The Supreme Court took up one case that has all hell breaking loose in the election

The Supreme Court will once again play a key role in deciding the Presidential election.

But this time it’s not for the reason anyone thinks.

And that’s because the Supreme Court took up one case that has all hell breaking loose in the election.

On Monday, the Supreme Court dropped a blockbuster announcement that the court would hear arguments in a lawsuit brought by Republican State Attorneys General to overturn ObamaCare.

POLITICO reported, “The justices said they would hear the case, likely later this year, after turning down an earlier request from Democrats to fast-track a ruling by June. The decision increases pressure on President Donald Trump over health care, a top concern for voters and an issue that has benefited Democrats since the GOP’s failed effort to repeal ObamaCare during Trump’s first year in office.”

In this case, the Republican State Attorneys General argued that since the 2018 tax cut bill zeroed out the individual mandate all of ObamaCare was now null and void.

A district court judge in Texas agreed and threw out the law.

And the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that the individual mandate was unconstitutional, but kicked the question of ObamaCare standing back down to the lower court.

The Supreme Court hearing arguments on this case in the fall will mean ObamaCare is on the ballot.

If the Justices rule ObamaCare is unconstitutional then voters will have to choose between Donald Trump’s conservative approach and the Democrat nominee’s plan for a government takeover of healthcare.

Democrats believe this advantages them because party leaders claim Democrats won the 2018 midterms on the strength of their message on healthcare.

But when the Republicans ran on repealing ObamaCare in 2010, 2014, and 2016 they won overwhelming victories.

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36 Responses

  1. Jerry Moore says:

    I am sure that if Schumeeee and Nanceeee
    Do not like Supreme Court decision they will both have a major meltdown and blame Trump
    They are both trash and stink like rotten garbage

  2. off2shop says:

    I don’t think Bernie will get the nomination, because the Democrats will try to get Biden elected with “deplorable” Clinton beside him. Biden will have a “heart attack” and die and “deplorable” Clinton will become president. Bernie will be stopped by his very own party just like he was in 2016 election. Big money will win unless all of the freedom loving people in this country get out and vote and vote TRUMP 2020!! Bernie can be stopped with one question! Who will continue to pay for all your programs when you suck up all of the living American third class citizen taxpayers money.

  3. Michael Lovetere says:

    Fluffy’ Komrade Bernie has to be nominated at the DNC convention in Milwaukee, before he can run for anything. he won’t get elected if he does. He’s working on his third heart attack anyway. .Biden will be the nominee .Wake up to a cup of reality

  4. Rhina says:

    I feel close to our president i never met him more than my i do my own hispanic father. Build the Wall! I owe my life to all the kind white Americans that have always gave me kindness. what they gave me was love my parents still never gave me. I will always stand up to Freedom or die fighting. Trump 2020

  5. Dan Leasia says:

    If you have the funds, go get sick in a communist country
    Will you get treated before you die?
    Best we can hope for: bernie or biden get corona 19. They will be glad to be in usa under trump!

  6. Jerry Moore says:

    Michelle Obama is a AOC in disguise she was the worst First Lady in history

  7. Arissa Marquard says:

    The only part of Obamacare that was decent was the pre-existing condition clientele couldn’t be turned away.

  8. your alter ego says:

    Fluffy One point U are really missing . What’s going to happen when the immigrants that flood our country out number the natural citizens that do work ??? Now who is going to pay for all of those people??? If U think more Taxes is going to work then U Fluffy are sadly mistaken. What is going to happen If all of the wealthy decide to just leave and live somewhere else rather THAN pay all those Taxes?? Now Fufflly where is the Tax Base?? Who U going tax, the poor??? U R the brainwashed one thinking being communist is the way. Well U CAN pay my share of TAXES.

  9. If we are complaining because illegals get free benefits that belong to US citizens. And this are a small amount of the population, guess how much would it become to all Americans. If Bernie wins, those few of us that work, will also decide to stop working for those who dont. I will also want free stuff and let others take care of me. As a republican and conservative, my values, are to work for what i need and want. By keeping my tradition to work for what I want and need, I can rest for sure that the government will not come knocking in my door, saying I owe them something. What I have is mine and nobody can say that if it wasnt for the government I would be in the streets. Self dependent, and self provider, faith in my God and patriotic to my country. God Bless the USA.

  10. Twykes says:

    If Bernie becomes president….does this mean he will
    Invade our savings, have people allotted to our homes,
    Have us eat only what the gov. Thinks is adequate for
    Us, will everything we worked for be community

  11. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Look! Let’s get real folks. All the democrats want social ized medicine, (single payer), medicare for all, whatever you want to call it, and eventually a democrat will get elected into the white house.
    So its only a matter of time before Obamacare and all private health insurance goes bye bye.
    It’s inevitable. So it doesn’t really matter what the courts decide about Obamacare because it will be replaced. Obamacare had one purpose and one purpose only, and that was to pave the way for social ized medicine. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only telling you the truth.

  12. Martin says:

    It will be very interesting how Chief Justus John Roberts will vote on this. It was his changing the bill from a tax to a fine that made Obamacare posable.
    I don’t trust John Roberts.

  13. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Rickster, I don’t want to live under communism. I was being facetious.
    However, I do believe that communism in this country is inevitable because young people don’t think like you or I, and the public schools + higher education are cranking these young brainwashed communist automatons out by the bus load. Eventually the young leftists will outnumber older people that can still think rationally.

  14. Geraldine Lister says:


  15. Rickster says:

    Fluffy Pillow Five . If you think that commiecrat is going to win , think again. There are more true patriotic Americans that know what it took to build this country. You want to live under a ruler , get free everything from gov. You should try Venezuela. They like lazy puppets.

  16. FluffyPillowFive says:

    It doesn’t matter what the SCOTUS does because Bernie will win and he said he would end Obamacare by executive order and institute medicare for all, including illegal aliens. All people will get FREE medical after Bernie wins the election, and everybody will pay for it except the people that don’t have jobs or don’t make much money. In that case middle class and rich people will have to step up and pay more because Bernie says its the right thing to do and everyone has a right to free medicine regardless who pays for it.
    From those according to their wealth and ability to those who need it most. Communism!

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