The Taliban just declared total victory in a statement Joe Biden will never live down

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal will go down in history for all the wrong reasons.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

And the Taliban just declared total victory in a statement Joe Biden will never live down.

Joe Biden did in fact follow through on his promise to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

But he managed to screw that up so badly that we would have been better remaining in the region.

Now, because of his failure, the Taliban has billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment at their disposal.

They have more military helicopters than the entire country of Australia, along with huge arsenals of weaponry, and U.S. military uniforms, all because Biden chose to simply leave them sitting around unprotected.

Taliban leaders chose to show off all their newly acquired supplies during a press conference on the tarmac of Kabul’s airport, where Biden had just pulled the last U.S. troops out of the country from.

“Afghanistan is finally free,” Hekmatullah Wasiq, a top Taliban official, said in celebration. “The military and civilian side (of the airport) are with us and in control. Hopefully, we will be announcing our Cabinet. Everything is peaceful. Everything is safe.”

He further urged citizens to return to work, along with reiterating a Taliban pledge of general amnesty to those in the region.

“People have to be patient,” he said. “Slowly we will get everything back to normal. It will take time.”

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also spoke to the media, warning the world to tread carefully in their dealing with them.

“I hope you be very cautious in dealing with the nation,” he said. “Our nation has suffered war and invasion and the people do not have more tolerance.”

At the conclusion of his remarks, Taliban fighters shouted “Alahu Akbar!” which translates to “God is the greatest!”

Mujahid later on told state television that restarting operations at the airport is their top priority.

“Our technical team will be checking the technical and logistical needs of the airport,” he said. “If we are able to fix everything on our own, then we won’t need any help. If there is need for technical or logistics help to repair the destruction, then we might ask help from Qatar or Turkey.”

This statement from the Taliban shows just how much of a humiliating defeat Biden faced in Afghanistan.

As they were speaking, Americans were trapped in Afghanistan with no way to escape, and because Biden refused to fight for them, they may never leave the country alive.

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