The U.S. military is about to announce some very bad news for Mexico

The situation along the southern border is a crisis.

And Mexico just escalated tensions with an outrageous decision.

But the U.S. military is going to respond by announcing some very bad news for Mexico.

Americans were outraged to learn about an incident along the border where Mexican troops waded into U.S. territory and disarmed and questioned American troops at gun point.

The Pentagon immediately announced it was reviewing its procedures to make sure a provocation like this never happened again.

The Daily Caller reports:

A spokesman for the Pentagon says it’s reviewing the procedures that led to Mexican troops disarming and questioning two American soldiers at the U.S. southern border.

“This is the first incident that we’re aware of that the two militaries came together,” a senior defense official with Northern Command (NORTHCOM) said to the Washington Examiner. The Pentagon’s investigation “will help us modify any instructions that we’re giving the troops,” the official continued.

The investigation follows an incident on April 13 where two American soldiers in Clint, Texas, found themselves surrounded, disarmed and questioned by Mexican troops on U.S. territory.
The American soldiers were near the southwest border in an unmarked Customs and Border Protection (CBP) vehicle when an unmarked truck approached them. Five or six Mexican nationals, each of them strapped with FX-05 Xiuhcoatl rifles, appeared and reportedly began to question their activities. In an effort to de-escalate the situation, one U.S. soldier allowed his Beretta M9 service pistol to be temporarily confiscated.

Trump supporters cheered the President’s decision to deploy the military to the border to help stem the illegal alien invasion.

Mexican troops know that U.S. soldiers are not going to open fire on them.

So they tested what they could get away with in order to help facilitate the flood of migrants over the southern border.


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178 Responses

  1. John Decker says:

    I think since the agencies tasked with corralling the illegals are getting overwhelmed by sheer numbers, it’s time President Trump authorized calling up the militia. It’s in the Constitution for a reason, and now is a good time to use it. There must be literally millions of military vets who would volunteer their time to go to the border and turn back all these illegals. The only reason they are allowed in is so the Left can get votes from them. Only citizens have the right to vote, but the Dems let the illegals get away with it. I will volunteer to go because the oath we took has no expiration date. I will not sit by idly while our country is stolen from us by lying Libtards. And theft is what it is. Illegals have no rights under the Constitution. Only citizens do. I will fight to preserve those rights. Will you?

    • Suzanne says:

      That makes perfect sense. But when was the last time our government made sense? I support President Trump, and I believe that he’s doing everything he can. But the rest of the government and the judiciary are fighting him and that’s why this debacle is continuing.

      • John Decker says:

        That’s what you get from partisan judges. They don’t make rulings by law, but by political persuasion. In this case, Leftist. And once on the bench, they’re nearly impossible to get off. Half the country is waiting for Ginsburg to die, but I think she’s already dead,as in walking dead. She and Pelosi are both zombies as far as I’m concerned.

    • Glenn says:

      Damn right.

    • Steff says:

      Semper fi! I am locked and loaded! Let’s gp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve Evans says:

    I told you so, that incident on the boarder with those Mexican and American Soldiers was just at test and now the pentagon has just said the same thing. It is far past time to build that damn wall as tall as us Americans that love this country and our way life and make it.

  3. Tobydog1 says:

    The Mexican Government is in the pockets of the Mexican Drug Cartels, as are some of our own politicians. What disturbed me most about this article is, the comment about the Mexicans knowing that our military would not fire on the Mexican Troops. That is something that makes me really pissed! My thoughts are, if you come onto American Soil and threaten our Military, you should get you ass blown off! I also read an article, not long ago, when RPG’s were fired from Mexico towards the United States. So, I ask you, why are we not responding with overwhelming force to prevent any future attacks? Based upon what I’ve heard and read, if the Mexican Government isn’t supporting the invasion of the US, they are condoning it with their lack of action. That makes them our enemy and we need to start treating them accordingly!

    • Jose Luis says:

      How would our “beloved “ last sorry ass so called president would have deal with this situation? Probably he will have gone to Mexico ???????? City to apologize about our violent ARMED soldiers dared to be there!!!! “Dear Mexican President would you like a few million dollars and modern weapons” Obama

    • John Decker says:

      Toby dog 1, You’re going to enlist in the military to make sure it gets done right aren’t you? You seem to be quick to call for the military to risk their lives. Live up to your own words.

      • Glenn says:

        John Decker; you have no idea at all about how pervasive and vigorously supported this idea is. If the “Go!” signal is ever given you will see thousands of thousands of ex-military headed to the border to insure the border is not penetrated. Some will be very fit, recently discharged service member. Others may even be unable to walk very far but ready-willing-able to man a stationary position with a rifle, glass, and radio. Do not sell the military veteran short on this, nor their will to stop invasion, no matter their age.

  4. libra says:

    It is truly an invasion by illegal aliens from the 3rd world Marxist sh**holes of Mexico and Central America. It is happening because the Demomarxists want as many as possible to come in illegally and when the Demomarxists next gain political control–The first order will be a blanket amnesty for the 100 million already sucking the govt tit for our tax dollars–They have depleted our social security trust fund because AFDC aka welfare comes right out of the taxes we paid all of our working life and they are all signed up on that and all of the other benefits.. Free prenatal care–free birthing–free innoculations and they will then remit as much as they can back to Mexico–just as the Muslim Refugees do to support terror and Jihad. The WIC checks will be sold for cash–they all have their hands out and we are filling them generously . Have the real estate taxes gone up on your home?–It is to educate all of their children.. They will live better than the rich where they came from an the stupid GRINGOS are happy to let them do it and they will never again have to work.. Our current government does not want the American public to even know how many illegal aliens are in the country living off of us like parasites. That is why they complain about the question on the census asking if they are here legally.. It was on the census but either carter or johnson wanted it off. in fact it was Johnson who coined the term anchor baby–they never got rewarded for breaking US laws and being rewarded with citizenship for the babies they produce– It is a violation of the 14th amendment as these illegals have no Allegience to the American Flag and are under the jurisdiction of a foreign country.. Just watch what happens in a few days Cinqo de mayo and all of the flags from these SH**HOLE PLACES>

  5. Hawks/Eagles Fly. says:

    by a ‘foreign entity’. THOSE Soldiers NEED A Serious Review.
    Laws NEED SERIOUS REVIEW Preventing? Defending USA SOIL.
    & NOT UNNOTICED by 'foreign entities/ & (other) Countries.

    • Hawks/Eagles Fly. says:

      Pentagon / Northcom Responsible. <<<
      NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER. (for a 'crack' )
      In The 'SYSTEM'.

    • Bev says:

      Exactly. They don’t issue you a weapon so you can drop it.

    • Suzanne says:

      I’d like to know the rules of engagement under which they were operating. Recent charges brought against members of the US military for actions in the field may have deterred them from defending themselves. I hope that the President addresses this with those in charge at the border.

    • Kerry says:

      So far, we have had, more or less, good relations with Mexico. There is a lot of cross border commerce that both sides benefit from. We do not fire, because we do not need that border in that kind of contention. That said, #1, close the border. Is that going to hurt, yes, big time. Second, set things up with the border patrols that one push of a button in their vehicle, or radios, and the radios tested, frequently to ensure good communications, and air support is in the air, and at their site, ready to, open fire. We need to make these people realize that America is NOT a a paper tiger, as many believe that we are. We should only “play nice”, provided they play even more nicely. In the incident given, back up, armed and ready should have been there, as fast as possible, with a couple of choppers on site, armed and ready to shoot. The Mexicans should have been arrested, and sent to our interrogation, and held for invading our country. Time for hard ball folks. Let’s deluge DC about this. One other point, the Minute man leader that was arrested, should be let go. If our government won’t enforce our laws, then they should not interfere with civilian organizatioins that are wiulling to do so.

      • Dale says:

        Excellent assessment overall! Marching orders need to be given by the Commander In Chief directly to the Military to defend our borders.

  6. Paula says:

    The Mexican Army has a lot of gall being on OUR land and detaining OUR people on OUR soil! This action is declaring war against the U.S!

  7. Stephen says:

    Well here is a radical idea
    Build the wall and lay I mine field down about 50 yards deep with Bouncing Betty land mines. I bet that will do the trick. It’s just as radical as now boarders the Democrat are trying to push.

  8. Don says:

    About damned time

  9. Roland Voisine says:

    Armed Members of a foreign government illegally cross our southern boarder detain and disarm our service members and democrats still say there no crisis, is treasones.

    • Gisela says:

      There are none so blind as those who will not see, and I’ve always thought that the democRATS had an amazing ability to not see what they do not find palatable. Next time perhaps it would serve if our magnificent President armed AOC and her 3 collaborating dummies and made them face the Mexicans! No, that would not work, with all the crap that comes out of their mouths, surely we’d have a full-fledged war on our hands

    • PUIMSHER says:


  10. Paul says:

    Our troops should be put out across the broader where there are no entrance point with orders to tell the invaders to turn back or be killed. The split rail fence, wire fence and tank barriers does not stop anyone.

  11. howard buckley says:


  12. Don says:

    Enraged isn’t strong enough.

  13. Carl says:

    I have always considered Mexico a enemy of America. Use our military and kick their asses.

    • Johnny Van Dyke says:

      “Mexican troops know that U.S. soldiers are not going to open fire on them”
      Time to start to let them know we wont mind at all to let them have a bullet or two between their eyes. Watch the cowards run and complain to Nancy Pollution.

  14. Estell says:

    Mexico invaded our country and they were armed. We cannot take this. It’s time for our soldiers to take lethat action against any and all invaders. If it takes war then that’s ok. But we can’t conitue taking these invaders lightly. Next time they may just open fire and kill our soldiers. And the illegals from SA should get the same treatment. And shoot any Americans who try to help them.

  15. If the mexicans were on our side of the border armed why did we not kill these sand sombreo’s

    • Cpl Edward J. Harris USMC says:

      Now they want to make our military look weak. It’s time we tell Nancy and chuck to go to hell and defend our country. This looks like something George Soros and Bloomberg came up with. I may be an old man, but I took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and that oath stands today..

  16. John J says:

    I voted to take America back in 2016, we still have one hell of a long way to go, when the hell do the deportations start????????

  17. Ted says:

    That jackass wanna-be governor here in Nueva Jersey is actively turning our state into a sanctuary state just like he promised! You can’t go into the Walmart here in Brick without seeing tons of those filthy wetbacks filling the aisles, acting like the lowlife scum they are. They let their little fat brats run free throughout the store, playing with the toys and riding the bicycles up and down the aisles. They’re loud and annoying, and don’t belong here! They get everything for free, and us poor slob taxpaying Americans are footing the bill. Shoot every one of those freeloading animals at the border. And deport those that are already here. They are vermin!

    • Angie says:

      I agree that illegal aliens should be deported, sanctuary city status be criminalized…. but your level of hatred also needs to be checked.

      • Don says:

        No it doesn’t. We need to designate teh Demonrat organization as a terrorist organization too.

      • Don says:

        No it doesn’t. We need to designate the Demonrat organization as a terrorist organization too since they’re pushing this agenda.

      • Charles Diemont says:

        Have you checked the hatred the Democrats have for our president? These liberals hate the president with a passion. Unbelievable.

      • ssilv48 says:

        Arrest the Mayors of the towns, arrest the senators and congressmen and women of these districts, put them in jail for a 20 year mandatory sentence, loose all pensions and positions for not doing the job they were voted to do and the problem will be solved when people are actually held accountable

    • John Decker says:

      I don’t know your personal political beliefs, but voting your Libtard Governor and legislature out would be the only solution. Unfortunately for you, there are too many libtards who want government to be their mommy and give them free stuff. I was born there, but got out in 1986 because I couldn’t stomach the Liberals and their no freedom ways. I see your choices as get rid of them or leave yourself. There are still Republican run states that will treat you as an adult citizen, not as a ten year old child. And thanks to Trump you’ll be able to get a job.

  18. Deb says:

    Just mine the no-man’s land-that will end the shenanigans of the cartel & caravans/illegals!

    • Suzanne says:

      I don’t know about mines, but how about barbed wire and other non-lethal barriers until the wall is completed? I’m sure our military can install something that will keep illegals out without causing an international incident.

      • Russ says:

        Reverse the situation & deport Illegals to Mexico in the same areas their drug traffickers use to export their wares to us. Lets see how long it takes for the to take action.
        If their military steps foot into OUR land again, shoot first and ask questions later.

    • Tom says:

      I said that 2 years ago, mine fields and billboards in Spanish warning of the danger.

      Keep it simple stupid!!!

      • Eddie says:

        I have been saying that for over a year and libs have a fit. We have fought wars all over the world protecting other countries. What’s wrong with protecting our own. This is why Nancy, chuck and the libtards want our guns.

      • Ray says:

        Just think of all the money we could save by placing land mines along the border. Actually, just a sign that says, “beware of land mines” whether or not there were any, would make an illegal
        border crosser think twice.

  19. Connie says:

    Our Military should be able to shoot, in fact they should start shooting the illegals that are invading our country.

  20. Danny Frost says:

    We should invades Mexico and show them who they are missing with.

  21. truckman says:

    it has to be made clear to Mexico and the world that we will not put up with any military but our own on our soil otherwise they will be shipped back in body bags

  22. GoMer says:

    To N Glenn, we should make that at least 50% because they have not payed taxes on that money. My comment on the military is we spent 60 years paying for our military to patrol the east German and chec borders, so it seems reasonable we use ours to absolutely secure our southern border.

  23. CLIFF says:


    • marleen davis says:

      You think so huh? I doubt it. I am afraid that the Mexican soldiers will be happy to take any bribe they can get from the cartels that will not stop trying to invade us.

  24. Kara says:

    I hope they send a lot of equipment and men to let Mexico know that they better back off of coming on American soil. With enough equipment that stays there till the wall is finished will tell the gangs and illegals who is in power. There is a price to pay but in the end other country’s will know just how much this is our land and others are not allowed to take over.

    • Don says:

      The situation was handled just right. No one was killed.

    • Jeff says:

      Seems to me that our “friends” to the South may not be as friendly as we thought. It’s time, I believe, that the U. S.
      more permanently man the S.W. states in much more forc ful manner. Do you think the Russians would full around at all in a situation like this?
      Looks like the big drug people as well as the trafficking of people across our border, have realized how easy and defenceless we are and are pushing us to see how far we will go. Time to prove them wrong.

  25. Jason says:

    Our soldiers took Mexico City Twice from the Spaniards and French and then handed it back, we should take it again and make Mexico a U. S. territory, take it away from the 5 corrupt families that sill rule Mexico.

  26. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Patrol our border with f-16’s and blast those invaders to kingdom come.

  27. Michael Carron says:

    Give orders to all American Troops along the Rio Grand and else where on the Boarder to …Shoot and engage any ARMED Mexican’s on the spot. Give a SIT-REP A.S.A.P. to higher command so QRF can inforce troops in contact. Sort the rest of it out later.

  28. David says:

    If challanged again on our own land our troops should open fire and protect themselves and our. Nations sovereignty

  29. banzai bob says:

    The police in the US are being trained to shoot civilians “without hesitation” if they feel threatened by any unconscious move one might make, yet our military men are forced to hand over their weapons when confronted by heavily armed foreign troops on US soil.
    Crazy world we live in!

  30. 1PatriotForever says:

    Mexico needs to be CUT OFF FINANCIALLY.
    MEXICO needs to carry their police and or Military USA Invaders back in BODY BAGS.
    This is not going to be a RE-ENACTMENT OF THE ALAMO, because American screwed them and didn’t send the help they needed.
    TRMP – SEND WHATEVER THEY NEED and if It’s Flame throwers or Bazooka’s AMEN or Apache Helicopters

    • N. Glenn says:

      The US should impose a 10% tax on all money sent to Mexico from the US by illegal aliens, AND legal immigrants This ALONE would fund the border wall, so therefore, MEXICO would pay for it! A HUGE percentage of Mexico’s GDP is solely from these funds! This would certainly get the Mexican government’s attention and perhaps would cause them to ACTIVELY correct the illegal incursions!

  31. John Sorrell says:

    Surely no one out there remotely thinks these Mexican soldiers didn’t know where the border lines were. This river, that separates us and Mexico, has been there forever. It has marked the border between us and them forever. The Mexican soldiers are, no doubt, in cahoots with the drug smugglers. If the truth were known, drugs were probably being crossed up or down the river from where this incident took place. These drugs are now in the United States, and available on the streets for our young people to kill themselves with. When are we going to realize the democrats are the ones killing our young people? They have no conscience. We just have to stop it. Trump is doing everything he can to get this done in spite of these deplorable democratic politicians.

  32. Al says:

    We can post all the comments we want or write all the representatives in Washington . It doesn’t hold water but just ignored. We have to be able to intervene with all politicians instead of just the ones of our state. The mass never care what the minority wants and therefor do as they wish. They don’t care what we want and have proved so in the past. There has to be some sort of means to make them stand up and take notice of what the people want! Term limits and votes will help but will still be a long way from solving the problem. Some talk about revolution, that just makes a worst case scenario , it doesn’t help and just makes matters worse on all. We have to get the government to assume the responsibility that they took a oath to uphold! Until this can be done we will continual as slaves of the government and they will continual to do as they please! Government is like a union, it is only as strong as it’s weakest member! Any ideas??

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      We can place the first and fith marines on the border and no one will enter the USA. SEMPER FI

    • Kamkoz says:

      Land mines…. lots of them set 40 ft deep along the entite length of the new wall. If they get beyond that then they deserve to be here. Lol

  33. VistaCharlie says:

    this is the first time in a long while that we have had military=military interaction with mexico. they do have a habit of ignoring our border. It started in 1836 with the republic of Texas. pancho villa later, and many incursions of the mexican army supporting drug cartels in recent times. We need to follow the Mexican example and arm our troops and border patrol with assault rifles. Also rapid air support is needed. Around Texas everybody on both sides of the border should realize that the border is in the middle of the Rio Grande.

  34. Send some tanks down there, an American Soldier should never stand down on American soil. The Rules of engagement must be changed. FORTHWITH

  35. Flor Gutierrez says:

    This is an invasion. They have no business coming in US side and at gunpoint interrogate our US soldier. This happened on 4-13 – what has been done about it? The news are not talking about this.

  36. Frank Ciurleo says:

    I no longer want to hear nor do I care whether they were cartel or Mexican military, they crossed our border, disarmed our people (Military, Border Patrol Agents or Private Citizen)… It is no longer a game It’s time to take action because that’s all they understand… We can no longer give them an inch because that only encourages them to go for a foot and so forth.

    • John says:

      they need to stop the aid to mexico immediately!!!

      • Frank Ciurleo says:

        Why are we giving them aid they don’t give us any — just recently they announced they were not going to stop the caravan, I don’y care how they word, if they don’t want to give them asylum then they need to stop them and send them back from whence they came… If you let them pass through you’re country the isn’t that saying you’re giving asylum… Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers they just play with words to make the glass appear half-empty or half-full it’s dependent on the picture they are painting just like accountants play with numbers to make them provide the result their after

      • T. Bell says:

        I’m all in on that ! “F”em !

      • Valli Neal-davis says:


  37. Bill says:

    There had better be no more stand down orders for our troops. If there are, they should pack up and go home until the brass come to their senses.

  38. Katie says:

    What does the new Mexican President say about what happened???

  39. Katie says:

    What does the new President say about what happened???

  40. john says:

    If they would have listened to me a year ago this would not have happened. These are finely trained US soldiers that will adhere to standing orders and should have been armed the whole time on the border. How would the Mexicans react when facing a SAW?

  41. Green Grape says:

    Let them shoot the bastards!

  42. Katie says:

    The Mexican Federal soldiers (if they were Mexican soldiers, I don’t believe they don’t know the border of the river is the real border and if these were cartels dressed as Mexican Federal soldiers now MEXXICAN is in grave trouble.

  43. John Decker says:

    Mexico might have done us a huge favor. U.S. law won’t allow the use of regular troops on the border except as support units for government units such as ICE, Border Patrol, or DHS. But they can be moved there for military duties in the event of a declared war or an invasion. And foreign troops holding our troops captive in our country sure sounds like an invasion to me. I just hope that Trump takes advantage of the opportunity afforded him. If I were a conspiracy nut, I might suspect a favor from Mexico, but they’d never do something like that. Can I get a chorus of “You’re right, they’d never do that”? Thanks!

  44. Katie says:

    No one could not undertand that the US border is in the middle of the river. They knew they were in the US and the soldiers were right. They wanted to see how much they could get by with. I do not think they were federal Mexican soldiers and if they were things are going to start getting worse for them.

  45. Vicki says:

    This article differs greatly from an article I read yesterday (a reliable publication, but can’t remember which one). According to that article, the Mexican soldiers were confused about what side of the border THEY were on, and thought the US soldiers were in Mexico, but it was all straightened out. I don’t know where this author came up with “they tested the border to see what they could get away with, so they could facilitate illegal immigrants getting into the US”. I don’t believe that Mexico is brave enough to push Trump by doing this, it’s certainly not in their best interest to do so.

  46. Bill Beveridge says:

    It’s time folks, to put armed troops on the boarder with armaments and helicopters. Mexico let them in to their country, let Mexico keep them and support them. Mexico expects the Amercan Taxpayers to pay for them. Again, anyone allowed to enter this country, with a promise they will appear in court needs to have a chip implanted with the provision that anyone who removes the chip face federal charges. If the the Democrats oppose this security measure, then those let in, should be taken to sanctuary cities and states.

  47. tomjiggy says:

    I’ve been saying for a while that we need to invade Mexico, cut it up into a few more states and start making them paying taxpayers. If they want all that welfare make them qualify for it. We can use the wall they already have set up at their southern border and then beef up our Navy and Coast Guard to keep the cartels out of the United States.

  48. Douglas says:

    I’ve got one more think that we should send them a MOB (Mother of Bom) for souvenir.

    • John decker says:

      After what went on in Sri Lanka Easter Sunday I think we should save the MOABs for the fanciest mosques in all of Islam. And one for the Muslims in Dearborn Michigan.

  49. James Cyre says:

    When will all legal citizens of the USA realize that these co called “convoys” are in actuality invading armies and our country needs to be protected. This is one of the fundamental activities contained in the US Constitution. Come on Congress, when will you uphold your oath of office.

  50. daddy boy's mama girl says:


  51. Albert B Huck says:

    Let’s go in to Mexico and clean out that RAT HOLE today.

  52. John Renick says:

    It is time to give up shillie shallying! Our military can do their job so let them. If deadly force is indicated so be it!l

  53. Chris Berg says:

    There is not ONE DemonCRAP politician who wants a wall, or wants to do anything to stop the flood of ILLEGALS CRIMINAL INVADERS into the US because they want as many potential VOTERS as possible because it is the only way they will win present and future elections, along with their requested 16 year old voters.

    • Katie says:

      yes but it clearly states “Citizen” under the Constitution and don’t you think it odd that they don’t want Russia interfering in our elections but they do want illegals who are a citizen of another country interfering in our elections?? What is the difference here??/

  54. Bonnie Holloway says:

    The Mexican government is treading on a thin line of hypocrisy. Send in our troops!

  55. John says:

    Democrats needs votes. Republicans need cheap work force. Third class people is Americans

    • Glenn Shannon says:

      Doubt you can prove that republicans need cheap labor or have you went to all businesses and taken a head count. The reason we need foreign workers to begin with is because of all the great welfare programs of the democrats. If it wasn’t for this we would have a surplus of workers.

  56. CalifNative says:

    Let it be!

  57. Marilynn Reeves says:

    The Democrats love these invaders so much we should send every last Democrat South and live among them.

  58. Michael Marsden says:

    If they come accross armed our troops should assume they have bad intensions and open up on them. we should have more than two patrol together. Safety in numbers….

  59. Marilynn Reeves says:

    Mark my words we are headed for a blood bath on Texas Border. Texas is feed up with DC and will protect Mother Texas.

  60. Toxic says:

    What part of, MEXICO HAS NEVER BEEN A FRIEND TO THE U.S. do people not understand???? Mexicans are lazy, lying, deceiving, entitlement-mentalitied trash. They’re bandits.

  61. Tony C says:

    I think if we let “Chesty Pullers” 1st Marines loose from Camp Pendelton, we wont have to worry about the Mexican military Or the Cartels. It’s not that far from Pendleton to Mexico…Marines fight to Win! They are the “Persidents Own”

  62. Michael says:

    Center Mass, worked for ME!!! Ex M1-A1 Abrams (Tank Gunner)!!! ” ON THE WAY”!!!

  63. EUGENE T Korzeniowski says:

    Shoot on site stop the invasion

  64. Douglas says:

    I think we should give them (Mexico) a lesson to ensure this will go through their head.

  65. Stephen says:

    This should never have happened. There is no justification or accuse for it. Mexican troops need to stay on their side of the fence or face force to send them there. What ever force that needs to be.

  66. Stephen says:

    This should never have happened. There is no justification or accuse for it. Mexican troops need to stay on their side of the fence or face force to send them there.

  67. Elsie says:

    I’m sick and tired of this crapola.

  68. Eric says:

    Defend the border even if lethal force is necessary. It’s time that we stopped being walked and over.

  69. William Sowle says:

    The idiots in Congress evidently do not remember the 1930’s and 1940’s when the US Army was posted at the US Mex border at Camp Campo on the Border. Their mission was to keep illegals on the Mex side of the border and during WW2 to apprehend German and Japanese spy’s.

  70. Greg L Tetz says:


  71. Bill E. Bob says:

    The eunuchs in Congress refuse to provide funding for a secure border so PARTRIOTIC AMERICANS step up and do their jobs for them. Now the F-ailed B-umbling I-mbiciles are going after on the the militia members. If only the 911 twelve had flown into a session of congress instead of the WTC!


  73. Robert says:

    This is a war even if not declared do we need a lead weight to fall on us . Change the rules of engagement to challenge and fire. Don’t send 2 troopers with a 9mm. Send a squad or platon with rapid fire capability’s and graneds. Orders should be allowed to cross the border alive.

    • Robert says:

      Sorry I mean no one should cross alive

    • Robert Terry Moore says:

      In my view, the Army needs to set up machine gun nests with interlocking fire along the directly affected border sections and if those illegals try to cross into the US, then they should fire warning bursts over their collective head and if that does not work, then fire into them directly regardless of who is hit. Sounds harsh, but that may be the only means necessary to stop this invasion.

      All else has failed.

      • Philip McIntyre says:

        I was caught in an invasion in November 1950 when the Chinese invaded North Korea. We fired our weapons specifically to kill the invaders! That wasn’t even ourown country!
        It’s past time to stop the crap on our southern border!
        It will stop when a few suddenly drop dead!

  74. Denis says:

    The inevitability of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is clear. The only thing necessary for the end of the humanity as we know it is the PESKY USA. The only solution is to break out and away with a sense of perpetual certitude.

    • Bill E. Bob says:

      Sorass and the NWO cabal knows that the only thing standing in their way is the 2nd. Amendment! Every American who cherishes their freedom should support and donate to the “self protection” organizations.

  75. drscot says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it! This was not a whole lot different than when the Iranians took our sailors prisoner without a fight and the disgraceful Obama administration’s non-response.

  76. I thank the troops needs to enforce the border at all cost…..Troops or no troops.
    And the immigrants crossing the border at will needs to be stopped…we dont need to just watch
    them do as they please………The sorry DEMS needs to pass laws to STOP them from coming in.
    We the taxpayers cannot afford all these people coming in for the U.S. to keep up…First thing you
    know the dems will be raising the taxes for sure a-men

  77. XYZ says:

    never have only 2 soldiers in a group more like 10-12 per squad and ALWAYS armed to first raise their weapons up against any others that approach them as if those approaching had bad intentions STK if any fire first or take aim as if on the ready , they chose the 2 because there were only 2, if had been 1, i’d guess that soldier would of came up MIA

  78. Dee Arnold says:

    The military needs to do all it takes to protect the American people.
    We dont have room for everybody.

  79. Sheldon says:

    If a rag tag militia can detain 300 illegal immigrants, it should be child’s play for Army soldiers to maintain order on the southern border, unless of course they are Democrats.

  80. Timothy Toroian says:

    Probably cartel people dressed as soldiers. The policy should be SFAQL is armed people cross the border.

  81. Steff says:

    It appears like the rules of engagement have now been modified for the military at the border and the orders have been changed from observe and report to enforce border security! This will be quite a surprise to the Mexican cartels and corrupt Mexican military as well as the invading aliens. There may be bloodshed!!!

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