The U.S. military announced a new policy that has Nancy Pelosi waiving the white flag

The American people elected Donald Trump to stop illegal immigration.

But the courts and obstructionist Democrats are pulling out all the stops to block his “Make America Great Again” immigration agenda.

Now, all that changed when the U.S. military announced a new policy that has Nancy Pelosi and her allies waiving the white flag.

Donald Trump enraged Pelosi and other pro-open borders advocates last fall when he deployed nearly three thousand troops to the Southern border to help deal with the migrant surge.

But as Democrats and the courts continue to make the situation worse by blocking any changes to immigration and asylum law to stem the tide of migrants flowing over the border, officials at the Defense Department are taking matters in to their own hands.

The Pentagon will approve a waiver for troops to take a more hands-on approach to stopping illegal aliens from entering the country.

The Washington Post reports:

The Pentagon is preparing to loosen rules that bar troops from interacting with migrants entering the United States, expanding the military’s involvement in President Trump’s operation along the southern border.

Senior Defense Department officials have recommended that acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan approve a new request from the Department of Homeland Security to provide military lawyers, cooks and drivers to assist with handling a surge of migrants along the border.
The move would require authorizing waivers for about 300 troops to a long-standing policy prohibiting military personnel from coming into contact with migrants.

The Pentagon has approved only one previous request to waive the policy since the beginning of Trump’s recent border buildup, to help provide migrants with emergency medical care. There are about 2,900 active-duty troops and 2,000 National Guardsmen along the border.

Many Americans wonder why politicians send America’s armed forces halfway around the world to defend other countries’ borders while leaving America’s like a sieve.

President Trump is trying to correct that imbalance in America’s national security priorities.

Heading into the 2020 election, Pelosi and the Democrats were counting on the chaos at the southern border to discredit Trump in the minds of voters on his signature issue.

But this move shows the administration is well aware of the stakes and is doing everything in its power to handle the crisis.


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73 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    Sorry To Say”: This situation seems moot.
    0ver 168,000 past few days = IN ! &
    ‘bussed’ To —-
    All ‘adults’ have to do IS BRING CHILD.
    & IN ! 2x “Sorry to Say” = POTUS , WHERE

  2. Ugly says:

    We are 100% headed for another civil war and it will the war to end the United States of America and you can blame the dumorats! I believe it will happen just before or just after the 2020 election! That is why there is such a push to take our guns but I will tell you this, YOU will have to pry my dead cold hands off my guns! I have never before seen such stupid things from the DumoRats mouth and in recent weeks! Arm up citizens and get ready!

  3. Joseph Morgan Sr says:

    These people are to be considered as invaders since they do not come through proper entry points. They are breaking the LAWS of the UNITED STATES. They should be considered the same as any invading force attacking the UNITED STATES.

    • Inkpad says:

      Stop playing games and give the shoot to kill order it won’t take but a few for the illegals to realize it’s either come in legally after paying the proposed fees or go out in a bag . Guaranteed the invasion will stop

  4. FedUp says:

    We have an invasion at the southern border. We have the right to defend ourselves. Pull out all the stops. This invasion is sponsored by the lying demoncrats, give them hell Mr. President. I will stand with you till the end of time.

  5. John T says:

    A-10’s can do nap and glow as well as gun and run!

    • aqasprt says:

      Warthogs are awesome, best aerial to ground defense machines in the world. Can take hits and still get home.

  6. Milton K. LaDue says:

    The day that my vote is zeroed out with a repeat until I die is the day I pick up arms and join the actual Civil War I see just over the horizon. That time comes about with the east and west coast getting the lock on permanent power through eliminating the Electorial Colledge and packing enough “demonrat” voters on the east/west coasts.

  7. John J says:

    A fully armed military is what is required to stop an invasion!

  8. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Democrats must HANG.

  9. krymson says:

    It is becoming more apparent that leaders among the Democrats are insanely inept at everything other than stall, delay, confuse tactics. Democrat leaders continue to make one stupid statement after another in an effort to divert attention away from their lack of an agenda.

    • Michael A. Gilliam says:

      You can’t us “Democrats” and “Leaders” in the same sentence, not anymore.

      • Paul says:

        That’s so true. After all, Obama bragged about leading from behind.

      • aqasprt says:

        We have, or supposed to have representatives, they are not leaders. Using the term leaders is an indocturnated term used by our elected representatives to make us think we are lead.

  10. Glenn Gragg says:

    I’m Pissed, Today I checked my Texas sample ballot and found that not only had they stopped allowing you to vote a strait Republican ticket. Now you have to search the name and check the bio to see if they are Republican, demoncrats don’t even admit they are democrats in their bio. some Republicans were asleep at the switch to allow that to go thru. Is this just Texas only or is it national?

    • Old Sailor says:

      I believe you are referring to local elections (I also live in Texas). Many areas don’t require candidates in local elections to declare their party affiliation.

  11. Tobydog1 says:

    I’ve been saying that our Military at the border should be authorized to use deadly force against the invaders. Seeing a stream of blood would discourage anyone from trying to invade our country. I’m of the opinion that the Mexican Government, AKA the Mexican Drug Cartels are banking on the belief that the American Military will cower out, if it comes to a shootout. Let’s give them a hard lesson in what Americans do to our enemies!

  12. Barbara says:


    • Bonnie says:

      I agree

    • Michael says:

      Do you really think you can reason with someone like Nancy Pelosi?? She is beyond reason and beyond reach. Her open-borders agenda destroys border security and endangers national security, and she can accomplish this by doing nothing but obstructing legislation and funding. She wants chaos at the border so that she can say it occurred during the Trump administration and she does not care how it affects ordinary Americans. Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have declared war on America and are relentlessly attacking the American president and attempting a slow-motion Coup D’etat. We all must face it: you cannot have both a country and Nancy Pelosi. It’s one or the other and people have to make a choice. Voting for any Democrat is a betrayal of country.

    • Joy Johnson says:

      I agree! They are not hurting President Trump they are hurting American citizens!

    • Alan Wright says:

      Barbara, Pelosi is acting exactly as I expected her to. And you too, if you think about it.

      She is not an “American”, and never has been! And she is acting the part perfectly.

  13. Larry Gaines says:

    Give the Military the same authority as Border Patrol and authorize use of Lethal Force as needed

  14. Carl J Bujan says:

    How can a honest American vote for someone like Pelosi or Schumer who want open borders allowing any one to enter our country not knowing who or what they are. It is just plan disgraceful.

    • Nancy says:

      Agree, 100% I have no idea who would vote for either of these two ignorant idiots! They both need to go home…& unfortunately live on their overly rated retirement! ????????????????????????????????

  15. Klaus Bertram says:

    First salvo over the heads–second salvo in the the ground ahead of the group!
    There will be no need for a third.

  16. William Fulkerson says:

    It would certainly be more appropriate to use language which makes it clear that these people are not migrants, they are an organized invading force. They are motivated by promises of free everything in the US by political agents of the Democratic party. Though they are absolutely pawns in a political struggle, (so are we all). It does not make them any less dangerous to our standard of living. They must be stopped at the border, not after they get here.

  17. Charles says:

    Troops should be on the border to repel invaders with lethal force.

  18. Poor Tax payor says:

    I agreed with you 100%!!!!!! Get rid of demented lazy ass Nancy Pelosie-she is the example for terms limits definitely along with Chuck Schumer……..

  19. Herbert Gary Maxwell says: since the act is solely concerned with domestic matters, invaders at our border is not a domestic matter but an international situation. Lock and load. The invaders from all over the world understand that sound.

  20. Earl says:

    Maybe we should have call to arms at the border, for example 1 citizen every 1/4 mile with highpower fire hoses to keep them on the south bank of the RGR. Use high intensity sound waves to make them sick . If that fails target practice. I am sick of the illegals.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.

  21. Don henson says:

    Send In the 11th armored Calvert they are mechanized with tanks and a pc so they are well armed can handle the problem

  22. Karan Giblin says:

    Absolutely agree with you! First we need a constitutional congree and make term limits! To get rid of them . Second no retirement for them when they only serve the term limits unless we make smart decisions that Senate be max of three terms, House max of 10 years / 5 terms then only partial retirement. Civilian job have no such guarantees.

    • Karan A Giblin says:

      My mistake! 5 terms!!!

      • D.A.N. says:

        How about 2 terms in the Senate and a max of 5 in the House with a reduction in terms if they switch from one to the other. And a resign to run law so that if they want to run for President, they have to resign even if they lose. And no benefits at the end as we the people did not grant them those in the first place. Plus only get paid if they actually show up and do some work. During a Gov’t shutdown, they should not get paid unless they are there working.

  23. T.Bell says:


  24. Roy Pollex says:

    All of the above is true. America wKe up. This no joke! The plan is to ruin the USA from the inside. The ileagals ,The cachos ,The millions and millions they are costing us,and the constant attack’s on Trump are all part of it.

  25. al says:

    Start taking target practice!

  26. Jack Twigg says:

    Nancy, from her reactions to the illegal immigrants’ incredible present situation clearly does not cherish her nation. For the drug trafficking alone, she should revise her rigid stance! She has wrangled much wealth from her congressional position and her ego has proven exceptionally enormous. Why the folks in California cannot see this is way beyond belief!

    • David says:

      Believe me, a large portion of the California population can see what Pelosi, Boxer, Brown, Harris, NewScum, and others have been doing. Unfortunately, just as in NY, the major metro areas have the votes the leftists need to stay in power no matter what the rest of the state wants. The voters voted to bring back the Death Penalty. It passed and was made into law. NewScum just ignored the voters and made an arbitrary ruling which has halted the Death Penalty. The left adds on taxes in violation of the state regulations. We keep fighting but we also have to deal with the 9th Circuit Court which is left leaning. The odds are stacked against us; state executive offices and agencies, legislature, and the courts.

    • Karan Giblin says:

      Look where she represents. That should give everyone a clue!

    • John Raffa says:

      Nancy should tell the migrants come to myhouse.

  27. Gregory Sullivan says:

    One of the reasons that the Devilcraps don’t want that border wall being built is that it severely curtails the numbers of Illegals crossing our borders which reduces the size of their voting bloc which they depend on to help them win elections. Looks like that they’ll have to go to more cemeteries and get some more votes from dead people.

  28. Jeff says:

    Lawyers, cooks, yatta yatta yatta. Just close the border!!!

  29. Black Knight says:

    The answer is simple. Give them orders to shoot to kill. They are invaders not tourist.

    • T. Bell says:

      I’m all for that. Then drop napalm on the border !

      • Karan Giblin says:

        Shut the border with strict enforcement laws!

        • Sharon Jenkins says:

          I agree with shutting down the southern border and having military action at the border.
          America is full up. There isn’t any room for anymore illegals in the US…in fact we should be deporting all illegals, close the border and see what we have in America…. believe me the government doesn’t know how many illegals we have in America…..

    • Bill Howarth says:

      better yet, mine our side of the border.

  30. Dave D. says:


  31. David Driver says:

    Our country is being INVADED and those that refuse to take action to stop this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! There are no good reasons for congress (the democrats) or anyone else to allow this invasion to continue.

    • Roger says:

      Illegals represent many democratic votes, enough to sway elections. Securing the border deprives the left from getting these votes.

    • LAWRENCE F BONI says:


      • Arron Grottolo says:

        Lawrence, I feel exactly the same. My oath did not stop when I retired U. S. Army Gulf War Vet. Islam and U.S. Constitution are like oil and water. They will never mix or blend.

      • Karan Giblin says:

        Absolutely agree with you! First we need a constitutional congree and make term limits! To get rid of them . Second no retirement for them when they only serve the term limits unless we make smart decisions that Senate be max of three terms, House max of 10 years / 5 terms then only partial retirement. Civilian job have no such guarantees.

      • Robert SYLVESTER says:

        Yes, when we joined the military we raised our right hand and vowed ” to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States” – elected members of Congress – the President and government officials all pledge the same vow. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer and many of their party are violating the vows they took by not upholding to “preserve – protect and defend the Constitution of the United States – they should be held accountable and consequently removed from their positions . Retired Viet Nam Era Air Force Veteran.

        • Alan Wright says:

          Robert, I too am a “Viet Nam era veteran”, 82nd Airborne.

          The answer to your question is that we intended to honor our oath, they had no intention of doing so. Secondly, who is going to press the charges and then try the cases? That would have to come from the very people we are trying to convict. Good luck with that. And they know it!

          BTW, Bob, “Keep your damn head down”!

    • David says:

      Those who refuse to take action are in direct violation of the oaths of office.

  32. libra says:

    It is about time–The USA is under invasion and it needs to stop.. B**ch Pelosi should be imprisoned for not stopping this invasion years ago.. The demomarxists could stop this in a days time with proper legislation.. They do not want another victory for Trump. They are horrible, dishonest ,thieving scoundrels – the dems-all of them Criminals. Just google about congress and their criminal records. LCHastings a former defrocked Judge–They are so blatant with their perceived power–The Clinton/Obama/fbi/doj–scandal would be behind us except for the Russia,Russia pack of lies and obstruction of legislation. They make me sick–Costing ordinary citizens so much in extra taxes–to keep the parasites from cradle to ,grave invading the USA

  33. thomas says:

    I still am opposed to giving any aid to the invaders ( claiming to want asylum when all they want is to rape our economy) no aid period even medical because that’s tax dollars that can be better spent on our own citizens particularly our veterans.

  34. It’s about time, military lawyers will speed things up and deter the riff-raff from trying to cross illegally. Besides the military is more adept at weeding out the bad apples. They’ve been doing it for much longer .

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