There is one number in this shocking new poll that is the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin

Photo by The White House, via Wikimedia, public domain

Joe Biden and the Democrats received some major-league bad news.

But it may be too late for damage control.

And there is one number in this shocking new poll that is the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin.

A brand-new NBC News poll confirmed that former President Donald Trump is the favorite to win the White House.

NBC’s latest survey showed Trump leading President Joe Biden by 5 points 47 to 42 percent.

The internal poll numbers for Biden and the Democrats were even grislier.

Trump led Biden by 35 points on border security and 22 points on the economy with 57 and 55 percent favoring Trump.

Biden opened the border to 12 million illegal aliens entering the country.

And him dumping trillions of dollars into socialist so-called “stimulus” programs only served to create the worst inflation in 40 years.

But the real troubling number in this poll for Biden is the fact less than one-quarter of Americans think he is physically and mentally competent to serve as President.

Biden entered office as the oldest President at the time of his inauguration.

Over the last three years, Americans watched videos of him forgetting the name of his Secretary of Defense, falling when walking up the stairs to Air Force One, calling out to a Congresswoman who died months ago, looking to shake hands with the invisible man, and not being able to leave a stage unless guided by his wife.

Americans understand that Joe Biden will be 86 years old at the end of a second term and he can’t get any younger or more lucid.

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