There is one secret document that could ruin Barack Obama’s life if it goes public

Donald Trump and his administration are pushing to get the American people the truth about the Russian collusion hoax.

That has all hell breaking loose in Washington, D.C.

And now there is one secret document that could ruin Barack Obama’s life if it goes public.

Outgoing acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grenell did more to drain the swamp than anyone had ever seen.

Grenell declassified the list of Obama administration officials who put in unmasking requests on Lt. General Michael Flynn, as well as the transcripts of the phone call between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

In his final act before new Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliff takes over was to declassify a document that a senior intelligence official told Fox News was key to understanding how Obama’s Deep State allies fabricated the Russian collusion hoax.

But, Fox News also reported that “The official could not provide further details on that newly declassified document, but said that it will also be up to Ratcliffe to decide whether to make it public.”

Now Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe must decide if he wants to make the document public.

If this document is as explosive as reports indicate, then the American people should demand they get a chance to read it for themselves.

The Fake News Media mocked Donald Trump for calling the Russian collusion hoax a Deep State coup.

But as more documents are declassified and the truth comes into focus, President Trump was right all along.

The Russian collusion investigation was a coup attempt orchestrated by the outgoing Obama administration to destroy Trump’s Presidency.

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37 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    When is our government going to take him down once and for all. I tried telling you that he is evil. He makes peoples lives a living h-ll if you cross him. Look at what he has done to our President. Impeachment didn’t work, virus didn’t work so now let’s try Antifa and burn down city’s. He can’t have anyone knowing what he did while in office or game over for him. Durham, DOJ, Graham and Johnson you better get with it before it’s to late then you all will pay also.

  2. Charles E Schimpf says:

    Obama was a traitor to the USA. Everything about him was phony including his wife and kids. The real question was why all the facts about this phony were hidden. We must resolve that in order to prevent it happening again.

  3. Gideon Rockwell says:

    I was watching Rosenstein’s face as Ted Cruz tied into him. He had the look of a deer in the headlights just before the Kenworth bumper made contact. He did his best to recoup his composure, but I’ve questioned enough people in investigations to know this guy will break eventually. I thought he was going to pee his pants before he gt out of there. Graham was throwing him softballs,Cruz should really be over that committee. But Rosenstein is a loose thread and enough pulling on him will lead to the next loose thread. Get enough of these guys to break and it will unravel. And from what I’ve seen a number of these guys will make a deal to avoid going to a real live prison.

  4. Patricia says:

    Who will get thrown under the bus first so Obama can save his own hide. My guess is some will save own skin first. This man had nothing when he got to White House, yet he left with millions. Why is that? See President Trump works for us, we worked for Obama. See the difference. Now tell me who truly cares about Americans and America First. Not Obama. I like my freedom thank you. MAGA!

  5. Obam(ass) belongs on a gallows!

  6. marvin says:

    Patriot Pulse readers must have the lowest average IQ if they believe all the crap you write. Thank you for giving me some daily laughs.

    The Smithfield editors are great in what they do but their messages are aimed at mostly uneducated people.

  7. Mike Oxbig says:

    I hope whatever that document is, I truly hope it will ruin that porch monkey’s life. That would be a way to get even with that bast*rd for trying to ruin the United States of America.

  8. Gus says:


  9. John D Cole says:

    Exactly when did Barry Soetoro physically change his name back to Barack Obama?

  10. Maga says:

    Vallejo admitted he worked in Indonesia, so he is a Muslim operative, and there is secret document beneath the pyramids that he was born in Communist China, not a American. His sole goal is to cut holes in the southern wall to let Muslims and communists into ‘Murica.

  11. LOL says:

    Is this”secret document” like the ” double secret probation” of Dean Wormer of the movie “Animal House” or the secret evidence in Hillary’s emails? Time for MAGA tinfoil hats!!!

  12. Edwin Buck says:

    Just why do you think all these riots are happening, just before all of these crimes are going to be exposed? These DEEP STATE needs these riots to continue for as long as they can, to stop all these exposition. While there are riots, there will be no one to expose the crimes.

  13. Justin Case says:

    The elite democrats never get charged with a crime and justice is never served. They are the protected class. Criminal protecting criminals, unwritten law in Washington ,DC.

  14. Obama is a CRIMINAL WITH CRIME IN HIS HEAD, from born in Kenya and grew up in INDONESIA, YES, HE IS A CRIMINAL, he lied to be an AMERICAN, he is not and it shows in every step of his life, HE HATE AMERICA, whatever document exist that this criminal did, must be put on the open, Demon-rats have to see that what they are and have been acclaiming for, is just another RAT FROM KENYA/INDONESIA, by the way I worked in Indonesia for over 2 years, A VERY DIRTY COUNTRY, MUSLIM. He is a sick man in his head, and being president of our country by lying makes him more than CRIMINAL. THAT WENT TO HIS HEAD, NOT EVEN HIS BROTHER LIKE HIM, THAT’S ENOUGH TO SAY

  15. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Right you are, Sandra, we must be fair!! If we declassify for one, we must declassify for the other. And I for one, would like to get a long look at that document!!!!!

  16. Colin Kovacs says:

    Obama’s legacy. Finally, the fools are seeing the truth about that POS

  17. Sandra says:

    Why is there a question about whether to or whether not to make it public. Everyone else gets shredded on the Republican side why not expose the democrats. After all it’s all about equality.

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