/Leninist and Maoist talking points.

  50. Ronald A Calo says:

    Like to know how long this coach has been on the sidelines and been doing this, was he coaching during the Obama years , and was was he consistent and remaining in the locker room during the playing of our anthem if so I don’t like it but he is being fair if not his administrator should be held accountable and should not be leading these boys

  51. Thank GOD we have students such as those at Jordan High School who believe in America!! They will soon become voting age and may determine the future of our GREAT country. *** MAGA Trump 2020 **** I ask you please do not vote for any Democrat (DEMONS in disguise).

    Go to

  52. Heidi says:

    They truly need a new coach.

  53. Gordon Goodrich says:


  54. Eric Granberg says:

    Jordan High School is teaching their kids it is OK to be a Traitor.

  55. John Minnick says:

    To all those loony lefties, EVERYTHING is racist!
    Why? Because none of them can counter with facts, logic, and/or common sense!

  56. Mike says:

    So what would’ve happened if they would’ve showed up with say Obama on T-shirts. Coach would’ve been fine with that right. This guy is racist and should be fired.These kids have a right to their believes also. This is not just one way left. So you don’t go along with their programs that automatically makes you racist .I grew up with all races we all love the flag and stood for it. We all went in the military and we all stay together afterwards ,and we are all still friends .what happened to that.?

  57. Dave Miedema says:

    You know you’re dealing with an unhinged, racist Communist Democrap when they play the race card on something like this.

  58. Brat says:

    I would like to know why this racist still has a job allegedly teaching kids. Is the whole school as racist as the coach? If he is so racist why is he still employed. Just what we need in America more racist.

    • Texas Belle says:

      The coach is probably still there because the parents of the kids and the school administration agree with him. Why else would they keep him?

  59. Ric C says:

    This is America, you live here, your ancestors lived here, this is your country, defend her, respect her, teach respect not hate. You are an educator, educate. How do you educate your students when you hide them in a locker room. The last time I checked, it was a lot of white REPUBLICAN blood that was SHED on the battle fields of the civil war to free the SLAVES from bondage. We are all AMERICANS, we live in America, this is our home, HONOR her for the freedoms she brings you. THE AMERICAN FLAG is our symbol of hope and our song the “STAR SPANGAL BANNER ” is a way to honor her.

    • ACR says:

      I remember we used to stand for the Pledge/Flag each and every morning at school.
      I think this was a good thing. Being patriotic for the United States of America was seen
      in a POSITIVE way. However, I do not think America is as united as maybe it once was.

      • Viet Vet says:

        Citizenship used to be taught in the schools, until leftists like John Dewey got it taken out. The left have been anti-American for many decades. The now declassified record of the last 80 years is replete with this truth.

      • Wumingren says:

        We used to have the National Anthem played at the close of the broadcast day and at the movies.

  60. lynn says:

    I don’t understand how a coach can condemn one school for their beliefs yet stay behind close doors while the national anthem is played. I do not understand how any school allows this in the first place. This is America and this is the song that proclaims our patriotism. and any one who is against standing for it should not attend any program or game where the flag is raised. if you hate our country leave go someplace else. every time I see any of these posts first thing out of a protestors mouth is racism ….I don’t think being in favor of Trump, our country or our flag is racist. God Bless America, our flag….go Trump 2020

  61. James G. Mothes says:

    Another black racist coach who needs to be told to bring out the team or be fired. Enough of this BS, what if there are kids on the team that want to be on the floor for the anthem. Do they not have a choice?
    Sick and tired of this crap!!! If you do not respect this country, its flag, and anthem, GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!

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